Bonita is an open-source business process and workflow management platform created by the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science. It is available as a free community edition or as a commercial subscription product. BPM - Low cost, low code efficient platformWe are using Bonita BPM to a small extent, because we are small organisation. Bonita BPM is used mainly for supporting contracts management. Our experience is built on deploying the platform to our clients.,It is a very low cost platform. You can start with open-source edition which is free and with the application number growth upgrade to subscription editions for more features and support. Subscription editions are still not expensive compared to bigger players platforms. It offers a great UI designer tool for rapid building process forms and web applications. It gives a lot of flexibility and extensibility. It comes with features like built-in connectors, convenient API, and a web portal. You can add your own connectors, extend the API and customize the portal for your own needs.,There is only one business data model. Even if deploying new processes does not require stopping the platform, the BDM update requires it. During the platform evolution often new bugs were introduced so it was risky to deploy the platform in the low minor version. For example, there were memory leaks from 7.2.0 to 7.2.3. The administrator portal could be improved. It is hard to look at subprocess data, for example and it is sometimes better to investigate with SQL queries. I don't like new (7.3) task list either.,8,In our small company the community edition suited our needs. Although it is hard to talk about ROI in context of that small application. We have introduced the platform to several companies. Delivering things faster, ensuring things are done, optimizing distribution and reporting what has been done are the most common benefits.,TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM,7,8,7,8BPM with BONITA : the glue of our Information System to make interact ERP, CRM and human usersBONITA has been used for 2 kinds of automation processes:Dynamic interfacing between IT applications including human interaction. The interface has been dynamically adapted according to the various events managed by the BPM process. It's used at the company level to enable communication with the Customer Services team using CRM Salesforce cases, and with R&D team using Clearquest as a bug management tool. The Bonita BPM process is the basis for dialog between Customer Services and R&D teams.Automating the HR process for employees changing their job within the company (change of manager, location, cost center, position in the HR org in the ERP, IT tools),Mixing interactions between several IT applications with human interaction through automatic email receipt and response Offering several formats for comminicating with IT applications: web services, email, files Provides an effective form editor, including fields where values entered by humans drive the next actions of the business process,Not easy to delpoy new releases License key management has to be renewed too frequently, even with a commercial contract in place Adding more standard interfaces to common IT applications such as ERP systems Change the culture from a technical / engineering culture to a customer-focused culture - this is already underway with the arrival of BONITA Customer success,8,Real dialog between customer services managing their customer cases, and R&D managing software bugs. In order to implement an efficient strategy of priority bug fixing that suits to customer requirements (tens of C/S cases and tens of R& software bugs/a week) Simplification of time-consuming hidden administrative tasks for support teams: HR, Finance, IT,,9,6,8,8Bonita is our platform of choice for BPM implementations and moreWe have used Bonita to replace a couple of manual approval processes for our procurement department.,Modeling the business data. Building a responsive UI for the process users.,Building integration with LOB systems in the form designer now requires implementing REST API's. This is a development overhead, and should be simplified. The studio should include more options for handling exceptions.,8,Business processes are now more transparent to the users as Bonita allowed us to integrate the data from multiple systems in one place, so decision making is now easier. Process auditing is now straightforward based on the reporting features of Bonita.,K2 blackpearl and Appian BPM,8,8BonitaSoft ReviewWe don't have Bonita currently in our organization. We have several projects in progress for particular clients for which we offer consultancy.,Bonita UI Editor is using latest technologies and is very easy to develop. You have complete freedom. Living application as part of version 7 brings huge functionality for custom development. Modifying case instances in production environment can be easily done from the portal. The big list of connectors. API system allows you to easily access all the data you need.,The BPM API system has no security and all authenticated users can access data with no restrictions. This can impact data security across different departments. You have no option to deploy processes directly from Bonita Studio in the production environment. Security for Bonita's Java API system should also be reviewed. Normal users should not have the possibility to access engine information.,10,I have only used Bonita for several proof of concepts I had no implementation on the client side We are new with this product inside our company,8,8Ease to develop and good choice of enhancements between releasesBonita BPM is being used by the credit analysis departments, regarding credit card authorizations, car credits, and so on. The application in which Bonita BPM is involved, aims to address automatization, control and traceability of credit factory processes, where too many different skilled people work. These kind of applications allows managing staff keep control of what and how their core processes are being executed.,Ease of integration modularity Building up workflow from design Traceability logs, in order to allow audit processes,Licensing model Would be useful having more functionalities of document management Increase the number of backward supported releases,8,Our first project involving Bonita BPM achieved 83% of its initial revenue objectives. Our client, using Bonita BPM, managed to achieve their monthly goals by using the application. It was necessary to duplicate the initial hardware requirements in order to get the minimal performance the client needed during peak activity.,9,9,Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP), MS SharePoint, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management, IBM Rational ClearCase, PostgreSQL,Alfresco Fiserv SATBonitasoft is good for business!First Digital Solutions provides implementation and support to Bonitasoft users/customers. The platform is very user friendly and enables complex business processes to be designed and associated applications implemented quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the extensive range of connectors means that applications can be easily integrated with other systems. We look forward to working with Bonitasoft on a mutually-beneficial basis in the long term.,Easily design workflows & business processes using the GUI studio tool. Develop responsive web-based applications quickly and efficiently. End users can easily modify BPM applications without needing any code expertise.,Be able to be implemented on LAMP Stack. Make it easier to upgrade between versions. Reduce the need for high-level Java expertise for developing applications.,8,Bonitasoft is easy to propose to our client in terms of ROI. ROI can be projected based on the experience of existing users and applications.,Agiloft Custom Workflow/BPM,8,7Whey we looked at Bonita.Bonita BPM provides a single design and runtime environment for business functionality. Using the Bonita Forms and BPM process runtime we can enable accurate electronic data capture, assign responsibilities and escalation for form pressing and monitor and measure the effectiveness of our business functions. Further we have compared Bonita to a range of other BPM providers and found that it meets the expectations with a competitive advantage in agility and price. Delighted to recommend Bonita.,Dynamic form data capture, with validation and cross references. Process flow control with excellent roles and responsibilities allowing the ability to get the right information to the right person at the right time. Fantastic extensibility, both in the GUI and workflow connectors. Allows us to make the product meet customer requirements. Great bang for your buck, compared to other BPM products in the marketplace.,I would love to see the process activities pre populate GUI fields, there are excellent REST capabilities, however a gap from the uplift from v6 to v7 is the auto mapping of data form a process activity into a the form. Having to retrieve it from the inside the form is cumbersome. Would love to see GIT support in the designer to allow for integration into modern SDLC and CI/CD tools. The ability to have a subscription licence work after an AWS node rebuild or a docker container rebuild would be a definite need. Licensing tools that support modern CI/CD and cloud scalability models. Run the Forms GUI as a web view inside the Eclipse runtime, better continuity of design tools and stops the incessant screen hopping. Auto start the browser developer tools in the preview mode, leverage the existing debug capabilities for REST, AJAX and JavaScript.,9,Meets expectations. Community version excellent for getting business case established before committing to purchase. Bonita is generous with trial licenses to take the next step in evaluation.,Adobe Exerience Manager (aka, Adobe Live Cycle), Alfresco Activiti and Red Hat JBoss BRMS,8,7Bonitasoft helps you to do the housework on you obvious interfacesBonita helped us to address two challenges: connecting editor applications to make interfaces and data exchanges between them, and processing workflows of dedicated processes within the company. The main challenges were to be able to create interfaces without having to hire external contractors to develop them, and taking advantage of this BPM tool, just by setting up the tool and by making the way we follow data exchanges between applications easy.,Bonita simplifies the way to produce interfaces between applications of the market. Bonita reduces time to implement interface and time to maintain interfaces, using standard connectors. The IDE helps to draw a user friendly chart to accelerate deployment of process and increase process governance.,Bonita forms are not highly customizable in terms of design. Some updates may break down your interface. A "test mode" on a virtual appliance with replicated copy of your [production] environment would be a great improvement. There is no ctrl-Z, no undo or redo, in the UI Designer editor.,8,One positive impact is that this BPM tool aims to control your process by furnishing an application layer in addition to the process itself to achieve a PDCA way of driving processes. Bonita helped to make money by saving on external companies specialized in programming competencies with interfaces. Bonita helped to reduce time to maintain code and focus on execution and control instead of customizations and devs.,ProcessMaker,8,8,SolarWinds Web Help Desk,, IFS Applications, PRTG Network Monitor, Nagios, ManageEngine Password Manager Pro, Microsoft Exchange, MS SharePoint, VMware ESXiBonita a workflow toolsWe are currently implementing Bonita in my company for the following process onboarding, offboarding, leaving requests. The challenges we are facing today is the business value that is not well understood by the business regarding what an application like Bonita can provide them. They would like a big data from workflow but that's not the purpose of a software like Bonita, it's only a first step to do that!,Designing Workflow Bonita connectors Lightweight,Task assignment User interface Data saving,4,no ROI yet as it's still in development phase,5,3An opinion about BonitaBonita BPM is good software that makes it to possible implement a sequence of steps quite easily. In the HR department, for example, we implemented an important process with a concrete result. It resolved a task that created a simple way to follow a process.,Mapping the steps of the process Connection with a SQL Server is very simple Connection with web services based on the SOAP protocol,HR processes that include candidate requests (a new employee) Initiation of a new project Quotation mapping The documentation does not have enough samples or examples. This is the weak point of Bonita BPM.,8,Once it is used to implement a process in a specific way, Bonita is much more efficient than common implementations done with languages such as Java or C# (.NET). Decrease in development time if the process is appropriated planned. Created a process that would be more difficult if it was implemented in other ways.,6,7
Windows, Linux, Mac
Bonita BPM
66 Ratings
Score 8.8 out of 101
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Bonita BPM Reviews

Bonita BPM
66 Ratings
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Score 8.8 out of 101

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Score 8 out of 10
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Respect of BPMN standard over the long term.

Good enhancements by Bonitasoft for new use cases, for example the introduction of a real form editor even if it has been technically difficult to manage. Once done though, we have far greater possibility of human interaction.

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Score 8 out of 10
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Bonita BPM offers a licensing mode which allows clustering, so that scalability needs can be fulfilled. Besides this posibility, their data model architecture is oriented to build a "business oriented" database disengaged to "workflow oriented" database, which allows for building complex schemas.
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Score 8 out of 10
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With Bonita, a company can use connectors to communicate with the external world. Several connectors are already supplied and you can develop new ones if necessary. BonitaSoft can scale out over 1,000 requests per second, and you can scale the machine hosting the Bonitasoft solution to adapt it depending on the number of processes you run in parallel.
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Score 4 out of 10
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Because the business is still unhappy about Bonita, it's a great tool but today workflow applications are not well understood by the public.
They are not ready for this... Workflow application, for Bonita, need to improve his reporting features. It's really limited today and we have to plug some BI software to retrieve and build the data
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Standard reports (21)
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Process simulation (10)
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SOA support (19)
Process player (8)
Support for modeling languages (18)
Form builder (25)
Model execution (23)
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Content management (18)

About Bonita BPM

Bonita BPM is a BPM-based application platform that is designed to help users build highly engaging, personalized business applications that can be continuously updated to adapt to business changes in real time. Bonita BPM provides an integrated suite of capabilities and is composed of the following core modules:

  • an Eclipse based, modeling and development environment which allows business analysts and developers to graphically design and share processes using the industry standard BPMN 2.0 notation.
  • a web based, drag and drop designer, based on HTML5 and Angular JS, to create personalized user interfaces for BPM applications, including web pages and process forms. It is highly extensible so developers can build their own interfaces using standard technologies.
  • a powerful and scalable Java-based process orchestration engine build on service-oriented architecture. It is flexible enough to adapt to any information systems architecture, from simple to complex while supporting intensive workload.
  • a web-based, out-of-the-box, portal for users and administrators to perform their day to day task. While this is a generic BPM application, users can also completely customize the end-user interface.

Bonita BPM Features

Process Engine Features
Has featureProcess designer
Does not have featureProcess simulation
Has featureBusiness rules engine
Has featureSOA support
Does not have featureProcess player
Has featureSupport for modeling languages
Has featureForm builder
Has featureModel execution
Collaboration Features
Has featureSocial collaboration tools
Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureDashboards
Has featureStandard reports
Has featureCustom reports
Content Management Capabilties Features
Has featureContent management
Additional Features
Has featureConnectors
Has featureBusiness data management
Has featureREST APIs

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Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?No

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Deployment Types:On-premise
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac
Mobile Application:Mobile Web
Supported Countries:Worldwide
Supported Languages: English, French, Spanish