Privia's bid capture and proposal management tools are designed for companies handling RFPs / RFIs in the public sector. Privia offers both SMB and Enterprise products and pricing starts at $29 / month / user. - from a long time (really long time) userWe use Privia as a collaboration tool for approximately 500 users in developing responses to Request for Proposals for Federal, State, and Local Government systems. It allows us to provide centralized access to documents for users working throughout the world. It allows our version control, specific security as needed, and collaborative input and commenting on the documents.,The commenting feature in Privia is a unique feature that allows us to do frequent reviews with extended project teams to do reviews concurrently and quite successfully. It allowed us to be much more efficient and have more users to more fully participate in the review process. The version control feature works quite well for us, allowing us to completely avoid the common issues of over writing documents and loss of content. The delegate feature allows us to provide multiple users with control over the workspace. This allows us to be much more efficient with scheduling and control.,There can be occasional lag time when working on the Web Client. If you are copying workspaces off line for archival purposes, Privia will allow non-standard Windows file names. These files will then have to be renamed to copy them off the system. If you copy a folder off line, if you do not have at least view access to the file, it will simply not download without any error indicated.,10,Significant employee and team efficiency Faster review process allowing more team members to participate Much improved customer service for our users, who are mostly non-technical writer and managers,,7,Vendor implemented,10,10,Yes,We were on a very tight deadline to submit a multi-million dollar bid for a large state government organization. One of our project managers inadvertently deleted a workspace from the system. We contacted our Privia support team late on a Friday night and they were able to have the workspace restored within hours. We have since taken delete access away from everyone except the Administrators :),The commenting feature with it's links to the document is the most elegant functionality of this type I have ever used or even seen. My users think it's a miracle. The version control allows collaboration without those nagging file-over write problems The flexible security options allow Administrators excellent flexibility,Archiving entire workspaces from the system can be a bit cumbersome Since view access on files can be limited, even for Administrators, it can result in files within folders not downloading without an error message Privia allows non-Windows compatible characters to be used in file names, which can cause an issue when files are archived offline,10,10Never underestimate the power of CRMWe use Privia across the organization for the entire opportunity management process from business development leads through post-proposal submission. The main problem it addresses is configuration management of the myriad aspects of opportunity processes and procedures from the time a business development executive sees a lead twinkling in the eye of a customer to the herding of a large partnership team members involved in the many-hued review stage of the Shipley proposal process (or any other process you care to design in Privia's customizable workflow tool). Along the way, like the customizable workflow process, Privia gives the manager enormous flexibility in role assignments, role level security, internal and external user accessibility, automation and standardization of repeatable procedures, customization of data fields, and metadata search potential. I must add that it is not all things to all people and there are limits to this customization, but if you get that far you will be an appreciative user.,Easy to customize workflow process design with accountable and acceptor assignments, among other configurable properties, that can track the most demanding procedures and provide real-time reports on their status. Built-in browser toolbar that automates the capture of volumes of information on government (and private sector) opportunity postings on FBO, GovWinIQ, and others. Although there are some limitations, it has a powerful reporting capability that allows you to customize your view of the data by selecting fields and adding filtering to generate selected exportable data.,As mentioned in strengths, there are limitations to reporting in that some fields are not available or only available in one of the four report "types" when you'd like that field in another report type. Some fields are not selectable at all it would seem. My understanding is the Privia can accommodate further customization for each customer at a price, so even this limitation can be overcome. Privia has a great version control and commenting capability that includes commenting on graphics files, but the check-out and in process are not always intuitive to many of our users and require some hand-holding. In addition, the commenting capability, which supports concurrent users, produces an export to Word with comment fields but doesn't mark up the document itself - whether that is a blessing or a curse is really up to your team and editing style.,9,Improved efficiency in capturing opportunity data and keeping timely information available across the organization Improved senior management reporting capability for pipeline meetings,,10,5,1,Managing the business development pipeline Managing the proposal response process Reporting opportunity management to executive leadership,customizing the workflow for better monitoring,expanding the license base to include more users directly,No,Product Features Product Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,The only factor might be an extended trial utilization prior to decision but who has time to learn a system completely just for evaluation?,Vendor implemented,Yes,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,Lack of participation in training,9,10,The Privia stuff worked past normal working hours for us to make sure we were prepared and successfully implemented the most recent version upgrade.,Process Designer Administration and user account management Importing from outside opportunity sources,Metadata Customizing the Opportunity Info view of fields,9
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Score 9.7 out of 101
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9 Ratings
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Score 9.7 out of 101

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It is very intuitive and I found it very easy for my decidedly non-technical users to work with. Training was quite easy even for technophobes or complete newbies. I have a team of about 500 users on this system who are primarily writers and project managers, frequently not computer savvy at all.
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Privia's bid capture and proposal management tools are designed for companies handling RFPs / RFIs in the public sector. Privia offers both SMB and Enterprise products and pricing starts at $29 / month / user.
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