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vinoth kumar
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TitleSr system administrator
Job TypeAdministrator
DepartmentInformation Technology
CompanyInoryasoft Pvt ltd
IndustryComputer Software
Size51-200 employees


ProductExperienceLevel of Expertise
2 years
Trellix Intelligent Sandbox
2 years
Kaspersky Endpoint Security
3 years
Avast Small Business Solutions
3 years
GoTo Meeting
3 years
Fortinet FortiGate
3 years
Skype for Business, now part of Microsoft Teams
3 years
Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway
3 years
Microsoft Teams
3 years
Akamai Identity Cloud
1 year
1 year
1 year
KACE Asset Management Appliance
1 year
Autodesk Maya
1 year
2 years
Mimecast Threat Intelligence
2 years
Kaspersky Private Security Network
1 year
Trellix Threat Intelligence Exchange
1 year
2 years
Google Cloud DNS
2 years
IBM X-Force Exchange
1 year
Symantec DeepSight
2 years
1 year


Pundit- Antivirus
Pundit- Security Analytics
Pundit- Endpoint Security
Trailblazer- Akamai Identity Cloud (formerly Janrain)
Pundit- Identity Management
Pundit- Single Sign-On
Pundit- Social Login
Trailblazer- AddShoppers Social Login
Pundit- URL Shorteners
Pundit- Social Media Analytics
Pundit- Social Media Marketing
Pundit- Threat Intelligence
Pundit- Agile Development
Pundit- Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
Pundit- Application Performance Management (APM)
Pundit- Application Security
Pundit- Bug Tracking
Pundit- Build Automation
Pundit- Container Management
Pundit- Continuous Delivery
Pundit- DevOps
Pundit- Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
Pundit- Feature Management
Pundit- Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Pundit- Observability
Pundit- Peer Code Review
Pundit- Performance Testing
Pundit- Release Management
Pundit- Software Distribution
Pundit- Software Repositories
Pundit- Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
Pundit- Version Control
Pundit- Managed DNS
Pundit- Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)
Pundit- Bot Mitigation
Pundit- Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
Pundit- Web Application Firewalls
Pundit- Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
Trailblazer- GetSocial