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Gaurav Suri | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 05, 2020


Score 7 out of 10
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BOARD as the name suggests is a blank canvas. One can use it for traditional BI/MI reporting or to implement workflow driven corporate performance management. Here at L&Q we have been using it for a number of years primarily for our BI needs. However, recently we have started realizing its true potential with its CPM capabilities.
  • Easy to use procedures for workflow implementation.
  • Quick rollout time.
  • Attractive looking dashboards.
  • Smaller community compared to competition.
  • ETL function is not as strong as compared to other tools.
  1. BOARD is amazing for Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting.
  2. Implementing and managing scenario based calculations.
  3. Quick and easy to manage dashboards.
  4. Web and mobile capabilities.
We mainly use SQL Server for our fetch with occasional use of excel and it works like a charm.
  • Users need not to learn multiple platform to use system effectively.
  • Centralised data centre.
  • Management - Its much more easier to manage one system the two different systems.
  • Cost effective.
  • in-person training
  • no training
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Emiliano Monterubbianesi | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 12, 2020

Board Review

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Currently, Board is used to propose navigable standard dashboards to the company management. By company management, I mean the Board of Directors, the district managers (in reference to the distribution of our branches in the area), and the division managers (in reference to the specialization sectors of our operators). The information that is proposed concerns sales, customer orders, supplier orders, purchases, the warehouse, holidays for employees, and credit control.
  • The first strong point is in the management of the dates, intended as comparisons between dates of different years.
  • The second strong point is data navigability (Drill).
  • The third strong point is the possibility of having users customize those reports and charts which they must access more frequently.
  • The definition of the time frame present in the different databases can be improved. It is not possible to move the initial year once entered, except through the intervention of a technician.
  • The display performance of the reports can be improved; in databases that have a lot of data and many dimensions of analysis (i.e. entities defined in cubes), there are significant performance decays.
  • The other parts that can be improved concern the implementation part of the cubes and entities present in the databases: they do not follow the rules of relational databases and do not have precise logic.
  • The creation of dashboards/graphics is not as immediate as some competitors (see Qlik, Infragistic Reveal, Analisys Services) in the sense that, without a course, one cannot achieve it independently.
Board is a good BI tool on the user side. I currently use version 10.1.2 and we have version 10.6 in the test environment (similar to 11.2 according to the technician) and in the latter there are significant improvements in terms of product performance and flexibility (having switched to HTML5 it is now compatible with all platforms). A decidedly negative point is the fact of having to rewrite practically what has already been developed to move on to the next versions in order to take advantage of the performance of the new database. I wonder: since they were the source and destination engines, why didn't they produce a conversion tool?
There was the same problem from version 6 to version 7, while from 7 to 8 and from 8 to 10 we had to review all the capsules: is it possible to have to reinvest each time to review the same things in the same way?
Our data sources are IBM i DB2, SQL Server, and Excel documents. The connection is via ODBC and everything works correctly without any particular problems. Board takes advantage of the definition of the connections present on Windows Server and does it correctly. By taking advantage of these connections, the data acquisition environment is stable and not subject to particular problems.
Up to now, we have only used Board for BI since we don't need to use it for CPM. In the company, the data is all managed on the IBM i main server without the need to use other databases. The other databases used contain extracted data to feed the other BI tools available: Microsoft Analysis Services, Infragistic Reveal, Qlik, and, indeed, Board.
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Joseph Camp | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 03, 2020

A Versatile & Very Capable BI System

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Initially, Board was introduced to replace an antiquated annual budgeting process involving many Excel templates, however, this has since expanded to the point where Board is the primary financial reporting tool & also hosts some non-financial KPI reporting. At present, Board is being used across the entire organization. Board has solved many issues that come with traditional Excel-based reporting like the lack of version control, difficulty in distribution, time-consuming consolidation/roll-up of figures, and lack of security.
  • Visually appealing and intuitive user interface.
  • Ease of report creation, enabling users with minimal technical knowledge to create reports.
  • Drill-down functionality allows users to view granular data if desired while allowing initial reports to remain simple as opposed to overwhelming.
  • Not as capable in some instances as SQL for more complex reporting.
  • Lack of API limits integration with other business systems.
Board seems particularly well suited to environments where it is not only required to report upon data but also accept user input data such as budgeting or forecasting applications. The ability to apply granular security on a per-user basis is also invaluable in such situations where each user may, for example, only be responsible for the budget of a certain area of the business. Reporting with granular data sets is also well supported with drill-downs allowing more granular data than is visible in the initial report to be accessed with ease.
A wide range of data sources is supported. Data can be loaded from any SQL based system, flat files, OData, REST, and other sources. For consolidation and merging of data from various sources, data can simply be loaded into temporary cubes then can be combined post-load through procedures. SQL queries, however, cannot accept parameters whose values are determined by data already held within the Board database. In addition, ETL functionality is available but somewhat limited. Once again being unable to use data already held within Board within validation rules.
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Jeff Lynn | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 06, 2020

Board: Flexible and Powerful

Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
BOARD is used primarily as a tool for P&L reporting and maintaining budget and forecast data. We also use it for some operational reporting and business planning (demand planning, census, etc).
  • BOARD is extremely flexible, you can structure your data and hierarchies however you like.
  • User-friendly: It's easy to bring new users up to speed quickly on their desktop and web client.
  • Hierarchy management. While hierarchies are extremely flexible, the tools to manage them are occasionally frustrating, you can't always sort by all headings.
  • Exporting and printing layouts and reports can be frustrating. In most cases, it's easier to export to Excel and then format in Excel vs. trying to print directly from BOARD.
BOARD is well suited when you want a solution that can work across a variety of use cases. It can be used for financial reports, planning, project tracking, and as a BI tool. It's a user-friendly solution that both beginners and power users can work with. Because of its flexibility, it's not well suited as an "off the shelf" solution. You will need to build frameworks for the solutions you require.
Overall data source connectivity has been very robust in BOARD. It handles CSV files with ease and can connect via SQL to a wide range of sources. We've also used the SAP connector tool to bring data into BOARD. However, we've had mixed results with some of the SAP connections when we tried to have a live connection (vs. a data pull).
We largely use a legacy enterprise vendor for BI. The little we have done with Board as a BI tool is encouraging.
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Franco Rizzo | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 04, 2020

Board the BOARD

Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
BOARD is used across the whole organization to analyze production and commercial and financial data. In production, for example, it is possible to have information collected from heterogeneous systems and every day the department manager can take a deep look inside the data, with many aggregation levels. Also it's possible to establish production goals and check the results.
  • Deep data analysis
  • Heterogeneous data sources
  • Easy to use
  • Data transfers to Excel
  • Print
  • More control in data reading
  • Performance in some big cubes
BOARD is a very useful tool in the development of the bugdet. It allows you to plan the activity among the various company functions; also excellent for generating reports using data from heterogeneous sources. With the latest version, the support for viewing on tablets has definitely improved, thus allowing you to better use the tool on the move.
The possibility of using heterogeneous data sources, both using ODBC and other methods, allows information from both ERP and field systems or other sources to be extracted in the various reports. There is still the possibility of using text files as a database but honestly, it is not a widely-used function since it can go directly to the data source.
With BOARD, it is not necessary to use two or more tools to be able to analyze the data and then start from there to plan future activities. Since everything is integrated also on the user side, the learning curve is faster and there are fewer points of attention caused by data passing/rewriting them, etc.
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Pietro Di Cino | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 03, 2020

BOARD - CPM&BI in a unique customizable platform

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BOARD is the unique platform for sales, cost and investment monitoring and planning. It solve the problem to unify various platform and to centralize the data management into controlling department. It is used as CPM and BI, in terms of CPM we speed up the processes of budget, forecast and 3-years plan in the 3 dimensions (economic-patrimonial-financial). The best enforcement is made by the split & splat logic and by the possibility to plan by scenarios.
  • Data visualization and data entry one single screen.
  • Split & splat data entry with hierarchical logic.
  • Lots of data retrieved from different sources in little time.
  • Workflow easy and robust in terms of confirmation and monitoring.
  • Data security - i.e. As of today is not possible to define "only read" a portion of a cube.
  • Definition of password by the end-user for restricted access to some screen or execute some procedures.
  • Self-retrieval of data from different database (as of now it is mandatory to extract cube from database 1 and re-load to database 2).
WELL SUITED: Complex planning with multiple users, data retrieved in short time, modelization with multiple scenarios. Dashboard and data presentation in a fast and really really "fashionable" way!
LESS APPROPRIATE: Board is a CPM-BI platform, not an ERP or a file-repository. When BOARD has been implemented, a common error is that we want to do all company activities into BOARD. This is a wrong choice!
The force of BOARD is the extremely easy way to retrieve data from multiple datasets without IT knowledge of a power user. It is possible to read from .csv file, sql table, SAP table, or big data model only with an ODBC Connection or a connector. I always use multiple data sources into a BOARD cube and I have no IT Knowledge but with only a few days spent with BOARD consultant I was able to read data from various platforms.
First af all, is possible to see actual and historical data into the same screen where the end user makes the data entry of the planning data. The second point is that is possible to make a comparison analysis in real time without back and forward with another software. At the end, when the logic and the report are the same in planning and data analysis, people are more happy to collaborate in respect to separate environments.
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Phil Arrowsmith | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 03, 2020

Solid reporting, forecasting and consolidation tool

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Board is used as a consolidation reporting tool and forecasting model. It is primarily operated by Finance, but also by the wider business. It allows for easy consolidation of big data sets.
  • Consolidates large data sets with ease.
  • Graphically transforms data.
  • Slices and dices with ease and drills to the lowest level.
  • Ease of database procedures.
  • Increase graphical options.
  • Improve training materials
Very flexible so suitable for most scenarios.
Flexible connections and the ability to import flat files if all else fails.
Works smoothly without the need for integrations reducing the margin for errors.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 06, 2020

Board - simplifying FP&A

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Board has taken us away from a very manual, Excel-based budget process, leading to less human error and a faster cycle. We extended the use of Board into Financial Reporting and are increasingly using it for non-financial reporting. Data is more readily accessible and far easier to pull together for ad-hoc queries. All managers in the business use Board, accessing it at least monthly but more usually, weekly.
  • Drill down, data interrogation.
  • Budgeting and write back.
  • Data consolidation.
  • Ease of use.
  • Financial Consolidation - although the product has evolved since we tried to implement and we also hadn't defined our project well.
  • Not a con as such - took awhile for users to get their head round the fact it's not Excel!
Board is well suited for collating and extracting data, enabling more users to self-serve. Great for budgeting, we budget by cost centre and this was causing headaches when looking for a group view. Fantastic as a move away from spreadsheets, giving users ways to cut the data and visualise their figures whilst being applicable for the whole group.
We have linked Board to our financial software, our data warehouse for non-financial KPIs and flat files. We have had no major difficulties in doing so.
We have barely scratched the surface of Board's capabilities - as it is a tool kit, if you can imagine it, there's a good chance you can achieve it.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 04, 2020

BOARD review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it across departments and locations. We utilize BOARD to gather similar info from different systems so we can read and analyze the data. We are an international company, so you can imagine all of the data systems we utilize. Utilizing BOARD has been a time saver!! We do not have to manually upload information anymore, but can rely on BOARD to do all of that! It's great to see your data displayed all in one location. The front end users love it too, as they do not have to change their data platforms. Win-win!
  • Pulling info from different data systems
  • Easy to read
  • Friendly customer service
  • End-user displays in which you do not have to buy a license for them to see the data being analyzed.
  • So far we have been really pleased.
BOARD is well suited when looking/analyzing data from financials specific data points, etc. It's also great with calculating relationships between different organized data (i.e. cost per x). I encourage you to have an idea of what you are looking to gain before you start talking with your BOARD support team. They are well equipped to design something you'll not only find great use for, but also enjoy using!
BOARD works well. having data in real-time really helps the analytics. Our company can now be proactive instead of reactive to possible/anticipated outputs and outcomes. We can spend more time brainstorming great opportunities instead of working to solve challenges we were unaware of. Total game-changer. Not to mention the capabilities of merging different system platforms to analyze information in great dimensions!
Better analyzations and decision making! You no longer have to spend time making manual calculations or adjustments. So goodbye to the never-ending Excel data sheets. You can now get your information in graphs, charts, etc. You can slice and dice. You can really drill down to the source of a problem and actively understand the driving sources.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 02, 2020

Board Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Board throughout the company. We use the windows client, board in the browser and the mobile version, and it works well. A lot of our data is stored in the Board-database and the reports are well received by the departments and used regularly. We build extensive reports with Board, and our users can quickly access the data they need on a daily basis.
  • The users build their reports themselves.
  • Board's interface is intuitive.
  • Building new entities and cubes is very easy.
  • Our users like to work with Board.
  • We urgently need the display of flat lists. The multidimensional approach is often, but not always required. There is always a requirement to display normal lists without any compression on Board.
Board is brilliant for all evaluations that require different dimensions. It is a huge advantage for the whole company that the users can create all of their reports themselves. Unfortunately, Board is not well suited for flat lists. The planning seems a bit cumbersome to me, but it works. A big problem with Board is that the lists cannot always be displayed completely if the entities customer, material and time are combined. In this case, Board calculates too many possible lines, although there really aren't that many lines.
The connection to the MS SQL database works very well. The ODBC connection also works, but sometimes crashes. Unfortunately, this is quite uncomfortable. MS Visual Studio is a disaster for software developers! I have completely replaced it with Java. I also replaced the SAP connector with Java. ODBC is not suitable for large amounts of data.
We do not use Corporate Performance Management.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 01, 2020

Board Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Board is being used in across the whole organization. We use it not only for analysis but also for planning.
  • You can write things back to the database.
  • You can maintain it in your own company.
  • New updates bring useful features.
  • Licenses
  • Visual display options
Board is not useful for a company that just wants to analyze.
There are many BI tools on the market. However, there aren't that many good CPM tools out there. So, it's the easiest way to combine it in one software.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 04, 2020

Board goes further

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BOARD is used by management, administrative office and sales forces. Through the BOARD, you have access to all historical sales data and to all historical statistics. It is used in the analysis and budget insertion phase as well as in the analysis of purchases. another important area of use is market analysis and management control.
  • Simplicity of use
  • Execution speed
  • Scalability on the query function
  • Web interface
  • Client interface
  • Improve graphic creation
In my opinion there are no limitations on usage scenarios. I find it very elastic both in the reporting phase and in the data entry and analysis phase.
On BOARD we integrate several data sources daily: DataWarehouse, ERP, CRM without any problem using solutions like Talend
Easy integration and management of information. resource savings in process management
  • in-person training
Yes - NEno problem in upgrading. implementation was quick and easy. there have been several improvements especially in the web interface
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 14, 2020

Board is magic

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Board to analyze the sales, purchase and production statistics and for the budget process of the entire Company. Board is used by all the companies of the group (six companies). The number of Board users across our companies is more than 150 and covers all the areas. It is used by the CEO, CFO, Controller, Business Unit Manager, Department Manager, Sales Manager, Agents etc.
  • Flexibility
  • Power of calculation
  • Licensing Management
  • Master Data Management
Board is very useful for data discovery, planning, forecasting, and advanced analytics.
Board is able to retrieve data from many kinds of data source platforms. We connect Board with Microsoft platforms through OBDC protocols.
  • Shared global vision of the organization
  • Connection between the company levels
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Users autonomy
  • Costs reduction
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William Riggs | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 16, 2019

An Affordable solutions with many possibilities

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We brought this into the utility department to help managers and the director in making management decisions. We have provided instant access to reports and data that they need to manage their job and staff. We have expanded the software to use for budgeting and forecasting and have plans to expand to other uses and areas in the department.

The city has just purchased BOARD to start using in the budgeting process for the city. They also have plans to expand to help provide reports to other departments and City Council.
  • Financial Reports: In the past it would take us about 1 1/2 days to prepare manager financial reports and then several hours to provide the detail as needed. These reports were only issued monthly. Currently staff have the ability to run financials any time they need them and then drill down to see the detail of the expenses. This has freed up around two days of work for financial staff.
  • Budget forecasts and projections. We have the ability to pull financial reports for several years to review the expenditures and revenues. This has aided in better projections and forecasts and we can then monitor budget to actual during the year. In the past this was done by downloading data by year to excel spreadsheets.
  • We have limited staff and training has been very limited. During the time of installation the City was going through financial troubles and many of the training times were cancelled due to mandated meetings and training. Better user manuals would be helpful
Budgeting, financial reporting, forecasts and KPI.
We have been able to link in a multitude of data and bring into one source.
Having a single place to collect all data and then to pull reports is very beneficial for the City. And the ability to apply the same process to building the reports helps to avoid human errors. Getting away from large excel spreadsheets help maintain the data accuracy
Read William Riggs's full review
Carlos Artieda, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 12, 2018

Board is a robust CPM & BI tool...Tech Savvy Required.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Board is currently being used to deploy a suite of dashboards that analyze and dissect manufacturing, sales and other operational data. In addition to that, we are also working on implementing all of our financials P&L, BS within a new board capsule/dashboard. We are automating this process to allow for less manual intervention and have ongoing financials and avoiding using spreadsheets.
  • Board has some nice visuals and has an interesting way of working with its data model
  • The CPM portion where Board allows you to enter data and store it is particularly useful
  • Board also has a nice online web based user interface
  • Board's data readers and data model are somewhat more complex than advertised as "out of the box" to implement. You need more training than other tools such as PowerBI and Tableau
  • Board's training materials (on demand video) are well put together but costly and don't address all the details you'd like them to. The social blogs also address some topics but don't cover materials particularly well.
  • The look and current feel for Board on the desktop version looks a bit outdated (Office 2007 themed). I'm aware this will change in the coming months.
Board is well suited for the build of a sales analysis dashboard where data feeds occur daily and slicing and dicing is required. Other functionality or use of the tool is to build a robust set of financials and or other operational reports that are needed. Standardized reports can be put together here.
Range of data sources is quite robust, requires significant configuration for a data reader to function properly. Merging data from disparate sources requires an individual to very carefully architect the relationships (links) between fields, not as easy as PowerBI's loading model. Real time updates require procedures, speed of data loads should be better (PowerBI is faster at this time).
Using a single integrated platform is ultimately what led us to choose to use Board. Having the ability to analyze data and also create new data entry points from a CPM standpoint was the biggest and most compelling reason to choose this system. Using the two features, allows for greater operational efficiency.
Read Carlos Artieda, MBA's full review
davide bruzzone | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 26, 2018

Today the use of BOARD is so extensive and pervasive, that the only limit is imagination

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
In the company we use BOARD to analyze multiple aspects of the business. In particular I'd highlight how we use it to control sales and margins. We're able to perform this analysis using things stats from each day, such as point of sale, article, card, promotion and historical product return of the article; or the control of all the KPI of the logistics department (warehouse entries, preparation of exits, transportation, service level, personnel costs, saturation of vehicles and warehouses, KM carried out, costs per KM, points of sale served, etc.); or the control and management of store inventories.

With the new version of BOARD we will build an analysis of a single receipt as far back as 3 years, which means several million records.
  • Purchasing analysis (supplier performance analysis and buyer by area, department, product, merchandise). In this way, we have the corrective measures necessary to improve and speed up our results.
  • Management of variances analysis on the cash & carry budget
  • Marketing analysis (incidence of sales promotions and margins)
  • Implementation speed of analysis.
  • Flexibility and speed of analysis
  • Possibility to read more data sources and combine them
  • Easy to use. In order to be able to manage and develop new applications, you don't need to have too much skill
  • Charts. Obviously waiting to be able to use the new version of BOARD (11)
  • In some cases I need some help creating a data reader
  • Exports to Excel as charts, and not as reports
  • Databases do not communicate with each other
  • You need to have very powerful servers
BOARD is a program that I think is particularly suitable for analyzing any aggregation of data, or to plan a precise and detailed budget; the ability to do this is thanks to the fact that you can use real starting data and be able to manipulate them according to the vision you have for your business.

I can give a positive opinion, but am waiting to try
with version 11, because it has the possibility to load data in parallel.

The ability to quickly read any data source is a
major advantage. In a particular application, for example, I used BOARD to
monitor the saturation percentage of our management system in a precise way.
The benefits can be many; in the first place the possibility of mixing data and numbers coming from the two parts. The key to success is to understand how effective your business processes are. This helps keep every goal on track, meaning everything from project management to distribution and sales can reach their peak efficiency. And all of this with completely reduced lead time.
Read davide bruzzone's full review
Brian Zolkos | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 12, 2018

BOARD... a critical tool for our biz.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is being used as the front end to our ERP system. It is primarily being used by Finance, Sales and Logistics, but we are constantly finding new applications for it as it allows for quick reporting and analysis on various data sets.
  • Ease of use- Can very easily set up a new data set and "slice and dice" it with visuals, KPIs, and dashboards.
  • Ease of implementation- we were set up in 2 weeks for all of our financial data.
  • Great support- Board provides quick turns on requests and listens to feedback for future releases.
  • Nothing of note... occasionally have some questions for when we utilize BOARD in Excel.
Well suited for any data set that you want to continually monitor, analyze and predict. In addition, if you want to "broadcast" reports, there are a lot of efficiencies to be gained.
Our IT group is a big proponent of BOARD... translates that it's easy to set up and maintain.
BOARD has been institutionalized in our company as a result of the value add that has been provided through analytics, dashboards, and reports. This allows for consistency and buy-in from various stakeholders on the KPIs and metrics that are monitored to help manage our business.
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Philippe NOMEZINE | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 25, 2018

Good product, for a large range of usages and users.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BOARD is used in several countries.

In France, BOARD is mainly used by the most important BU.
Its main uses are:
- track sales
- budgeting
  • Good look and feel.
  • Capability to broadcast reports using paramaters set IDs.
  • Mix data coming from several technical sources.
  • Entering data (simulation).
  • Difficult to find high level third parties.
+ = Reports / broadcasting / budgetisation
- = ?
Large range of data sources, able to merge structured data (SAP, ...) and low level data (Excel files, text files, ...)
Read Philippe NOMEZINE's full review
pietro addamiano | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 25, 2018

Board BI

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BOARD is used across the whole organization, Sales, Finance and C/S.
  • Great tool for creating sales reports and dashboards. Customer support is very proactive.
  • BOARD is easy to setup and configure and not require lengthy project implementation timelines.
  • BOARD is able to empower the end users to create dynamic visualizations to support the needs of their business.
  • I have no dislikes of the product and am impressed by the improvements made to BOARD over the past years, as it shows they are future thinking in understanding what Businesses are after.
BOARD is the only software platform that seamlessly unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Analytics and Data Discovery in a single product.
BOARD can access all data through the standard data reader that will be configured to connect with a standard ODBC Connection.
One of most important strength of BOARD is the unified platform because offers all the functionalities needed to build any Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management application solution without the use of any programming.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 26, 2018

A flexible tool with capabilities beyond your scope

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently, we use BOARD as our reporting tool for financial statements and KPIs. Shortly, we hope to use it for our planning platform as well.
  • Board is a very flexible tool
  • It allows multiple users to access information in real time
  • The Excel add-in is very helpful
  • Not enough training/certifications
  • Not as intuitive as one would hope. Really helps to be a software/IT person to fully understand BOARD's capabilities
Works well if you are putting it to use to report off one system. However, if your information is gleamed from multiple sources, its capability is lacking.
Works well with some of our systems, but there are two specifically that do not communicate with BOARD, and require us to pull information down and upload a flat file.
Having all your information in one place is very helpful and allows for a singular truth in the data. This is helpful for not only financial statements and forecasting, but also KPIs to help drive those efforts.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 26, 2018

Board BI helps us make better, data driven decisions

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BOARD is being used across the whole organisation with about 70 active users who would use it on a weekly basis at least. It is our main BI system and source for tracking company performance, KPI's for individuals as well as teams. It is also used for planning, budgeting,forecasting, inventory management and various other information sources.
  • Access of data from anywhere anytime with up-to-date information, making it easy for users to make decisions based on accurate information
  • Ability to drill through to the minute details to a transactional level
  • Flexibility of being able to read information from various sources whether it be our ERP, data warehouse or even an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Excel add-in is not very stable but is not a big issue as it's only used by finance team
  • Some procedures to update information do take long to run and update.
Finance is spending time analyzing information rather than crunching numbers. The sales team is self-sufficient rather than relying on analysts or the finance team for information.
Excellent ability to read data from almost any data source. Haven't come across any data source that we needed to connect and it wasn't able to.
Single source of truth, cost effective and less training required due to the software having both BI and CPM capabilities.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 12, 2018

Powerful but challenging

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We purchased BOARD with an immediate need to have a system for budgeting and forecasting with hopes of expanding its use into other areas of the business. BOARD helped us improve our budgeting and forecasting builds.
  • The drag and drop reporting capability is great.
  • The database structure is flexible and easy to understand.
  • Training, training, training. They need ongoing user training available for all functions of the software. User manual is good but not enough.
  • Availability of consultants. They seem to be understaffed, and when you need to have some work done, you may need to wait.
Well suited for standard reporting and analytics. They struggle somewhat when you do not follow the norm.
BOARD seems very flexible when it comes to connecting with various data sources.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 13, 2018

Best BI and reporting system

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
It is used across our organization to serve as a group reporting system. We also implemented some interfaces with other legacy systems to collect data and calculate business KPI.
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use for the end users
  • Easy to integrate with other systems
  • Management of the licenses is too rigid and too expensive
  • Improvement to move on a SaaS base
Useful for creating a data warehouse to collect data from different systems, and integrate them together to prepare complex reports.
Simply great... it also has standard connectors. For example, I connected it to Salesforce in a few minutes and moved a lot of data to be compared with budget data on BOARD, and that data was coming from another system.
Because it's easier to maintain one system, to use the same platform to create reports. It's also easier for management persons to know that everything can be found on one platform. This last point probably is considered low value, but in my opinion is a good advantage.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 27, 2018

New to Board, but can't wait to be a Pro

Score 6 out of 10
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We are still implementing Board for our company - we intend to use it for all reporting, planning, and forecasting for the company which is done manually via Excel today.
  • It allows users to create their own reports based on their current needs
  • It has dash-boarding capabilities that allow for consistent reporting of key metrics at your fingertips
  • It provides us the ability to combine several sources of data into one reporting tool
  • We use a fiscal calendar and we continue to struggle to make that work seamlessly in Board.
  • We do not have strong IT support to launch this, which has proven a challenge with implementation as the tool is not intuitive to set up as a non-IT person.
We just are not far enough along to be able to recommend one way or the other.
We created a sister database to merge data from various sources that Board connects to.
We are not far enough along in our implementation to rate this.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 25, 2018

BOARD is good!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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BOARD is used across the whole organization, mainly in Finance and Sales department but also in Supply Chain and Production.
We are using it mainly to monitor and analyze sales actual and forecast
  • The use of different dimensions of analysis that you can customize depending on the situation.
  • It's a fast tool that merges many different databases.
  • The reports can be easily customized.
  • The full database can't be downloaded but only appears in BOARD. It can't be exported in Excel for the users that don't use BOARD.
BOARD is a good choice in case of forecast and budget.
We have many different datasource and BOARD is the only one able to manage them at the same time giving an homogeneous output.
We are able to truck all at the same time.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Pixel Perfect reports (16)
Customizable dashboards (27)
Report Formatting Templates (21)
Drill-down analysis (30)
Formatting capabilities (28)
Integration with R or other statistical packages (8)
Report sharing and collaboration (23)
Publish to Web (16)
Publish to PDF (21)
Report Versioning (15)
Report Delivery Scheduling (14)
Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.) (6)
Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization (2)
Predictive Analytics (2)
Multi-User Support (named login) (8)
Role-Based Security Model (5)
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete) (7)
Single Sign-On (SSO) (6)
Responsive Design for Web Access (13)
Dedicated iOS Application (5)
Dedicated Android Application (3)
Dashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile (11)
Long-term financial planning (7)
Financial budgeting (10)
Forecasting (8)
Scenario modeling (5)
Management reporting (10)
Financial data consolidation (6)
Journal entries and reports (5)
Multi-currency management (2)
Intercompany Eliminations (3)
Minority Ownership (1)
Local and consolidated reporting (5)
Detailed Audit Trails (2)
Financial Statement Reporting (5)
Management Reporting (9)
Excel-based Reporting (9)
Automated board and financial reporting (6)
XBRL support for regulatory filing (1)
Personalized dashboards (11)
Color-coded scorecards (8)
KPIs (10)
Cost and profitability analysis (7)
Key Performance Indicator setting (6)
Benchmarking with external data (3)
Flat file integration (11)
Excel data integration (9)
Direct links to 3rd-party data sources (9)

About Board

Board is a decision-making platform. Founded in 1994, the vendor states that Board International has enabled people to have a transformative impact on their business, helping them to intuitively play and create with data in a flexible, all-in-one decision-making platform.

By unifying Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management, and Predictive Analytics, the Board platform allows companies to produce a single, accurate, and complete view of business information, gain actionable insights, and achieve full control of performance across the entire organization.

The vendor further provides that with the Board platform, global enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Ricoh, KPMG, Puma, Siemens, and ZF Group have deployed end-to-end decision-making applications at a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional solutions.
Board International has 27 offices around the world and a global reseller network. Board has been implemented in over 100 countries.

Board Features

Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting Features
Has featureLong-term financial planning
Has featureFinancial budgeting
Has featureForecasting
Has featureScenario modeling
Has featureManagement reporting
Consolidation and Close Features
Has featureFinancial data consolidation
Has featureJournal entries and reports
Has featureMulti-currency management
Has featureIntercompany Eliminations
Has featureMinority Ownership
Has featureLocal and consolidated reporting
Has featureDetailed Audit Trails
Financial Reporting and Compliance Features
Has featureFinancial Statement Reporting
Has featureManagement Reporting
Has featureExcel-based Reporting
Has featureAutomated board and financial reporting
Has featureXBRL support for regulatory filing
Analytics Features
Has featurePersonalized dashboards
Has featureColor-coded scorecards
Has featureKPIs
Has featureCost and profitability analysis
Has featureKey Performance Indicator setting
Has featureBenchmarking with external data
Integration Features
Has featureFlat file integration
Has featureExcel data integration
Has featureDirect links to 3rd-party data sources
BI Standard Reporting Features
Has featurePixel Perfect reports
Has featureCustomizable dashboards
Has featureReport Formatting Templates
Ad-hoc Reporting Features
Has featureDrill-down analysis
Has featureFormatting capabilities
Has featurePredictive modeling
Has featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Has featureReport sharing and collaboration
Report Output and Scheduling Features
Has featurePublish to Web
Has featurePublish to PDF
Has featureReport Versioning
Has featureReport Delivery Scheduling
Data Discovery and Visualization Features
Has featurePre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.)
Has featureLocation Analytics / Geographic Visualization
Has featurePredictive Analytics
Has featureSupport for Machine Learning models
Has featurePattern Recognition and Data Mining
Has featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Access Control and Security Features
Has featureMulti-User Support (named login)
Has featureRole-Based Security Model
Has featureMultiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
Has featureReport-Level Access Control
Has featureTable-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Has featureField-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Has featureSingle Sign-On (SSO)
Mobile Capabilities Features
Has featureResponsive Design for Web Access
Has featureDedicated iOS Application
Has featureDedicated Android Application
Has featureDashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile

Board Screenshots

Board Videos (4)

Board Integrations

SAP Connector by Theobald

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  • Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
  • Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
  • Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee?No

Board Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Board Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Account Team
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Board Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Supported Countries:Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific
Supported Languages: English, Italian, German, French