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SAP for Banking

SAP for Banking


What is SAP for Banking?

SAP offers banking software, with a wide range of features for customers of retail and commercial banks, featuring mobile and online self-service support, and on the institution side revenue, performance and risk management, along with payment processing and loan management.

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Product Details

What is SAP for Banking?

SAP for Banking Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
tend to use SAP for banking on the mobile application, its user friendly and streamline all your banking transactions you can also have access to Company Banking Information, we developed a solution along a customer who was looking for a software where he can track credit for their customers. Beware, implementing SAP on your company may take a while if you are not familiar with, but its totally worth it!
  • Multi Deposit Management
  • Credit & Loan Management
  • Access Live Data
  • Implementing its hard, i ll like to have some initial steps for this part
  • Mobile App its not as stable as i'd like
  • Data Migration will require ETL knowledge
if your company is currently using SAP for banking i ´ll recommend to move forward and go for it, i do not recommend for early implementation or in case that you are on a fast pace project phase
  • Data Visualization
  • All transactions on one place
  • Pending Payments and customer credit
  • I cannot talk about a gross number but we setup auto reminders for our credit customers, so we have a quicker payment rate
I ll recommend SAP for Banking or other accordingly to the size of the company, if you are part of a global company and you need to have access to the big picture & All your assets then this is the right tool, if you have a small company or Fintech then you can work on an open source App
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Directly it is not used by us but our bankers use that for Financial information. Financial information by the bank is well presented and the account and finances are maintained well. Financial information for all the payments are done to vendors and client [payments] received are available seamlessly either in Bank or in the [office-based] on the requirement.
  • Financial data availability.
  • Better data management.
  • Data Well presented by bank.
  • No direct access to customers.
I think when we have a big company [than] managing the finance is not possible by manual or old data entry. Hence these are the solutions that make the task easier. Small scale requirements can be Managed by other means as banks might be charging the Premium from companies which may be costly for smaller companies.
  • Financial data security (Important as this is company confidential data).
  • Financial Data Availability
  • Financial data presentation
  • Bank is effective managing the financial data.
Direct banking-related software is not used but within [the] company, SAP is being used to interface with the Banking system.
January 13, 2022

SAP for Banking - Review

Ayush Seth | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SAP has both mobile and desktop applications. It helps with credit management, tracking current accounts for customers, deposit management, and loan tracking even when we are on a customer visit. It helps me update data on the go to the server and helps me retrieve data just as easily.
  • It helps with retrieving and updating information on the server.
  • I can easily retrieve information regarding credit for a customer and process information to provide [the] best solution.
  • SAP also assists in compliance management.
  • Mobile application is difficult to use - its UI needs to be improved.
  • Unable to process huge transactions quickly.
SAP [needs] a UI upgrade soon - it is getting difficult to operate, especially when huge transactions are involved. SAP's mobile application however gives easy access to data and we can address and search it when needed. This also helps to provide appropriate information to customers and I can update the transaction details on the go.
  • Loan and Fund Deposit Management
  • Customer - Current and Saving Account Management and Maintenance
  • Compliance and Regulatory Management
  • SAP eases the process of retrieving and updating information on the go.
  • The purchase decision was not mine - but it is an expensive software that requires [a] lengthy implementation process and has a huge learning curve.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We as a consulting group, support our customers those who have already implemented SAP banking, we support the main business processes like customer management, current ac maintenance, loan process, card management, I strongly recommend this product for its internal integrated solution and also for its robust offering, all in 1 platform.
  • Credit management ( Loans)
  • Current ac
  • Customer details
  • Deposits management
  • Consumer mortgage
  • migration is very tough and not easy to use tools, more [improvement] required in data migration tools.
  • Mobile applications are not user friendly in terms if UI design.
  • House banking configurations are complex for any changes and require intense knowledge for implementation.
Well suited for large-size [banks] with more than 1000 branches with multiple regions and not suitable for small banks in terms of economy of scale. [Similarly] this is not a robust solution for small-scale NBFC's and with only a few business processes. Credit card management is also not as expected and still needs lots of improvements in [the] data analytics part.
  • Credit management
  • Deposit management
  • Customer accounts
  • Current and Savings bank account maintenance.
  • Customer tax [calculations] and local legal requirements.
  • Robust solution, highly integrated, data protection, immense cyber security as positive.
  • Highly complex to implement, the need [for] high knowledgeable consultants are negative impacts.
  • Expensive for SME banks.
  • High implementation costs.
While Oracle is easy to use and UI is much friendly but not as robust as SAP and we saw some pitfalls in data integration and bit difficult to plug in external data analytic tools, but SAP banking provides easy way to integrate with multiple data analytic tools which is easy for complex business environments and multiple analytic requirements.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are doing consulting for SAP for banking organizations for product selection, evaluation, and implementation with after go-live AMS. Banking has various challenges ranging from new edge channels, huge transaction volumes, level of details, regulatory compliances need, reconciliation needs, and so on, which requires specific solutions around those products for an end to end connectivity
  • Tight integration with SAP backend ERP system
  • Universal Journal
  • Compliance Management
  • The think and thin ledger handling
  • Regulatory compliance need
For the reconciliation needs, SAP for banking is well integrated for core financial reconciliations part, whereas for other compliances like regulatory framework, etc. it might need to depend on the third-party solutions like BlackLine, banks, etc. Many organizations also develop in-house products to meet the reconciliation needs of the organization.
  • Access a comprehensive sub-ledger to support accounting for financial instruments on a single contract level.
  • Manage data in centralised data warehouse for increased efficiency.
  • Stay compliant and reduce exposure to risk.
  • Harmonization in the data is reducing the reconciliation efforts
  • SAP provides a better innovation visibility in the banking solutions space
SAP is a more connected and integrated product with a well-defined innovation roadmap. It is garnering more advantages compared to the other products, highly around its HANA architecture, universal journal, ECO-system connectivity, BTP platform for easy integration, in-built AI (Artificial Intelligence) /ML (Machine Learning) components, etc. with industry-specific solutions.
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