ShoreTel Sky VoiP review and consideration
Updated September 17, 2019

ShoreTel Sky VoiP review and consideration

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Sky: Dedicated T1's forVoIP QOS

Overall Satisfaction with MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel)

We were originally M5 users and then became ShoreTel Sky users after the acquisition. ShoreTel Sky is used as our Telco provider where we leverage VoIP with Cisco 7XXX series phones at two main locations and for remote users too. The feature set and add-ons they offer suit our company very well. Direct dial, In-use, park and transfer are only a few of the options we leverage. We also use other features to train (listen in) and manage call logs/activity for our users. With the capability of PoE we can also leverage data use from the handset too.

Aug 2019 Update: We are still leveraging our Cisco 79XX series phones and have the same great functionality with Mitel. The platform has been updated a bit but as Administrators we have the same controls we did before. We will begin to visit the new offerings that Mitel will push out but for now we remain stable. The options I mentioned above are all still in place and our Phone Assistant still remains strong. I along with a number of users have a Cisco device at home and at work. We all can log on both back and forth from the office and home with no issue.
  • Call quality is very good. Dedicated circuit for QoS is helpful. Even leveraging the Mitel Cloud service over our own ISP has been problem free. The disadvantage to that is the owned and operated router from Mitel where they control more connectivity issues and troubleshoot them as well.
  • Support is also very good. Receive US based support staff when calling in. Issues resolved quickly.
  • They are continuously growing in support and service.
  • Issue with fail over. Determination has to be made to fail-over to DR site. This could take an additional 45 mins to 1 hr. when decision is made. You can be down for some time already before they flip.
  • As of Aug 2019 we have had much less issues in connectivity and fail-over. The Mitel platform appears to be stable.
  • Looking for better choices of handsets/easier programming for off-net phones. After comparing a number of vendors we've not been able to compare the specific feature sets that Mitel provides.
  • We've definitely seen a business impact on our company in a positive manner. We've been able to provide the best possible service that suits our needs, while not being gouged by ISP's or Telco providers.
  • We can better serve our customer service reps and tech support people by managing our own system, creating our own ring groups and control use.
We've recently did a full comparison of the top 6 to 8 VoIP companies including on-site testing as well. For the cost to switch over - losing the investment we have - we feel that ShoreTel can provide us the same, if not better, benefit that the other competition can,
There are other vendors out there that are plug and play with just an Internet connection. You have to compare feature sets that you need (not so much want) especially when it comes to management of users. The ShoreTel Sky management interface has improved over the last quarter and is easier to use.

Update moving them up a notch! Service and call clarity are really good.

MiCloud Connect Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
Not Rated
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Not Rated
User templates
Not Rated
Call reports
Directory of employee names
Answering rules
Call recording
Call park
Call screening
Not Rated
Message alerts
Not Rated
Video conferencing
Not Rated
Audio conferencing
Video screen sharing
Not Rated
Instant messaging
Not Rated
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android

Using MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel)

100 - Customer Service & Support; Tech Support; Accounting; Shipping & Receiving; Materials, purchasing and Engineering.
2 - Need some advanced IT skills with exposure to telephone and data experience. Exposure to the interface and training takes some use to get accustomed to. You have to be able to relate the uses of the phone, ShoreTel Sky interface and add-on's to end users. Data experience comes in handy when setting up remote users contending with their Network setup.
  • Ability to log into your phone from anywhere
  • No PBX needed; analog eliminated
  • Delivery of PoE (Power over Ethernet) saves data drops
  • Call park and transfers
  • ShoreTel Sky Phone Assistant is powerful for us to use as we're not ready for a true Call Manager yet
  • Ability to see "in-use" on phones
  • Capability to train staff by listening in
  • Expansion into Call Manager as we grow
  • Move toward soft phones on PC instead of handheld units
We've been able to negotiate better costing structures; the cost-benefit ratio of switching is unfavorable; ShoreTel is very willing to work with us to make us satisfied and build a strong relationship. Their flexibility and dedication to "make things right" has built good trust with us and our management. They are upfront about any issues.

MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel) Implementation

Each of our locations has a dedicated ShoreTel router and managed QoS. With full management, it provides us a breath of space and bandwidth to use our resources in other means. Strongly consider the managed solution as you have to maintain more technical issues when hosting with your ISP. You have to make sure your ISP can provide you the best service for voice and data. Plug and 'hope' doesn't work with just routing your phones over any Internet connection....especially when your handsets run int he 100's.
Change management was minimal - Being a small, growing company, we had everyone on-board with the switch to ShoreTel. The features that we were gaining and dependability made it worth the move.
  • Technical: making sure that out TFTP server setting were properly configured in the phones.
  • Data and PC connectivity: The decision to make separate Ethernet runs for Voice to each station or pump both Voice and Data over the same line and use the 10/100 jack off the back of the phone.
  • Phone compatibility: Since we own our phones, our upgrade options are limited. Be careful when making the decision of buying vs. leasing your handsets. You never know what the future holds in technical advances or in another provider/service.

MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel) Support

They are easy to reach, have several ways to create tickets and are very supportive. Usually you are assigned a specific technician and can follow up with that individual. Response times are good.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I actually received great care and support when I needed to open a port on our PoE (Power over Ethernet) Switch to accommodate an analog line. The line was needed to support an analog phone line fax machine and for an emergency elevator phone. The technician that was assigned to my ticket worked with me on getting the analog line established and programming the device I needed to convert the signal. He was able to comb over every detail with me to get this up and running.

Using MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel)

Very usable due to its features and support. I can easily manage the VoIP network from one location - interfaces have improved. Good value for the price.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Changing user credentials and phone settings/features
  • Setting up new users from scratch
  • Logon/logoff at any location
  • The merge between the M5 system and ShoreTel Sky is complex
  • Setting up Ring Groups properly
  • Programming E911 locations are a challenge

MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel) Reliability