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Vault Verify

Vault Verify creates value for HR by establishing a real-time API integration with all major HCM platforms. The Vault EDGe Gateway eliminates mass offsite data storage and provides up-to-the-second accurate information. Vault Verify also offers an automated employment and income…

OneSource Virtual

OneSource Virtual is a provider of Workday services, solutions, and products for over 850 customers around the world. Payroll, finance, benefits, and HR solutions, purpose-built for Workday technology and specially designed to give customers access to deeper data insights.

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JobDiva is a global applicant tracking system (ATS) and front-to-back talent management solution. JobDiva combines a CRM, synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, BI analytics, a mobile app, and a resume database. JobDiva also advertises unique search filters…


XpertHR is an HR resources provider that centralizes and provides access to policies, legal advice, data information, and insights for HR professionals. These may include employment manuals, policies and documents of interest, how to guides for employees, or podcasts, and webinars.…

ADP Vantage HCM

ADP Vantage HCM is a platform combining HR, payroll, benefits, talent management and time & attendance. ADP promotes dedicated HR representatives to work with businesses.

OneSource Virtual

OneSource Virtual is a provider of Workday services, solutions, and products for over 850 customers around the world. Payroll, finance, benefits, and HR solutions, purpose-built for Workday technology and specially designed to give customers access to deeper data insights.

Vault Verify

Vault Verify creates value for HR by establishing a real-time API integration with all major HCM platforms. The Vault EDGe Gateway eliminates mass offsite data storage and provides up-to-the-second accurate information. Vault Verify also offers an automated employment and income…


For businesses that are rapidly, seasonally, or just plain constantly hiring, WorkBright aims to take the cumbersome and traditionally paper-heavy process of onboarding and puts it all online. They make it possible for new employees to fill out their W4s, upload photos of licenses…


Enboarder headquartered in Sydney offers their HR workflow automation suite with inbuilt employee engagement features. Enboarder is designed to smooth the employee onboarding process, integrating with a wide range of applications including ATS and HR systems (SuccessFactors,…


Workstream is a text recruiting and hiring tool for local businesses, especially restaurants. The company, headquartered in San Francisco, aims to help users to hire faster with texting / SMS, cutting in half the time to engage, hire and onboard hourly workers. Plans include technology…

PeopleDoc / UKG HR Service Delivery (discontinued)

PeopleDoc, later UKG HR Service Delivery, was an HR Service Delivery platform used to improve HR agility and ease compliance management. The product is to be discontinued, and will no longer be available for sale.


The greytHR Platform is a suite of cloud HR solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It offers productivity tools for people management, simpler HR processes, and professional delivery of HR services. The Employee Portal for the manager and employee self-service supports…

Optimum Solutions HRIS (discontinued)

Optimum Solutions, Inc. was a software development company providing Payroll, Human Resources, and Time & Attendance software for both the IBM iSeries (AS/400) and Microsoft Windows platforms or in the cloud. In October 2019 they were acquired by Kronos, Inc (now UKG after merging…

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery contains a full HRSD suite of applications, supporting HR case management, HR document retention, enterprise onboarding and transition support, and also employee self-service with intelligence agent.

Certent Equity Management

Certent Equity Compensation Management, now part of Insightsoftware since the January 21 acquisition, helps companies stay compliant in the administration of equity awards and grants.

Infor Human Resources

Infor Human Resources cloud-based human capital management software solutions replaces complex processes, workflows, and systems with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology, allowing HR professionals to deliver streamlined workforce processes. The suite evolves from Infor's acquisition…

Bullhorn Talent Platform

A talent experience and self-service solution that combines automation and AI, multi-channel engagement, and self-service capabilities, a solution by Bullhorn to elevates a brand and its service offering, drive redeployment, and bring down the cost of talent acquisition.

NEOGOV Onboard

NEOGOV's Onboard is an HR solution that enables new hires to become more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining new hire paper work, processes and training.

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite is a cloud-based HR service delivery platform from Austin-based Dovetail Software.

Exenta HRMS

Exenta HRMS is a unique platform that is designed to integrate and automate the entire workforce management process into a one-stop business information system. Exenta has twenty well-defined modules that can track, optimize and streamline every aspect of HCM. The vendor’s value…

Deloitte Human Capital Platform

Deloitte Human Capital Management is a human resources practice area provided by the global consulting company Deloitte.

CEIPAL WorkForce

Ceipal enables users to integrate and manage the talent acquisition lifecycle, to simplify, scale, and transform any high-growth business into a diverse talent powerhouse. Ceipal serves over 2,500+ customers and 120,000 recruiters globally.

Experian Employer Services

Experian Employer Services (including services from the former CIC Plus, acquired by Experian in 2022) is presented as a comprehensive suite of employer services designed to streamline workforce management and improve the employee lifecycle within the organization.


CIPHR is a comprehensive human resources (HR) suite designed to handle the complete employee lifecycle for businesses and organizations in the U.K. It offers functionality for a variety of HR needs, including core employee tracking, payroll, benefits administration, recruiting, training…


Sentrifugo is a free and open source HRMS from Sapplica Inc. This solution was launched in 2014. The vendor aims to help organizations streamline their HR processes and do away with manual paperwork. Additionally, the vendor says their solution can accommodate up to 5000 users.…

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AnnounceBot is a personalized and automated assistant in MS Teams. It helps to welcome new team members and wish them on their birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. It can be used for onboarding employees and staying connected whether working in an office or remotely.…

OTRS HR Management

OTRS for HR Management offers automated HR processes for application management and training requests to support onboarding tasks. The solution provides an external portal to make HR processes accessible, with the goal of improving applicants´ and employees´ HR experience. This…

Learn More About HR Service Delivery Software

What is HR Service Delivery Software?

HR Service Delivery, also called HR service management, software provides a centralized, secure environment where employees, managers and HR professionals can access information regarding on-boarding, compensation, and corporate information and policies. HR service delivery focuses on helping organizations respond to and resolve employee requests, questions, and issues around HR more quickly and efficiently. These products can be loosely considered an HR equivalent of service management functions found in other departments, such as IT service management or support desks. However, HR service delivery software is more tailored to specific HR needs, such as handling sensitive data, providing specific subject matter expertise, and offering more prebuilt workflows for common HR cases.

These products traditionally help organizations implement a tiered model of HR service delivery. In this model, employees first arrive at self-service knowledge bases, which can handle frequently asked questions or concerns. From there, employees can escalate their case as necessary to the proper level of authority and expertise, which can then resolve the issue at hand.

HR service delivery software offers a range of benefits, especially to large organizations and enterprises. These products enable much more employee self-service when addressing HR questions. When self-service isn’t sufficient, these tools can provide more rapid resolutions to employee requests. They also offer more automated, 24/7 resources for employees, in addition to organizations’ 9-5 support personnel. Finally, HR service delivery software gives more transparency into HR cases’ statuses and resolutions. This is particularly important at larger organizations with more bureaucracy and higher frequencies of complex HR cases.

HR Service Delivery vs. HR Management Software

HR Service Delivery products can often overlap with, or be subsections of, broader HR management suites. HR management focuses on providing the core data platform that HR departments use to execute core HR processes, like payroll, as well as strategic HR functions, like performance management. In contrast, HR service delivery software shapes how employees engage with specific HR functions. HR service delivery provides resources for resolving employee issues around HR effectively and quickly, with fewer manual HR resources involved. Effective HR service delivery tools should integrate smoothly with HR management platforms to properly leverage that system’s HR data.

HR Service Delivery Comparison

Consider these factors when comparing HR service delivery options:

  • Point Solution vs. HR Suite: Consider whether existing suites, such as HR management platforms, can also effectively deliver HR services to the organization, or if a point solution is necessary. Point solutions may have more advanced knowledge base and workflow capabilities, but may not integrate as cleanly with the core HR system. If a point solution is the better fit, also consider the quality of integration with the core HR management system, including any success cases the vendor can point to.
  • Knowledge Base Management: How effectively can each option support a knowledge base that is configurable to your organization’s needs? This feature should emphasize accessibility and ease of use to maximize employee self-service.
  • Workflow Automation: What level of workflow automation does each option provide? These features tend to be more robust in products with backgrounds in service management elsewhere in the enterprise. Workflow automation can dramatically reduce the bureaucratic activities required of HR personnel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HR service delivery?

HR service delivery provides a structure and resource for employees to resolve their HR-related requests and issues.

Why is HR service delivery important?

HR service delivery helps larger organizations improve transparency and resolution times for employee HR cases and questions, while reducing the manual and administrative workload of HR personnel.

What’s the difference between HR service delivery software and HR management software?

HR management focuses on the core systems that manage, process, and execute on HR data, while HR service delivery focuses on the employee experience and efficiency when interacting with HR.