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What is Attendify?

Attendify is an event management software system offered by Attendify.

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Attendify has revolutionized the way conferences and events are managed. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, this …
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What is Attendify?

Attendify is an event management software system offered by Attendify.

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What is Attendify?

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Attendify has revolutionized the way conferences and events are managed. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, this meeting app has become a crucial tool for attendees and organizers alike. By eliminating the need for printing paper programs, Attendify has not only reduced costs but also provided a sustainable solution for event management.

One of the key use cases of Attendify is its ability to foster networking and connections among attendees. Users of all age groups have found the app easy to navigate, making it effortless for them to connect with others during meetings. Additionally, Attendify's reporting functionality enables administrators to analyze the impact and reach of posts, adding an element of gamification to events.

Another important use case of Attendify is its effectiveness in keeping attendees informed and updated in fluid situations where event schedules need to be adjusted. The app has successfully replaced the need for printed materials by providing up-to-date event details directly on users' devices. This feature has been particularly valuable in national-level conferences, where last-minute changes can often occur.

Furthermore, Attendify has created a sense of community and engagement among conference participants. By acting as a social platform, it facilitates interactions between attendees, sponsors, and vendors, resulting in increased attendee engagement with event programs. The ability to send push notifications has been widely utilized, allowing organizers to communicate important updates and changes seamlessly.

In addition to these core use cases, Attendify has demonstrated its versatility across various types of events and organizations. It has been used successfully in virtual events, replacing traditional agendas and email communication with a centralized platform that enhances the overall guest experience. Moreover, Attendify's cost-effectiveness makes it an ideal solution for both small-scale meetings and large-scale conferences.

Overall, Attendify has proven to be an invaluable tool in event management. Its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, networking capabilities, and real-time updates have significantly improved the conference experience for attendees while providing organizers with a streamlined solution that saves time, money, and resources.

Great Functionality and Customizability: Many users have found Attendify to be incredibly functional and customizable, making it a great choice for their annual conferences. They praised the easy-to-use customization options and mentioned that it was great and easy to configure the app as they wanted. Some users felt that Attendify offered many features they had in previous apps but at a fraction of the cost.

User-friendly Interface: The user interface of Attendify was highly praised for being very easy to navigate, allowing users to upload content to the app intuitively. Users appreciated the ease of use, data entry, and accessibility of Attendify. Some reviewers described Attendify's interface as straightforward, intuitive, and easily understood.

Helpful Support Team: Users highlighted the helpfulness of Attendify's support team as a positive aspect. They appreciated the guidance and support provided by Attendify's staff, making their experience as app creators efficient. The sales division was also praised for going all out to accommodate users' questions.

Difficult layout changes: Some users have found specific layout changes in the app to be difficult to make, leading to frustration and a less user-friendly experience.

Limited access for Surface devices: Several users with Surface devices have reported that they were not able to access the app and had to use the web version instead. This limitation hinders their ability to fully utilize the features of Attendify on their preferred device.

Lack of copy-paste feature for building schedule: Users have expressed a desire for a copy-paste feature when building schedules, as it would greatly simplify the process and save time. The absence of this functionality makes it more challenging to create schedules efficiently.

Users commonly recommend Attendify for big scale events with over 100 people, finding it to be effective in managing such events and meeting the majority of their needs. They suggest utilizing the free features of Attendify, particularly the interactive maps, as they find them to be beneficial. Users also appreciate that Attendify is user-friendly and affordable, making it a great value for any event. Another common recommendation is to take advantage of Attendify's outstanding support and customer service, which users find to be exceptional. Overall, users highly recommend Attendify as a partner for event app production and suggest trying it before exploring other software options.


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Taylor S. Shelberg, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Attendify started out being used by just my department, Enrollment Services, back in Fall 2020. Like many organizations, it came onto our radar when we were in the midst of pivoting all of our on-campus events to virtual experiences. This April, I will have used it for three (3) different events on six (6) separate occasions. I use it to deliver engaging content and provide an interactive experience for high school students and others considering a transfer to our institution. The Alumni and Parent Relations office at the university also decided to use it for their own virtual event when they had heard how successful it was for me. It helps us still reach prospective students (maybe even more now then before) to try to showcase the university from the comfort of their own home.
  • The Attendify platform provides a seamless user experience by utilizing a web-based and mobile app platform simultaneously. This creates a dual-screen experience, which is helpful since we already know people are on their smartphones anyways.
  • The ability to embed Zoom, YouTube or Vimeo videos is a huge win! It's clean and admin friendly.
  • The scheduled push notifications are very helpful to notify attendees on both mobile and the web-based portal of important info at strategic times.
  • It would be helpful for Attendify to provide more filter options in the attendees view of the admin portal. This would allow ease of filtering the various columns and also being able to export the list into a .xls or .csv would be great.
  • It would be neat if Attendify could create a feature for attendees that allowed them to be automatically redirected to the next scheduled session on the Event Schedule. This would be an opt in/out feature, but the benefits would be attendees feeling like it's more of a Netflix watch party.
  • I'd like to see the Push Notifications feature expanded to allow hyperlinks to either internal or external web pages.
I already recommended Attendify to a colleague in another department and he ended up using it! I give a rating of a 9 because it's a stellar product, especially for the price. It's great that you can even start building your virtual experience before you even purchase it. This helps visual learners like myself to see what it could potentially be like, work out for the desired use, etc. Overall, the platform is great for combining pre-recorded videos with live sessions. It helps provide a robust experience for attendees.
  • If we didn't use Attendify, we'd have lame events only utilizing Zoom or Webex. Instead, we've been able to engage with thousands of prospective students and their families in less than six (6) months!
  • It's allowed us to continue to portray our brand as strong, industrious and professional.
Hopin's main benefit was a "keynote/livestream stage" that had a great feel, but the product was incredibly expensive. I also didn't like how they performed their product demos.

I used Guidebook for years. They're great! But their software is not as engaging and unless it's changed due to COVID-19, they used to not be able to feature live sessions. It was more of a platform to utilize while you were at the live conference/event. It's my understanding that this was also how Attendify used to look, but it seems that they reimagined their product and invested resources to make it into what it is today.
Shawn C. Petty | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Attendify with the various clients that we serve in the education field. We used Attendify as a conference app for many years but just started using it for virtual events. Attendify solved so much for us in regards to a cost affordable way to run virtual events. Our next evolution of use will be to use the registration options.
  • Attendify's best quality is the ease of use. It sets up very quickly and with little knowledge of coding. You can be up and running for your event in half an hour.
  • Attendify has the best app for the best price. The app is designed to allow for ease of use with great social media applications. You can broadcast messages and even assign points for usage.
  • Attendify did an amazing job with developing a virtual event platform. You can use Attendify for everything or blend Zoom and other platforms in with Attendify. The end users just goes to the Attendify website or app and everything else is embedded in the platform. We have used it for multiple events and it has performed amazingly.
  • Attendify has just one con that I can share and that is gamification. While the platform assigns points for usage, it lacks a formal gamification feature. This is something I think Attendify is aware of and may be working on.
There are better platforms than Attendify but they come at an outrageous price tag. Attendify has just the right amount of tools and more for the right price. It is excellent for virtual events and for use as a conference app.
  • Attendify has kept me in budget. As I have worked on multiple virtual events and with multiple apps, I find that much of my discretionary budget can be spent on apps or websites but Attendify has allowed me to save much of that budget and use it to enhance my offerings to my clients.
ON24 and Cvent are some of the best products when stacked against Attendify, the main difference is cost. Attendify keeps your costs down while ON24 and Cvent charge you cadillac pricing. I also have found ON24 and Cvent to have a learning curve to use. Zoom is an amazing platform but lacks the same platform and event feel that Attendify has. We actually use Zoom with Attendify.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Attendify is used by the Event Technology department for client and internal meetings. Instead of having to hand out paper agendas and send lots of email with meeting information basic and personalized for attendees and staff at the meeting we load this information into the app and notify attendees of the app approximately a few days to a week before the meeting so they can access content and receive notifications all in one place.
  • Personalized schedules - I absolutely love the excel grid that attendify uses to personalize schedules, makes it much easier when you can see names and emails vs trying to use some ID code.
  • Private Distribution - Allowing clients to have apps with personalized icons and names instead of having to use a hub app is perfect for many larger clients with strict branding policies.
  • Layout of the app - The overall layout of the app is much more appealing and smoother. You only see sections that we use and want, in other apps there are sections that we may not use that we cannot hide because they are hard coded into the layout.
  • Social Content - Exporting all content from the app is very smooth and easy, allowing clients to receive a file of all information rather than having to go in and download it themselves and try to share with others. Also managing/editing/hiding content that is posted by attendees is able to be done and easy to do, other apps I have had to get support on the phone and have a developer hide a posting that had improper spelling.
  • Attendee Import - The amount of data that Attendify allows you to import is great including profile photos which most other apps don't allow.
  • Personalized Agendas - I do wish that when exporting a personalized agenda document that it would also include the group.
  • Social Wall - I would like if the social wall could include external social media inputs using a specific hashtag.
  • Attendees Groupings - It would be nice if attendee groupings could be updated through document import even after an attendee has logged into their profile.
For private distribution and specific branding/naming of an app, Attendify is the best option. If you are having to personalize agendas or having different agendas for different groups, Attendify makes the solution easy to build and manage.

If you use Cvent and have sessions built in there already and the client is happy to buy and build their own container app and distribute all apps through it, then you should look at other options.
  • Cost of a single app is reasonable which is has attracted clients to use it more often, increasing services we can bill for.
Attendify is my absolute favorite meeting app to work with. It is easy to manage, modify as needed, show attendees how to use and be interactive in and cost effective. There are very few times that I would suggest a different platform because of how versatile the app really is and how great the support team is.
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