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What is Workamajig?

Workamajig is a project management system with capabilities such as file sharing, resource management, and revenue projection.

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Workamajig is a versatile software that has become critical to businesses for a variety of reasons. Users utilize Workamajig for …
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8 out of 10
June 21, 2016
We are using Workamajig as our project management database for all projects in our agency. We use to manage timelines, estimates, billing …
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Project Management

Project management software provides capabilities to streamline management of complex projects through task management, team collaboration and workflow automation

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Product Details

What is Workamajig?

Workamajig is a cloud-based HTML5 project management solution designed for creative ad agencies and in-house advertising teams of all sizes. Key features include opportunity tracking, project management, time tracking, resource management and complete finance and accounting.

Workamajig enables users to create project tasks, assign them to people and collaborate on these tasks from a single message portal. The creative management functionality of the solution allows users to create project schedules, manage freelancers and track time spent on each project with the help of automated timesheets.

Workamajig also features resource management, which allows users to plan and execute their marketing schedules and monitor all the ongoing projects from a single portal.

This product helps creative agencies manage all the aspects of their businesses starting from finance management and revenue forecasting, scaling all the way up to customized management reporting and profitability assessment.

Available on per user per month subscription, it offers support via phone and email.

Workamajig Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Workamajig is a project management system with capabilities such as file sharing, resource management, and revenue projection.

Workamajig starts at $41.

ADVANTAGE, Basecamp, and Function Point Productivity Software are common alternatives for Workamajig.

Reviewers rate Project & financial reporting highest, with a score of 8.9.

The most common users of Workamajig are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Dacia Coffey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Workamajig for estimating, billing, financial reporting, time tracking, and project management. Our team uses it as do a few of our contractors. It helped us unify our financials to the estimates, projects, and scope of work. Running financial statements is so easy now, although the setup is cumbersome. It integrates to Box so all of our files are permanently stored.
  • I like being able to run my financials immediately anytime I want.
  • The estimating function is great and it's easy to turn an estimate into a live project.
  • I like that it integrates with Box.
  • It's an extremely robust tool for a good price.
  • They are constantly releasing updates.
  • I love that you can customize your chart of accounts easily to get the best structure for your accounting. This solved a lot of problems for us.
  • The interface is not great, nor is it intuitive.
  • The setup is very cumbersome. You need to be committed to making this an integral part of your company, and you must identify a power user to take ownership of learning how to troubleshoot and continuing to optimize its usage. This is a huge responsibility.
  • The system is so complex that it's not easy to keep learning new modules. The project management functionality includes gannt charts, budgeting, reviews, and client access, but we've never been able to get those to work smoothly.
  • It has a projected revenue functionality that has never worked as it should and we've never gotten the support we needed to get it there, so we just had to give up trying.
If you're looking for a system to help you address accounting that's not suited for marketing agency structures, this is the right tool. It is a bit cumbersome, but it has streamlined our reporting, billing, estimating, and tracking. As for project management, it's great that it integrates with the estimating and finances, but it's just not enjoyable to use. The interface is clunky. So if project management is your main criteria, I'd choose something else. We would never use it to collaborate with clients either because I'd be afraid of making them frustrated by the tool, so we use Basecamp to do that.
December 03, 2019

A Reliable Tool.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used as a timesheet submission tool as well as a budget tracker and project timeline tracker.
  • Project management.
  • Billing and finance.
  • Time tracking.
  • Use interface.
  • Functionality.
  • Accessibility.
It is very well suited for project management and account services. It isn't very useful for the Creative department.
Scott Millen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Workamajig is an internal creative department and/or creative agency-specific project management and accounting software package. As such, it addresses the specific needs of these organizations. We are using it as a start-to-finish life of the project system. That is, we use it to track prospects, convert them into contacts, estimate projects, convert projects, manage projects, and do all of the associated accounting within the system. This has a full GL system, although it does not do taxes or payroll. There is no built-in credit card processing. All invoicing comes out of this system.
  • WMJ is a full-stack solution, so you can track the life of a project from beginning to end, and all of the financials associated with it.
  • Time entry is easy.
  • Project management is robust and yields a tremendous amount of information.
  • WMJ has a "sheets"-based interface, which makes navigating thru modules easier.
  • There is more than one way to complete any particular task.
  • WMJ's interface is dated. Despite an html5 driven "sheets"-based interface, it takes a lot of time and effort to manage the interface, which could be streamlined considerably. On a UX/UI scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, WMJ would earn a 6 from me.
  • Despite the amount of documentation available, there is a distinct lack of clarity in that documentation, and it doesn't fully cover everything you would expect. Branching thoughts, for instance, are not addressed. Additionally, because there are two editions of the software online, there are two support sites that aren't sequestered. So information from both commingles, creating confusion.
  • Support is available on an email and phone basis. They strongly encourage you to use email, however, and they are resistant to phone time. This is likely because the support staff is limited in number, but has a great depth of knowledge. If you want immediate phone support, however, YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK. You are placed in a queue and the odds of same-day help are low. For email, the response is usually within an hour, but when you are stuck with a configuration issue, or need to generate a report and don't know how to do something, waiting is not optimal. That said, the support team is TERRIFIC.
if you're managing more than 30 projects at a time, and have a minimum of 10 employees, WMJ is great. If you want a full end-to-end, integrated solution with strong reporting, WMJ is great. If you're tired of switching between FreshBooks, Teamwork Projects, and Trello, WMJ is for you. If your workload is below this, look elsewhere. If you have a low tolerance for middling interfaces, look elsewhere. If you love integrations with other SaaS platforms, you're out of luck here.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Workamajig (WMJ) is being used across our entire company, though each department utilizes it for slightly different purposes. On the whole, we use it all for time tracking, project management, budgets and financial reports, task management, group assignments, and scheduling. It helps multiple departments be able to access information from one source, though we also have multiple other tools that we utilize and the data is not always also cleanly shared into Workamajig but some of this may be less issue on WMJ and rather internal process issues.
  • The Platinum version has a particularly robust time tracking system, down to a 'timer' function that can be critical for an agency like mine where you want to be accountable for billing a client arruately
  • The ability to make projects available only to those who are permitted to assign their time to it has apparently been very helpful during our revenue reconciliation meetings where time incurred is reviewed against scope
  • The mobile app, while I still feel needs some work, is pretty handy for a quick calendar check if I'm in a client meeting and cannot utilize my browser to get information
  • The user-throttling is one of my biggest issues. I feel there needs to be a third level of permissions allowed, the first being "on project, can edit and assign", the second being "not on project, cannot see or interact with project" and the third being a "read-only" type of permission where someone should at least be able to SEE all projects currently open, even if not assign their time to it
  • The integration with Microsoft 365 seems problematic at best, and our IT company hasn't come up with any resolutions. Ever since switching from the Gmail/Google Suite platform to 365, many of us are getting 2-5 notifications per meeting and our Outlook calendars are not syncing correctly
  • For the web app, I'd really like to see a condensed "hamburger" type menu that simply lists items, rather than the more graphic user interface that can make it diffiicult to find what I want. For example- if I sign in I'd like to see a top level dropdown that simply says "Calendar" and then prompts me if further breakouts are need (All vs Creatives, etc). I feel it's not a very intuitive mobile experience right now, taking its layouts and architecture pretty directly from the web version
I think this holds true to almost any CRM, but if you want to truly utilize it you sort of need to go all in. This can become tough with WMJ because it doesn't offer some critical options that many other CRMs do, like the ability to create and send emails, e-newsletters, to throttle and invite outside clients to look at projects, etc. As such we're pairing Workamajig with Hubspot (and slowly phasing out Mailchimp) and trying to keep the data clean and flowing between them all is pretty tough. I'm also not aware of any API bridge from Wordpress to Workamajig so while I can program and feed my leads from my site into the other spaces, Workamajig remains a manual entry for any insertions you want, even if simply as a CSV import.

But - if you're not worried about that and simply want to manage projects, budget time, and scope things, it's a robust system allowing you to do so.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used this across the entire organization. This was used to track project completion, time towards projects for billing, and employee workload. The project managers built out each project and assigned the resources. The individual contributors then billed time against the project and could see the hours allocated toward each task. This allowed for understanding availability and deadlines.
  • Project time allocation
  • Project management
  • Task designation
  • Time tracking by individual contributors
  • Project task dependencies
  • Needs more intuitive interface
This is definitely well-suited for any agency. When needing to keep track of time for billing and time spent against a project this is a good solution. Project managers will find it easy to understand project burn rate and be able to add tasks. Individual contributors will easily see where they are with their allocated hours for a task or project.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Workamajig (JIG) is the managing tool that is used by the internal agency for MGM Resorts International. Everyone's name was in Workamajig and that's how we'd keep track of literally everything. Our projects, individual assignments, research, etc. We had project managers who would adjust the schedule but everyone inside the agency had access to seeing the schedule populated in Workamajig. Once your task was complete you'd mark it off in JIG and it would move to the next person.
  • Outlines a clear schedule - You know when to expect certain things to give the client a close estimate on project review and completion.
  • Keeps track of timesheets - Through JIG, you could keep track of how much time a certain project was taking you and that time would be reflected on your timesheet. Made filling out weekly timesheets much easier.
  • Able to select project owner - Every person on our team was on the JIG schedule but it was clear to see who the project owner was.
  • Auto-schedule population - The most inconvenient thing about using JIG was that the dates wouldn't auto-populate. Example: I move the review date but the rest of the dates stay the same. Depending on each project level, if one date is adjusted the rest should update as well. That way we aren't spending a lot of time moving dates around manually.
  • Notifications - JIG should have desktop notifications so we can see when tasks are on us even when we aren't in JIG.
Workamajig is well suited for advertising accounts because it is the one-stop-shop to keep all projects moving forward. It's easy to keep track of who the task is currently on and the dates are great to provide to the client. It would be less appropriate for ongoing projects since JIG has so many dates to input.
December 03, 2018

Great Tool

Annie Koelker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Workamajig is used company-wide. It has become extremely critical to our business. After using it for several years, it's grown to be a super resource for referencing past jobs (for timelines, hours spent, designers on the project, etc) and even quoting new ones.
  • Workamajig makes working remotely easier because all details of jobs are housed on the program.
  • Workamajig provides a way for anyone to look up any job and be able to check statuses or even pick up where the last person left off.
  • As a designer, Workamajig has streamlined communication between the design team, account managers and accounting departments.
  • Workamajig allows me to clearly understand my schedule so I can focus on my work as a designer!
  • There's not much room to customize the way my task list looks (ex. hiding columns, etc).
  • Sometime it's difficult to sort through a super-deep page of conversations. It'd be nice to be able to"hide" posts that weren't relevant to me or highlight important information.
  • The place to unapprove a timesheet is very hidden. However, it's not something users do normally, so it's not a huge issue.
I'd say Workamajig is great for mid-sized agencies like ours. Controlling the way users use Workamajig is important and if our business was much larger it could be difficult to streamline.
Eric Kammer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Workamajig to streamline all of our marketing processes. This helps coordinate the people fulfilling the jobs with the marketing managers that are ordering the jobs on behalf of our clients. It's useful to get insights into timelines and where projects are at. We also use it to pull trends in marketing orders.
  • Detailed scheduling for project management
  • Moving a task through a set process from one person to another
  • Being able to take a look at all jobs from a high level view to see where there are interruptions or pain points
  • The interface isn't as intuitive as I would like, i.e. double clicking doesn't open a work order, you need to highlight then go to the menu and select jump to project
  • Mobile support is practically non existent. in my position i'm constantly on the go and being able to use a mobile app to check project statuses

Workamajig is great for larger workforces. We currently have anywhere from 10-15 people involved in different stages of a project. This really helps coordinate both comunication as well as work flow. You can have one person take point and help move processes along. It also has helped us create a more streamlined process and helps keep people from dropping the ball along the way.

The biggest area for improvement in my eyes is the lack mobile capability.

Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Workamajig was used for four years in my organization before they recently moved to a different project management system. Workamajig was utilized by the entire marketing department, which consisted of interactive marketing, direct mail, trade shows, art department, and copy writing. The purpose of using Workamajig was to allow for our team to submit project requests, build project timelines out of those requests, assign tasks to different department members, and report on project results.

  • Project Request submission. This is a feature that is difficult to find in other Project Management tools, and we have looked at several dozen while researching the latest products on the market. Project Requests allow a project manager to fill out what type of project is needed, then the Marketing Lead would receive an email with the Request data, and easily turn this request into a full-fledged Project.
  • The customization is very good. Workamajig staff will work with your organization to determine exactly what features your team needs, and then customize the project experience catered to your organization. You can choose which data to display, what fields to fill in, how to organize each project, and so forth.
  • It is not an intuitive system. It is Flash-based, so you won't be able to access and run it fully on some mobile devices. There is no drag and drop functionality, and some features are hidden deep behind several clicks. The learning curve is steep.
  • The reporting feature leaves much to be desired. The data that the out-of-the-box reports contain is very limited, and does not offer solid cumulative metrics across multiple projects. Of course there are third-party add-ons that improve the reporting experience, but those incur an additional cost, and Workamajig is already on the high end of price points. Customizable reports are an option, but the system is convoluted, difficult to navigate, and very difficult to update.
  • Managing project timelines is a harrowing experience. Workamajig offers many ways to view your timeline and upcoming task schedule, such as Gantt charts, but the process of updating the timelines when your scope inevitably changes is very tedious. Again, this is a Flash program, and it runs rather slow, and doesn't always do what you want. I've even resorted to using a separate scheduling application (Smartsheet) to avoid managing the timeline in Workamajig.
It's tough to recommend after demoing several other new products on the market, such as Workfront. However, as stated above, Workamajig is one of the only programs that comes pre-built with a Project Request feature that can be submitted by a PM, and the details emailed to potential Marketing Leads who can turn these requests into full-fledged projects, with attached assets, timelines, due dates, categorizations, assigned departments and task workers, etc. This tool would be good to use for a department that manages many projects at once across different programs, but it's difficult to recommend after having experienced poor reporting and Flash-restrictive scenarios.
June 21, 2016


Casey Gold | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Workamajig as our project management database for all projects in our agency. We use to manage timelines, estimates, billing and purchase orders. This was implemented a year ago in our agency to combine a few different software platforms handling different aspects of the life of a project into one platform that can be customized to the agency's needs. We now have all departments using the same software allowing easier access for different teams to review all aspects of a project.
  • Customization of the software with a team of people to update/change to each customer's needs
  • Has the ability to be a robust system with different add-ons
  • The program can be learned quickly
  • the timeline feature is not intuitive- it does not allow you to have different timelines interconnected with other projects and makes it different to put a large scale plan in place.
  • They do not have a mobile app and the mobile page's functionality is not very intuitive.
  • Workamajig requires a lot of up front training to know/understand all of the functionalities and can take away from team productivity.
This is a good piece of software for mid-size companies looking for a project management system to streamline the back end of projects.
Michael Daehn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Workamajig to manage internal projects.
  • Tracking and assigning projects.
  • Placing time and resource values on projects.
  • Keeping diary notes on projects.
  • The whole system is built in Flash which is an outdated technology.
  • While it is in the browser window, some useful browser functions are blocked.
  • Icons are hard to read and understand.
  • The system requires a lot of manual input - If you complete a project you have to mark it complete in multiple places instead of it updating itself.
Workamajig does help you keep track of projects. It is probably better for an agency than an internal project management tool.
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