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Score 8 out of 10
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We use Atlassian Crowd as our main user management and SSO solution for all of our other Atlassian related systems in our company. It allows us to have a central user management solution without having to use LDAP and provide an SSO experience for all integrated systems.
  • Many different options for authentication, including credential validation only, user detail synchronization, and more
  • Many different levels of access control, including, user, group, and application-level
  • Sometimes can be a little slow with synchronizing user details.
  • The user interface can be a little confusing.
For companies that are already using other Atlassian systems, then Atlassian Crowd will fit in very well. This is especially the case if the company is not yet big enough to use LDAP for user management, Atlassian Crowd can act as a temporary solution until the company outgrows it, as it is much easier and simpler than LDAP.
Overall, support is good, you get quick responses from Atlassian's official support system, and documentation is decent enough for you to find what you need.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Atlassian Crowd as the main user management system for all of our Atlassian applications across the organization. It is used to:
  • Manage user accounts.
  • Manage access to integrated Atlassian applications.
  • Provide single sign-on (SSO) across all Atlassian applications.
  • Integrates seamlessly with all Atlassian applications out of the box.
  • Provides Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for integrated applications.
  • Support more applications (other than Atlassian applications) out of the box.
  • Support more open standards such as SAML.
If you are using more than one Atlassian product, such as Jira and Confluence, then using Crowd should be an obvious choice for centralized user management and SSO. While it is possible to connect these applications directly with your organization's LDAP such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Crowd is often easier to set up and can help reduce dependency on central IT (often the group in charge of organization-wide AD) by decoupling the application from AD, allowing the application owners to have some control over user access without having to add extra burden to central IT admins. The added SSO capability provided by Crowd is also not available with direct AD connectivity.
Atlassian as a company has excellent support for all of their products, ranging from the free support you get as a customer, as well as paid premium support if you have specific SLA requirements. Its ecosystem is also huge with many experienced users able to help and provide tips. As an extra benefit, as a customer, you also get full source code for the product, so you can roll up your sleeves and make changes to the product if you really need to.
Score 9 out of 10
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Atlassian Crowd is currently being utilized as a Single Sign-On for departments that utilize the other Atlassian software applications including JIRA, Confluence, HipChat and Core.
We use it as an extension to our existing sign-on directories including Active Directory as well as our other systems and utilities. We use it to help unify credentials to ensure everyone can access the systems they need using one alias.
  • The ability to Govern Group Permissions for synchronizing users into Crowd, keeping only the users you want in Crowd and keeping unwanted access out. Ability to define authentication permissions and having automated group definitions for new users.
  • Integration into our existing systems, as it becomes merely an extension rather than a separate entity. It works seamlessly with almost all of our systems.
  • Always up to date with compliance and security requirements of the organization. The ability to audit is very key. It's surprising how many systems don't have a fully supportive auditing system.
  • Some systems that are not crucial turned into more work than what was originally deemed necessary to successfully deploy Crowd.
  • Linux support was there as it was built mostly to support Windows based systems
  • Documentation was supported but most issues we had required us to contact Atlassian support.
Atlassian Crowd is great when you already use the Atlassian product suite such as JIRA Core, Service Desk, Confluence and Hip Chat. It works seamlessly and can also extend the functionality to work with all of the other tools such as Google Apps.

Atlassian Crowd is not necessarily useful when you may already have a single sign-on system such as Duo Security, RSA or SASS in place.
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We used Atlassian Crowd as our primary ticketing system for our production level product. We have tickets filled in that were filed by customers, our internal customers, our QA teams, and our developers. We used these tickets to develop a backlog of bug fixes and new improvements that our dev team can prioritize.
  • It is very easy for users to create tickets
  • Standing up Atlassian crowd is a breeze
  • Not having to manage any hardware infrastructure is great
  • We did not get the speed that we needed vs. hosting our own local Atlassian product
  • Configuring accounts could have been easier
  • I didn't like the process for installing extensions
For smaller companies Atlassian crowd is great, however, we grew to a size where we were getting rate limited so we needed to scale up. What we ended up migrating to was the non-cloud solutions for Atlassian products. This allowed us to hit our scale without being rate limited. However, at a smaller scale, this product would work great.

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What is Atlassian Crowd?

Atlassian Crowd is a single sign-on (SSO) solution from Australian-headquartered software company Atlassian.

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What is Atlassian Crowd?

Atlassian Crowd is a single sign-on (SSO) solution from Australian-headquartered software company Atlassian.

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Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.4.

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The most common users of Atlassian Crowd are from Small Businesses and the Information Technology & Services industry.