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Anush Ramani profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Stripe is used as one of our primary payment processors in our core SaaS product. It enables online and in-person payments for our customers.
  • Great documentation.
  • Well architected API.
  • Fast global expansion.
  • Payment processing costs could be more competitive.
  • Pricing is difficult to manage due to so many types of fees.
Stripe has a great API and SDKs to get up and running very quickly. It has one of the best API documentation I have ever worked with. It is in stark contrast with all the other payment processors I've worked with where the documentation is sparse and difficult to follow. You can also get started with Stripe without even creating an account, which makes the barrier to entry very simple. Compare this with other processors where you have to jump through several hoops to get a login.

Where Stripe falls apart is when you have lots of volumes, and you're using a lot of their features. Things get expensive fast since they charge for pretty much everything little thing. The fees may not be hidden, but there are so many of them that it's tough to know your upfront costs.
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Angel Brockbank profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Stripe for credit card processing. Many of our departments internally use it and my experience with it has been on the Customer Support side. Stripe does a great job capturing everything we need while keeping the security of the customers and allowing us all the functionality that we need on the support side to look up charges and be able to refund, recharge, and work with disputes.
  • Really great backend
  • Overall functionality is solid and reliable
  • Easy to look up information needed, and easy to refund customers
  • I can't think of many areas to improve except for maybe do more competitive pricing.
I feel like Stripe stands above the rest with a user-friendly, great back end experience for support. It's very easy to search through transactions and do what we need to support our customers.
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Rachelle Reichley profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Stripe for all of our website transactions and we use the website interface to process credit cards for wholesale customers who call in to pay their invoice with a card.
  • We've not had a single issue with it not working.
  • The interface is convenient and easy to use.
  • I know our transactions are safe using Stripe.
  • I have no negative feedback about Stripe.
I think Stripe is a great option to connect to your website. We've had absolutely no problems whatsoever with it ever going down or with transactions not processing. It's also super convenient to have an interface to log into and process cards if our wholesale customers call to pay their invoice with a card.
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Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Stripe to run our payment processing infrastructure. We're small, so as much as possible we've offloaded the work and logic of subscription, billing, invoices to Stripe. Stripe provides all of the pieces of how we bill our customers.

We further pipe their data to a couple of other places which provides us with additional insight and analysis into our customer behaviour, financials, etc.
  • Documentation: Stripe is extensively well-documented, with thorough docs on both the high-level components of their system, as well as best-in-class API documentation.
  • Customer Support: Stripe has great, responsible customer support. Their front-line CS is remarkably willing to dig into an issue and look for out-of-the-box solutions when a specific feature or use-case isn't quite supported.
  • Reliability: Stripe has given us every reason to trust their platform, which has been extremely stable and robust in the years we've been using it.
  • Currency conversion: Stripe's currency conversion options (for transferring payouts) are not great, and that means that we've had to find another solution given what Stripe charges.
  • Tax calculation and remittance: Stripe has been making major strides on this lately, but it's a big piece of the puzzle for many companies and they're not quite there yet; including that in the platform would be a massive win for their user-base.
  • Radar: Stripe's anti-fraud machine learning tech is quite cool, and likely operates mostly out of sight, however when they surface possible warnings, they often come with so little information or context that they're nearly impossible to act on.
Stripe handles essentially all of your payment infrastructure for you – with little additional logic needed by you, and over the past few years they've significantly built out their additional features for things like invoicing, emailed receipts, etc. Stripe's initial selling point for us was their powerful and well-documented APIs, which, when coupled with their great technical support, has kept us happy over the years.

I'm less familiar with what it looks like to try to make use of Stripe without integrating with them via API; I get the impression that they similarly support manually entering and processing payments, however I can't speak to what that process is like or how it compares to the competition.
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No photo available
Score 7 out of 10
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We use Stripe as our credit card payments processor for all card sales in our online store. In our experience, some customers did not want to use Paypal (mistakenly) thinking that they had to set up an account, so this covers those bases.
  • Reliable function. We have never had any downtime, not any errors in processing.
  • Lots of information at your fingertips. The analytics area are very useful.
  • Ability to manage payments directly from Stripe such as refunds and view exact reasons why a payment might have been declined was very useful to have.
  • Very easy integration into our e-commerce store.
  • We never fully engaged with Stripe's full offering. Amongst other things it can hold customer data for regular billing and can be developed to become an order management system but a mixture of being well provided for by our own e-commerce hosts on our part, and a lack of "interestingness" to their offer on Stripe's part, meant we didn't research this any further.
  • Dull interface: the dashboard went through a redesign a while back and we still miss the previous version for being clearer and more concise than the current
  • Payments take a week to be deposited into our bank account. This is, in our view, far too long and it is the main reason why we'll be moving away from Stripe. However, this doesn't seem to be the case for all merchants so perhaps it affects only our territory?
  • Some rooting around is needed to find reasons behind failed payments, and no notification is given that a payment has failed. This could be better communicated.
Stripe has interesting functions. It is a robust and reliable payments processor with good insights into your business performance and integrates well into an existing online store so our high grading reflects this. However, it really falls short at the length of time it takes for funds to be deposited into your business bank account, and I can't think of any situation where this long delay would be preferable to receiving funds sooner.
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No photo available
December 06, 2019

Start-up Using Stripe

Score 8 out of 10
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As a start-up, we leverage Stripe to handle payments and invoicing. At the end of each month, we generate invoices and monitor incoming payments together with our accounting software. It is a crucial part of the business since it enables our revenue generation and is used across the whole company.
  • Ease of use.
  • User interface.
  • Pricing.
Stripe can to some good extent replace a solution that would otherwise be performed by an ERP system or its part. Since Stripe evolved as a start-up and gained its popularity in small firms, so startups will benefit from its usage. It would be less appropriate to use it in enterprises.
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Mike Vidas profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Stripe for 100% of our payment processing. It seamlessly integrates with our CRM and is very reliable. Since the app is also available on mobile, I never have any doubt about what is happening with our funding and can always keep tabs on it. It has industry standard rates and we get paid out in a timely manner, always.
  • Stripe allows me to always a tab on my funds. I always know what's happening.
  • Stripe offers consistency. I get paid in the same amount of time, on time, no matter what.
  • I love the app provided by Stripe; I can check anything I need, whenever I need to.
  • I would LOVE for lower processing fees, but at least they are flat and standard.
  • It typically takes two business days for funds to process, but in the event that a billing date falls on a Saturday and the Monday is a holiday you won't see funds for up to 7 calendar days.
  • One thing I wish for was that I could plug and play with QuickBooks easily.
Unless you are spending time doing a ton of small dollar orders, I would absolutely recommend using Stripe. The single item tickets would be doable, but annoying and a bit of a waste with all the processing fees. For my purposes, as well as selling higher value items, Stripe is absolutely worthwhile. I check in on the app twice a month at a minimum just to make sure everything is good and running as it should, and I haven't been surprised or found anything out of place in my 3 years of use.
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Witt Sparks profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Stripe for recurring billing for our SaaS product, and for one-off purchases from our site. We migrated from a different payment processor in order to provide a more modern and seemless purchase process. We are currently working to migrate existing customers to Stripe as well. When that is done, Stripe will be our only payment processor.
  • Laravel integration. Our product is written in Laravel, which supports Stripe out of the box.
  • Customer service. When I had questions during my integration, customer support was easily accessible, friendly and helpful.
  • Modern UI creates a quick, seamless purchase process for the customer.
  • The ability to generate one-off custom invoices (not associated with a specific product) allows us to bill for custom development services through the same payment processor.
  • The backend dashboard is well laid out and provides lots of great information.
  • Test mode makes testing purchases quick and painless.
  • Great looking customer-facing invoices.
  • Last I checked, coupons were only supported by coding up your own payment page using Stripe Elements. It would be nice to be able to add a coupon field to the payment popup provided by Stripe.
Stripe is perfect for a site that requires recurring billing, and the Laravel integration is very easy and very well documented. Stripe offers a lot of flexibility in designing your payment flow, look and feel from using their built-in popups for coding up a custom payment page. The quickest option uses popups generated by a JavaScript plugin, and those look great. We have not encountered any use cases where we needed to accept payment outside of Stripe.
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Jon Porreca profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Stripe is our credit card processing tool, which we use to collect customer payments. We've previously had a credit card processing machine to process the few credit card transactions we make, but it got to a point where the fees associated with this machine no longer made economical sense, therefore we went searching for a web-based solution. Stripe integrates nicely with other services we use, so collecting online payments directly from our cloud-based accounting software is simple, and no more hardware to manage.
  • Stripe integrates perfectly with our cloud-based accounting software, making collecting payments easy.
  • The dashboard and UI are simple enough to log into and process card transactions via the phone.
  • The reporting features are nice and also integrate into a BI platform we use to provide us with in-depth and accurate reporting of all credit card transactions we do.
  • Their fees are reasonable and in line with their competitors.
  • The UI is easy to navigate and understand, however if the homepage or dashboard was simplified it could make Stripe an even better solution than it is.
  • Unlike some of it's competitors, it comes with no hardware to process transactions. Currently this is not an issue for the way we do business or run credit card transactions but as we grow and expand we may have a need for mobile-based hardware devices in the future.
  • Although it's a competitive product, we'd welcome lower fees and quicker balance transfers to our main banking account from Stripe.
It's well suited for businesses who wish not to have credit card processing machines and who use a cloud-based accounting software for easy payment collection. For a brick-and-mortar business who collects payments at time of service, you may be best suited to evaluate one of Stripe's competitors.
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Adam Stern profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used Stripe to handle the membership subscriptions to our product, as well as a la carte items. We tried a different solution at first, but it failed in various ways. Stripe has a rich feature set and great documentation, which are some of the main reasons we changed our implementation strategy to use stripe.
  • Stripe has great documentation for developers.
  • Stripe is easy to use.
  • Stripe is easy to implement.
  • The chargeback process needs some improvement and that there is a $15 chargeback fee. That being said, Paypal has a $20 fee.
Stripe is great for many types of payment integrations. They have a rich feature set, extensive documentation, user groups, forums, and the price point is similar to their competitors. Stripe is good for small and large integrations alike. I haven't really experienced any situations where Stripe would be an inappropriate choice.
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Christopher Page, MBA profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Stripe is being used as our primarily billing system. We utilize it for both one-time payments and recurring subscriptions. Stripe is being used for all services we bill since it's such a versatile platform. It solves the business problem of how to easily collect money from customers. We're able to add customer information into the system once and allow auto billing to take place month over month, collecting revenue.
  • Easy to set up. Getting the account set up is really easy. You just need to have some information on hand, but answering the questions/fields is very easy to get it running.
  • Great dashboard. The main dashboard when you log in is great to give you an overview of current day revenue, past month revenue, YTD revenue, new customers, and other KPIs your business leaders will want to see.
  • Very flexible. The best thing about Stripe is the ability to integrate it with almost any web platform, whether an iOS app or Wordpress website.
  • Stripe is really focused on being developer friendly-- they could really improve the platform for those who aren't developers but are looking for some basic website integrations that look nice.
  • UIX for adding customers/billing could be improved. Creating a client facing app or web portal would solve this issue and be relatively easy to build.
  • Those are the only 2 areas of improvement I see-- otherwise, great platform!
Stripe is great for both small and big businesses. It's ideal for SaaS companies that bill based upon usage amounts, or the number of seats used. However, Stripe can still be used for sservice-based based companies too, like web designers or marketing agencies. It's easy to set up services in the platform to start subscriptions with your clients, or even products (like a website) that just bill one time.
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No photo available
Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
Stripe is a great platform for payments. We use stripe platform as a payment solution for our clients software by integrating Stripe with their products. The integration process is pretty simple and the solution works great. We also use Stripe within the organization for many payments, such as payments for different products and services.
  • Integration process is simple
  • User experience is pretty smooth and intuitive
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Customer service could use some improvement
  • Fees are pretty high
Stripe is a great product for a software development team, as integration process with new products is pretty simple. Also Stripe works great for business, especially as a payment tool for different services subscriptions. I would not recommend using Stripe for everyday personal use as fees are pretty high; PayPal would work better for this.
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Brandon Zell profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We're using Stripe to handle our monthly plans with clients (website maintenance and hosting). There are times we need to change he cost of the monthly maintenance, and Stripe gives us the flexibility to make those changes without requiring each of our clients to go through another sign up process.
  • The dashboard/backend has an excellent UI. It makes managing users, plans, etc very easy.
  • Good feature set in the backend. They give you a lot of control over how you want to handle clients and the plans they're subscribed to.
  • Their API is quite robust and well documented. Plenty of examples to help you achieve what you want to.
  • Despite the API documentation and examples from third party sources, it can be hard to get setup. Given the number of commonly desired things to setup, it would be nice to have more pre-coded features to get started with less trial and error.
If you need to charge clients for a monthly service, Stripe is an excellent way to handle this. You can have clients sign up through your website rather than sending them off to a third-party website. It's a more professional way to gather payment information.

If your website is a flat-file website with no server-side language (such as PHP), Stripe won't work.
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Andy Ryan profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We initially signed up with Stripe to integrate with our Kajabi accounts. Stripe allows us to set up and maintain subscriptions with clients. It integrates well with multiple Kajabi accounts, bringing the money all into one place. It is very easy to set up and manage. They have competitive rates.
  • Stripe integrates well with our multiple Kajabi accounts. It allows you to set up separate "businesses" under one stripe account.
  • Stripe is really good at setting up and implementing monthly fees such as memberships.
  • Stripe makes it really easy to cancel recurring monthly charges as well as refunding clients.
  • Stripe is set up very much like accounting software. It works well for people that are financially minded - think spreadsheets - and not so user friendly in terms of interface. It could be a lot more modern and regular ol' Joe user if you get what I'm saying.
  • They could always lower their fees.
  • Stripe could also make it easier to get paid like PayPal does with
We use Stripe primarily with our online courses and membership sites through Kajabi. We think it's a great way to manage monthly subscriptions or recurring charges such as payment plans. We set everything up in Kajabi and then it just works in Stripe. When we shut down a membership program it was very easy to go into Stripe and cancel the recurring payments and also to refund people who had paid in advance.
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Reagan Baird Nash profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am the founder and director of a Christian ministry that provides life coaching services to young women. I use Stripe to process payments for all of our coaching clients. Using Stripe is an important tool used daily in my line of work. It connects to my scheduling software and makes payments a breeze for my clients.
  • Stripe does a great job of integrating with the scheduling software I use, Acuity Scheduling.
  • Stripe painlessly processes payments from my clients and gets funds directly to my bank account.
  • Stripe allows my clients flexibility in payment options.
  • Stripe does take a processing fee off the top, which I understand (but don't necessarily love).
  • If there was any way to get my payments faster, that would be amazing.
Stripe is great for small businesses and ministries like mine. For someone with all kinds of clients and accounts, offering all kinds of payment options to those who are submitting money to my business is always a plus. No matter what payment methods they use, it gets wired right to my business bank account with no problem at all.
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Austin Grammon profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Stripe is being used by our entire organization as a means of collecting payment from our SaaS customers. It makes it super easy to manage their subscriptions, send invoices, track history of payments, and fix any errors. We also love the fact that you can use their analytics to track trends and understand our customers better - it lets us be able to react quickly and solve problems before they grow.
  • We needed a system that could easily handle on-off payments as well as monthly/annual subscriptions. Stripe handles it well.
  • Stripe easily and effectively integrates with our other tools. We use Baremetrics to track our numbers (more robust for detailed reporting that what Stripe offers by default) and Stripe makes it as easy as a few clicks.
  • Sending invoices is easy with Stripe. We sometimes make changes to customers' billing accounts, have questions pop up, or need to save the record elsewhere. You can easily create these invoices and download them to your computer in PDF format, or create a link that the customer can visit to view the invoice.
  • We've found that their searching is slow. We look up customers contstantly and it's never something that takes some waiting. We have a large system, but so do a lot of folks so I would expect this to be better.
  • The navigation itself is a little clunky. There are so many features and so many different ways to track information that sometimes it takes more time than I'd like to accomplish a task. I think they've done an okay job with what they have to work with, but any tool that is that fully loaded with features is bound to take a long time to learn the in's and out's of to become efficient.
  • The app doesn't seem to get updates very often. In the year that I've been consistently using Stripe daily, I haven't seen a lot of changes, at least none that had the "wow" factor that shows that they're really up to something behind the scenes to make things better for their customers.
Stripe is perfectly suited for a software company. It is relatively easy to use, has the features necessary to accept recurring payments, and has enough integrations to fit into what you are currently using. However, I have a colleague who used this at a dental office that he worked at, and he said that it wasn't nearly enough to track the extra gears of insurance and down-payments, and they had to switch after several months.
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Brina Marcus profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently use FareHarbor and their processing company is Stripe. Being bulked into a group and receiving a discounted processing fee has been amazing for us! In our business we have to issue refunds, sadly, regularly based on weather conditions cancelling our tours. Being part of the Stripe community means each time we have to do this we are no longer getting hit with the processing fees on the return, we actually receive the processing fees back into our account. IT'S THE BEST THING EVER!
  • Easy functionality
  • Easy integration
  • Flawless processing in both directions
  • I have yet to find any "issues" with using their system.
The bottom line is the lower rate and return of fees when refunds are issued. These two items alone make working with Stripe a no-brainer. The ease of not having multiple credit card processors for different purchasing portals had made my life and my staff's lives so much easier.
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Ben Gelsey profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At Flights Machine, we use Stripe for all of our subscription billing and one-time purchase payment infrastructure. Every single one of our customers gets billed via Stripe. We have both 6-month and annual subscription plans and deeply integrate with Stripe via to detect and mitigate delinquent churn and to manage our customers' subscriptions.
  • Excellent developer documentation
  • Simple pricing model
  • Rock solid reliability
  • More expensive than competitors
  • Terribly limited analytics/reporting (need to use 3rd party analytics tools instead)
  • API updates frequently (though they are good at supporting their older APIs)
If you are a small startup and want to have 100% control of your checkout experience (and have development resources), use Stripe. Whether it is subscriptions or 1-time purchases, Stripe is great at both. Similar competitors like Braintree are much worse (I've used them).

If you are a company that is already doing high volumes, try negotiating Stripe's fee, and depending on that decide whether the migration is worthwhile.
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Lauren Golden profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Stripe to process one-time and subscription type purchases for our digital products and services. We sell all of our programs through ClickFunnels and run a membership site on that platform as well. It's incredibly easy to integrate Stripe with this platform and manage client concerns, refund, payment plans, etc. through both ends.
  • Clean, simple software to implement and report on.
  • Integrates well with 3rd party software programs (we use ClickFunnels).
  • Great, high functioning app.
  • Faster payouts and lower interest rates would never be a bad thing in merchant card services.
  • One thing that could be more user friendly is the ability to update a user's credit card info.
It's user-friendly, accurate, trustworthy. I always recommend Stripe and have not yet found a scenario where it doesn't work for our business. If you are using subscriptions or selling online programs or services, this is my go-to recommendation for entrepreneurs and business owners.
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Heather Frick profile photo
August 24, 2018

Major Props for Stripe

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Stripe is currently being used by a couple of select departments in our organization. They use it mainly for processing donations, processing payments for services, and processing payments for the sale of electronic materials. As the accountant, I like it because the credit card processing fees are taken out at the time the payments are sent to the bank.
  • Process payments
  • Clear reporting
  • Deduct credit card fees when sending payments to bank
  • Better ability to print reports
  • Ability to see longer-range reports
  • Year-over-year comparisons
Strips would be well suited for receiving payments via credit card on a web platform. I do not know if it has the capability to receive payments from a non-web-based platform (similar to Square). The reporting has been accurate, but if you need to know sales tax and other info, a different platform may be a better option.
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Lilia Borisova profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Stripe is a very easy to integrate and use platform. We use Stripe widely across our organization. We integrated Stripe in our e-commerce platform, so Stripe is a significant part of the product/service we provide. We also use Stripe for almost all of the transaction from clients/to vendors as well as for all of our subscriptions and automated payments.
  • Stripe is very easy to integrate and use within e-commerce platforms
  • Greatly made APIs helps to create very well-functioning products
  • Very intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it a pleasure to use Stripe.
  • Stripe charges a high fee. Many small businesses that have small transactions can't use Stripe because of the fees
  • Although the email support replies pretty fast, it would be nice to have phone support as well
  • The web version is not so great compared to the mobile version, so it could use some improvement
Stripe has a very-well made APIs, so it is very well suited for companies who want to build some e-commerce, subscription-based product using Stripe APIs. Because Stripe has pretty high fees, it is not well suited for small businesses, like small coffee shops for example, that do not have a significant amount of transactions.
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John Schwartz profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Stripe to handle all of our e-commerce. We are a SaaS startup and most of our revenue is subscription based. We also use it for promos/discounts and keeping track of customers on a revenue basis. We have integrated it with a referral platform to manage commissions as well. Stripe solves our payment processing issues and can throw off some good data for making decisions.
  • Handles multiple payment types including ACH seamlessly. They also added one-time invoicing as well which has been helpful for one-off charges
  • Great API integrations with pandaDoc, FirstPromoter, Slack and other platforms
  • Multiple pricing levels and programs enable us to be flexible in what we are offering to our customers and modify based on needs of the market.
  • It's pretty code-intensive to set up. You have to be a developer to get it on your site -- I feel like it should be more turnkey.
  • Better reporting and analytics -- why should i have to subscribe to yet another sass platform like Baremetrics to get better metrics -- feel like these should be onboard at Stripe. If a competitor came along with better metrics, we would switch.
If you have a subscription/SaaS business, Stripe is great and easy to administrate for the most part. If you have a one-off transactional sales platform, Stripe is not as useful -- I would use Shopify in those cases. If you are a contractor and billing for hours that vary monthly, Stripe is not a good choice -- there are better solutions available.
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Natasia Malaihollo profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our startup company operates an online SaaS business that depends on Stripe to process our monthly subscription services payments and renewals. We integrated Stripe's API into our online web platform, where our end-users then sign-up and pay. Stripe provides the credit card payment form, processes the payments for us, direct deposits the payments into our bank account every few days, and also sends follow-ups to users that have failed payments.
  • Credit card processing interface and experience for customers
  • Processes transactions smoothly
  • Easy integration with our own tool
  • More clarification around failed payments and reasoning---also, would be nice if Stripe showed us what efforts they've taken to follow-up with our end-users regarding failed payments
  • The fee per payment processed is a little high
  • Easier navigation of customer base and more features within dashboard to see sales/revenue
Stripe is well-suited for startup companies and small businesses that want a simple and trusted solution to capture credit card information and process payments. It is very out-of-the-box. The API for Stripe can be easily integrated into any web-based application and live within an hour. It does become pricey as you generate more volume in sales.
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Steven Senft profile photo
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • We had used Stripe as the main provider of payment services for our organization.
  • It was an entry-level system with reasonable rates for a non-profit like ours.
  • It allowed us to take payments and donations online.
  • It allowed for multiple users in our organization
  • We have now switched to a different payment service provider.
  • It syncs well with Wordpress websites
  • Allows you to run any kind of payments
  • You can find donors or clients easily
  • More connectivity
  • Ability to sync directly with the website, not the backend
  • Recurring payment methods
  • Well suited: Run payments for small-mid size organizations or companies. The software will allow you to create different payments throughout your website in a very simple to implement the process.
  • Less appropriate: When you are trying to generate complicate transactions and then try to upload or sync them to a database. It is just a payment service provider.
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Jeremy Kiner profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Stripe to facilitate all of our online transactions and subscriptions. We found it to integrate nicely with our billing software.
  • Easy interface
  • Nice reporting
  • Easy process for issuing refunds
It is a perfect solution for small to medium-sized organizations.
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About Stripe

Stripe is a payment gateway software solution which supports a range of payment related needs such as subscription management and recurrent billing via Stripe Billing, integration with third party payment services via the Stripe Connect API, assistance starting an Internet business which accepts payements via Stripe Atlas, fraud prevention via Stripe Radar, and payment analytics via Stripe Sigma.

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