GoTo Connect is rock solid, affordable, and I highly recommend it ... No "Jive". :)
Updated July 12, 2022

GoTo Connect is rock solid, affordable, and I highly recommend it ... No "Jive". :)

Michael Wilson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GoTo Connect

We use GoTo Connect (formerly Jive) for all our entire company's phone system. Although we are a smaller company, we have employees spread across the country and a VOIP service instead of a traditional landline service is incredibly valuable to us, particularly because of the central administration abilities of the Jive/GoTo Connect system.
  • Technical Support is FANTASTIC - second to none!
  • Reliability is first class. In 6 years, I can only think of a couple of times when we've had any technical issues whatsoever.
  • Voice quality is excellent, particularly internally from extension to extension.
  • Conference Bridges are very basic. They provide host passcodes but little more in the way of conference line administration.
  • Some of the online documentation could be improved, but that is made up for by their excellent technical support.
  • The integration with the other "GoTo" products is confusing and clunky. When Jive was a standalone product, there was no confusion. Because there are too many GoTo products, you sometimes don't know what is being referred to if you don't know the entire GoTo product line in detail. The new owners don't do a very good job of putting their various (otherwise great) products in definable "silos", and as a result their product offerings blur together.
  • As with most VOIP systems, once you learn the basic administration, you have no need to call in experts to configure new lines or call paths. This saved a lot of money.
  • GoTo Connect forces a compatible version of firmware to your phones when they're being provisioned. I asked that they upgrade the version for our hardware on their end, which they gladly did. This saves us tens of thousands of dollars by alleviating the need for wiring our new building for ethernet. A simple firmware upgrade supporting wifi on our Yealink phones saved us five-figures!
  • Once configured, it works so well there's little need for maintenance. "It just works".
Our needs for an office PBX are really minimal. We have one incoming line, and about 25 extensions. The main line is answered by an auto-attendant, and callers dial the extension they want. We also have a couple of conference bridges. Adding phones, once you have the steps down, is quite simple and can be done in just a few minutes. Our office phones run on wi-fi alongside our desktop computers on a separate SSID. Aside from a tiny bit of traffic prioritizing on the router to ensure QOS, there were zero setup considerations. We recently moved from one office to another and had a completely different network infrastructure at the new place. We plugged in the phones, and all was well. Literally no changes had to be made. Implementation in our new facility was seamless and flawless.
Frankly, we have not used GoTo Connect to its fullest potential. We use separate services for messaging and video conferencing (Trillian and Zoom, respectively). I suppose our organization could transition to the GoTo Connect version of these services, but the staff's familiarity with the other tools, and their affordability, have made such a switch a low priority. Honestly, all we need are phones, and GoTo Connect handles that quite well.
I rated deployment an 8 instead of a 10 because I would have preferred to be able to use their online documentation to fully implement and configure our phone system. But it was a bit confusing. Had I needed to rely on this only, I may have rated this portion a 2 or a 3. However, once I contacted support, within minutes I had a friendly support agent on the other end of the phone to patiently answer my questions and explain things I did not understand. This boosted their rating considerably. Their support is unmatched.
The internal extension to extension calls are strikingly clear regardless of geographic location. I have no complaints about external call quality. We've had no issues with connectivity or downtime unless it was due to our local ISP having a temporary outage. The call quality is quite good. With rare exceptions, I can't really see any room for improvement in this area.
GoTo Connect (formerly Jive) was the first VOIP provider I ever used and it has done the job well so I have had no reason to go elsewhere. My initial evaluations of other services all seemed to be pretty equal to Jive, but Jive's pricing at that time was just a little more competitive than the others, so we went with them and haven't regretted it.

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While I do have a system administrator IT background, I do not have experience with VOIP systems. While trying to pick through the documentation I encountered a considerable learning curve so I had to contact support to hold my hand through the process, which they did patiently, proficiently, and with cheer. They taught me a lot - enough to be able to administer our company's systems from there on out. For the novice, me experience with their support was so great, I would recommend it without hesitation. On the downside, for those who prefer to teach themselves, their online documentation assumes that you have a basic knowledge of VOIP systems - which I did not. So, the learning curve was steep - until I contacted support. My main criticism of their system is the limitations of their conference bridges, but at least they are easily configurable.

GoTo Connect Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
User templates
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Call reports
Directory of employee names
Answering rules
Call recording
Call park
Not Rated
Call screening
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Message alerts
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Audio conferencing
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android
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Using GoTo Connect

  • Price
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
In setting up a new business and having never used a VOIP system before, it was important that I could find good documentation on the service so that I could teach myself how to get the phones set up in our new office. The documentation for this product was quite good, and it walked me through a number of the things that I was going to have to do to get started. When I also found that the pricing was more reasonable than some other competitors, I made the choice to use Jive (the original name of this product).
A couple of years ago, GoToConnect (which was, at the time, called "Jive") underwent a redesign of their admin interface. After becoming familiar with the changes here, the new interface was far and above much easier to use than the previous version. Administration, configuration, and implementation of changes couldn't be simpler under the new admin tools.
  • phone service
  • phone service
  • phone service
  • We have only used the VOIP features of the GoTo Connect product.
Conference lines and phone conferencing are clearly the most important part of this service for us. It performs these tasks quite well. Few, if any, complaints in this area.
They have given me no reason to change to another provider. The service is stable, support is good, and it has the features we need most. No complaints.
I find it unlikely that GoTo Connect would provide services any different than others who offer similar service. In fact, the add-ons can be a distraction from the product's main use - VOIP telephony.

Evaluating GoTo Connect and Competitors

We initially chose GoTo Connect (which, at the time was called "Jive") simply because they got OK reviews, had good online documentation, and were a little bit less expensive than the competition. Really, I'm sure a number of other services would have done the job just as well, but we settled on Jive, and have been quite happy since making that selection. The selection was a bit difficult because so much of the competition offered the same products. The comparisons were apples-to-apples. We just picked the one with good documentation and good pricing.

GoTo Connect Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I have had GREAT experiences with GoTo Connect support, and one not so great. The good far, far outweigh the bad. We needed the auto-provision feature of GoTo Connect to roll out a newer version of our phone's firmware. When we contacted support about this, they looked into our needs and agreed it was a good upgrade and they made the switch for us. That change saved us from having to do extensive reworking of our internal network, so I was thrilled with their help in that case. A few other less mission-critical matters have been hit and miss, but overall I give them a solid 8 out of 10.
We did not purchase premium support. The standard support was sufficient and met our needs well.
I mentioned this in a previous comment, but I will expand on it. Our phones are Yealink T46G's. We have a few dozen of these throughout our office. The older firmware on these phones would not allow you to use a USB Wi-Fi dongle for communication. They had to be wired. We were moving to a new building that did not have ethernet strung throughout the facility, so we had to use wi-fi for our VOIP phone system. When you autoprovision these phones, GoTo Connect will check your phone's firmware version, and if it doesn't match theirs, it will make that change automatically. In any case, the version that GoTo Connect was pushing to our T46G's was an old version that did not support Wi-Fi. The manufacturer had issued some firmware updates that added this much needed feature, so I contacted support and asked them if they would replace the version they provisioned with the new one. They agreed to do so, and by doing that, they saved us thousands of dollars, preventing the need to either A: string ethernet throughout our new bulding, or B: buy new phones that had built-in Wi-Fi. It was a great solution.

Using GoTo Connect

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Adding new phone numbers is extremely easy
  • Creating call routing and conference bridges is very easy
  • Adding new hardware is easy, but only after you have done it a few times.
  • Text messaging. Goto Connect offers this feature, but each time I've tried to use it I had to contact support.
  • Adding new devices into the system isn't difficult, but there are numerous steps that must be done in order which can be confusing.