Migration Tools

Migration Tools Overview

What are Migration Tools?

Migration Tools are simply software that manages or automates the migration of components in a changing system (e.g. migrating an application to a new operating system or platform).

This may facilitate the movement of a formerly on-premise service to the cloud, or support virtualization, or some other change. Also, a migration tool may help catch licensing issues that could appear should some software be introduced into a different environment from that in which it was previously licensed.

Migration Products

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Carbonite Availability (formerly DoubleTake)
14 ratings
9 reviews
Carbonite acquired Double-Take, a data replication and disaster recovery option, in early 2017. The technology now powers Carbonite Availability, the now Carbonite supported high availability and data replication product.
Migration Manager
0 ratings
1 review
Quest offers Migration Manager, replacing Dell's former ChangeBASE migration software, a suite of application tools supporting Microsoft application and legacy system migration.
VirtaMove (formerly AppZero)
1 rating
1 review
VirtaMove (formerly AppZero), offers the eponymous VirtaMove Migration Intelligence Suite allowing the user to move legacy apps to modern, secure servers.
Citrix AppDNA
10 ratings
1 review
Citrix's AppDNA is application migration software.
Rocket Tape/Copy
Rocket Software in Waltham, Massachusetts offers Rocket Tape/Copy, a data migration solution.
IQCloud is a service and infrastructural discovery and dependency mapping solution from iQuate in South Dublin, designed to support migration or hybrid cloud management.
Advanced Application Analyser
Advanced's Application Analyser is designed to enable IT managers to manage, maintain or modernise your application portfolio more efficiently.
Impetus Workload Migration
Impetus in Los Gatos offers their Impetus Workload Migration data warehouse modernization service, for data migration with optimized migration, automated legacy code translation, and automated validation framework.
IBM Lift
IBM Lift is a tool provided to migrate on-premise databases to IBM Cloud.
Commvault Orchestrate
Commvault Orchestrate is end-to-end data syncing for faster disaster recovery, dev/test operations and workload migration.
Advanced Application Modernisation
Advanced provides automated tools, combined with specialist skills in understanding and transforming mainframe, OpenVMS and VME environments, as well as third and fourth generation languages and non-relational databases. The vendor states their approach has been developed over our 35+ years of exper…
StoneFly Migrate
StoneFly migrate is presented by the vendor as a light-weight easy-to-use migration tool that supports CIFS and NFS data migration over Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). The software offers additional services like real-time replication jobs and setup redundancy, mirroring, and s…
Citus Migration
Citus Migration Suite from FPT Software is a toolset designed to assist clients in quick & efficient data migration from Lotus Notes databases to other platfroms including SharePoint Online, Salesforce, SAP, SQL Database, Oracle Database. Citus Migration Suite also support migrates from old SharePoi…
CloneManager® creates identical copies of critical systems that can be used instantly in the event of a disaster. The live system is replicated to any supported physical, virtual or cloud environment and there is no need to rebuild servers or find and re-load software updates to failover to hot stan…
CONNX, from Software AG (acquired in 2016), is a mainframe integration solution that allows users to access and integrate mainframe data, relational data, and cloud data wherever it resides and however it is structured, without altering core systems.
Quadrotech Archive Shuttle
Quadrotech Archive Shuttle is precision email archive migration software, built to quickly and securely migrate data to Office 365 or other archiving systems. Quadrotech is a Quest Software company (acquired November 2011).
PlateSpin Migrate
PlateSpin Migrate, now from Micro Focus after its merger with Attachmate, supports data center transformation across cloud, virtual and physical environments.
Flexera AdminStudio
Chicago-based Flexera Software offers AdminStudio, a suite of application tools for migration and deployment.
AWS Database Migration Service
AWS Database Migration Service helps users migrate databases to AWS. The source database remains fully operational during the migration to minimize downtime to applications that rely on the database. The vendor states that AWS Database Migration Service can migrate data to and from most widely used …
Carbonite Migrate
Backup and recovery specialist Carbonite also supports migration of physical, virtual and cloud resources via Carbonite Migrate, allowing the user to easily migrate any workload to and from any environment with minimal risk and near-zero downtime. Options for finely tuned automation help orchestrate…
About LitExtensionShopping cart migration service provider. Migrate data from a store to the desired shopping cart automatically with 3 steps.Data users can import: ProductsCategoriesManufacturersCustomersOrdersCouponsReviewsEtcFeatures 100% Uptime and Migration AssuranceDuring the migration, the ve…