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IBM Maximo Application Suite

IBM Maximo Application Suite is an enterprise asset management (EAM) platform.

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IBM Maximo Application Suite

IBM Maximo Application Suite is an enterprise asset management (EAM) platform.

Epicor Kinetic

Epicor Kinetic (the name of the former Epicor ERP) presents a wide feature breadth, customizability, and scalability, typical product-centric cloud ERP offerings. It is meant as a single, end-to-end software solution for businesses, and is available on-premise, hosted, or in the…

Verizon Connect

Verizon offers a fleet management platform in Verizon Connect, emphasizing asset tracking and GPS, clear maps and route optimization, and fleet KPI tracking.

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NEXGEN Asset Management

NEXGEN Asset Management, from the company of the same name in Sacramento, is an asset management software that combines a computer maintenance management system with advanced asset management planning tools. Boasting 25 years of practical asset management program and software…


ServiceChannel provides facilities managers with a single platform to source, procure, manage, and pay for repair and maintenance services from commercial contractors across their enterprise. The company aims to deliver transparency and data-driven analytics of service quality, across…

eMaint CMMS

eMaint offers computerized maintenance management software with features for inventory management, asset management, maintenance scheduling, etc. eMaint is now owned and supported by Fluke Corp since the September 2016 acquisition.

Brightly Asset Essentials™

Brightly Asset Essentials is a facilities management application and the flagship component of the company's IWMS technology suite for educational institutions and other industries.


HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) is a configurable enterprise asset management platform. The solution was acquired by Hexagon from Infor in late 2021.

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a cloud-based barcoding and asset tracking platform from the company of the same name headquartered in Frisco, Texas, that can possibly displace the need for scanners with standard (mobile phone, tablets) mobile devices in barcode scanning.

Qualys VMDR

Qualys VMDR 2.0 with TruRisk gives enterprises visibility and insight into cyber risk exposure with the goal of making it easy to prioritize vulnerabilities, assets, or groups of assets based on business risk. Security teams can take action to mitigate risk, helping the business…


MaintainX helps users track reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and control the daily operations of businesses such as safety inspections, quality inspections, and operating checklists with a digital audit trail.

Accruent Maintenance Connection

Accruent CMMS - Maintenance Connection is a multi-site facilities management platform acquired by Accruent in June 2018 and now part of the Accruent IWMS portfolio of products.

Archibus by Eptura

Archibus is an IWMS solution based on the IWMS capabilities of the former ARCHIBUS product line and the workspace planning and optimization solutions of the former Serraview, which merged with ARCHIBUS in December 2018.

Sage Fixed Assets

Sage Fixed Assets provides simplified fixed-asset tracking with comprehensive depreciation calculations, including over 300,000 U.S. and Canadian regulations for businesses, governments and nonprofits.

IFS Cloud

IFS is a low-code / no-code approach to IFS solution suite, supporting various industries including aerospace & defense, construction, energy & utilities, and manufacturing with ERP, EAM and field service management functionality. IFS Cloud can be run as a service from IFS, or in…

IFS Applications

IFS Applications is presented by the vendor as an agile application suite that offers enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise project management, handling 4 core processes:Service & Asset ManagementFull Enterprise Asset Management…

Smartspanner CMMS

Smartspanner is an online (cloud hosted) CMMS software application that is available on any desktop browser, tablet browser or with the vendor’s iOS app. This solution is designed to make it easier to control maintenance tasks and schedule teams. Smartspanner is designed for any…

Bently Nevada System 1 Asset Health Management Software

Bently Nevada supports machine health and predictive maintenance with the System 1 condition-monitoring software, designed to solve automation, asset management, and condition-monitoring system challenges. Building on the strategic pillars of Connectivity, Analytics, and Visualization,…


Breezeway’s property operations platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work at properties, to deliver a better service experience to guests and homeowners. The vendor states Breezeway’s software and mobile apps have facilitated over 5M property tasks across…

Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management

Since 2004, Mandiant has been a partner to security-conscious organizations. Mandiant’s approach helps organizations develop more effective and efficient cyber security programs and instills confidence in their readiness to defend against and respond to cyber threats.


Canfigure is a software solution for ITAM and ITSM management including integrated CMDB based on the ITIL framework. It can be adapted for any business requirement and its interface aims to enable the customer to customize the software with minimal support.

ABB Ability Ellipse

Ellipse is an enterprise asset management (EAM) platform offered by ABB, headquartered in Zurich.

Accruent Data Insights

Accruent's Data Insights is a Medical Equipment Planning solution, designed to streamline hospital equipment planning. Data Insights uses real data from over 289 million work orders so the user gains fact-based insights and smarter capital allocation.

Eagle Technology ProTeus

ProTeus from Eagle Technology in Mequon, Wisconsin is a CMMS platform.

Follett Destiny Resource Manager

The Follett Destiny Resource Manager is an asset tracking and analytics platform for schools and education institutions.

Learn More About Enterprise Asset Management Software

What is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software?

Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM) automates the lifecycle management of physical assets in use across the enterprise. These assets include both fixed assets, such as buildings or machinery, as well as mobile assets like vehicles or even personal devices in some cases. EAM software improves safety compliance and streamlines audit processes, as well as simplifying inventory management and asset lifecycle planning.

EAM products centralize the full lifecycle of asset management, particularly maintenance cycles and audit reporting. Because capital varies widely across industries, EAMs tend to be configurable and/or specialists tailored to the needs of particular industries (e.g. hospitals and healthcare, manufacturing, government, energy, transportation, etc.). Recent advancements have normalized analytics to allow for more intelligent planning, scheduling, and preemptive maintenance/asset lifecycle progression.

Enterprise Asset Management vs. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

EAM software is often associated with CMMS products because they both emphasize serving maintenance process needs of enterprises. However, EAM products go beyond simple maintenance tracking to include workflow management, asset lifecycle planning, supply chain management features, skills management for maintenance labor, and other features. Some EAM software may also include some financial management capabilities specific to enterprise assets, such as procurement, accounts payable, etc. These extended features allow EAM software to encompass most or all of the asset management functions that enterprises need to track and conduct.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software Comparison

When comparing different enterprise asset management software, consider these factors:

  • Integrations: How well does each product integrate with the enterprise’s preexisting ERP, accounting, and facilities management software? Make sure each vendor supports integrations with the specific software the organization already uses, as the specifics of those integrations will have a large impact on how frictionless the asset management workflows are across the enterprise.

  • Vertical-Specific Support: Consider what customizations are available to the enterprise’s specific industry. Many leading vendors will offer prebuilt industry-specific features, but not all industries can utilize these features. Some enterprises may instead benefit from a more customizable platform in general over industry-specific capabilities.

  • On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based: SaaS-model EAM software is becoming the norm, but there are still plenty of on-premise options. On-premise is preferable for very security-minded organizations who want a high degree of technical control over their EAM software. However, cloud-based products will be ideal for organizations that don’t want to take on the IT overhead associated with on-premise technology and want a higher degree of accessibility, including functions like mobile applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an EAM system?

Enterprise asset management systems centralize the asset lifecycle management process, including maintenance, procurement, and dissolution processes.

What’s the difference between EAM and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS)?

CMMS’s are focused exclusively on maintenance, while EAM includes a range of other feature areas in addition to maintenance, such as procurement, supply chain management, and resource planning.

Why is EAM important?

EAM is crucial to ensuring safety compliance and streamlining asset lifecycle management, including making processes more accessible for technicians in the field.

Who uses EAM software?

EAM software is used most frequently by enterprises with a high volume of physical assets. Manufacturing, hospitals, and logistics and distribution industries all typify fields that can get the most out of EAM software.