GoTo Connect meets your VOIP needs
Updated July 20, 2022

GoTo Connect meets your VOIP needs

Shanna Kostopulos | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is the phone system used by our case management department both with in house employees and at home employees. We also use it to conduct meetings and have training sessions. We have multiple lines that we assign users to based on skill, position, need etc. We also have a receptionist and customer service workers that field and reroute calls.
  • Allows multiples lines for different business functions.
  • Ability to assign users to different lines.
  • Enhanced voicemail system.
  • Being able to see users' availability.
  • Being able to see users' call logs.
  • Multi-line call forwarding.
  • After hours recording services.
  • Transcription services.
  • Very few tech issues
  • Reliable service
  • Able to maintain systems with updates
  • User friendly and easy to train staff
  • Good product for cost
The system was easy to implement and tan on our windows based platform with no issues. It was easy to integrate it with other programs like voicemail, hard wired phones and email accounts.
I heavily used the admin tools to measure a variety of statistics. With employees dedicated to specific functions and future in our office, we could easily control which employees had access to specific features required for their roles. We could track and monitor who was making/receiving calls and who was responsible for tracking and responding to emails and messages in real time.
GoTo Connect was easy for our office to implement installation and train our employees. IT was able to conduct remote set up and training for our virtual employees with ease. The process overall was fast and required minimal trouble shooting. Our employees were able to switch to this system from another with no problem.
Call are almost always incredibly clear. There is not static, humming, buzzing, etc. like I have experienced with other products. Calls complete quickly. Calls do not drop. There are not voice delays or lags in conversations. Generally very easy to hear and understand conversations and recordings. Lines connect very easily.
  • Five9
GoTo Connect was not as complicated as Five9 because you did not have to create a whole dialing system with scripts to route phone calls to the appropriate queues. Five9 also required certain key pieces of data to be able to function properly. GoTo Connect only needed the company phone numbers tied to the account.

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GoTo Connect is well suited for call center environments that offer a variety of services or products to clientele. It would also be useful for remote employees and cloud based businesses where users may not be together. [Additionally] it would be a good tool for single or multi-line small businesses.

GoTo Connect Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
User templates
Call reports
Directory of employee names
Answering rules
Call recording
Call park
Call screening
Message alerts
Video conferencing
Audio conferencing
Video screen sharing
Instant messaging
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android
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Using GoTo Connect

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Product usability was the biggest factor in the decision to use GoTo Connect. With part of our staff being remote and the other part being in office, we needed something that would be easy to implement and train on in a dual work environment. It was much easier to train our remote staff with a product that was so user friendly and wasn’t boggled down with useless or unnecessary features.
With all of the features that GoToConnect has to offer, the system is set up to learn them very quickly. To me the system looks the way you would expect a traditional desk phone to appear on a computer. You can see your screen and each menu item on the side would be line a button to access different features. Very user friendly.
  • Easy to implement and train mobile staff.
  • Real time call logs and statistics
  • An all in one phone and messaging system
  • Used it to measure KPI’s of the call center
  • Used it to gauge when staff was on phones or logged in/logged out
  • Used it as primary messaging center for company voicemails
It had made it much easier to measure and control call volume and make sure that we have always have enough staff on the phones during the peak call times of our business hours.
We haven’t found a phone system to date that offers all of the functions that GoTo Connect offers for the value of the product. It also doesn’t go over the top with excessive features that would rarely (if ever) be used and I really liked that a lot.
The chic user platform really stands out to me as compared to others. It is incredibly easy to navigate. The menus and windows in the application make it easy to find what you're looking for and makes accessing the features easy to do as well.

GoTo Connect Reliability

Our team and staff, both remote and in-office, can access the GoTo Connect program at anytime either directly through our office or through our VPN. This makes is great for flexibility especially with our remote staff.
We have rarely experienced any technical issues with GoTo Connect. Our phones virtually never go down which make us reliable to our clientele and available at all times.
There is no lag in phone calls. There is no background noise or static/fuzz. Calls are crystal clear. With other dialers and phone systems, I have experienced delays between dialogue or delays with the caller picking up the phone and then being able to hear you. We do not experience this with Go To Connect.

Upgrading GoTo Connect

Yes - Our other phone system would have issues where the whole network would go down. Sometimes it would be local and sometimes it would be on a larger scale where we would have to send employees due to outages lasting so long. Tech support was always available or helpful and/or friendly.