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Everstage is a no-code commissions automation platform that provides a transparent and gamified incentives experience to customer-facing teams.

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Everstage is a no-code commissions automation platform that provides a transparent and gamified incentives experience to customer-facing teams.

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LevelEleven is sales gamification software meant to both identify key sales performance behaviors, and drive performance by incenting positive sales behaviors once they're discovered. Billed as "Fitbit for sales", LevelEleven creates engagement and visibility of top and poorest…


Ambition is a sales gamification software solution offered by Ambition Inc.

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Zoho Motivator

Zoho Motivator is a sales gamification solution designed to work with Zoho CRM to drive desired practices in sales teams and boost revenue while ensuring that sales teams have fun in the process. Zoho Motivator works alongside Zoho CRM and is aimed at helping users get the most out…


Visdum is a Sales Compensation System built to help companies manage and optimize sales incentives, to produce a motivated sales team. Visdum is a no-code SaaS platform that allows companies to design and automate any compensation plan, with the flexibility to add SPIFFs, Bonuses,…

Bunchball Nitro

BI WORLDWIDE's Bunchball Nitro is an enterprise gamification platform for employees, sales teams, channel partners and customers. BI WORLDWIDE acquired Bunchball in 2018.


SetSail is a signal-based selling platform that uses AI and behavioral science to turn sales data into better sales behaviors. The vendor states CROs and Sales VPs at companies like Dropbox, Cisco, Hubspot, and Lyft use SetSail to automate sales programs, improve rep behaviors, and…


SalesScreen aims to help teams boost engagement, motivation and performance on key activities by aligning task completion with rewards, celebrations and recognition in real-time. SalesScreen offers a toolbox that includes leaderboards, contests, event celebrations, data visualization,…

Advantage Club

An employee engagement platform with features like rewards, recognition, community building, and FlexBen. The solution aims to provide solutions to facilitate employee engagement through exclusive privileges and rewards by the solution's 10,000+ brand partners. The platform brings…


Qstream headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts offers their eponymous sales enablement application.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Gamification (FantasySalesTeam), deprecated

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Gamification is the product formerly known as FantasySalesTeam, originally developed by the Austin based company of the same name, a sales gamification platform acquired by Microsoft (August, 2015). The product has been discontinued since September 2021, and…

Alvaria Performance

Alvaria Performance (formerly Aspect Performance Management) is a tool that can reveal insights by enabling the tracking of personal and group performance vs. goal using a wide range of metrics with data sourced from many contact center systems. It includes a coaching module, which…


Centrical in New York (formerly GamEffective) invites businesses to drive employee experience and growth using real-time performance management, personalized microlearning, and advanced gamification, with their eponymous technology platform.

Kreato CRM
0 reviews

Kreato CRM is an AI in-built intelligent CRM platform for Sales, supporting small & medium business to grow sales. With Kreato sales CRM platform which has AI backed intelligent systems built around the sales process, with cognitive capabilities designed to help sales team to…

0 reviews

Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform aims to deliver the right learning or business activity to the right individual at the right time. The platform connects company-specific goals with the workforce performance data utilizing AI and science-based gamification.

NovelVox iVision Plus Call Center Wallboards

iVision Plus provides bird's eye view to proactively manage contact center performance. It is an advanced monitoring platform that drives agent engagement and motivation through a display of real-time contact center metrics. It collects data from multiple sources to provide a relevant…

Consilium UniDashboard

Wallboard, Dashboard and Floor Manager for Cisco Contact CenterDesigned to Improve organization-wide visibility and contact center effectivenessA web-based application displaying contact center metrics visually for faster tracking and better decision. UniDashboard™ is designed to…

Apparound Gamification

Apparound Gamification is a sales gamification software solution offered by Apparound.

0 reviews

Masskom is a sales gamification software solution offered by Masskom, Inc.

0 reviews

Sparta is a sales gamification software solution offered by Hysminai AB.

0 reviews

repignite is a sales gamification software solution offered by

SuMo Motivate
0 reviews

SuMo Motivate is a sales gamification software solution offered by CloudApps.

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Monitae helps create engaging, fun, customizable competitions that encourage performance. Some key features include: Sales Contest Builder and Integration with CRMs.

Hurrah! Leaderboard

CRMGamified, headquartered in Miami, was founded in 2011 with the mission of providing modern technology to help companies improve sales and service performance by leveraging gamification mechanics. Their product, Hurrah! Leaderboards, is a KPI broadcasting solution with real-time…

0 reviews

Gamifics365 is a Dynamics 365 CRM gamification app that aims to bring a balance to the work-life of CRM users by implementing game mechanics into day-to-day CRM operations. With engaging games and instant recognition through awards and badges, CRM users are encouraged and motivated…

Learn More About Sales Gamification Software

What is Sales Gamification Software?

Sales gamification software, also called sales competition or sales contest software, allows sales managers to monitor and influence sales performance through competitions, games, and competitive rankings displays. The aim is to motivate salespeople to sell more within a given time frame. Often the competition centers on a particular product or selling to a particular type of customer, depending on the organization’s goals and KPIs.

Stack-ranked leaderboards are the most common and most traditional form of sales team competition, but some software allows for more complex team games, one-on-one challenges, and mini-games for working on individual skills and performance goals. All sales gamification products include game templates (predesigned competitions). More advanced platforms enable managers to design custom competitions, and some, like Hoopla, even allow salespeople to challenge each other to competitions.

While customization of sales games can boost engagement and help shape company culture, the amount of content and administration required from sales managers to keep competitions running and interesting is an important consideration for prospective buyers.

Boosting CRM Adoption with Sales Gamification

Sales gamification software is also used to motivate the adoption of new sales technology, particularly CRM systems—if sales reps want their game scores and rankings to be accurate and up to date, they must consistently enter their data into the CRM system that feeds the game.

Currently, most sales gamification platforms use a sports-inspired game and display style, designed to capitalize on the social fervor, adrenaline, and running stats we’re used to seeing in athletic news. This is thought to not only inspire the game players themselves but also create a culture of fandom and community support. In addition to CRM integration, sales gamification software may integrate with social collaboration tools, allowing employees to share/post wins and show public support of team performance.

Sales Performance Reporting & Mobile Gamification Apps

Although metrics may not be displayed in the usual spreadsheet or dashboard views, reporting is a major function and benefit of sales gamification software. Sales gamification platforms offer a centralized sales performance reporting interface, typically through TV streaming and mobile apps, that is engaging, interactive, and allows reps and managers to see individual vs. team performance. Mobile functionality is an important consideration when selecting sales gamification software, and not all products offer the same level of mobile game interaction. Buyers should ask about whether users can view progress and statistics, make competition adjustments, and/or participate in competitions from the mobile app.

Sales Incentive Contests

Sales competition software is sometimes used in conjunction with sales incentive compensation management software and/or a broader sales performance management program. Whereas sales ICM usually has a monetary focus, motivating reps by adjusting their commission and bonuses, gamification platforms utilize game dynamics to heighten competition between salespeople and raise the stakes for improving on personal goals. ICM and gamification features may both be included (and interrelated) in an SPM suite. For example, sales contest results may power the incentive compensation management logic, so that leading salespeople (game-winners) receive special compensation.

Sales Gamification Software Features

Although each vendor takes a slightly different approach, these are some common features of gamification solutions designed for sales teams:

  • Sales contest templates: Includes pre-designed sales competitions based on common sales goals and KPIs.

  • Custom sales contests: System administrators and/or players can design customized sales competitions, with different challenges, types of rewards, etc., depending on company culture, goals, and KPIs.

  • Team competitions: Enables contests involving groups of employees playing against one another, rather than one-on-one competitions or every rep for themselves (as with a leaderboard).

  • Multiple competitions: Allows for multiple competitions of different types to be going on simultaneously; this kind of complexity is especially important for enterprises.

  • Contest flexibility: Administrators can make adjustments to competition design, duration, etc. as needed, allowing sales managers to test and modify different competitive dynamics for agile improvement. Also helps keep contests aligned with current company goals.

  • Sales rep view: Sales reps have their profiles/personal view of the platform to monitor performance, progress, and goals. May include mini-games or coaching; often mobile access is important.

  • Mobile game functionality: Users can view results or participate in games and contests on their mobile devices.

  • Game notifications & updates: Managers and players receive notifications about game developments, game/quota deadlines, and updated competitive rankings.

  • Social competition/Game collaboration: There is a social element to the competition. Users can post, like, share, and comment on each others’ wins and losses. Game results may also integrate with the company’s social/collaboration channel(s). Some products also allow non-salespeople to get involved.

  • Integration to Salesforce: Pulls sales performance data and details from Salesforce CRM.

  • Sales performance reporting: Gamification software reports on individual and team sales results in an engaging, clear, and simple way.

  • TV streaming: Results of competitions, along with other motivational and competitive material, can be televised. This may be a matter of digitally displaying the sales performance report (static), or may be more like a news report/continuous content feed.

Sales Gamification Software Comparison

Before deciding to invest in a sales gamification tool, consider the following key factors:

  1. Type of tool: Are you looking for a sales gamification software that rewards sales rep performance and motivates them to meet their quota? Or are you in the market for a platform that’s more tied to sales team training and coaching through an LMS platform? There are also gamification tools that work well for overall employee engagement and are not strictly designed for sales teams. First figure out which key metrics you’ll be tracking and what your end goals are, whether that be a boost in sales rep performance, more consistent training across the team, or greater employee engagement.

  2. Range of features: As mentioned above, not all sales gamification software has the same set of features. Once you identify what type of gamification tool you’re looking for and what key metrics you’ll be tracking, make a list of all your must-have features.

  3. Integrations: Make sure the sales gamification platform you purchase integrates with the other sales software you’re already using. Most businesses will require the sales gamification software to integrate with their CRM system and potentially the sales incentive compensation management software they are using.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sales gamification software do?

Sales gamification software helps sales managers and leaders motivate their teams to perform better and more consistently. Using things like badges, leaderboards, contests, and other games managers can reward things like new closed won-deals, increased pipeline dollars, the top performers, and the most consistent performers. The main focus of the software is to use competition and a reward system to incentivize higher performance from sales reps.

Why use sales gamification software?

Besides being a great way to motivate individual sales reps, there are several other benefits sales gamification software provides. Sales managers can track individual rep performance and compare performance across the highest performing reps.

The software also helps individual salespeople become more engaged and can build a better sense of community on the sales team. Sales managers can also discover what types of gamification works best for their team while using the software.

What are the best sales gamification software products?

According to end-user feedback on TrustRadius, some popular sales gamification platforms include: