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What is PosterMyWall?

PosterMyWall in San Mateo offers their digital marketing technology, providing graphics and templates for users to deploy across social media in posts or via digital signage (e.g. menus).

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PosterMyWall is a versatile design tool that has become a go-to choice for marketing directors and professionals looking to create …
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Awesome App!

10 out of 10
November 09, 2021
I use PosterMyWall to create flyers and graphics to draw attention and bring awareness to a service that is being offered. It is also used …
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Product Demos

DIY Poster using Postermywall App (Demo only)

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Product Details

What is PosterMyWall?

PosterMyWall helps small businesses to compete with a suite of marketing tools that includes graphic and video design, email campaigns, and multiple publishing options. It also includes over one million professionally designed, customizable, graphic, email, and video templates.

PosterMyWall can be used to design menus, ads, graphics, emails, newsletters, and videos – which they can print, post directly to social media, send as an email campaign, embed in a website, publish as a web page, or run as digital signage content.

PosterMyWall Features

  • Supported: Includes 685,000+ image and video designs for social media, web, and print.
  • Supported: Includes free stock graphics and a selection of image and video stock, or upload one's own.
  • Supported: Users can add their own text, colors, images, videos and audio clips.
  • Supported: One-click resize. Create multiple sizes for designs in one click for social media, and prints.
  • Supported: One-click background removal. Remove image backgrounds to get rid of distracting details.
  • Supported: Free social media designs for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with no watermarks.
  • Supported: Social media posts can be scheduled or posted directly on Facebook pages, groups and Twitter from PosterMyWall.
  • Supported: Email campaigns with tailored messages can be sent to customers with professional email templates.
  • Supported: Digital Signage. PosterMyWall is used to design and publish directly to screens, and update anytime.
  • Supported: Animated posts. Designs can have a dynamic intro, add text animations, animated stickers, or image and video slideshows.
  • Supported: Music in designs. Audio clip from an in-built library add some groove to invitations, advertisements, sermons or band promotions.
  • Supported: Collaboration. Shareable designs, folders and branded assets and team payments in one place.
  • Supported: Logo and brand fonts can be uploaded for consistent branding in all designs, or create a brand new logo.
  • Supported: A schedule maker to promote events with different schedule layouts and text styles, borders or backgrounds.
  • Supported: Menu-maker. Buildable menus and ads for tables and screens and the ability to showcase best-sellers and latest deals.
  • Supported: Unlimited downloads, custom fonts, and one-click background removal with PosterMyWall Premium.
  • Supported: Brand Kits: To keep branding consistent by saving all branding assets in one place.

PosterMyWall Screenshots

Screenshot of 170,000+ templates for social media, web, and print. Customizable with huge selection of image and video stock, or upload one's own.Screenshot of PosterMyWall’s easy-to-use editor is available to non-technical users.Screenshot of Creative elements can be added to designs to breakthrough the clutter.Screenshot of Features tools to speed design.Screenshot of Designs  can be shared to customers instantly.Screenshot of Premium features unlimited downloads, teams, one-click background removal, and priority customer support.

PosterMyWall Videos

PosterMyWall enables small businesses to create stunning promotional content, and share it using in-built email and social media tools.
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PosterMyWall Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mobile Web
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Afrikaans, Bahasa, Indonesia, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, IsiZulu, Italiano, Nederlands, Polskie Português, Русский Tagalog, ไทย 简体中文 (中国

Frequently Asked Questions

PosterMyWall in San Mateo offers their digital marketing technology, providing graphics and templates for users to deploy across social media in posts or via digital signage (e.g. menus).

PosterMyWall starts at $8.33.

Canva, Adobe Express, and VistaCreate are common alternatives for PosterMyWall.

The most common users of PosterMyWall are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

PosterMyWall is a versatile design tool that has become a go-to choice for marketing directors and professionals looking to create professional-looking graphics quickly. Users appreciate the simplicity of PosterMyWall compared to larger design programs, finding it easy to navigate and use. With its wide range of design templates, marketing materials like social media graphics, posters, invites, and flyers can be created with ease, making it a valuable tool for various design needs.

One of the standout features that users love is the photo background remover tool. This powerful feature simplifies the process of creating visually appealing graphics by allowing users to easily remove backgrounds from photos. Educational institutions, such as admissions, communications, and marketing departments, have embraced PosterMyWall to create engaging posts for social media and websites. It has also become a popular choice for designing eye-catching posters for student organizations covering areas like athletics, academics, and fundraising.

The time-saving nature of PosterMyWall is highly valued by businesses. It eliminates the need to spend weeks working on a single project while still providing customizable graphics quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the mobile interface of PosterMyWall receives high praise from users who appreciate being able to make quick edits on the go from their mobile devices. The software's comprehensive design capabilities also make it an attractive alternative to more complex software like Photoshop for simple tasks. Whether in the legal industry or external relations departments, PosterMyWall helps create professional-level media without requiring the skills of a professional designer.

Organizations across various industries leverage PosterMyWall's email marketing tools to reach out to board members and potential investors effectively. The software's ability to create eye-catching flyers and graphics helps draw attention and raise awareness about services and upcoming events. Users particularly value PosterMyWall's creativity and quick message design capabilities which make information easily readable and engaging. Overall, PosterMyWall solves the challenges associated with creating professional-quality graphics quickly, making it an indispensable tool for individuals and businesses alike.

Clean and Easy-to-Use Interface: Many users have found the interface of PosterMyWall to be clean and easy-to-use, simplifying the design process. This intuitive and user-friendly platform allows users to navigate and complete their design tasks efficiently.

Wide Range of Design Options: Multiple reviewers mention that PosterMyWall offers a variety of creative templates for posters, social media creations, videos, mailers, and materials. The platform's versatility caters to different design needs, making it suitable for a wide range of projects and purposes.

Convenient Editing Tools: Several users appreciate the ease of use when it comes to editing features on PosterMyWall. The platform offers intuitive and accessible editing tools that allow users to customize and modify their designs according to their preferences without significant technical barriers.

Lag while dragging photos: Some users have experienced lag when trying to quickly drag photos within the software, which has hindered their editing process.

Limited options for free photos and graphics: Users feel that there should be more options available for free with the paid account, without requiring additional fees. They find the current selection of free photos and graphics to be limited.

Inaccurate spellcheck feature: The spellcheck feature in PosterMyWall is lacking in accuracy according to some users. They have found it to be unreliable and would like to see improvements in its functionality.

Users of PosterMyWall often recommend the following:

  • Utilize the wide range of templates and samples available on PosterMyWall to gain inspiration and guidance for designing posters and other content. Many users suggest searching the templates and samples on PosterMyWall to get an idea of the desired design.

  • Take advantage of PosterMyWall's user-friendly interface and versatile features to create various types of designs, such as posters, videos, and greeting announcements. Reviewers often recommend giving PosterMyWall a try for creating and designing posters, videos, and greeting announcements.

  • Try out the free version of PosterMyWall, as it is frequently used by users and can serve as a valuable stepping stone before opting for the full version. Customers commonly suggest trying the free version of PosterMyWall, as it is frequently used and may lead to purchasing the full version.

These recommendations highlight the value of using PosterMyWall's templates and samples for design inspiration, its user-friendly interface with versatile features, and the benefits of trying out the free version before making a purchase.

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