Audit Software

Audit Software Overview

What is Audit Software?

Audits are meant to ensure that a company's finances and accounting records are accurate, that fraud has not occurred, and that all applicable laws have been followed. They can be time-consuming and often require an auditor to come on site, which means additional expense for both the auditee and the auditor. With audit software, companies can save money by conducting their own internal audits.

Audit software, also known as internal controls software or audit management software, is used by companies to streamline the internal audit process. It can create custom workflows and generate reports. It also stores documents in a centralized location and reviews audit findings, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Audit software can help your company save time and money while meeting compliance standards like SOX 404(b), HIPAA Security Rule (45 CFR 164), or PCI DSS 3.0 Section 8 (auditor’s responsibilities).

Options may be hosted in the cloud or on-premises, and some vendors offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. Audit software is an easy and cost-effective way for businesses to manage their internal audit process.

Adopting an audit software could help your business:

  • Reduce the time needed to complete internal audits by up to 80%

  • Automatically track internal audit scheduling and reporting

  • Ensure internal audits are completed efficiently and on time

  • Create a variety of custom internal audit workflows

  • Schedule internal audits in bulk, by department, or by risk

  • Generate internal audit reports with just one click

  • Assign internal audit findings to the appropriate team members

Audit Software Features

Audit software includes the following identifiable features:

  • API

  • Activity Dashboard

  • Customizable Reporting/Analytics

  • Data Import/Export

  • Third Party Integrations

  • Mobile Access

  • Alerts/Notifications

  • Compliance Management

  • Document Management

  • Knowledge Base Management

  • Operational Risk Management

  • Workflow Management

  • Templates

Audit Software Comparison

There are many choices for auditing software, depending on the industry and type of auditing tasks. You’ll want to consider the product’s functionality, user-friendliness, ease of setup, quality of support, and price.

Pricing Information

Pricing for audit software is contingent on the type of solutions your company requires. Options exist for every kind of business, from freelancers to large enterprises. Freelancers and small businesses can find subscription-based options that range from $14/month to $300/month. Complex packages cost between $1000/month and $100,000/year. Most plans for larger businesses are not publicly priced, but vendors do provide custom quotes. Some vendors offer free trials and no setup fees.

Audit Products

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RSA Archer

RSA Archer, from the security, governance, and risk division of RSA Security is an integrated risk management / GRC platform.

Key Features

  • Incident management (12)
  • Common repository of GRC items (12)
  • GRC policy management (12)

Wdesk from Workiva is a cloud platform designed to provide collaboration, data integration, and an audit trail. Wdesk helps mitigate risk, and improves productivity

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance provides the tools businesses use to proactively manage risk by measuring, testing and auditing internal processes. This solution helps business users ensure compliance to regulations, policies, standards and frameworks. It is available…

MindBridge Platform

MindBridge Ai Auditor is an AI powered auditing & financial risk assessment platform, from the company of the same name in Ottawa.

ETQ Reliance

ETQ headquartered in Burlington offers the ETQ Reliance Platform, a quality management solution designed to meet a business' unique quality needs and risks with an automated best practice-driven software solution.


AuditBoard is a cloud-based audit management software solution from the company of the same name in Cerritos.


Intelex’s Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) applications are used to effectively manage all aspects of an organization’s quality program, as well as track safety data, and manage sustainability. It is designed to help manage, track and report quality-related metrics…

SAP Audit Management

SAP Audit Management streamlines internal audit activities with mobile capabilities. The product enables documentation of evidence, organization of work papers, and creation of audit reports. It can be deployed on premises or in the cloud.

HighBond by Galvanize

HighBond is a Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Platform from Galvanize, the company formed from the merger of Rsam and ACL Services and more recently acquired by Diligent Corporation in February 2021.


Intellect provides a flexible enterprise Quality Management Software (eQMS) solution and platform designed to meet any FDA and ISO compliance requirements, as well as digital transformation goals. Built on the Intellect Compliance Platform, Intellect's no-code platform, Intellect…

CaseWare IDEA

CaseWare in Ontario offers IDEA, a data analysis and data extraction tool supporting audit processes. The vendor states IDEA integrates with various solutions to make obtaining and exporting data easy, such as SAP solutions, accounting packages, CRM systems and other enterprise solutions…

CloudApper HIPAA Ready

The HIPAA Ready app is designed to be a modern, affordable, and effective way of simplifying HIPAA compliance. The application streamlines the HIPAA compliance management process by managing a digital checklist of tasks, meetings and training information.

SearchInform Risk Monitor

SearchInform Risk Monitor provides users with an automated perceptive toolset for employee monitoring, risk assessment, and internal auditing, makes sure that corporate policies comply with regulators, and evaluates the conformity of a company’s security level to the most recent…


Gensuite EHS Software applications, from the company of the same name in Cincinnati, span across six functional program areas: Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing, Product Stewardship, and Equipment Asset Management…


AppZen headquartered in San Jose delivers an AI platform for modern finance teams, providing auditing of business spend with automation of manual process, and optimized decision making. The platform combines deep learning, computer vision, and semantic analysis with intelligence…

Pentana Audit

Pentana Audit from Ideagen supports internal audits with workflow automation.


SAI360 (formerly Compliance 360) is offered as a cloud-first EHS and GRC platform offered by SAI Global headquartered in Sydney, Australia. SAI Global acquired Compliance 360 in 2012.


Sparta Systems headquartered in Hamilton offers TrackWise, a quality management system designed to allow the user to leverage existing investment to quickly implement a cost-effective quality management system. Also, TrackWise Digital helps users to track and manage internal, third-…

MetricStream M7

The MetricStream GRC Platform M7, from MetricStream in Palo Alto, California is a Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) platform supplying a technology infrastructure for deploying GRC apps configurable to meet the needs of the enterprise.

SmartSolve, from Pilgrim Quality

Pilgrim Quality, an IQVIA company, is a global provider of enterprise quality management software and services for the Life Sciences and other highly regulated industries. SmartSolve, Pilgrim’s suite of quality management software solutions, is engineered for the Life Sciences.


The AssurX platform is presented by the vendor as a versatile system of software solutions that reliably communicates and coordinates information, documentation and activities across the enterprise. The vendor states AssurX allows regulated businesses to identify and control risk…


Lumiform, an audit and inspection management app from the company of the same name in Berlin, is designed to enable companies to simplify and track quality and safety assurance through digital checklists, smart checks, instructions, etc.


QVALON is a mobile app solution designed to streamline workflows between the head office and retail stores, so users can boost efficiency with task management, inspections, collaboration, and analytics.

Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite

Automated Office 365 Solution for Administration, Governance, Security and Compliance. Vyapin Office 365 Manager is an O365 solution that bridges the gaps in native Office 365 Portal to manage Users, Groups, Licenses, and Permissions.

Protiviti Governance Portal

Robert Half company Protiviti offers governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software, the Protiviti Governance Portal, which the vendor states integrates content and commonly accepted and proprietary frameworks with consulting expertise in order to provide organizations with the…

Frequently Asked Questions

What does audit software do?

Audit software helps organizations carry out internal audits and comply with industry-specific rules and regulations. It can be used to draft internal audit policies, standards and procedures to follow while performing an audit.

What are the benefits of using audit software?

Audit software streamlines the process of performing internal audits, checks the efficiency of internal controls, and helps prevent fraud, theft, or errors. It can also help with risk assessments, provide clear reporting on audit results, and save time.

How much does audit software cost?

Freelancers and small businesses can find subscription-based options that range from $14/month to $300/month. Complex packages cost between $1000/month and $100,000/year. Most plans for larger businesses are not publicly priced, but vendors do provide custom quotes.