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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 10, 2020

Fantastic Customization

Score 9 out of 10
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Mostly everyone is using it for project and task tracking, and day to day client issues. We use the software to track outstanding IT issues for clients from infrastructure to software and/or hardware issues. Ordering of hardware and implementation of projects for individual clients. It allowed us to track issues with each client and compare them to see if there were anything outstanding within an individual practice management platform.
  • Incident tracking
  • Project management
  • Time tracking
  • The included help can be confusing, especially when we first starting with SysAid.
I can only tell you where we love it. Project management and task assignment are excellent. We can customize our notifications for ongoing perpetual projects or a single task. I also love the reporting per incident it gives us. It tells me if I have a particular agent who may be overwhelmed or struggling to close service records.
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Samuel Laflamme | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 12, 2019

Great bang for your buck!

Score 7 out of 10
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SysAid is used in our organization as an IT service management and an asset manager. With SysAid, we are able to have a single point of entry for our IT tickets. The dispatcher can assign them and adjust the priority to the available technician. The asset manager makes it easy to track users' hardware.
  • SysAid is quite easy to configure. Adding technician, creating new category or even adding a routing rule is easy and fast.
  • SysAid is really cheap for the platform it gives. It has the best ratio of quality/price that I have found on the market.
  • SysAid is also easy to install. We were able to implement it in-house.
  • The client agent for the asset manager needs some help. We had a few issues with the OSX version.
  • The search in SysAid is not fun to operate. We need to use our own search engine on top of SysAid to make it usable.
  • The UI has an early 2000's look.
SysAid is a great bang for your buck, it's why I would recommend it to a small to medium business. It's a really good starting software. It has a complete ITSM suite. At this point in our enterprise SysAid doesn't scale anymore. We need more quality over price. If this is your case also, I wouldn't recommend SysAid.
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Jeff Daniels | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 14, 2017

SysAid - You might not know you need it, but you do.

Score 9 out of 10
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I began work in the IT Department at EPMG in 2008. We were a fledgling department without a suite of tools that are commonly used in IT. As our workload and influence grew, it became clear that we needed some method to track service requests from out users, as well as work performed inside the department. After some research a myriad of choices were presented. A number of them fell by wayside early because they were too expensive, too elaborate or too difficult to use. I identified SysAid as a product that could meet our needs at a low cost of entry, while still offering us the ability to make use of more advanced features in the future. We use it as the primary tool for creating and tracking help desk tickets for the entire company. We also use it as a tool to track internal IT projects. It has been extremely useful in keeping issues from falling through the cracks. And our users appreciate the ease with which they can create tickets and are secure in the knowledge that a response to their problem is forthcoming.
  • Ease of entering tickets. The last thing a user having a problem wants is a problem reporting their difficulty to the IT Department. With SysAid, this is never aa issue.
  • Ease of tracking tickets. Keeping from getting swamped by a wave of problem tickets and yet still making sure that every one of them is responded to promptly is critically important. SysAid's tracking and notification features make sure nothing every gets missed.
  • KnowledgeBase. While we are still a small department, we deal with a wide array of problems. Knowledge transfer does not always occur as it should. SysAid allows each of us to add the relevant information the KnowledgeBase so it will be available to all.
  • We don;t use many of the advanced features of SysAid (asset and patch management, benchmarks and analytics) because it appears the learning curve is quite high.
  • The interface is pretty rustic. This does not affect the use of the product, but it could create a marketing problem when trying to gain new customers as they may be comparing it to something "prettier".
  • At various times the SysAid server service shuts down. This is not a common occurrence, just often enough to be mildly annoying.
Any small to medium business wanting a quick, inexpensive and easy to use service ticket solution is a prime target for SysAid.

Not working in an enterprise it is hard for me to evaluate SysAid's use there. It might be lacking some of the more advanced features used in an enterprise scenario. If I were evaluating SysAid for use in an enterprise, I would think it would still deserve to be on the short list, since sometimes IT people think they need more than they really do.
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Bill Davis | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 13, 2017

SysAid - powerful Help Desk software for sophisticated Help Desks

Score 8 out of 10
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SysAid was acquired for use by our IT department primarily as a means to track trouble tickets (requests to the Help Desk) and change management functions for our applications programming team. We are expanding its use to allow all employees to enter help desk requests directly into the SysAid system, which should get problems under investigation sooner.
  • Software can be configured in various ways based on many different data, making it very flexible and adaptable to a specific customer's requirements.
  • Base product is very powerful and may not require purchase of additional modules.
  • Technical support team is very knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Documentation is online and accessible.
  • The product is very large and complex. Expect a steep learning curve to get full benefits.
  • Flexibility is both a strength and a weakness. Consider obtaining expert guidance (at a cost) to get system setup to your own needs more quickly.
  • Time zone difference (USA vs Israel) has presented problems in communication in the past.
  • Their reporting product is weak. The Excel files it can output are practically worthless. Plan on mining their database with your own tools for most useful reports.
Product is much more than a trouble ticket/work order tracker and seems appropriate for a sophisticated Help Desk operation. Other features, such as its Change Management module, reinforces its usefulness in such an operation. For a smaller operation that needs basic work order tracking without a lot of refinements and complexity, SysAid may be overkill. In particular, I wouldn't recommend trying to adapt it to other service delivery functions, such as facility management, as its administrators (and every technician is an administrator) must be very competent technically.
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John Predmore | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 15, 2017

A browser-based Helpdesk solution you really should look at

Score 9 out of 10
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SysAid is used by our entire company to open/manage helpdesk tickets. We use the knowledgebase to document problems/solutions and IT uses it for project management. Using SysAid to manage our helpdesk has provided much better communications between IT and end users and improved time to close compared to what we were doing before.
  • SysAid's customization has been very useful for us. The ability to add/modify fields and forms has permitted us to tweak it to do exactly what we want.
  • Email integration has been an outstanding way for us to streamline ticket generation and routing. This means getting the ticket to the right team without manual assignment.
  • Password Services gives our users the ability to unlock and reset AD passwords without IT assistance.
  • Sometimes support has not met our expectations. Response time can be longer than we'd like. Also a particular bug that was causing us issues took much longer to resolve than we were led to believe.
I think SysAid is an excellent solution for a small/medium enterprise. I believe it may lack some features for a large enterprise, but you should still give it a look.
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Keith Mcintyre | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 01, 2016

It Just Works!!

Score 8 out of 10
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We use SysAid as our department IT ticketing system. When we get a call or request we track it in Sysaid which allows us to run reports on our service.
  • Keeps track of service
  • Great for running reports
  • We can customize SysAid to what we need
  • The graphic interface needs updating.
It works perfect for tracking tickets at our help desk.
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Jennifer Kern | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 25, 2015

Sysaid Provides an Effective Customer Services Tool

Score 8 out of 10
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SysAid was being used in the following manner at my organization:

It was an incident management software that helped staff communicate through the logging, processing, managing and reporting of IT issues that impacted customers. Also, it helped the help desk staff, as well as other IT staff to meet ITIL standardized methods such as effectively meeting response times, analyzing issues and documenting solutions and issues as they fit into the company's environment. The software made communication of issues and solutions to the end user and business staff efficient. It was being used throughout the whole organization. It addressed all businesses that integrated technology in it.

  • It effectively made it possible for our help desk staff to professionally communicate technological issues, needs and solutions to the business staff and end users.
  • The SysAid incident management software made it possible to tailor the software to our company's needs and operational processes.
  • It also made it very efficient for staff to find trending issues and develop plans to address them.
  • One of the areas that can be improved is the Knowledge Management module, as far as making it more efficient to locate and search the knowledge base.
SysAid is very appropriate when it comes to ensuring that the user is capturing all information needed to communicate the technological needs of the situation and how it was resolved. This is beneficial because it communicates the technological needs of the company.
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Javar Davis Jordan | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 21, 2015

Sysaid, A Healthier, Stress Free Way to manage tickets

Score 10 out of 10
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I used SysAid as a service desk analyst. The SysAid ticketing system was used by all departments to manage IT requests for the whole organization.
  • As analyst were able to mitigate what IT departments handled certain requests, once these requests were assigned, SysAid was able to update progress as details were added. Emails were sent automatically to the requester who needed support. This left a good impression as it allowed the IT department to show end users how requests were being solved.
  • The installation of SysAid on company laptops that allowed end users to submit request is very straight forward and the ease of access is perfect.
  • Organizing requests on level of importance is another great feature.
  • I don't see much in the area of improvement as the product is one of the best I've used. The user interface is simple and straight forward.
I would have to say SysAid is more suited for supporting 100+ end users. Secondly I would ask how big the company plans to expand on the amount of end users, as the product has a list of features and capabilities such as device management.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 21, 2017

Sysaid - Service desk tool

Score 6 out of 10
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Sysaid was used to track some of the desktop support as well as development issues that came up in the business. It was then assigned to the appropriate team, who would either log on another system for developers using agile methods.

We struggled to get Sysaid to integrate across our whole environment.
  • The workflow functionality works well to get approvals, or assigning to different teams.
  • The tool is easy to use as a front end for users.
  • Work allocation can be monitored closely, and give a holistic view in terms of issues hitting your service desk.
  • Users struggle to select the correct categories for the faults they log.
  • Incorrect categories mean incorrect team allocation, which mans breaches in SLA.
  • Not easily scaled into the entire IT operations, especially the DEVOPS environments.
  • Does not cater for Scrum methodologies.
Well suited to organisations that only want to manage a service desk, not really suited for DevOps. Difficult to implement a solution across multiple teams.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 29, 2016

A last minute work around the does the trick.

Score 6 out of 10
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Review Source
Sysaid is being used as a marketing request management work around in our organization. We took the IT ticketing software and now have our coworkers use it to fill out marketing requests as well as IT requests. For what it needs to be (submitting requests, giving it a number, informing department) it works well. However, as our department has evolved we've learned that it is very much lacking in functionality that can be found in other project management software, however we do not blame Sysaid as this was not its intended purpose.
  • Allows users to submit specific requests(by department, by project, by production piece).
  • Communicate to our department when new requests have come in or when changes have been made to requests.
  • Export information.
  • Allowing communication between users to happen within the software.
  • More customizable and more easily customized forms.
  • Actually having an export in a graphical layout that is targeted to end users rather than IT people.
I imagine for IT this works great, however as a marketing tool/collaboration tool, it leaves much to be desired. But again, we understand this is not it's intended purpose.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 22, 2016

Good but Glitchy

Score 5 out of 10
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Review Source
We used SysAid as an IT help desk solution. It helped us prioritize and show our bosses what we were working on. Too many people would just call us up and want us to drop everything and at the end of the day we had no evidence that we did anything. This provided it for us.
  • It was a very good help desk solution!
  • It routed the trouble tickets very nicely.
  • It was easy for end users to use.
  • They kept adding things and it decreased the functionality and quality of the product.
  • The email feature kept going down on us.
  • We could almost never remote into a system after the upgrade to 8.0.
SysAid is meant for IT help desks, we also tried to use it for other departments, but it's best in IT.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 27, 2015

Small Educational Institution's Overall View on SysAid

Score 8 out of 10
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I used SysAid at a previous company for help desk ticketing and remote assistance support. It was used by our central IT department that supports the entire school. It addressed problems that didn't allow customers to submit help desk tickets for documentation purposes. Within the ticketing process, users had the option of submitting screenshots showing their issue(s). It also allowed the IT department to remote into customer's workstations to resolve issues remotely.
  • SysAid provides an easy to use interface that allows customers to easily understand how to submit help desk tickets.
  • SysAid allows the user to insert screenshots directly into the tickets. This allows users to quickly display a particular issue to their IT staff for researching purposes and also allows the user to paint the picture they are trying to get across to IT
  • SysAid also allows you to remotely assist users that have the SysAid client installed on their PCs. This allows IT to save time and quickly assist users in realtime.
  • The version of SysAid we used was the free version so it had limitations on the amount of users we could have using the product. I'm sure there were other features that we didn't have, but it worked for what we needed it for.
  • You have to install the client on each machine that you want to remote into. This was the requirement when I used the product, but that could have since been changed or there may be a better solution with the premium versions.
Some key questions to ask during the selection process would be:

1. How can this product make life easier for my help desk and IT staff?
2. How can this product save me money?
3. Are there discounts available for my corporation?
4. What sets you apart from other products that have similar features?
5. Is there an option for Proof of Concept?
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 15, 2015

SysAid's ease of use and navigation makes it my go to ticketing management software suite.

Score 10 out of 10
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I worked for a small managed service provider. We used SysAid as our ticketing system. SysAid made it very easy to keep track of open tickets and also it was very easy for our clients to submit tickets using SysAid.
  • Centralization of ticket management. It was very easy to navigate around SysAid and keep tickets straight.
  • Easy to understand interface. I was able to start using SysAid right away and found there to be not much of a steep learning curve.
  • Solid survey system. As a technician I loved receiving feedback from my work and SysAid's survey system is top notch.
  • I did not experience any weaknesses from what I was using SysAid for.
I have used 4 different kinds of ticketing software in my career thus far. SysAid is by far the easiest to learn as well as the most functional.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Organize and prioritize service tickets (13)
Expert directory (8)
Service restoration (7)
Self-service tools (12)
Subscription-based notifications (8)
ITSM collaboration and documentation (8)
ITSM reports and dashboards (7)
Configuration mangement (11)
Asset management dashboard (10)
Policy and contract enforcement (5)
Change requests repository (8)
Change calendar (7)
Service-level management (8)

About SysAid

SysAid is the flagship ITSM and IT help desk software from SysAid Technologies, which offers a rather wide swath of features, supporting asset management (HAM and SAM), remote control, and rich reporting tools.

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