TrustRadius and easy eye-catching advanced dashboards at a unbeateable priceTIBCO Spotfire is being used for creating multiple Department Dashboards, such as Pharmacy, Oncology, Geriatrics. All these Dept. are working with 2 or more dedicated software with transactional databases providing partial information about their work. They are not able to get enough information. We use Spotfire to unify information and present summarise information in a graphical and comprehensive way, in order to give a global view to stakeholders.,Very fast to create new dashboards, system provides automatically options to make fine reports Very good filters, easy to use for non-analysts, good graphics and a lot of possibilities to create reports Very good technical support Very good price with top performance,Sometimes difficult to know what product and package fits your products Confusing documentation Not very comprehensive user access rights,10,QlikView, Microsoft SQL Server and Tableau Server,TIBCO Spotfire is allowing to get comprehensive information from databases at a real competitive price, with great customer support.,Self-taught,We have not integrated Spotfire with other products from TIBCO,RapidMiner Studio, DISCO,10,3,Integrating in More Departments to help them to have better information,Pharmacy cost control, Oncology actvity (patients taken care, quality control), Geriatrics activity report,We are still in deployment phase but doctors are beginning to see that they can take profit of the date they create everyday,10,6,5,,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,No, the decision was very good,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Although documentation is vast, it's very difficult to know what add-on or package you need to deploy. We install 2 times products not needed loosing a lot of time. Anyway, support is good and helping It was not easy to know what product and options we needed,7,10,Yes,Needed to use forecast predictions but didn't work on server. After providing logs and screenshots, Support engineer gave me the solution in 1 step,Fast and easy creation of new reports, powerful and fast filters. Easy-to-use time series graphic forecasting,Some add-ons are not included and not easy to integrate Time series Forecasting is only available on a graphic basis, not number Possible to integrate with R, but need to spend a lot of time to use scripts,Yes, but I don't use it,9Honest and FairTIBCO Spotfire is being used across the whole organization, and it encompasses several departments. The product allows us to utilize our current databases to create visualizations to easily depict data.,Allows for easy creation and utilization of data visualizations. Easy to setup folders and permissions to allow several users to access data. The ease of use allows for users to access and utilize data to make strategic decisions throughout the organization.,Understanding the full benefits of the program takes time and experience. Some SQL language requires different setting/filters/statements than Teradata. Some of the options that are used are too buried to easily locate.,9,,Online training In-person training,,20,Data Integration. Marketing and Sales.,Large Data Visualization. Displaying data results and trends. Creating Dashboards for users that encompass different and multiple data points.,Displaying Data for non-traditional data users. Integrating data sets from different departments data.,8,8,,10,Not Sure,Product Features Product Usability,I would not have changed a thing! Great product that offers wonderful support and features!,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,Yes,Identifying the correct users as initial users. Training the identified users.,9,8,Not at this time.,I created customized themes.,10,No,TIBCO Software went above and beyond during our initial training exercises. The trainers provided very detailed steps that have proven to be a great success.,General Data Visualizations. Integrated SQL Feature. Creating multiple visualizations on a single page.,The geographic mapping feature (although it is my favorite featured offered). The SQL language used has discrepancies with typical Teradata SQL language.,9,9,8,9TIBCO Spotfire Meets Our Needs, Across the OrganizationSpotfire is being used by several departments across the organization. Spotfire provides us with the ability to create visualizations and dashboards from the data that we have collected. In addition, it allows us to build and deploy complex predictive models. The business problems that it solves are: 1) what are the characteristics of our device performance and can we see/understand aberrations in that activity, and; 2) what do our financials look like and how are we as an organization performing, what are the issues we face, and, can we project/forecast upcoming performance and issues.,Easy to get data into Spotfire, and to combine data from many sources. Easy to create and edit visualizations to meet the needs of the issue and/or end user. Dashboards can be built that deliver insight along with flexibility to allow end users some capabilities to explore the visualizations or customize the inquiry. Can provide or deploy advanced analytical models.,There is a need for additional graph types. The visualization set that comes with TIBCO Spotfire is becoming rather limited. Working with R is rather difficult. There is no ability for text display visualization; a word cloud or similar would be useful.,7,,IBM SPSS, Microsoft BI, RapidMiner Studio,9,9,25,3,General visualization of data Financial reporting and analysis Marketing visualization Analysis and visualization of trends within customer usage data,Understand and analyze failure data Trend analysis Analysis and projections related to financial forecasting,8,7,7,8,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,I think that if we had to do it again, I would try and involve an even broader set of people from across the organization. Additionally, I think that we would probably create some scenarios for product vendors to solve. In this evaluation we asked our vendors to take a set of our data and to create interesting dashboards with visualizations and at least one statistical model. I think that if we did it again we would probably look to more concrete scenarios.,Vendor implemented,Yes,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,Ensuring the appropriate environment setup Configuring Spotfire to work with our data in our environment,9,9,No,Yes, our sales engineer is terrific. We have, on a couple of occasions, asked about the ability to do something in Spotfire, and, in a very short period of time, he has come back to us with a solution, or, just as importantly, come back to us with an explanation of why our request will not work or cannot be done. This has also saved us time "going down a black hole" in our analysis and/or visualization.TIBCO Spotfire - One of the best BI and Analytical toolWe are currently using TIBCO Spotfire in life sciences, energy, banking and retail domain and it has always given the best results to the business users.,Data Loading from multiple datasources and data connectors especially Information Links. Drill Down, Sharing and collaborating analysis. Support to IronPython, Statistical programming like R-Script, S+, MATLAB and analytical cababilities GeoMapping - WMS layes, TMS Layers, Recommendation Engine, Theme based dashboarding,User Interface can be improved. Scope to add new charts like area chart, bubble chart.,9,10,TIBCO Spotfire is widely used in the company across all the domains and used by thousands of users.,10,10,300,5,Data Prediction Statistical Analysis,Sales Analysis, Clinical research,8,8,9,9,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Implementing Single Sign-On,10,Yes,8,Loading Data from multiple data sources and combing them together. Creating different types of visualizations to get the trends and patterns. Drilling down the data to a lower level to get bottom line impact.,Yes,9,Yes,Since the architecture is changed in Spotfire v7.5 and above so it's easy to manage all the things from Spotfire Server. Got new features like Waterfall Chart, KPI chart, annotations etc which will help in user experience. New Functions, data connectorsRobust visualization and analytics available for a small budgetSpotfire provides advanced visualization that can be further customized with custom expressions, which is a very powerful and versatile functionality. Coupled with property controls that allow users make various selections and changes to variables, this functionality allows creating pretty robust 'what if' scenarios. Such has multiple applications ranging from price analysis and price development to budgeting to cash flow to engineering. Spotfire is very good at data transformations and enrichment. This allows aligning multiple otherwise disparate data sources and analyzing data from those data sources side by side and on the same view. That in turn provides deeper insight into data. Spotfire offers a wide range of formula types including statistical formulas that allow for high degree of customization and flexibility in building visualizations and/or logic. This in turn again allows getting more insight into/from data.,Combination chart does not allow stacked bars along with a line. So, if the user does stacked bars i.e., based on one column but broken down with the column's individual values by color, then the line is not possible to do. The statistical table of the box plot visualization, though very useful and customizable, cannot be formatted and the default formats aren't based on the columns' formats either. Data transformations, though extremely useful and critical for data alignment for multiple data sources, cannot be changed once implemented for a data table. If changes are due, the entire data table must be re-done. There are multiple bugs that either unexpectedly shut down a Spotfire session or otherwise interfere. For example, if a data table has data transformations and columns inserted from external tables and if such a data table is embedded then it may become un-refreshable. Sometimes, that can be corrected by selecting "Linked to Source", saving the file and re-opening. But sometimes, it becomes un-refreshable for good, meaning that the data table must be re-done from scratch. If a column that is being used in any expression or as a matched column is deleted, the entire data table becomes embedded and will have to be re-done from scratch. There's limited functionality to personalize visualizations with colors, shapes, fonts, etc.,9,,9,In the first year of the usage of analytics developed on the Spotfire platform, we're expecting over 500-600% ROI, which is pretty hefty. It's not necessarily all the benefits directly from Spotfire but the analytics and logic built into it.,Online training In-person training,9,9,200,10,Analytics of Historical Prices: Price and strategy development. Analytics of Competitive Prices: Price and strategy development and competitive bids Customer Analysis: Orders and sales performance per technology, product line, region, etc., revenue per installed base. Competitive and win/loss analysis: Reasons for wins and losses, what competitors we're up against per technology, segment, product line, why we win and lose against individual competitors, etc., competitors' capabilities, geographic coverage, etc.,,Implemented in-house,8,No,8,9,8,9,MS Excel. MS Access.,Can't be disclosed.,Yes
Windows, Linux, Mac
TIBCO Spotfire
537 Ratings
Score 8.4 out of 101
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TIBCO Spotfire Reviews

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TIBCO Spotfire
537 Ratings
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Score 8.4 out of 101
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Tim Daciuk profile photo
September 11, 2017

Review: "TIBCO Spotfire Meets Our Needs, Across the Organization"

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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There is some need for implementation planning with the end in mind. We decided to have TIBCO install and configure the platform, and, I would recommend this approach. TIBCO has had experience with this type of work and we decided that rather than trying to "muddle through" we would have them work on it. One important thing is that you must identify those people supporting TIBCO Spotfire and literally have them work shoulder to shoulder with TIBCO in order to understand the installation and configuration.
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Cordell Yin profile photo
December 09, 2016

TIBCO Spotfire Review: "Spotfire is an excellent data visualization and data analytics tool"

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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I was not involved in our company's initial implementation. In my first experience with Spotfire, which actually was called Spotfire Decisionsite, the implementation was fairly easy. As long as you have expertise in house that can assist with setting up the database instance and the application server, it is not that difficult to implement with no customization.
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Michael Soliman profile photo
December 04, 2014

TIBCO Spotfire Review: "Spotfire is Spot-On for Data Analysis"

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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The original architecture I created for our implementation had only a particular set of internal business units in mind. Over the years, Spotfire gained in popularity in our company and was being utilized across many more business units. Soon, its usage went beyond what the original architectural implementation could provide. We've since learned about how the product is used by the different teams and are currently in the middle of rolling out a new architecture.

I suggest:
  • Have clearly defined service level agreements with all the teams that will use Spotfire. Your business intelligence group might only need availability during normal working hours, but your production support group might need 24/7 availability. If these groups share one Spotfire server, maintenance of that server might be a problem.
  • Know the different types of data you will be working with. One group might be working with "public" data while another group might work with sensitive data. Design your Library accordingly and with the proper permissions.
  • Know the roles of the users of Spotfire. Will there only be a small set of report writers or does everyone have write access to the Library?
  • ALWAYS add a timestamp prompt to your reports. You don't want multiple users opening a report that will try and pull down millions of rows of data to their local workstations. Another option, of course, is to just hard code a time range in the backing database view (i.e. where activity_date >= sysdate - 90, etc.), but I'd rather educate/train the user base if possible.
  • This probably goes without saying, but if possible, point to a separate reporting database or a logical standby database. You don't want the company pounding on your primaries and take down your order system.
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Siddharth Matta profile photo
October 03, 2013

TIBCO Spotfire Review: "Spotfire: Bringing Business on the right Spot"

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Please have the infrastructure as per the software/hardware requirements suggested by Spotfire.
Host Spotfire server and web players on separate machines.
Use physical boxes instead of VMs, if possible.
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Avinash Yerra BOCP, OCA profile photo
January 16, 2014

TIBCO Spotfire: "Spotfire-Review"

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Initially migrations had lot of issues (environment to environment). The big problem is that there are no specific automated client tools for dashboard migration as there are with some other tools. If I share information links with someone else and he then changes the file, this also impacts my data. Migrating dashboards from a development environment to a production environment is a very manual process and we work with Tibco consulting for assistance. I have to keep two full-time resources on staff to help with this. Automated migration tools would be a huge advantage.
Read Avinash Yerra BOCP, OCA's full review

Feature Scorecard Summary

Pixel Perfect reports (28)
Customizable dashboards (201)
Report Formatting Templates (172)
Drill-down analysis (197)
Formatting capabilities (206)
Integration with R or other statistical packages (153)
Report sharing and collaboration (184)
Publish to Web (154)
Publish to PDF (180)
Report Versioning (18)
Report Delivery Scheduling (113)
Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.) (212)
Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization (188)
Predictive Analytics (160)
Multi-User Support (named login) (162)
Role-Based Security Model (135)
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete) (151)
Responsive Design for Web Access (121)
Dedicated iOS Application (85)
Dedicated Android Application (11)
Dashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile (101)
Javascript API (31)
iFrames (21)
Java API (24)
Themeable User Interface (UI) (31)
Customizable Platform (Open Source) (23)

About TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO SpotfireⓇ is a data discovery and business intelligence tool with capabilities that range from colorful graphic visualizations for the entry-level user to in-depth statistical analysis. According to the vendor, their built in analytical engines help users utilize the results of data mining, help in-house intelligence analysts crunch proprietary numbers, and drive new business growth. The vendor also says they help anticipate opportunities and risks by seamlessly integrating predictive models and real-time event streams into user-friendly business intelligence solutions that work.

TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud provides the same business intelligence tools as Spotfire Desktop, with the addition of web authoring and unlimited sharing. Because it is software-as-a-service, it requires no installation.

Spotfire Platform is designed for larger deployments within organizations. According to the vendor, its differentiating hybrid in-memory/in-database analytics architecture supports the most demanding enterprise needs, easily scaling to thousands of users and limitless rows of data.

Spotfire is is deployed in companies in energy, financial services, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and life sciences industries.

TIBCO Spotfire Features

BI Platform Features
Has featureAdministration via Windows App
Does not have featureAdministration via MacOS App
Has featureAdministration via Web Interface
Has featureLive Connection to External Data
Has featureSnapshot of External Data
Has featureIn-memory data model
Has featureOLAP (Pre-processed cube representation)
Does not have featureROLAP (SQL-layer querying)
Has featureMulti-Data Source Reporting (Blending)
Has featureData warehouse / dictionary layer
Has featureETL Capability
Has featureETL Scheduler
Supported Data Sources Features
Has featureMS Excel Workbooks
Has featureText Files (CSV, etc)
Has featureOracle
Has featureMS SQL Server
Has featureIBM DB2
Has featurePostgres
Has featureMySQL
Has featureODBC
Has featureCloudera Hadoop
Has featureHortonworks Hadoop
Has featureEMC Greenplum
Has featureIBM Netezza
Has featureHP Vertica
Does not have featureParAccel
Has featureSAP Hana
Has featureTeradata
Does not have featureSage 500
Has featureSalesforce
Has featureSAP
Has featureGoogle Analytics
BI Standard Reporting Features
Does not have featurePixel Perfect reports
Has featureCustomizable dashboards
Has featureReport Formatting Templates
Ad-hoc Reporting Features
Has featureDrill-down analysis
Has featureFormatting capabilities
Has featurePredictive modeling
Has featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Has featureReport sharing and collaboration
Report Output and Scheduling Features
Has featurePublish to Web
Has featurePublish to PDF
Has featureOutput Raw Supporting Data
Does not have featureReport Versioning
Has featureReport Delivery Scheduling
Does not have featureDelivery to Remote Servers
Data Discovery and Visualization Features
Has featurePre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.)
Has featureLocation Analytics / Geographic Visualization
Has featurePredictive Analytics
Has featureSupport for Machine Learning models
Has featurePattern Recognition and Data Mining
Has featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Access Control and Security Features
Has featureMulti-User Support (named login)
Has featureRole-Based Security Model
Has featureMultiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
Has featureReport-Level Access Control
Has featureTable-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Has featureField-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Does not have featureSingle Sign-On (SSO)
Mobile Capabilities Features
Has featureResponsive Design for Web Access
Has featureDedicated iOS Application
Does not have featureDedicated Android Application
Has featureDashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile
Application Program Interfaces (APIs) / Embedding Features
Has featureREST API
Has featureJavascript API
Has featureiFrames
Has featureJava API
Has featureThemeable User Interface (UI)
Has featureCustomizable Platform (Open Source)
Additional Features
Has featureSmart Recommendations for Visualizations
Has featureConnectors: OData, Mongo DB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Attivio
Has featureEmbedded R Runtime Engine
Has featureK-Means Clustering, Holt-Winters Forecasting, Line Similarity
Has featureMulti-Layer Map Charts and Support for Shape Files

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TIBCO Spotfire Integrations

Google Analytics,, Attivo Networks, TIBCO Simplr, Wordsmith by Automated Insights

TIBCO Spotfire Competitors


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?No
On-premise EditionPricing DetailsTerms
TIBCO Spotfire PlatformPlease contact TIBCO sales
SaaS EditionPricing DetailsTerms
TIBCO Spotfire Cloud - Monthly$200Per Month, Per Authoring Seat
TIBCO Spotfire Cloud - Annual$2,000Per Year, Per Authoring Seat
TIBCO Spotfire for Amazon Web Services$0.99Per Hour (Starting)
TIBCO Spotfire Cloud EnterprisePlease contact TIBCO sales

For Enterprise engagements, please contact TIBCO directly for a custom price quote.

TIBCO Spotfire Support Options

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TIBCO Spotfire Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Mobile Web
Supported Countries:Available in all regions