Referral Marketing Software

Referral Marketing Software Overview

What is Referral Marketing Software?

Referral marketing software helps companies promote their products and services by using their customer base as a source of leads. It harnesses the power of satisfied customers (word-of-mouth) to influence potential buyers and acquire new customers. Customers are incentivized to become advocates through a variety of rewards: points, vouchers, coupons, discounts, loyalty cards, free products, status perks, and sweepstakes entries.

These platforms automate referral campaigns, the enrolling, tracking, and rewarding of customers, sometimes including gamification to encourage engagement. It is related to and sometimes bundled with Affiliate software and Influencer Marketing software.

Referral marketing software can be embedded within a company’s website, in their social media pages, or integrated within their mobile applications. Social media is becoming a dominant force in this space and the use of referral apps is increasing.

Referral Marketing Software Features

Most referral marketing platforms will offer the following features:

  • Referral Campaign Management

  • Referral Tracking

  • Rewards Management

  • Customer / Contact Management

  • Gamification

  • Lead Engagement

  • Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Referral Templates

  • Fraud Protection

  • Analytics

  • Third-Party Integration

The software can be implemented on one or more of these platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mobile apps.

Referral Marketing Software Comparison

Before purchasing referral marketing software consider the following points:

  • Does it integrate with your CRM, Marketing Automation, and Email Marketing software? This is important for referral tracking efficiency and for keeping up-to-date and consistent information across your platforms.

  • Will you benefit from a product that is tailored for your specific industry? For example, some products are oriented toward retail, financial services, or manufacturing.

  • What are the channels you need to support?

  • Does it readily integrate with major eCommerce sites and social media?

  • Are you a B2B or a B2C company? A few products are geared specifically towards B2B referrals.

  • What analytics does it support? Does it provide intelligence regarding customer behavior and participation, top influencers, referral rates by channel, and revenue generated by campaigns?

Pricing Information

There is a wide range of pricing options depending upon the features. Several vendors offer scalable products with basic, intermediate, and enterprise versions. Costs can range from as low as $12 a month for entry-level offerings and up to $800 a month or more for enterprise products. Sometimes pricing is driven by the number of customers supported.

A few vendors will require that you contact them for a demo and quote. Some offer free trial versions. A small number offer one-time licensing fees of around $2,000.

Referral Marketing Products

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Customer Verified
Top Rated

AdvocateHub helps B2B marketers capture customer enthusiasm and use it to drive marketing and sales efforts. With AdvocateHub, B2B marketers build an advocate community and invite customers into it to complete “challenges” like referrals, reference calls or product reviews. As they…



Top Rated
Starting Price $799

Yotpo, an eCommerce marketing platform, helps brands accelerate direct-to-consumer growth. The single-platform approach integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and more. The vendor states that brands with Yotpo are empowered to create smarter, higher-…

Referral Factory

Referral Factory's referral marketing platform aims to enable users to build a referral program in under 5 minutes by giving users access to over 1000 pre-built referral program templates that can be duplicated and used on one's own.Referral Factory doesn't require users to install…

Referral Rock

Referral Rock

Starting Price $200

Referral Rock is referral marketing software that works alongside the user's business with the goal of helping them get more customers. Referral Rock allows users to automate the ask, nurture multiple shares, align incentives, convert to sales, then repeat. This approach aims to…



Starting Price $45

NiceJob is offers a platform that helps local businesses collect reviews from their customers and gain a greater presence on social media. According to the vendor, the product makes it easy to create a portfolio of great projects, and use photos to get more reviews on all major…

Ambassador Referral Marketing Platform (discontinued)

Ambassador was a referral marketing platform for teams to increase new customer acquisition, referrals and revenue by leveraging word-of-mouth. Ambassador automated enrolling, tracking, rewarding and managing customers, affiliates, influencers, partners and fans. Ambassador was acquired…


Tapfiliate, from the Amsterdam-based company of the same name, is software designed to allow users to create, track and grow an affiliate marketing program. Tapfiliate is for E-Commerce and SaaS, and the vendor states that it integrates seamlessly with a site in minutes allowing…


Ventaforce software helps direct selling companies to grow globally. A secured MLM software meant for entry to enterprise level direct selling companies, boasting the utmost security, as well as being hack-proof. Ventaforce's pluggable architecture aims to make it scalable & adaptable…

Mention Me

Mention Me works with 400+ brands worldwide to power their referral programs, including Farfetch, Ted Baker, Feel Unique, Avis and OVO Energy.The platform offers "Name Sharing" to capture real world conversations. Combined with other social sharing options this drives up to 35% more…



Starting Price $15

ReferralCandy is an email-based customer referral platform.



Starting Price $395

Everflow from the company of the same name in Mountain View is presented by the vendor as a smart partner marketing and tracking platform. Performance marketing has grown sophisticated, so the vendor has designed Everflow to help companies stay ahead. Everflow handles scale through…


PartnerStack is a partnerships platform built for SaaS, designed to deliver predictable revenue and accelerate growth for software businesses and their partners. The vendor states companies like Intercom, Webflow and use PartnerStack to manage and scale their partner…



Starting Price $9

Forewards is a platform that helps online retailers convert happy customers into an army of brand advocates. Online retailers can drive organic customer acquisition through word of mouth recommendations spread through social media, and drive improved customer loyalty by rewarding…

Annex Cloud Referral Marketing Cloud

Annex Cloud (formerly Social Annex) headquartered in Los Angeles offers the Referral Marketing Cloud, emphasizing customer-to-customer referrals and rewards as a means to increase volume of business and revenue.

Omnistar Local

Omnistar Local is online referral marketing software designed for local storefronts. It enables businesses to set up their own customer referral program: existing customers sign up to be referral partners by registering with their email addresses, and promoting the business on social…



Starting Price $14

Tropix is a set of tools designed to enable businesses to interact with their website visitors and web customers. Users can run surveys, polls, notifications, feedback, sweepstakes and referral programs on their site. This solution includes a template design that doesn’t require…

Zinrelo Referral Program

Zinrelo’s Referral Program is a referral marketing solution. The vendor says that users will see an increase of up to 15% in traffic and sales.

Reppify Talent

Reppify Talent is a referral marketing software solution built specifically on using employee connections as referrals.


Queue is a viral brand advocacy and activation platform for amplifying demand generation, organic referral acquisition, revenue acceleration, customer loyalty, community engagement, and brand awareness. Platform integrates cross-channel marketing automation with social media, actions,…



Starting Price $149

NextBee headquartered in California offers a referral marketing and customer loyalty platform supporting incentive management with rules configurator and reward distribution, and program management console with segmentation and campaign analytics.


Amplifinity in Ann Arbor offers a referral and customer advocacy platform encompassing branded workflow for engaging brand advocates, gift card and incentive management, partner management with advocate management by partner, partner registration and co-branding, and other features.…


Aklamio is a European referral marketing solution for enterprise customers. Key capabilities include Refer-a-Friend, Member-Gets-Member, and Employee-Gets-Member campaign, as well as job referrals of more than 3.000 brands. The vendor says it generates sales uplifts of 20 percent…

Ingram Micro Cloud Referral

Ingram Micro offers Cloud Referral via the Ingram Micro Cloud, a solution for salespersons of cloud services to earn commission on referral business.

Epixel MLM Software

Epixel is a multi-level marketing software product, designed for network marketing organizations that need to manage direct sales as well as recruitment commissions. Epixel MLM Software aims to let an organization manage, control, and organize the entire MLM system with premium features…

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Referral Marketing Software do?

Referral marketing software leverages the power of satisfied customers to acquire new customers and sales. It motivates customers to become brand ambassadors by rewarding their participation. It automates referral campaigns, provides customer tracking and sales intelligence.

What are the benefits of using Referral Marketing Software?

  • Increased sales and conversions
  • Customers driving sales can cut your sales expenses
  • Expanded market reach
  • Increased social shares
  • Increased subscriptions, registrations, and app installs
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Flags and blocks fraudulent referrals
  • Centralized management in one platform
  • Analytics
  • measures the effectiveness of your referral campaign
  • identifies which referral programs are best for different customer categories
  • optimizes rewards

How much does Referral Marketing cost?

Feature and capacity-driven pricing range from $12 a month to over $800 a month. Free trial versions are often provided. Some vendors will require a quote request.