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AlienVault OSSIM

If this is your first experience with a SIEM, this one can get you started. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of the product and you'll most likely be satisfied with it if your company is an SMB. If you need compliance reports, OSSIM is too small for you, you'll need to go with USM or USM Anywhere.
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Feature Rating Comparison

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

AlienVault OSSIM
Centralized event and log data collection
AlienVault OSSIM
AlienVault OSSIM
Event and log normalization
AlienVault OSSIM
Deployment flexibility
AlienVault OSSIM
Integration with Identity and Access Management Tools
AlienVault OSSIM
Custom dashboards and views
AlienVault OSSIM
Host and network-based intrusion detection
AlienVault OSSIM


AlienVault OSSIM

  • Asset discovery. Once installed in a centric, network-accessible server, OSSIM can poll all your endpoints with common protocols (SSH, SNMP, WMI) to detect and discover site-wide assets to monitor. You only need to group them by your own criteria once added to the product.
  • SIEM Event Correlation. You can define quite complex correlation rules to detect possible suspicious or malicious actions or attempts in your network, in order to categorize them as real threats or as false positives, thus streamlining your risk assessment and management.
  • Ease of installation. The entire AlienVault OSSIM is self-contained in an ISO file, which can be burned into a DVD or just mounted in your server of choice (physical or virtual) for deployment. The installation process is automated and quote verbosed, with options for static IP, email messaging and others.
  • Ease of access. Being AlienVault OSSIM a self-contained appliance, it can be accessed via web by any device that supports a web browser, being that desktops, workstation, mobile devices, etc. The OSSIM dashboard and other features are automatically rearranged to adapt to the particular device being in use.
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AlienVault OSSIM

  • Reporting is not the greatest. I had internal developers take data and create some reports that better fit my needs.
  • Navigation through the vulnerability scans is not ideal.
  • Asset management is also cumbersome to navigate through.
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AlienVault OSSIM

AlienVault OSSIM 8.0
Based on 1 answer
AlienVault OSSIM is far easy to use and manage - provided you know what you're doing. As any SIEM application, there is some background knowledge required in order to take advantage of the product's functionalities, such as the log correlation and analysis. Other than that, the application is quite usable and robust.
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AlienVault OSSIM

AlienVault OSSIM 9.5
Based on 2 answers
AlienVault OSSIM support has been very good. I have not had an issue that they were not able to quickly identify and provide a fix for. They are very quick to respond to open cases and are very knowledgeable in the product, which makes troubleshooting issues fast and solutions are provided quickly.
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Alternatives Considered

AlienVault OSSIM

Best bang for the buck. Darktrace did not perform even close to AlienVault. I ran them concurrently. AlienVault consistently found issues that Darktrace didn't pick up, and the Darktrace incidents were false positives. At one point, Darktrace stated I had 2,000 servers and I have 112.FortiSIEM is an awesome package but it's more then I need (or can afford). I would need to add staff, for at least the first year or so, just to get it setup and configured correctly.
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Return on Investment

AlienVault OSSIM

  • The only investment here is setting it up and I think seeing it's performance it's a fantastic tool and has a great positive ROI!
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AlienVault OSSIM


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