Digital contracts is the future and PandaDoc brings that future very intuitively to your grasp!
Updated March 15, 2022

Digital contracts is the future and PandaDoc brings that future very intuitively to your grasp!

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Overall Satisfaction with PandaDoc

We are using PandaDoc as part of our initiative to digitalize all our contracts. We used to have quite some manual work in creating draft contracts via templates on word document and further amending it to suit our client every time. Managing these templates across different users was also becoming challenging too, which is why PandaDoc's impact was immense.
  • Digitalizing contracts.
  • Audit trails on signatures.
  • Assigning signees including open fields such as texts.
  • Single source of templates.
  • Better engine to generate templates from PPT not just Word.
  • Easily activate expired documents from main view.
  • Time savings in creating documents.
  • Single source for template management/use.
  • Better customer journey in contract signing.
  • Digital storage of all contracts in one location.
  • Audit trail.
Reusable templates is quite a positive impact but more so the integration with Pipedrive that allows us to generate contracts with only a few clicks and have it sent is a major contributor to efficiency, experience and automation as well. The ability to assign certain fields to individuals to add information or signatures on is also a great tool. Also using the tokens of field names from Pipedrive to automatically populate on the contract is a great tool in automation and efficiency.
For us the current main use is digitalizing the contracts and e-signatures which is the future of businesses especially with the pandemic still looming. Having a mobile friendly e-signature allow our client to sign anywhere on the go, including internal signatures.
It is quite simple and easy to look at. The design flow is meant not to distract the signer and keep focus on the actual contents of the document which is critical.
  • Internal onboarding of staff.
  • NDA signatures.
  • Acknowledgement letters.
To be honest the competition is quite tight but where PandaDoc has excelled was in the integrations with sales CRM/pipeline software and how easy it is to convert a sales lead into a contract, and automatically feeding this information back into your sales pipeline to retain history on your deals. The ease of use of the interface and process on getting the signatures was also a major contributing factor.
It works extremely well when requiring digitalizing of your contracts and is quite easy and intuitive to use. The integration with sales pipelines such as Pipedrive has made our processes within the company much more efficient and productive. The only downside is if you use ppt as a source of contracts since it is much easier to play around with templates you will end up having a pdf that is non editable which will require quite some back and forth if there are edits to your templates.

PandaDoc Experience

Not at the moment, but we are working on implementing this as part of our second phase of digitalizing all paperwork. In essence this solution would work perfectly since we have used this as part of our contract signatures so I trust that the product will work to its best form :)
Because this PandaDoc can work on digitalizing paperwork in all various departments. From Finance to HR to interdepartmental work sign off, to sign offs on project scope of work as well so you can really use this in any form of way that requires an approval stage or vetting process