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What is LevelEleven?

LevelEleven is sales gamification software meant to both identify key sales performance behaviors, and drive performance by incenting positive sales behaviors once they're discovered. Billed as "Fitbit for sales", LevelEleven creates engagement and visibility of top and poorest performers (and…

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LevelEleven has proven to be a valuable tool for enhancing team performance and fostering healthy competition. Users have reported that …
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What is LevelEleven?

LevelEleven is sales gamification software meant to both identify key sales performance behaviors, and drive performance by incenting positive sales behaviors once they're discovered. Billed as "Fitbit for sales", LevelEleven creates engagement and visibility of top and poorest performers (and…

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LevelEleven Demo


LevelEleven By Ascent Cloud Virtual Dreamin' 2020 Demo Jam


LevelEleven Demo at Dreamforce '16 Sales Keynote

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Sales Gamification

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Product Details

What is LevelEleven?

LevelEleven is sales gamification software meant to both identify key sales performance behaviors, and drive performance by incenting positive sales behaviors once they're discovered. Billed as "Fitbit for sales", LevelEleven creates engagement and visibility of top and poorest performers (and their work habits) to increase awareness and adaptiveness overall, resulting in higher sales. To do this it includes many features, like leaderboards, email notifications and popups, and CRM notifications. It can be administered within

For $600 per month 10 users may use its basic functions in the Mini package. For $1250 the Standard pack offers basic functions for 25 users. At $3000 per month the Power pack offers 75 users basic features as well as executive reviews & benchmarking, custom manager training and support, and a rollout/execution plan. Finally the Enterprise pack can be enjoyed by unlimited users for $12,500 per month.

LevelEleven Video

What is LevelEleven? We're Glad You Asked!

LevelEleven Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

LevelEleven has proven to be a valuable tool for enhancing team performance and fostering healthy competition. Users have reported that the motivation programs offered by LevelEleven have resulted in improved team productivity and increased sales volumes. By automatically monitoring daily sales metrics, the software eliminates barriers to effective production and enables continuous improvement. Regular coaching sessions based on individual roles ensure that team members stay up to date with the latest technology, further contributing to overall team success.

One of the key use cases for LevelEleven is within the ADR team, where it is used to measure important metrics such as dials, personalized activities, SQLs, and pipeline opportunities. The integration with the Highspot platform allows users to also measure email open rates and customer engagement. The modern and visually appealing design of LevelEleven's reports makes them more attractive than traditional Salesforce reports, enhancing their usability and effectiveness.

The software is widely adopted across sales teams for fostering healthy competition and recognizing individual goal achievements. It provides transparency within organizations by displaying sales metrics and also serves as a communication platform for sharing news, announcements, and events. With its intuitive interface, LevelEleven can seamlessly display data from multiple platforms, including Salesforce reports and Google Docs.

Moreover, LevelEleven plays a crucial role in visualizing performance data and providing insights on quota attainment and progress. Sales representatives find it easy to set custom goals using LevelEleven compared to Salesforce reports, simplifying the process for tracking their individual performance. Furthermore, the software aids in organizing structured performance reviews, replacing informal Google Docs with professional documentation.

In addition to performance management, LevelEleven acts as a coaching tool and facilitates weekly metrics-based team meetings. Its ability to display sales metrics on main TVs allows organizations to showcase closed deals in Salesforce effectively. Overall, users have found LevelEleven to be instrumental in enhancing team performance, promoting healthy competition, and streamlining communication within organizations.

Useful Integration with SFDC: Several users have found the integration with SFDC to be valuable for team supervision and measuring performance at each production level. It has allowed them to effectively track and analyze their sales activities within the CRM system.

Real-time Metrics Display: Many reviewers appreciate having the metrics prominently displayed on the left-hand side of the CRM. This feature provides them with real-time insights into key performance indicators, enabling them to monitor their progress throughout the week and make data-driven decisions accordingly.

Visibility into Team Metrics: The visibility into team metrics is highly valued by users as it allows them to compare and contrast their individual performance with that of their teammates. They find this feature beneficial for identifying areas of improvement, fostering healthy competition, and driving overall team success.

Decreased Speed: Many users have noticed a significant decrease in the speed of their browser experience after using the plug-in, negatively impacting their productivity and efficiency. They report slower page loading times and delays in accessing websites, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Useless Coaching Feature: Numerous reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with the coaching feature, stating that it provided little to no value for their team. They felt that the feature was not adequately emphasized and did not contribute to their professional development or skill improvement.

Vague LPI Leaderboard Scores: Users have shared confusion about the metrics behind the LPI leaderboard scores. They find them vague and difficult to comprehend, making it challenging to assess their performance relative to others on the platform. This lack of clarity limits their ability to track progress effectively and identify areas for growth.

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Jason Staker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Team performance improves as motivation programs increase with healthy competition enhanced by LevelEleven. It monitors the contribution of each member across our company and rewards the best to improve production. All our sales are automatically monitored to ensure that the volumes keep on increasing on daily basis. Any barrier affecting effective production is eliminated to pave way for continuous lifecycle. All team members are coached regularly based on their roles to ensure they use the latest technology.
  • Team supervision.
  • Measuring performance in each production level.
  • Rewarding best performing employees.
  • Everything performs well.
  • All the features works effectively.
I like this product since it has been the best locater of excellent performing members from each department. It scales down all KPIs providing the guidelines to all employees on how they can improve performance and increase production in their roles. Revenue collected from sales is budgeted as per department production to motivate the best performing department. It is easy to customize templates from this platform to suit sales demands and promote marketing.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We were looking for a better way to visualize the performance data of both our sales and support teams. Salesforce is great, but it's not always easy to see "am I going to hit quota? How far behind am I compared to where I should be? What do I need to pace at to catch up?" These are all things LevelEleven easily solved for us. On the management side, it allowed us to not only do the same at the team, director, etc level, but it also let us set custom goals per rep easily, rather than getting into the weeds tweaking complicated Salesforce reports. Finally, it created a paper trail of performance reviews, and took things from informal Google Docs and put them into professional, organized, structured performance reviews that could easily be viewed and managed.
  • Set individualized goals.
  • Measure pacing towards goal, and what needs to change to hit goal.
  • Structure 1-1 and other feedback forms in a digestible, formal way rather than Google Docs.
  • Setting up the dashboards was a little weird but manageable.
  • The "Contest" feature wasn't great for us. It was hard to track outcomes effectively, or limited us in what kind of incentives we could run. When it worked for us it was great though.
Any org that wants to easily see pacing on a rep, team, director, etc level as well as what needs to change to hit goal could use LevelEleven. There is more powerful software out there like Clari, but they cost WAY more and have crazy over-the-top features our org didn't need. If you need detailed forecasting of deals in the pipe, and "AI-based" forward-looking info (AI gets thrown around way too much these days when it's not true) then perhaps look elsewhere.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • We use LevelEleven for sales motivation through competition and also to provide more transparency within the organization on our sales metrics. But on top of that, this tool can be used as a communication platform for us to share news, announcements, events.
  • The tool is pretty intuitive and can display data from multiple platforms(as Salesforce reports or Documents from Google Docs).
  • The competitive aspect motivates the sales team to hit their goals.
  • Ability to play a short video as endorsement is an absolute favorite of our sales and CS teams.
  • It can be displayed on any screen. They have Salesforce Sidebar/Component to display Contest data.
  • Casting Capabilities. LevelEleven is a complex program and can't be cast to multiple TV screens via Chromecast.
  • Every Splash action needs to be built as it's own Process in Salesforce.
  • Improve UI of Salesforce Contest Engine.
LevelEleven helps boost sales performance and also improves the general office environment because everyone loves being publically praised for their wins. One thing to consider before making a purchase - you will need to have a dedicated person(preferably admin, because you would need to build Processes in Salesforce, etc.) to be in charge of implementing it, building all contests, building up Channel and Splashes. It's not the tool busy Sales manager can add to their stack and forget about it.
Napoleon Huynh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's only being used on the ADR team to measure our metrics across Dials, Personalized Activities, SQLs, and Pipeline Opportunities. We also integrate it with the Highspot platform to measure our email open rate, customer engagement, etc.
  • SFDC integration. Having the metrics on the left-hand side of the CRM is useful. As someone who lives in CRM, I can see real-time what my metrics and output is throughout the week.
  • Visibility into team metrics. Great to compare and contrast how I'm doing in relation to the team.
  • I've noticed a decrease in the speed of my browser experience. The plug-in has slowed down my page loading times for SFDC.
  • I don't use the coaching feature at all - it's not something that is emphasized for our team.
  • The LPI leaderboard scores are still vague - not sure what goes into those metrics and how they make sense.
Great for new SDR's who are looking to ramp up quickly and have metrics to meets and track in real time. For tenured SDR's who's metrics don't relate to their quota - serves little to no use.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our sales team uses LevelEleven to manage performance as well as gamify results and create contests. We use it as a weekly coaching tool and for a weekly metrics based team meeting.
  • Gamification of sales results.
  • Support with best practices and questions.
  • Ease of use for users, as well as ease of use for new hire onboarding.
  • More real-time updates on beta options.
  • An easier FAQ page.
  • Magic Quadrant needs improvement.
It is perfect for teams who want to dig into metrics and help reps see where they are and what they need to work on.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LevelEleven was used by the Sales organization. It was primarily used to display different sales metrics in regards to individual and team progress on the main TVs. Also, it was used to highlight deals by the reps when they came in (via the opportunity of being closed in Salesforce).
  • Display team metrics.
  • Highlight deals in real-time as the opportunity is closed.
  • Create an exciting office environment!
  • Better granular control on metrics.
  • Tricky SFDC integration to set up.
Scenarios where it is well suited: tracking one team's metrics. Scenarios where is it less appropriate: tracking multiple team metrics.
September 12, 2017

Cool, but how useful is it?

Devin Rigg | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Is there anything uglier than salesforce reports? LevelEleven's reports look really good and match the modern office space much better than SDFC reports. We used it across our sales team in the time that I was there. One benefit of the software was helping to foster competition among our team while keeping it "fun" with the announcements of team members hitting their individual goals.
  • Easier to use reports for our SDR and AE managers.
  • Much nicer looking reports, matching the modern office aesthetic.
  • Helping to create competition and recognize reps who are successful.
  • When first implementing, we regularly had crashes that would leave the monitors useless for at least a full day.
  • Some lag time between when our reps would log activity and when the numbers would appear on the screens.
  • Slow response time from their support team.
I would recommend LevelEleven for a larger sales team, especially when you have an energetic or competitive atmosphere in your office. I'd recommend it for the modern SaaS company, but it wouldn't be as useful for an organization with many remote employees or outside sales reps. It's ideal for inside sales!
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