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TyMetrix® 360°

This product has no redeeming features that I have found in comparison to the many other eBilling "solutions" I have used. They have no incentive to improve it because they offer law firms a very expensive monthly subscription service to assist them in using the system. So, they are being paid by the insurance companies to force law firms to use TyMetrix and then TyMetrix turns around and collects a second fee from the law firms to do what should be easy to do in the first place.
Andrew Simpson | TrustRadius Reviewer


TyMetrix® 360°

  • I can think of no redeeming qualities of TyMetrix 360. It doesn't do anything as well as any other of the eBilling programs I have used.
Andrew Simpson | TrustRadius Reviewer


TyMetrix® 360°

  • Let's start with a basic one: When you click on the "My Matters" tab, you should get to see your matters. Instead, you have to click on "all matters" and then search for your matters. The "My Matters" tab is useless.
  • The help section is abysmal. It has improved slightly over the past three years, but they don't seem to understand the areas where users need help.
  • It should be easy to submit invoices in an eBilling program. The program already has all of the matter data (client ID, Matter ID, tax ID, billing rates for each attorney etc.) associated with the matter. That should not need to be included in the LEDES file submission. You should be able to submit an invoice that has only the time duration, attorney initials, Phase and Task Codes, expense or time identification, and description of work for each line item with the program then assigning the rest of the info: billing rate (based upon attorney initials) , timeslip total (duration times billing rate), total for invoice, attorney tax id , client ID, matter ID, etc.
  • The program only works with Internet Explorer or Chrome. Both are major security risks for a law firm and should not be used for submission of confidential information. The program needs to be updated to work with other browsers.
Andrew Simpson | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

TyMetrix® 360°

In addition to ASCENT and TyMetrix, I've used LegalExchange, BottomLine, Advocator, CounselLink and Allegient. TyMetrix is, by far, the worst of the bunch. Although none of them are great, the others are far more user friendly than TyMetrix.
Andrew Simpson | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

TyMetrix® 360°

  • The impact of this program on my law firm is entirely negative. I spend inordinate amounts of otherwise valuable billable time submitting my invoices. (I refuse to pay the exorbitant monthly subscription that will theoretically eliminate the user-unfriendly-ness of the product.
  • If you ae with an insurance company that is thinking of using this product, remember that we lawyers are your partners in defending your insureds. We don't object to you reviewing our bills and making sure that you are getting charged appropriately; but there are other eBilling solutions out there that won't be major headaches for the law firms on your panels. Get some lawyers to evaluate the eBilling programs you are considering and choose one that meets your needs without frustrating your law firms.
Andrew Simpson | TrustRadius Reviewer

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TyMetrix® 360°


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