Clinical Data Management Systems

Clinical Data Management Systems Overview

A Clinical Data Management System or CDMS is a tool used in clinical research to manage and store the data of a clinical trial. CDMS employ different means to validate clinical data and minimize errors due to human error caused by manual entry.

It is often built-in to existing Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) software, but more commonly, vendors in the space are offering these two components separately.

Best Clinical Data Management Systems include:

Bioclinica ICL.

Clinical Data Management Products

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IBM Clinical Development (ICD)

IBM Clinical Development (formerly eClinicalOS) is a cloud-based electronic data capture (EDC) system.

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture)

REDCap is a secure web application designed by Vanderbilt University to build and manage online surveys and databases in a research setting for universities. While REDCap can be used to collect virtually any type of data in any environment (including compliance with 21 CFR Part…

MasterControl Clinical Excellence

MasterControl Clinical Excellence is offered by the vendor as a combined comprehensive clinical trial management system and quality management; essentially it provides data and document management with compliance and auditing protection.

Dacima Survey

Dacima Software offers the eponymous DACIMA Survey ePRO electronic data capture and patient survey / e-diary solution.

Petofy OPHR

A Cloud Based Veterinary Software secured with Microsoft Azure that is organized for managing the whole clinic for vets. Its features include adding pets, generating their clinical visits/x-ray reports/surgeries and hospitalizations, generating immunization reports (both automatic…

ClinPlus CTMS

ClinPlus Clinical Trial Management System is a cloud-based or on-premise solution from DZS Software in New Jersey supports document and finance management for clinical trials.

Advarra OnCore

OnCore, from Advarra in Columbia (formerly known as Forte Research Systems) provides automated clinical research support featuring, billing and financial management, specimen management, reporting, effort tracking, and integration into other clinical systems.

Bioclinica ICL

BioClinica ICL is that company's imagine core lab service, which supports clinical trials with imaging services.

LifeSphere CTMS

LifeSphere CTMS (formerly agClinical) is touted as a flexible clinical trial management systems needs for document management, interdepartmental collaboration, and other features associated to LifeSphere's multiple module additions. The software is owned and supported by ArisGlobal,…

Fusion eClinical Suite

Fusion eClinical Suite is supports small to medium sized companies conducting clinical trials. It's offered by Axiom Real-Time Metrics, headquartered in Toronto.

Ambra Clinical Trial Management

Ambra's Clinical Trial Management solution includes an easy image uploader and cloud sharing, customizable fields and image routing logic, automatic de-identification (removing patient identifying information from exam image data before images are transferred), and self-service access…


Mosio in San Francisco offers a text messaging service specifically for clinical trials; that means it includes data capture features from SMS surveys used to to track study relevant data while study participants are off-site.


TrialPoint is an electronic data capture and data management system for clinical trials from DATABEAN in St. Augustine, Florida.

Clear Clinica

Clear Clinica is a small Israeli company that offers a cloud-based clinical trial data monitoring system.

TEMPO eClinical

TEMPO eClinical is a CTMS supporting clinical data and document management, workflow operations automation, and risk-based monitoring, from Clinipace Worldwide headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina.


DATATRAK in Ohio offers their CTMS for managing clinical trial data, touting what the vendor calls a highly adaptable workflow, as well as document and financial management.

IBM CTMS for Sites

IBM CTMS for Sites is a clinical trial management system.

OpenClinica Participate

OpenClinica headquartered in Waltham offers the OpenClinica Participate ePro electronic data capture (EDC) application.


Encapsia, developed by Cmed Technology streamlines the capture, management and reporting of clinical data. It uses a unified database to give you real time access to all clinical data with actionable insights for better decision making. With encapsia users can use any mix of eSource,…


Track.Health is presented as a one-stop shop for data acquisition for clinical studies or clinical trials. Capture EDC and eCOA data in a single, centralized platform. Implement remote enrollment, screening, eConsent, and data capture. Engage with patients via media-rich ePRO. Combine…

Assure - IQ (formerly CaliberQMS)

Caliber's Quality Assurance Management System Assure-IQ (formerly known as CaliberQAMS) is a process-driven system which has its foundations strongly rooted in 21CFR Part 11 and cGMP regulatory compliance. Automate and regulate various quality processes such as change control, deviation,…

Clinevo Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Clinevo Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is a cloud based, configurable, "end-to-end platform which" helps manage all aspects of clinical trials including :Site Monitoring VisitsMilestones - Planning and TrackingActivities - Tasks & DeviationsPayments - Site &…

Intrinsic Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Intrinsic’s CTMS clinical trial solution aims to provide a comprehensive, centralized end-to-end management solution for all clinical trials and includes all the needed applications for successful execution of CTMS clinical trial management. Intrinsic® CTMS is built with native…

Advarra eReg

Advarra (formerly Forte) offers eReg, an eregulatory management system for clinical trials, designed to help users save time, improve workflows, and enhance regulatory compliance across organizations with a system designed for academic institutions managing a large volume of protocols.…

Wolters Kluwer SoleSource

SoleSource from Wolters Kluwer is a solution that aims to standardize clinical and compliance programs to drive more consistent outcomes and performance. The solution is designed to streamline compliance workflows, track and alert for sepsis, improve prescribing and physician engagement,…

Learn More About Clinical Data Management Systems

What are Clinical Data Management Systems?

A Clinical Data Management System or CDMS is a tool used in clinical research to manage and store the data of a clinical trial. CDMS employ different means to validate clinical data and minimize errors due to human error caused by manual entry.

It is often built-in to existing Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) software, but more commonly, vendors in the space are offering these two components separately.

Features & Capabilities

Many CDMS platforms are designed to be very industry-specific or use-case-specific. For example, you will find CDMS tailored to use in trauma intake services, psychiatry studies, and/or pharmaceuticals development.

However, here are some key features to look for across CDMS platforms, regardless of their focus:

  • "At-a-glance" dashboards
  • Automated data validation
  • Data locking
  • Data lookups and intuitive search
  • Data reporting, built-in w/ customization options
  • Electronic data capturing (EDC)
  • Support for electrophysiological data
  • Exportation of data in various file formats
  • Interface with word processing/data entry software
  • Integration with related software, like CTMS
  • Support for neuroimage data

Clinical Data Management Systems Comparison

The deciding factors for choosing a CDMS platform are almost identical to that of choosing a CTMS. One of the key decision-makers for choosing a CDMS is whether you'd like to have a cloud or on-premise-hosted solution. Depending on your jurisdiction, regulations on subject rights and privacy may make this decision for you. Also, consider whether you'd like a CDMS specifically designed for your industry, they typically have standardized features that speak to your specific applications that can help with training and onboarding investigators and clinical trial managers. As you're reviewing the regulatory requirements for a CDMS when deciding your deployment style, make sure to verify with vendors that it will comply.

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CDMS Pricing

As with CTMS, CDMS vendors offer free trials, but take note of costs associated with choosing a solution that's right for you: setup and implementation fees, integration fees, compliance fees, support fees, and the addition of added modules and considerations. On the lower-end, you can find CDMS software for around $20k/yr. You may save money both in the short-term and long-term by going with a CDMS that is already backed into an existing CTMS platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clinical Data Management?

Clinical Data Management refers to the collection and storage of data collected during clinical research. To obtain quality information that is complete and error-free, the process of collecting and handling research data is performed in compliance with regulatory standards.

What are examples of clinical data?

According to the University of Washington's Health Sciences Library, six main types of clinical data gets collected during trials or patient care:

  • Electronic health records
  • Administrative data
  • Claims data
  • Patient / Disease registries
  • Health surveys
  • Clinical trials data

How does one become a clinical data manager?

Clinical data managers handle all aspects of clinical or patient data collection and dissemination. They typically have Master's Degrees in life/health sciences, computer science, or engineering related to health services. Of course, clinical data managers are usually proficient users of CDMS and CTMS platforms.