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AlienVault OSSIM

If this is your first experience with a SIEM, this one can get you started. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of the product and you'll most likely be satisfied with it if your company is an SMB. If you need compliance reports, OSSIM is too small for you, you'll need to go with USM or USM Anywhere.
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Feature Rating Comparison

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

AlienVault OSSIM
Centralized event and log data collection
AlienVault OSSIM
AlienVault OSSIM
Event and log normalization
AlienVault OSSIM
Deployment flexibility
AlienVault OSSIM
Integration with Identity and Access Management Tools
AlienVault OSSIM
Custom dashboards and views
AlienVault OSSIM
Host and network-based intrusion detection
AlienVault OSSIM


AlienVault OSSIM

  • Most of the configuration comes out-of-the-box suited for most environments. Setting it up is really easy, with the wizard, you can have it working in less than 3 hours of deployment, without counting asset installation.
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards are really useful. You can modify or add new widgets to suit your needs, but you'll most likely agree with what already comes configured.
  • The tickets feature for handling alarms is really easy to use.
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AlienVault OSSIM

  • The correlation directives that come out of the box are very few. I understand more correlation directives are a premium product, but one can hardly see the value of having very few. It makes new customers think they will not get better directives when they switch to the full USM or USM Anywhere.
  • Same with reports, the few reports it comes out of the box can be retrieved using other tools that are better prepared for the task. I understand that compliance reports aren't free, but at least I'd expect more security reports.
  • The OTX tab in dashboards sometimes takes too long to load, even if you have a fast internet and plenty of resources in the VM.
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AlienVault OSSIM

AlienVault OSSIM 8.0
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AlienVault OSSIM is far easy to use and manage - provided you know what you're doing. As any SIEM application, there is some background knowledge required in order to take advantage of the product's functionalities, such as the log correlation and analysis. Other than that, the application is quite usable and robust.
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Alternatives Considered

AlienVault OSSIM

AlienVault OSSIM as the first experience with a SIEM is very fine, especially if your company is an SMB. Every SIEM shares some features in common with other products, features such as log retrieval and normalization. So if you stick with principles, you can learn other SIEM products as well. If your environment is not of a minimum size, LogRhythm might be overkill for your network, same with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.
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Return on Investment

AlienVault OSSIM

  • Since it's free, ROI has been positive in terms of money. In time cost and engineer time, it has been also very cheap to implement since it's very easy to get it running.
  • As a learning tool, for ACSE certification, it has also been very useful, since it shares a lot with the USM appliance installation.
  • As a test environment, again, it shares a lot with the USM appliance installation, so if you have a USM also and you don't want to test things over your production environment, testing with OSSIM first has been a good way to mitigate possible bad effects.
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AlienVault OSSIM


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