Intent DataIntent data providers collect data indicating buyer intent. By analyzing this data, intent data providers can supply high-quality leads for customers that are ready to buy. Intent data tools collect information from a wide array of second and third-party resources. This data is a valuable tool for lead generation, churn prevention, competitive intelligence and industry bookmarking. Intent data software also integrates with CRM tools, as well as marketing and sales software to provide the best possible business insights.ZoomInfo1 Priority Engine6

Intent Data Providers

Intent Data Providers Overview

What are Intent Data Providers?

Intent data providers collect data that shows buyer online behavior and intent. Using this data, intent data providers can help predict which users are interested in purchasing a product. This data can include how individuals or businesses engage with online content, whether or not they’ve downloaded a whitepaper, if they’ve opted into receiving web content, and more.

Along with traditional sales contact databases containing demographic, firmographic, and technographic information, intent data software can be a valuable asset. This is especially true for B2B businesses searching for a way to collect more high-quality leads.

Like sales intelligence software, intent data products are used to generate and prioritize leads. Intent data products set themselves apart by collecting current data dynamically from many sources. This data helps organizations generate leads from users that are ready to buy but may not have directly interacted with them.

Intent data products enable clients to focus their sales efforts on businesses that are ready to buy. Intent data can also indicate when businesses are looking at competitors’ products or services. This information can be used to prevent churn and compete for business that could have otherwise been lost.

Intent Data Collection Methods

Intent data providers collect data from:

  • Their clients’ websites

  • Large websites they have purchased data from

  • Websites and domains they own themselves

Data collected from third party websites is often used for industry benchmarking, or to collect competitive intelligence. In this way, intent data providers gain more data with every client. Data gathered across thousands of websites can provide the largest volume of data, but not every data source will be relevant to every client.

Intent data providers that supply data from their own websites are often specialized in certain industries. While these data providers cannot match the volume of data some providers can supply, they can provide a higher level of detail about each user and more targeted data.

Intent Data Provider Features and Capabilities

Intent data providers often include marketing or sales features with their intent data offerings. However, this is not universal to all products. When considering an intent data provider it is important to view the specific features of each one. The most common features offered by intent data providers include:

  • Intent collection

  • Data analysis

  • Lead prediction

  • Lead management

  • Insight on competitors

  • CRM integration

  • Website user analytics

  • Market Insights


For businesses that already have sales and marketing tools, intent data providers support a wide variety of integrations. Intent data software can easily be utilized along with all major CRM tools. Additionally, intent data products can integrate with popular account-based marketing software and sales intelligence software.

Pricing Information

Most intent data providers use a subscription pricing model, charging monthly for their services. Quotes are available on request from intent data providers. Most vendors offer free trials, either for a limited time or with limited functionality.

Intent Data Products

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ZoomInfo provides detailed profiles for millions of business professionals and businesses.


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EverString offers predictive demand generation and predictive lead scoring.

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Demandbase offers a comprehensive set of marketing solutions purpose-built for the account-based needs of B2B. The Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud includes Advertising, Marketing, Sales and Analytics solutions. According to the vendor, their solution provides B2B marketers with an unprecedented ab...

14 Ratings

6sense is a predictive intelligence solution for sales and marketing. This tool is designed to uncover prospects at every stage of the sales funnel. It also determines which current prospects are ready to buy a company’s product.

10 Ratings

Bombora provides Intent data for B2B marketers. Bombora’s data promises to align marketing and sales teams and enable them to base their actions on the knowledge of which companies are in market for products and services. Bombora’s Company Surge™ data reports on changes in consumption of specific...

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Idio from Episerver (acquired September 2019) is a B2B / ABM demand orchestration technology platform, which automates 1:1 engagement with target accounts, at scale & across all digital channels. This reduces operational costs & drives pipeline. Idio creates an interest profile for each ...

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Aberdeen offers intent data for B2B marketers. By collecting data from over one billion web interactions, Aberdeen aims to predict what brands and technologies users are seeking and which ones are ready to make a purchase. Aberdeen boasts a high accuracy in predicting buyer intent and utilizes ...