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Bonterra Guided Fundraising

Bonterra Guided Fundraising
Formerly Network for Good


What is Bonterra Guided Fundraising?

Bonterra Guided Fundraising offers a nonprofit fundraising suite of applications, with donor management features like intelligent tracking of donor readiness and targeted messaging.

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10 out of 10
July 16, 2024
We send out e-newsletters at least once a month. We add contacts. It is helpful that when some one donates via (Network for Good) NFG …
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Great product features

9 out of 10
March 30, 2024
I am able to send blast e-mails out to all of our donors with our online donation link so that I can continue to raise revenue to run our …
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What is Bonterra Guided Fundraising?

Bonterra Guided Fundraising offers a nonprofit fundraising suite of applications, with donor management features like intelligent tracking of donor readiness and targeted messaging.

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  • $500
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Guided Fundraising

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What is Bonterra Guided Fundraising?

Bonterra Guided Fundraising offers a nonprofit fundraising suite of applications, with donor management features like intelligent tracking of donor readiness and targeted messaging.

Guided Fundraising is a solution designed to help users reach fundraising goals, connect with supporters, and advance their missions with fundraising software. For users overwhelmed by messy spreadsheets, toggling between applications, or tripping over complex and unnecessary features that aren’t worth paying for, Guided Fundraising aims to bring together all the tools, features, and guidance needed so that they can confidently raise funds and build strong donor relationships.

Built for small and growing nonprofits, Guided Fundraising is designed to help the user become a better fundraiser. The solution combines donor management, communication tools, and online fundraising features, in one integrated software. Plus, onboarding, customer service, and data migration are included.

According to Bonterra:
  • Nonprofits who utilized Guided Fundraising video messages raised 32% more than those who didn't
  • Guided Fundraising customers see an average donor retention of 49%

Feature highlights: guided approach | all-in-one software | virtual, hybrid, in-person events | auctions | fundraising coaches

Bonterra Guided Fundraising Screenshots

Screenshot of Guided Fundraising on mobile, offered with the small and growing non-profit in mindScreenshot of Event ticketing and managementScreenshot of Mobile giving, text-to-give, and peer-to-peer fundraisingScreenshot of Donor communications in a variety of ways

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Bonterra Guided Fundraising Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish

Frequently Asked Questions

Bonterra Guided Fundraising offers a nonprofit fundraising suite of applications, with donor management features like intelligent tracking of donor readiness and targeted messaging.

DonorPerfect, Blackbaud eTapestry, and Salesforce Sales Cloud are common alternatives for Bonterra Guided Fundraising.

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 8.7.

The most common users of Bonterra Guided Fundraising are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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July 16, 2024


Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We send out e-newsletters at least once a month. We add contacts. It is helpful that when some one donates via (Network for Good) NFG their email address is automatically added to database as well as their contribution. Articles and videos are helpful.
  • updates database
  • immediate acknowledgement of donations via email
  • useful tips
  • personal attention
  • Hard to find photo that fits into campaign
Network For Good (NFG) always provides assistance with eblasts and staff is always patient and clear. It is nice to get a live human!
Monica Rice Frye | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Bonterra Guided Fundraising's Network For Good gift management platform to track all of our giving, maintain current contact information, and guide our acknowledgements. Currently, the Development Office is the only office using the software, but we anticipate expanding to the Marketing and Sales team too.
  • Great Customer Service
  • Trustworthy Data
  • Easy Navigation
  • High Quality Product, particularly well set to serve small organizations
  • I would like a voicemail feature for mass communication
  • While I use the acknowledgement tracking in the gift entries, I currently create all of my own acknowledgement letters outside the system because the in-system option seems complicated, or I just haven't received enough training yet
It is well suited to small organizations that have a small number of staff. If an organization is ready to move into prospect management in addition to simple tracking and communication, there may be a more robust system to turn to than the Bonterra Guided Fundraising Network For Good platform that I am currently using.
Karen Clemens | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bonterra Guided Fundraising is the system Bayside Housing & Services uses for donor records, to process and record gifts, and to conduct its hybrid auction. We use it for most communications with our donors: acknowledgments, newsletters, and special event notices, which all happen via email. We use the enhanced event function to manage our 100-guest gala and auction and its online catalog.
  • Design and send email communications--acknowledgments, invitations, newsletters
  • Create bespoke mailing lists for donor cultivation events
  • Create follow-up task lists for managing donor relationships
  • Difficult to pull lists with confidence; never sure they are as inclusive as we hope
  • Really wish the event and auction functions could share donor payment info--would allow gala guests to enter their credit card info to buy dinner tickets and have that info automatically shared with the auction function--make it a one-step function
  • Create better-looking direct mail pieces--more control over the size/type of font, leading between rows of sentences, formatting
  • Make it possible to upload the lists of recipients of direct mail efforts that are not created in Bonterra Guided Fundraising into the system, rather than update the record of each recipient individually
Well suited: donor management, e-communications, hybrid auction
Less appropriate: creating beautiful direct mail appeals
Matthew Clark | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the Bonterra Guided Fundraising platform for donor management including tracking all donations, event ticketing, and regular donor communications. We have used the platform since 2019 and it completely transformed our ability to communicate with donors, make projections, analyze trends, assess best practices, and more. It was a complete game changer.
  • Customer service
  • Communication suggestions
  • Enabling donor segmenting
  • Every organization you enter has to have a point of contact with their email address listed. The point of contact also has be entered separately as an individual. If you use “email all” to your donor list, the contact gets emailed twice. This seems like it would be easy to prevent in the system but it’s currently not possible.
  • Event ticketing is extremely limited unless you pay significantly more as an add-on. This should be included as a default feature.
  • Emails sent through the system can end up in spam filters. Given how much email gets sent through their system, they should find a way to overcome that.
Text messaging is a bit awkward. We use it but it could be improved. It breaks texts up, but those breaks don’t match what gets sent, so it’s hard to know how to divide up wording for clarity of presentation. Video messaging, however, is amazing. I’ve had people give extra and say they were doing it because of how impressed they were to receive a personal video communication from the Executive Director.
Emily Archambault | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Bonterra Guided Fundraising for our nonprofit, the [...] Park Foundation. I greatly appreciate my fundraising coach, along with the ability to update our donor management system and create fundraising pages for specific events our nonprofit hosts. Before Bonterra Guided Fundraising, we didn't have a donor management software and had no record of our donors from the past 40 years. Now, we can see our donors and the retention rate, which has been very useful!
  • The ability to create fundraising pages has streamlined our fundraising efforts.
  • Our fundraising coach has given us multiple ways to go about getting donors and has provided some creative problem solving.
  • We are finally able to track our donors and update them as soon as possible!
  • I would love to see the ability to add sponsor logos to fundraising pages.
  • It would be great to not have to switch between the donor management side of the site and fundraising side of the site when uploading offline donations for fundraising pages.
  • I think it would be great for Bonterra Guided Fundraising to send out reminder emails so that busy nonprofit leaders don't forget to utilize the site more often.
I am so glad we now have Bonterra Guided Fundraising! I came into the role of Assistant Director for the [...] Park and Recreation and didn't realize that we would also be fundraising for our 501c3, the [...] Park Foundation. After many hours of uploading donors from excel spreadsheets over the past 40 years, I now have some idea of who our donors are and how to grow the nonprofit.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I work with an emerging non-profit that was looking to move to the next level and our partnership with Bonterra Guided Fundraising and Network 4 Good has accelerated that growth tremendously. The platform has enabled us to not only communicate with our donors and supporters but to build stronger relationships with them. The tools for building giving pages and communication are robust and have helped us better understand where our support is coming from and where we need to work harder to better engage certain groups of donors. We have been impressed with the quality of the design options the platform affords us and how easy it's been to navigate the system. It's intuitive and very easy to use. But in the few instances where we've needed help, there were multiple options for help that we accessed quickly and easily. We did a lot of due diligence before choosing Bonterra and we have been extremely happy with our decision. If you are a nonprofit ripe for growth, this platform will help you blossom.
  • Tracking giving
  • Building relationships with donors
  • Intuitive communications creation
  • Would like clearer direction for how to handle opt outs from email
  • Would like options to have people opt out of "types" of email rather than email in general
  • Would love info on where and how to get grants
Bonterra Guided Fundraising is ideal for a small to midsized nonprofit ready to transition from a founders/first gen stage to the "next level" that includes managing and building stonger relationships with donors.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bonterra Guided Fundraising helps us optimize our fundraising efforts efficiently. It is used in our organization to streamline donation management, create and manage fundraising campaigns, facilitate peer-to-peer fundraising, manage events, analyze data, and engage with donors effectively.
  • Donation Tracking and Reporting
  • Intuitive Campaign Creation
  • Donor Engagement Features
  • Personalization and Segmentation Tools
  • User Interface Customization
  • Advanced Analytics and Insights
Bonterra Guided Fundraising is great for organizations launching online campaigns, offering intuitive tools for donation tracking and progress monitoring.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am able to send blast e-mails out to all of our donors with our online donation link so that I can continue to raise revenue to run our missions. As the person responsible for fundraising, I use the system to track donations and look up individual contacts. Our Administrative Consultant continually updates donations and sends out acknowledgement letters. She creates a donation report that I present to the Board by donor category. I create a new online campaign every fall and all fiscal year that is the link that I send out to raise funds.
  • Ability to create an online campaign
  • Email blasts to donors
  • Tracking of progress with the dashboard
  • Sometimes when creating an e-mail blast the bar that pops up with features is in the way of the content I am creating and it's hard to get it move out of the way.
It's user friendly and easy to create online campaigns and e-mail blasts.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The way we use the platform:
We create our event pages, utilize the email blasts, add and manage all our donors, and create reports. It is straightforward to make our emails and event pages.
Some of the problems we have encountered:
Some have to do with reporting; it is confusing. You can't create a tax letter with all the donations of the year in a simple way. Whenever you have to delete a ticket holder and make a donor, it creates a lot of confusion and problems. The font size and format are not very user-friendly whenever we create a page.
  • General creation of event pages
  • General creation of blast emails
  • Adding and editing donors
  • Reporting
  • Event page - fonts and fields
  • Groups and filters
Well suited for a small-medium non-profit.
Less suited for more prominent non-profits.
Debi Frock | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am blessed to have two separate Bonterra Fundraising accounts. In both of the organizations, Ghanaian Mothers' Hope, and The Giving Challenge, the set up in Bonterra has made it easy to share my cause, educating children in Africa, and allowing donors to donate. I have used the events module, peer to peer fundraising, as well as donor data base, email blasts and the reporting functions are amazing.
  • Year End Closing guidelines
  • Event Fundraising options and guidelines
  • Reports on every aspect of your data
  • Easy to use email blasts
  • Faster response for questions
  • On line raffle function
  • A cheaper auction function for small nonprofits
Bonterra is a great option for Guided Fundraising for mid-level nonprofits looking for a full function system including donor data base as well as fundraising. For nonprofits who are at the upper range of being a small nonprofit, taking the risk and using this system could bump them to the next level.

For small nonprofits, the cost is prohibited. The function is great but any nonprofit with less than $75-100K cannot afford this system
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am a new customer to the system from Network For Good, but I believe the transition to me being comfortable went very smoothly.<br>I want to be able to send emails to lapse donors without the system making me go to private email.
  • I can talk to my current donors monthly, or weekly. The software makes it possible.
  • I can upload pictures that tell the stories
  • I can ask techs questions and they reponse
  • I would like to send emails to lapse donors, and the present system slows me down
I believe the system works well for speaking to current donors, and I would like the system to be improved to go after many nonprofits' lapsed donors.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Guided Fundraising software allows us to communicate directly with all donors and major stakeholders in our organization in an efficient and professional manner. We are able to provide updates on current programs and share good news on a regular basis with the easy to use email and direct mail functions in the software. In addition, the financial reports provided help us keep track of the effectiveness of our communications!
  • Easy to customize email/newsletter formats
  • Financial donor data is helpful
  • The ability to send a thank you to a donor directly from the "giving" acknowledgment is fantastic.
  • It would be nice to receive the donations in the same month that they are made. At the present time, you have to wait until the 15th of the following month.
  • The peer to peer fundraising options are a little clunky
  • Using Donate Now function to receive disbursement information is clunky
Very appropriate for receiving quick donation information and responding to the donors in an easy and efficient manner. The email and direct mailing capabilities are so nice.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Network for Good was what we needed as it combines several different services in one easy-to-use platform, including donation management and email marketing. However, the change over to Bonterra has not been great. The customer service has gone down and they've changed terms regarding our contract, without our approval or signature. Overall, I am very unhappy with Bonterra and won't be renewing with them.
  • Customer/donor management
  • Training is too drawn out
  • More information on the details of transferring existing contact information
  • Customer service is slow and poorly done.
Bonterra has taken a decent platform and completely destroyed it. It is not suited for any nonprofit as it is expensive and they don't treat their clients with respect. They sell your information and refuse to assist when issues arise.
Shawn Aaron | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Bonterra to manage all of our fundraising efforts. I am able to have all things in one place, and able to manage all things simultaneously. The platform is easy to use and I am able to get in, do what I need to do, and get out. I am glad we are using Bonterra to run all of our fundraising efforts.
  • It helps to manage all donors
  • We are able to acknowledge all donors
  • We are able to keep track of all money being raised
  • Be more communicative to users outside of just letting us know about donations recieved
  • Provide more detailed workshops on specific services
  • Provide an email summary of monthly activity, including donations, acknowledgements, etcetera.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Bonterra to help with organizing our Fundraising campaigns, maintain records of our volunteers and donors, and run analytics on giving. The platform has reduced using excel and other cumbersome programs. Bonterra has allowed our nonprofit to become more efficient with the data and output of what we are doing.
  • collate information
  • quick analysis of donor information
  • fundraising platform
  • quick customer service
  • ways to contact donors if they do not have an email address
  • importing contacts be cumbersome if not formatted right
  • N/A
I believe that when I have a question customer support is always there to help me. I am computer database literate but feel that someone who may not be tech-savvy can navigate this system well. Additionally, the reports the program generates is always quality and it can be customized to suit the needs of the customer.
October 20, 2023

Great Service!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
[...] is a grass root not for profit organization that provide hot showers for the homeless. We find Network for Good easy steps process and great customer service to help us merge our information from excel into the Network for Good system. [...] use Network for Good for tracking and recording our donors contact information and donations, for fundraising campaign we host each quarterly and yearly. We also use Network for Good for mailing and emailing updates and status of our work in the community to our donors each month, The platform provide easy access to daily and monthly records of new and recurring donors or donation amounts.
  • Excess reports
  • order of each donors contact information
  • Easy formula for donor letters
  • A field that gives us the ability to identify donors in other positions (a volunteer) that they may hold in the organization
Great service at a great price.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Donor software tracking; donations and reporting. Plus we send eblasts, videos, thank yous—generally maintain a patron client base and maintain board reporting.

We find customer service Excellent: quick and accurate.

Also easy to use, accessible to various levels of authority from Boards to Interns, maintaining appropriate security and confidentiality
  • Customer Service
  • Communication with data base
  • Building guided programming for campaigns
  • Easy tracking for manual and online donations
  • Great training
  • Eliminating duplicate files
  • Easier and more immediate refunds
  • Capacity to track membership
Highly recommended! This is an excellent software at a good price to get easy accessibility for all members of staff, the board and volunteers. The Dashboard gives easy graphics that explain our progress and where we need to improve. Customer service is great. Our donations went up year after year through more consistent communication and the software’s easy to follow campaigns. Network for Good took a complex professional field and turned it into something as easy as talking to our neighbors and friends over the backyard fence.
Lindsey Barth | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently work with over 500 donors, 200 clients, and 100 volunteers. NFG has been a lifesaver in keeping track of all of our information and also getting information out. I am constantly learning new ways to use NFG, and realizing how many resources it offers wrapped up in one program. It is so nice having everything in one place.
  • creating mass emails, texts, newsletters
  • keeping track of donor status, donations
  • creating ticketed fundraisers
  • More webinars on using NFG effectively
The only reason I gave it a 9 is because I need all the webinars I can get!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Network For Good daily. We use it for donor/donation tracking, record keeping, and for creating thank yous. Overall, we have not come across any problems in using this system. One thing that would be helpful to me would be the ability to save a document in a donor record.
  • Donor Management Tracking
  • Filters for lists
  • Contact Info
  • Notes Section
  • Email Marketing Campaign Layout SImplified
  • Work profiles on contacts
Network for Good has been incredibly rewarding for us in the past year. Personally, I think its the best CRM available for a non-profit like us. Other systems I have used like SalesForce seem to be a step down in quality. The notes section in Network for Good would be my biggest issue as it seems very basic to use for conversation tracking amongst donors.
John Capra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Network for Good the donate location on our web page and to track all those donations. Then after the donations it will generate a thank you letter for the donation. So, we know where all of our donations come from for tax purposes. We also us Network for Good as a communication tool for all of donors and sponsors. We use the email communication to keep up our base to date of all of our fundraising events. We, also use the email communication for a quarterly newsletter that we send out to everyone. The other thing we use it for is our direct mail thank you letters for all our sponsors and organizations that sponsor or donate items to our fundraising events. We also use the giving page to create fundraising campaigns during the year. It has made it so easy to keep track of all of our donors and followers. We have the database in one place, and we can send out mass emails and direct emails instantly and keeping track of all of our donations for tax purposes. A great time saver!!!!
  • Donation Tracking
  • Mass Email campaigns
  • Direct Mail campaigns
  • Thank you Letters.
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Being able to print out email campaign. letter.
Just the database that you have at our hands and can send out info to them instantly..
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used NFG since 2013 to help with online donations, donor management, fundraising, events, auctions, and reporting. As a 1-staff office, NFG has filled the "position" of donor management staff. I am able to whip up reports, analyze patterns of giving (or not giving), update donor records, and so much more. We have used the auction service since 2021, with our 3rd annual online silent auction being produced as I type. We have used the event tools to manage attendees, sponsors, and create reports. The customer service is excellent. And as a small nonprofit, the use of ease of the products and customer-friendly support are both extremely important.
  • donor management records
  • ability to create various reports easily
  • silent auction tool
  • excellent customer service
  • volunteer data management
  • rates increasing – we may be priced out of the service soon
Specifically, the customer service is one of the best of any online service we have used. The staff is respectful and speedy, and I have never had any occasion to be disappointed in their help. The silent auction tool we have used for the past two online silent auctions has been excellent. We are about to use the new service. I've been working on setting it up, and so far, so good. We would really like to track our volunteers in Network for Good somehow. Not to do recruitment or volunteer forms, as we don't use public recruitment of volunteers for our use. However, volunteer hours are very important as we do fundraising and grantwriting, as they show our excellent relationship with the community. I'd like to be able to track the volunteer hours... especially if they are also donors. I sure would appreciate a REAL text-to-give, where it's not 10 numbers to text-to-give but just 6 or so. We have tried using this and the feedback we have gotten is "This isn't so easy." To be able to say: "Text MITTENS to 123456" is a lot cleaner than "Text MITTENS to 888-888-8888." Granted this is a small thing, but this is what people ask about.
Jennamarie Genovese-Mikula | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Network for Good for online payment processing, donor/contact management, and as our communication platform with donors. Before NFG, we used various spreadsheets and systems to track this data. That was very cumbersome and difficult to integrate. It was also time consuming for our small staff. Our process around donor management and engagement is now much more efficient since implementing NFG.
  • Tracking all interactions with a contact
  • Easy creation of impactful donor communications
  • Allow creation of an impactful donations webpage
  • For what I need and am able to do with my time, there really isn't any area I find needing improvement.
Network for Good is a great tool for small, people-resource constrained non-profits that need help managing their contact/donor data and are looking to get more engagement from donors. I researched several donor management systems before deciding to go with Network for Good. Their system was easy to learn for someone who is not very tech oriented and there are so many tools and templates available to help you get started. It may not be as robust as some of the other tools out there, but it gives you the basic features and for someone just starting out on a donor management journey this is a great system.
Cliff Froehlich | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The River City Journalism Fund uses Network for Good as our development database. We not only collect and track all of our donations through Network for Good, but we also send e-blasts and newsletters for both informational and fundraising purposes through the database.
  • Keeping track of donors
  • Sending thank you's to donors
  • Sending e-blasts and newsletters
  • Donor supplemental info, which is an add-on to Network for Good, is not especially robust or helpful
For a small- to medium-sized nonprofit, Network for Good offers excellent functionality. It's relatively intuitive, but during the initial setup, Network for Good offers excellent support and instruction. They've also proven quite responsive when specific questions arise.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Network for Good makes it easy for us to have an ongoing fundraising campaign as well as a specific campaign for a project. Creating a giving page & sending it out to donors can all be done within minutes. There was a Zoom group training (recorded so you can go back to it) to show us how to create a page, plus our fundraising coach walked us through it while we created our first page. User-friendly!

With Network for Good, you can track group communication & see the statistics, for example, of emails delivered, opened or deleted. You can resend an email to only those who didn’t open it the first time.

It makes it much easier to communicate with our donors with options to text, email, text a video, find an address for a letter. It’s all in one place. Mahalo NUI to Network for Good & our Coach John Gilchrist!
  • Fundraising coaching
  • Options to communicate w/donors
  • Tracking giving & communication for individual donors
  • Connecting household members
We are a small non-profit organization (2 full-time staff & 2 part-time staff) & the price point to purchase Network for Good was what we could afford for the number of donors/volunteers that we needed to manage.

We didn’t need a huge system, but something that could track over a thousand donors/volunteers with room for more & also is user-friendly.
It would have been amazing to have this product from day one of our organization!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Network for Good daily at First Call For Help. Whether it be inputting data for the donations we receive through the mail, checking our online donations, and to reference when writing thank you cards to our donors. Our Monday Minute is a newsletter we send out on, you guessed it, Mondays, and we email it to all of our contacts through Network For Good. The convenience of donations tracked in one place solves our problem of needing to figure donor totals at the end of the year for tax purposes.
  • Campaign totals
  • Tracks donors
  • Reporting
  • Communication with donors
  • I know there are areas in Network for Good we don't use at our Non-profit and there may be areas that can improve, but the resources we utilize are easy enough to follow.
First Call For Help holds 2 different fundraising Campaigns each year, a Spring and a Holiday Mail event. Network for Good has been great to collect the donations and report how the campaign is progressing. It tracks our donors and shows how their giving compares year to year which is helpful. When donors are falling behind or no longer giving, this tells us we need to communicate better with them by encouraging different ways donors may choose to become more involved in our organization and support our mission again.
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