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What is ZoomInfo SalesOS?

ZoomInfo SalesOS provides detailed profiles for millions of business professionals and businesses.


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ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternatives Pricing

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ZoomInfo Pricing 2022

Expanding your business means expanding your client base. This can be especially slow if you’re making direct calls and emails to people you can barely research on LinkedIn or social media. Imagine if you had a tool with an already established database that you can search easily and find exact matches for your services? ZoomInfo is a marketing intelligence database that offers that perfect scenario for you and your sales teams.

What Is ZoomInfo Used For?

ZoomInfo is a database that collects B2B data about companies including mobile phones, business, and personal emails, and job titles. Sales and marketing teams will use their database to sort through potential leads and find their ideal customers.

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform like ZoomInfo can collect from users, social media, company websites, and more. They have a large database so end-users can have the most fruitful advanced search with the data. It’s also available as a Google Chrome extension for your browser.

In terms of the sales intelligence industry, ZoomInfo takes up 4.11% of the whole market. They are very popular and growing.

How Much Does ZoomInfo Cost?

ZoomInfo does not offer upfront pricing. Their customized pricing is based on your specific company which means you need to get a quote. You can submit a form here. It will ask for your contact information including name, company email address, phone number, and position.

This contact information can become part of their company profile database. At the bottom of the form, it states submitting means you accept their privacy policy and terms of service. We highly recommend you read these.

The privacy policy, states how it collects information and it includes “user contribution” which is vague enough to mean your initial contact information is collected. This is why they state by submitting the form you have agreed to their user terms.

You should also understand that if you sign up for the ZoomInfo Community Edition they will be able to collect all the contact information within your “email client” (i.e. your email app). This means everything in your Microsoft Outlook or everything in your Gmail account.

We understand it can be frustrating and that you’re less inclined to offer your information without knowing the actual cost of ZoomInfo. We may not be able to offer exact costs but we can go over some ranges found.

The ZoomInfo competitor Lead411 reported ZoomInfo’s Enterprise pricing plan at $14,995 a year. The site Cliently.com found the ZoomInfo Enterprise package to be around $199/mo which would be $2,388 annually. When it comes to finding an exact cost it won’t be easy because the pricing plans are customized.

Our ZoomInfo reviews are also a great way to gain insight into end-user satisfaction. ZoomInfo has over a thousand reviews from clients and has a trScore of 8.2/10. They are a Top Rated software and are also True certified, which means they did not cherry-pick positive reviews so you can have a holistic perspective.

For ZoomInfo, the common concerns include incorrect and outdated contact data, the user interface (UI) functionality, and a lack of cost-effectiveness for startups or small businesses. You should also know that users that gave particularly low scores did so because they were unhappy with the auto-renewal in the contract. We urge you to ask about this during consultation.

The main positives included integrations with other software applications, especially customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce. Users also appreciated the huge contact database available.

ZoomInfo Reviews

The review below talks about how they really appreciate the data quality of digital marketing databases. They also enjoyed using the automated export function to bring data into their CRM while reducing their workflows.

They recommended it for marketing and sales teams that want the intent data to find their ideal customer. The main cons they had were cost, the UI, and old ZoomInfo data. When you look through the rest of our reviews, you will notice a few ZoomInfo uses mention the UI being slow or having pop ups.


  • Company information like Annual revenue, funding, found year
  • Latest news and signals about the company
  • Company hierarchy and their contact information


  • Pricing
  • Sometimes it brings up old news and signals
  • User Interface

Likelihood to Recommend

To be specific it is best suited to the marketing and sales department for lead generation and also for market research. Export function of accounts and leads Import function is one the most useful features and also we can also import the doc into the CRM to reduce time to value and effort.

Verified User | Account Manager in Sales | Information Technology & Services Company, 1001-5000 employees

This end-user was fairly satisfied with using ZoomInfo for prospecting. They highly recommend the service for finding leads.


  • Prospecting
  • Hunting
  • Accuracy
  • Information
  • Sales


  • UI
  • Speed
  • Keeping it always updated
  • Intent Signals

Likelihood to Recommend

Scenarios where ZoomInfo is well suited are many more than you would think. It is invaluable and essential if you are in sales and prospecting.

Verified User

Employee in Sales

Financial Services Company, 201-500 employees

This review is also very encouraging but doesn’t sugarcoat either. They were able to export contacts to their CRM easily and could effectively build up the number of contacts in their lists. The main concern for them again was cost and they didn’t recommend it for small businesses because it would be less budget-friendly.


  • simplicity in finding and exporting contacts
  • integrations with our crm
  • hooking up with linkedin
  • efficiency in building lists


  • price, it is wildly expensive
  • having options with less features
  • start with your "best price" rather than offering artificial discounts

Likelihood to Recommend

Overall I really enjoyed my experience with zoom. It works well, has the features and functionalities that we needed. It would fit well if your goal is solid contacts. An example where it would not be ideal is with a really small organization where pricing is a massive concern because it is a very expensive program.

Verified User

Manager in Sales

Education Management Company, 11-50 employees

This review is much more lukewarm compared to others because they had an overall negative experience due to the auto-renewal stipulation that wasn’t mentioned in the buying process.

We again suggest asking about the auto-renewal clause if you decide the ZoomInfo platform is best for you. This user, despite their negative experience, found the service to be good for outreach and didn’t have issues while using it.


  • Our use has been limited to what I described above, so I can't speak to its other strengths.
  • Cons
  • Its accuracy is not perfect. We often see people we know who have moved to other companies or positions who are still listed at previous positions in ZoomInfo.
  • Likelihood to Recommend

It's useful for casting a wide net to collect potential client prospects. I don't have major complaints about its functionality. However, they include a sneaky auto-renewal clause in their contract, which in our experience was never mentioned in the sales process.

Elizabeth Baskin | CEO and Executive Creative Director | Tribe, Inc. (Management Consulting, 1-10 employees)

When it comes to ZoomInfo competitors there are quite a few that offer company profile data. Some of them even offer price comparisons.

What Is a ZoomInfo Alternative?

One good alternative is Lead411. They are another B2B database for marketing intelligence and lead generation. They are used for prospecting business and personal emails, phone numbers, or positions of potential customers. Lead411 also offers a detailed and comprehensive comparison between them and ZoomInfo.

Lead411 compares their price of $5000/yr for one Enterprise user to ZoomInfo’s cost of $14,995/yr for one user. We can’t confirm this pricing estimate but nor can we say its inaccurate. Lead411 also goes on to create a ZoomInfo vs table comparing them with competitors like Apollo and Uplead.

We also have a side by side comparison of ZoomInfo and Lead411 here. Lead411 isn’t True certified like ZoomInfo is but their trScore is 9.7/10. The comparison looks at prospecting, usability, performance and likelihood to renew between them.

More Resources

If you want to see other ZoomInfo alternatives we have a list of great software with honest user reviews. These include software reviews for intent data providers, and market intelligence. We also have a great article on the buyer blog that goes over the pricing of some great marketing intelligence software that you can find here.

If you’ve used any of the platforms discussed here please leave a review to help other buyers make informed decisions.