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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 24, 2018

Great data tool!

Score 10 out of 10
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Centerprise is an integration tool we use for data manipulation and transfer. The tool makes it easy to transform database data from one endpoint and deliver it to another. This is an excellent tool that makes things like writing hard long SQL scripts into just a click and drag press the go button and done process. Centerprise saves us a huge amount of time when integrating legacy databases data into our application.
  • Slick drag and drop UI is easy to learn and get started with
  • Customer service is friendly and responsed quickly
  • Large array of built in functions makes data manipulation easy
  • Sometimes when previewing the data output or even running complex dataflows it can take a long time.
  • Occasionally crashes after long use
  • Could use some more functions like row number
Great for anything with databases. Moving data from one table to another, one database to another you name it. You can even pull data out of text files. Really can be used for big and small projects. I wouldn't use it for things I can do faster in SQL but overall I would use this for almost everything.
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Andre Beaumont | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 23, 2017

Centerprise Data Integrator is an excellent toolset for multiple uses in a healthcare agency

Score 9 out of 10
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We are a large federally qualified health center that serves approximately 70,000 patients per year. Recently we began implementing a data warehouse and analytics platform, and have started a project to integrate our electronic health record system into other systems. Centerprise Data Integrator has become an essential toolkit for us in translating and moving our data. We use this as our main ETL tool to load our data warehouse from a variety of sources. We also use the product to transfer semi-structure data from Citrix SecureForms into our electronic health record system. We are able to develop tablet-based electronic forms that a patient can fill out, and then use Centerprise Data Integrator to validate the data and load it directly into the patient's chart. This saves on the overhead involved in paper processes. Since the tool is so user-friendly, we have multiple teams and users that do not have a extensive SQL or SSIS training creating high quality solutions.
  • The user friendly interface to develop integration packages means that you don't need to be highly trained in SQL code.
  • There is a huge variety of out-of-box functions, translations, and connectors. This means you can get up and running with using these different components right away.
  • Centerprise Data Integrator can mine data from unstructured and semi-structured data sources like pdf files and csv's. It means that virtually anything you have can be moved into a SQL database or fed into other systems.
  • Centerprise Support has been excellent and responsive to our needs.
  • We had some issues in getting the software running with their licensing model on our Citrix Desktop. They were very helpful in working with us on this issue.
  • With any product that creates SQL code in the background, I am skeptical of how optimized that will be for our specific environment. We have not yet had problems related to this, but customers may want to monitor closely.
  • They do not yet seem to have a large customer base and robust user community.
Centerprise Data Integrator is well-suited for creating ETL packages to load a data warehouse. The product makes it easy to insert data in a variety of ways into a SQL table. It can create a new table-structure, append to existing tables, or reload data in any number of ways. If an organization is already highly skilled in SSIS, this may not be the product for you, but if you're just getting started in having a data warehouse as business practice, this may make the implementation faster and easier for your IT team. You may also find that its easy enough to use that you don't need extensive IT training to use it. We've also found that Data Integrator makes a useful bridge between various database applications. We can easily use it to create automated scripts that run, or to transfer data between systems. Without a team of highly trained software developers, some of these options would've been out of reach for us.
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Dawn Bauer | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 17, 2015

Fast and Simple. All-in-one package

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We purchased Centerprise to be our ETL tool for our new "CloudNet" Crop Insurance Policy system. It was our tool to do our nightly loads to our Data Warehouse for all of our reporting needs. It was also our tool for sending and receiving all our daily RMA files to the government.
  • Once you get the feel around the interface, Centerprise is a real easy and fast tool to get up and running. You can have a Dataflow up and running in mere minutes compared to some other tools on the market. The interface is simple and pretty much everything is all in once place and easy to understand.
  • The Preview data on each object is a lifesaver. To be able to set up a Dataflow and preview it's data immediately without having to run or set up a workflow is a very time-saving benefit.
  • You can run Dataflows. They do not need to be incorporated into a Workflow in order to run.
  • You have the ability to pass in and out parameters to Dataflows. Very handy if you need specific information about a Dataflow (or data in that flow) in order to continue on processing the next step.
  • The scheduler is extremely nice and easy.
  • Centerprise is an all in one package. Everything is together. You do not need a separate scheduler or bits and pieces of other products in order to get full use of Centerprise. You can Read, write and parse files. You can send emails and/or FTP to government (any) sites. You can schedule your jobs or have your System (we had .NET) call and trigger a job for you.
  • Our main concern is backward compatibility with QA testing. We had a few releases of new code, changes or fixed that broke existing code which took us over 90 hours to run thru and refresh all our flows. We like the enhancements, but we don't have time to back thru everything, everytime there is a release to retest and refresh all the Flows. It's not feasible for us.
  • Help documentation. There needs to be a lot more with a lot of examples (so we aren't calling and bugging support all the time). Although, they were extremely helpful, but I'm sure they have other things to do than teach us how to use the product.
  • Pretty much any enhancement we needed at the time (or asked for) was given to us in a pretty timely manner. The Cobol objects were fixed/enhanced. The out variables were added. The only thing we didn't get to use that we asked for was the REST service calls. We had a lot more we wanted to do with the product.
It is perfect for dumping data from an ODS system into a data warehouse for reporting. It is fast, easy and simple to use. Our sources and Destinations/targets consisted of Oracle database tables (from two completely separate systems), Flat Files (Delimited and fixed), Excel, SQL Queries, and Cobol.
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Don Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 07, 2015

WOW Why did we wait soooo long?

Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
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We mainly use Centerprise for two areas. Our team takes other systems' data and transforms that into our format for our developed software. We use Centerprise to pull the necessary information out of the other systems' reports to validate the completion of a conversion. We also use it to extract data from the other systems' reports to do the actual data transformation into our format when the other system's provider will not supply data for the conversion.
  • Because the standard reports from one system to another are not always compatible - Centerprise allows us to create a reusable template to standardize the information that we use to validate conversions. Standardizing the reporting data from two systems is an awesome strength that can be developed out of Centerprise.
  • We have had several instances that the supplier of software to a customer will not provide data out of their system for conversion. Sometimes it is a timing issue (you will need to wait 6 months for this) and other times it is a cost issue. We have been able to convert accounting and payroll information into our system just based on reports out of the legacy system. Because we can save the template we can now convert anyone on that legacy system without the involvement of the legacy system's software provider.
  • We have several support calls that have been labeled as to be done in the future. One is the reading of the File Definition in AcuCobol with the sign trailing in a numeric field. The handling of this would help us in several areas but we have been able to develop a work around at this point.
  • Some of the child/overlap configuration for the "RMD" seems awkward.
Because you can save the template for extracting data from a report it is a great time saver.
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Mario Ferrer | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 04, 2015

Astera Centerprise rules!

Score 9 out of 10
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Centerprise is primarily used to move data from our operational database into our newly created data warehouse. We also intend to use it to exchange data files between different applications. We are still in development, but we pull data from sources that span our whole organization into an enterprise data warehouse that will be accessed by our internal and external users through MicroStrategy, our reporting tool.
  • It's incredibly easy to use. The YouTube videos Astera provides are enough to get you started. People with no previous ETL experience can start building simple mappings very quickly.
  • It's incredibly easy to install and maintain. After I first installed Centerprise, I was able to start working in just a few minutes, and the maintenance releases are pretty straightforward.
  • I am particularly impressed with how much Centerprise simplifies transformations that require more work in other ETL tools. The perfect example is the SCD transformation, which handles all the logic in an Slowly Changing Dimension. Even with a market leader like Informatica, the SCD logic has to be manually built. With Centerprise this can be built in just a few minutes, and it impacts every mapping.
  • Performance is definitely an area to work on. My own benchmarking shows a notable difference when introducing simple transformations into a jobflow.
  • The tool lacks debugging capabilities
  • I would like to see more jobflow stats than the ones provided
  • It is Windows-based. Many companies (including ours) are UNIX shops, and try to avoid Windows servers as much as possible, so it would be nice to have a non-Windows version.
I personally tested and selected Centerprise Data Integrator. I love this tool and I believe it has a lot of potential. The only thing I am not so sure about is scalability.

Our data volumes are relatively small (~200Gb). I wonder how it would perform with terabytes of data. I know it has partitioning capabilities but I haven't had the chance to use them, so I wonder if performance will be reasonable.
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Phil Nacamuli | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 03, 2015

Make Centerprise your data toolkit's center prize!

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Centerprise is used as a key ETL and data integration component bringing together several different financial data sources to compile a single view of our client's corporate finance group. It delivers a single integrated view of their 'cash register' systems and solves the problem of the manual integration of the separate system's data and reports.
  • The links to many different data sources made it real easy to gain access to the key data elements and integrate the data across many different systems.
  • The graphical approach is self documenting and permits the rapid assimilation of existing work by new team members.
  • It makes it VERY easy to build source/destination data reconciliations.
  • The ability to incrementally see the data transformation results at any point in a data flow is invaluable.
  • The XML processors make it real easy to process and integrate XML data. We've even used Centerprise on its own data logs to pull out and report on the XML job log data for custom reporting.
  • Centerprise is an invaluable tool for addressing data integration particularly dealing with 'Shadow IT' Excel spreadsheets.
  • The dataflow architecture will take some getting used to as you have to understand the various data flow objects and THINK about how a data flow will work to accomplish what you want.
  • The scheduler and job monitor are areas where the product can be improved. We would like to see an independent job monitor as a separate read only component so that a client use license is not not needed to see the working jobs.
  • The job scheduler interface is not that intuitive and adding jobs, particularly in 100's, is VERY time consuming using the interface.
  • The mapping between UTC and local times need work and the scheduler needs to handle switching back and forth between day light savings.
If you have to get a handle on an explosion of Excel sheets or work with multiple SQL or XML data sources you will absolutely LOVE Centerprise Data Integrator. If you need to move or process several hundred million records, then this may not be the best fit.
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David Farler | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 21, 2015

First impressions of Centerprise

Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
We convert data from various sources to our ERP system. I use Centerprise for two jobs. 1) take the data from reports provided and transform them to delimited files that can be imported into our ERP system. 2) Transform the data into an Excel spreadsheet into a format that may be compared to data already imported into our ERP system, to verify that the data did get into the database correctly.
  • Parses fields from reports. Vertical reports can be transformed into one single row in Excel.
  • Process PDF reports. Very helpful. So far, the best tool for this task that I have used.
  • Easy to use. No need have a strong developer background to use.
  • PDF reports are tricky at times. The columns line up when printed on paper. But Centerprise does not always see the columns this way.
Text reports are normally easy. Handles data that breaks between pages very, very well.
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Dave Worthington | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 13, 2015

Like peeling an onion, there is so much more to it!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our department handles data conversion for a proprietary database. We process and manipulate data coming from competitors' systems in a variety of formats, and convert it into our systems. Centerprise readily replaces the need to use multiple other programs with their Data Integrator. Instead of processing in one program, then the next, and so on, we now have a single-point tool that does everything the others do, and much more.
  • We often receive PDF-based reports from a competitor's financial and payroll management system. A normal cut and paste operation makes a mess of the data, whereas the Centerprise Data Integrator parses and aggregates the data.
  • In some cases, we have to generate a value for a proprietary field in our database based on multiple fields of competitive data. Rather than support multiple versions of our own data importer, we can build the value on the fly, saving time and effort.
  • The Data Integrator is intelligent in its ability to parse reports, map and modify fields, and export data. We are just now going into more depth from starting at the tip of the Centerprise iceberg. The more we see, the more impressed we are.
  • I haven't seen any areas for improvement, but as I become more proficient with its usage, there's an outside chance I could provide suggestions.
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Mark Rubin | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 10, 2015

Centerprise Data Integrator - XML the easy way

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Centerprise Data Integrator is used to process XML data. The software is currently used by myself only. Data Integrator replaced SSIS as our XML mapping tool. Due to a very aggressive implementation timeline, SSIS was not feasible. Data Integrator allowed me to map complex XML data very quickly and without much ramp-up time.
  • Maps XML data exceptionally well
  • Integrates flawlessly with SQL 2012
  • Extremely robust set of transformations and functions which allows a huge amount of flexibility with ETL
  • The help functionality. Needs better search and more examples.
I am fairly new to Centerprise Data Integrator, but this software is perfect for those have ETL projects that require rapid concept to production solutions.
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Carlos Manzanares | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 10, 2015

Astera Centerprise Data Integrator

Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Centerprise Data Integrator is used for importing data received in various formats from our customers. Some send in XML format, others in CSV, some in other delimited types and some we obtain via APIs and web services. The data is then normalized using Centerprise Data Integrator and pushed into our dealer data datastores.
  • Centerprise Data Integrator makes it very easy for non-technical people to create and maintain data mappings from one data source type to another. This is beneficial to allow developers and engineers to focus on other parts of the business needs and not be bogged down with constant work flow changes desired by the customers.
  • Centerprise Data Integrator is very good at moving and translating large blocks of data efficiently.
  • Our biggest problem is with updates. We feel we have to thoroughly test each and every update with complete regression testing before we can apply that update to our production environment. This is due to previous updates often containing bugs or changing existing functionality.
  • Centerprise Data Integrator could do a much better job at moving a lot of small sets of data instead of a few large sets.
  • Web services connection could be much better. It is difficult to get some web services to work properly.
  • Could really benefit from allowing 32-bit integers instead of only 64-bit integers.
I believe Centerprise Data Integrator is best suited for an environment where one would process millions of records once or twice a day, instead of processing hundreds of records thousands of times a day.
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Venkat Prasad Sunkara M.S, PMP, CBIP, ITIL | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 18, 2015

Centerprise at its best!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Using Centerprise as an ETL tool is working out great. Especially working with un-common data sources! The tool is easy to use, very affordable to own and returns are very high.
  • Easy to learn. We were able to train new employees and get them to speed within a week.
  • Easy for business users.
  • Would like to see template based development. For example I should be able to select a new TARGET table to be a TYPEII table, the tool should have a wizard to create the right map.
Ask about cost, scalability and the ability to handle volumes of data.
Read Venkat Prasad Sunkara M.S, PMP, CBIP, ITIL's full review
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 21, 2015

Centerprise makes data integration easy

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Centerprise Data Integrator to process data into and out of our proprietary and off the shelf software applications. We process data into mainly SQL Server back-ends. Our numerous EDI outputs are to private and government agencies. We have even used Centerprise to automate and schedule reports using custom DLL functions. We even use custom functions in Centerprise to encrypt and decrypt some of the data. Our latest implementation exports an excel file and automatically PGP encrypts it from a SQL server back-end.
  • Allows for integration of custom functions.
  • Allows us to easily migrate data to and from any data source. Our department has become the go-to for automated data extracts.
  • We use emails from jobs we run in Centerprise to ensure all jobs run successfully.
  • I have not upgraded to the latest version, but in the last version, could use better descriptions in error messages.
  • I have not upgraded to the latest version, but in the last version, it would be nice to have reports we could run or have emailed daily/weekly with success/failure of all jobs scheduled.
I can use Centerprise for just about any scheduled task, even if it does not have to do with data because of the custom functions. I even use it for single run tasks when I need to transform data quickly. There are more expensive products out there that may look like they do more or have fancy bells and whistles, but there is nothing I have tried to do that I couldn't with Centerprise.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 13, 2015

Test drive the product in your environment before buying

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used by the integration and implementation groups to import data. It was brought in to make it easier to map the data that is being imported.
  • The mapping interface is easy to use.
  • It works well with our code repository.
  • It does not work well in an environment where you run a lot of small jobs. The queue processor leaves much to be desired.
  • Jobs fail for no apparent reason and do not automatically restart. We have to come in every morning and manually restart jobs that have failed overnight.
Centerprise Data Integrator does better in environments where you run a few jobs that process large amounts of data. We run a lot of small jobs that process <2,000 each. It does not do well in our environment.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 11, 2015

My experience with Centerprise

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We were using it for a data warehouse. My role was bringing over historical data from a COBOL based system. In January we purchased a new company and are using their system so I'm unsure how it will be used in the future.
  • Easy to learn
  • I liked it because I was converting older historical files with packed fields (COBOL) and it did a good job of converting without a lot of effort.
  • You could reuse structures you build instead of having to redo it.
  • I think in the beginning there were some issues with more complex data flows but they usually fixed them. I think they have made a lot of improvements since we first started using the software.
I'm not sure. I think if you are totally web based it might not be for you. It is deployed in house.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 03, 2015

Best in the market for data integration

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Centerprise Data Integrator is used across the organization. It saves a lot of time with ease of use.
  • Very easy to use when compared to SSIS
  • Less technical people can learn the product easily
  • Huge time saver
  • I have none, I wish I could use all the features that it offers
How much time does your staff spend supporting SSIS (SQL Server Integration
Services) packages, how much time does it take to develop one and how long it takes for the package to run?
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Connect to traditional data sources (2)
Connecto to Big Data and NoSQL (1)
Simple transformations (2)
Complex transformations (2)
Business rules and workflow (2)
Collaboration (1)
Testing and debugging (1)
Integration with data quality tools (1)
Integration with MDM tools (1)

About Astera Centerprise

Astera Centerprise is a complete data integration solution that includes data integration, data transformation, data quality, and data profiling capabilities in a code-free environment, and promises to enable business users to handle data with minimal IT support. Centerprise enables users to exchange data with a wide range of supported applications, databases, and formats.
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Has featureConnect to traditional data sources
Does not have featureConnecto to Big Data and NoSQL
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Has featureSimple transformations
Has featureComplex transformations
Data Modeling Features
Has featureData model creation
Does not have featureMetadata management
Has featureBusiness rules and workflow
Does not have featureCollaboration
Has featureTesting and debugging
Does not have featurefeature 1
Data Governance Features
Does not have featureIntegration with data quality tools
Does not have featureIntegration with MDM tools
Additional Features
Has featureIntegrated development environment
Has featureData quality and profiling
Has featureJob flow, scheduling, and execution
Has featureExtensibility and openness
Has featurePerformance and scalability
Has featureEase of use for business users

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Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, SoapUI Pro, SAP CRM,, MySQL, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Salesforce, Oracle, Netezza, Teradata, XML, Excel, X12, PRN, IBM DB2, REST, ODBC, Ole DB, Delimited, flat, fixed length files, COBOL, HIPAA, JSON

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Informatica, Adeptia, Talend


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