Why we chose TeamViewer for Remote Support over other available products.
October 14, 2020

Why we chose TeamViewer for Remote Support over other available products.

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Overall Satisfaction with TeamViewer

We use TeamViewer specifically from ICT for support purposes, where we connect to users remotely to take control of their computers to address the various challenges users experience. With the COVID-19 Lockdown, TeamViewer has been a vital tool and allowed us to work as if we were in the office. It is no doubt, our worked more than doubled, and without TeamViewer, we wouldn't have been able to make it, looking at the fact that most of our users are not tech savvy, and as such, explaining simple steps, was a huge challenge.
  • The ability to resolve problems remotely.
  • Speed and efficiency to connect to users' computers using the corporate portal where you can see all connected clients.
  • Reporting, which gives us an overview of the Return of Investment on the product.
  • The main challenge we experience with the product, is when we need to perform a task which requires elevation, as you can no longer have control of the remote computer, but to try and get the end user to follow instruction.
  • I think just like with some earlier edition, where one could deploy a script along with the customized client to deal with these, it can go a long way. In some cases, even though you can get the user to elevate, they will still struggle to do certain things.
  • Another way TeamViewer can improve the product, would be to allow a web based connection method, without the need to download and install the QuickConnect App, as many of our elder generation users, will be able to click the link to download the app, but cannot locate the download from their browsers or folders.
  • It has impacted positively as we always relied on walk-ins in or site visiting in order to assist users, but since the implementation, one can be able to work with multiple client workstations at a time, depending on the task at hand.
  • This has even come in handy for our remote users as we are able to connect to the computers and assist them immediately without having to wait for the weekly site visitation which we had in place.
  • With COVID-19 and the subsequent Lockdown, TeamViewer allowed us to reach to even our elder generation users with whom it was difficult to explain step by step actions over the phones, as half the time, you'd tell them to take a particular action, but they will have no idea what or where you talking about. So with TeamViewer, you just send a link, the user clicks and download the app, then you can connect and do everything you need to in order to support the user.
We were using the built-in functionally on SysAid, but it was always a challenge as it relied on an agent being deployed to the target workstation, whereas with TeamViewer, you can just send the user a link to download and run the custom client, and immediately see them on the portal.

We also tested TeamViewer Embedded with SysAid, but it presented the same challenges, as it still relied on an agent to be successfully deployed before we could connect to the remote computer.
I still feel there's a lot that can be done, more especially when it comes to customer requests, as I had at some stage I had requested a feature which was available in an earlier version, but I couldn't get it, although it was important for us. With the current edition, when an action you need to perform on a user's computer, requires elevation, you lose total control on the user's PC, and have to rely on the user's competent to take the rest of the steps you have to perform, as you can only see, and not control the remote PC.
Based on both our technicians and client base, the experience is so seamless, including the fact that users only need to download and run the app once, and from there, a shortcut gets placed on their desktop, which they can then user to request for assistance or just to run the app when required by a technician.

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Being a corporate client, the ability to create support groups and manage those user groups accordingly depending on their support tiers is an added advantage and makes it a lot easier to monitor users who are connected and are still waiting to be assisted. Engineers can assign pending remote sessions to themselves and take over the sessions to assist and in that way, ensuring compliance to our Service Level Agreements.

TeamViewer Feature Ratings

Screen sharing
File transfer
Instant message
Secure remote access with Smart Card authentication
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
Remote management of servers & workstations
Centralized management dashboard
Session record
Monitoring and Alerts
Multi-platform remote control

Using TeamViewer

ICT Support Staff and General Staff Members for the university.
1 - TeamViewer is quite a straight forwards software, and I have been tasked with adding account for new technicians and interns from time to time, so as a result, the challenges I get from these people, is only in cases where they need to know how to use or authenticate new devices they sign in from, including password resets should they forget.
  • We acquired the product specifically for remote support, and so far we using it for just that.
  • Being able to take over tickets from other technicians to speed up the support when you see the client logged in on the portal.
  • Remote Server Admin, as at the moment, we rely solely on RDP, which ij turn requires VPN access.
WE have been using the product for the past couple of years, and so far delivers to our over 95% or our expectations, with the remaining 5%, being the issue with losing control upon elevation.

Evaluating TeamViewer and Competitors

Yes - As stated on the main review, we were using SysAid ITSM's built-in remote support which relied an agent being installed on the user's PC, meaning if for some network reason, the agent wasn't successfully installed, one wouldn't be able to connect to the remote PC, let along the connection speed.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
  • Analyst Reports
As a non-profit organization, and sensitive to security, it was important for us to look for a product which was both affordable, but at the same time reputable, hence we also had to check which other companies currently use the product.
From my experience, TeamViewer is the leader in the field, more especially when it comes to security.

TeamViewer Support

Good followup
Knowledgeable team
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - Unfortunately our company cannot afford premium support, and finds what we are able to do with the product at the moment, sufficient. Even if we could afford to pay for premium support, there wouldn't be any return of investment, looking at the scale of support we require, and what we use the product for.
I wish I could say yes, but the one time we engage with TeamViewer, was for a request for a feature which we had enjoyed on an earlier edition, but no longer available to the latest addition. With this feature, we were able to deploy a Windows Registry entry to the client PCs, and it allowed us to control the user's PC even when it required elevation, but now, once elevation is granted, you lose total control of the PC, and can only see the user screen and have to tell the user what to do, making it rather difficult to so some troubleshooting.

Using TeamViewer

Like to use
Relatively simple
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Difficult to use
  • Remote Support
  • Admin Portal where all connected users can be managed
  • Reporting
  • When assisting a user where Windows Elevation is required.
Yes - Based on my own experience, I have been able to assist users on basic things using my mobile phone, but for much complex problems, the mobile interface doesn't really help much, as it requires panning and scrolling from one end to the other in order to see the user's screen. However, if the user you are supporting is also using a mobile device, the interface is perfect.

Integrating TeamViewer

Looking at the products we support, I don't see any need to integrate the system as it works just fine as a stand alone product.
We evaluated the integration with SysAid ITSM with the hope of making connecting to users computers easier from within the Support Tickets, but unfortunately, the integration relies on an agent successfully installed on the target computer, something which prompted us to try TeamViewer, instead of the built-in Remote Support functionality within SysAid itself.
  • G Suite
Since we are using G Suite for our corporate emails and other services, it would become hand for users to immediately request for support from within those products, without necessarily needing to first raise a ticket through our ticketing system.
None at this stage, and I believe, from the attempt we tried with SysAid, the integration will only add to the cost of the product, and not necessarily add any value since the product or Return Of Investment, but finds the product to works just well as a stand alone.