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Arcserve UDP

Arcserve UDP


What is Arcserve UDP?

Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) is designed to future-proof infrastructure by delivering data protection and disaster recovery for every type of workload. Backed by heterogeneous, image-based technology that protects to and from any target, the vendor boasts combining enterprise-ready features…

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Arcserve has gained a reputation as a reliable and trusted backup software, providing users with effective data protection and peace of …
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What is Arcserve UDP?

Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) is designed to future-proof infrastructure by delivering data protection and disaster recovery for every type of workload. Backed by heterogeneous, image-based technology that protects to and from any target, the vendor boasts combining enterprise-ready…

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Product Demos

Arcserve UDP E-Mail Archiving Launch - technische Demo


Arcserve UDP 6.5 Update 4


Arcserve UDP 6.5 Update 2


ArcServe UDP - Backup Amazon EC2 VM with VMWare Virtual Standby

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What is Arcserve UDP?

Arcserve UDP Technical Details

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Arcserve has gained a reputation as a reliable and trusted backup software, providing users with effective data protection and peace of mind. Users have found that the software offers quick backup and restore capabilities for various types of data, including files, users, and servers. This ease of restoration ensures minimal downtime in the event of data loss or system failure. Many organizations consider Arcserve to be a good disaster recovery solution, as it effectively protects corporate information and helps prevent data loss and downtime. With its quick backup and restore capabilities, users are able to save time and rely on reliable backups.

One of the key use cases for Arcserve is its ability to provide day-to-day backup operations, replication, and data protection against ransomware. Users appreciate the secure solutions it offers against ransomware attacks, ensuring their critical data remains protected. Additionally, Arcserve is commonly used for Office 365 backups, including SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. This feature allows users to have backup, availability, sovereignty over SaaS applications, and consolidation of vendors all in one place.

Customers have reported no problems with the software and find it to be reliable for backups across various operating systems. They also appreciate its scalability, user-friendly interface, and easy task performance. Planning and setting SLAs with Arcserve enable users to ensure that backup and restore operations meet their specific requirements.

The hybrid-cloud feature offered by Arcserve allows users to implement off-site data retention and expand their data coverage. Many users are planning to utilize this feature for Office 365 backups, further enhancing their data protection strategies. The software's centralized management interface and automated testing contribute to improved reliability while reducing the need for manual offsite backups.

Overall, Arcserve proves to be a valuable tool in preventing data loss and downtime through its robust backup capabilities across different types of data and platforms. Users rely on its features for complete data backup, disaster recovery solutions, hybrid cloud backups, remote working setups, and safeguarding against ransomware attacks.

Well-designed User Interface: Many users have praised the well-designed user interface of the product, finding it intuitive and easy to navigate. This positive experience suggests that the product was designed with the end user in mind, prioritizing ease of use and efficiency.

Helpful Customer Support: Several reviewers expressed satisfaction with the customer support provided by the company. They found the support team to be helpful, suggesting that they received prompt and effective assistance when encountering any issues or questions. This positive interaction with customer support indicates that the company values its customers and strives to provide satisfactory assistance when needed.

Ease of Implementation and Cost-Effectiveness: Users have mentioned that they appreciate the ease of implementation of the product, as well as its overall cost-effectiveness. The pricing tiers offered by the company were also considered positive aspects. These comments indicate that users find value in using this product due to its affordability and ease of setup.

Confusing Interface: Some users have found the interface of Arcserve to be confusing, difficult to navigate, and hard to use. They have expressed frustration with the lack of intuitiveness in accessing various features and functionalities.

Dissatisfaction with Deduplication and Compression Ratios: Several users have mentioned their dissatisfaction with the deduplication and compression ratios provided by Arcserve. They feel that these ratios are not up to their expectations and are not efficient enough for their backup needs.

Steep Learning Curve: Many users have mentioned a steep learning curve when using Arcserve. They feel that it takes time and effort to fully understand all the features and capabilities of the product. Users have expressed a need for more information, clarity, and guidance regarding certain features in order to effectively utilize them.

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Jared Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
We have leveraged Arcserve [UDP] backups for many years as our sole disaster recovery solution. We are able to offer up-to hourly backups as well as our own home-brewed direct-to-cloud capabilities back to our own data center for our clients, keeping costs incredibly low for enterprise-level features. In all the years we have used Arcserve [UDP] we have never had a failed recovery, reliability and scalability are the names of the game!
  • Stability of agents
  • Flexibility (able to load on low-end hardware in a pinch)
  • Reliability of backed up data
  • Multi-tenancy, the UDP product is very singular in its levels of deployment, while able to be connected for moving data around they remain their own individual units.
  • Reporting needs help in general, but especially as it is difficult to ascertain 'most recent backup' it is mostly just success/fail data.
  • Simplicity, as an enterprise product it can have a steep learning curve.
If I were speaking to a fellow Managed Service Provider, I would likely NOT recommend this product. There are simply too many other tools out there that are better hitting this particular market. And the pain points that we do have with them are especially difficult because of our business model. However in speaking to pretty much anyone else in IT/Disaster Recovery this is an enterprise tool built to handle anything you throw at it. UNC paths and linking backup servers to one another, the flexibility of the tool allows for maximum cost savings if you build it right.
  • Replicate to [an] external backup server, core to our [offsite] efforts we can maintain a single backup server in our cloud which our clients can replicate to, everything fully owned by us!
  • Deduplication can get extremely small and compressed. This is assisted in being able to use SSD drives and proprietary compression methods.
  • We have been able to keep our clients' costs low and add advanced features with no additional overhead for us in licensing.
  • It does however cost us a significant amount of additional technician time to review backups each day compared to other products aimed in our vertical.
Arcserve [UDP] has stood the test of time due to its low cost-to-feature value proposition for our company. We have ultimately decided to move to a more MSP-friendly product in N-Able Backup, but Arcserve [UDP] kept us around for years with their reliable and inexpensive product that delivered above and beyond technologically of their competitors throughout all that time.
N-able Backup (formerly Solarwinds Backup), N-able N-central (formerly Solarwinds N-Central), DNSFilter
November 21, 2020

Reliable and easy to use

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it to backup our dev, test, and some prod workloads on an on-prem SCSI Dell disk-based backup appliance. It helps reduce the risk of losing information.
  • It is reliable and once it is up and running you do not need to worry about it.
  • It is flexible; you can use it to backup on-prem or in the cloud.
  • Backup and DR
  • Still a nich player
  • It has taken long to mature and evolve but they are on the way.
  • Dedup is not the best.
  • Not a SaaS solution.
Midscale infrastructure where a simple and easy to configure and use backup solution is needed to protect workloads on-prem or in the cloud workloads. If you don't want to keep your backups on-prem, you can have them in the cloud.
  • Reduce risks
  • Increase of governability
  • Cost management
We used to have Veritas but it was never reliable; we had to set it up several times and it just never worked as expected. Arcserve UDP turned out to be easier to set up, manage, very reliable, and their team is always close to the customer. Our local partner has provided excellent support and professional services.
It works great in our infrastructure, we have reduced the risk of losing information at a lower TCO compared to other solutions. The implementation process was precise and fast and upgrades have always been smooth. It delivers what it promises.
We work with a local partner. The implementation was very smooth; they have helped us upgraded when needed and they have always answered our questions and provided support. We have not needed professional services from Ascserv (they have always been very close to us though) because our partner has always been able to help.
John Robinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Arcserve UDP as our primary business back-up for files, emails, and various databases. We have two Arcserve 7200 appliances that replicate a copy of all our backups. One kept off-site to ensure redundancy; both are managed through a single console and are connected via our corporate VPN.
  • Setup - was really easy to set it up and get started
  • Speed - incremental backups are fast
  • Deduplication - seriously good at reducing the amount of data stored and replicated
  • Simple interface - really easy to use and monitor.
  • Notifications - on the odd occasion something doesn't work, I get way too many email notifications!
  • Explanation of issues - sometimes when there is a problem, the explanation is a bit lacking in the logs as to why
  • Flagging of errors - sometimes minor errors just get a warning flag, and it doesn't really notify you that they are there.
Well, in the first month we had the box up and running a SQL database server died, we restored full functionality in less than a day--Arcserve UDP probably saved my job too so that's a plus. Arcserve UDP is really good with granular email restore, the built-in tool is superb. The particular appliance we have may not be suitable for larger environments, due to its storage size, but it has worked for us for about 4 years, and we expect to get at least one more out of it before we outgrow it, which is what we expected. Most of the time, it's set and forget; rarely does it give me any troubles. It runs, and I know I can do restores quickly as needed. It makes my life as a network admin much easier, as it's one less thing I have to worry about.
  • Saved our bacon on one occasion restoring a business critical CRM SQL database
  • Granular Email restore a massive boon
Barracuda was way too slow--I really liked their cloud console, but the backups took forever, never even got to try a restore as our trial period ran out before we could get enough backups done to test.
Unitrends was a bit better, but it had a 3rd-party tool for some features (email restore) and that made me uneasy. It was also a bit slower than Arcserve. Arcserve was the fastest overall and had the best deduplication of the three we tested.
Pretty good--I haven't actually had to call them much so it's hard to say. The box works well enough and most of my issues have been related to the rest of my network, rather than the appliance itself.
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