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What is Beekeeper?

Beekeeper is a social collaboration software solution offered by Beekeeper AG.

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Beekeeper has garnered praise from users for its ease of implementation and immediate usability, requiring minimal training. This has led …
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Beekeeper A must Keeper

10 out of 10
November 29, 2021
Beekeeper is mainly used to collaborate among all the team members and storing and sharing data and files so as to maintain good decorum …
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What is Beekeeper?

Beekeeper is a social collaboration software solution offered by Beekeeper AG.

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Product Demos

DEMO HOUR: Leveraging Tech for Hiring & Engaging NON PMET Workforce | Beekeeper | FastJobs | GetPaid


Beekeeper Laurent demo of Short Top | Luscious Laurent Honey


Linvilla Orchards Tomato & Pear Fest 8/23 has canning demo, beekeeper, concerts & fun for kids & lo


How to Download 'The Beekeeper's Picnic' Demo


Beekeeper Afghan Stitch Demo


beekeeper demo Feat. Angie and John

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Product Details

What is Beekeeper?

Beekeeper is an employee communication platform that promises to digitize the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive interface. The vendor says Beekeeper connects colleagues across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop devices, and includes an intelligent dashboard to help companies improve internal communication and streamline business processes. Secure, automated, and relevant information is readily distributed, searchable, and measurable in one central hub for an efficient digitized workflow.

The company is based in Zurich and San Francisco and supports users in more than 130 countries. Clients include Heathrow Airport, Seaboard Foods, and Marriott.

Beekeeper Screenshots

Screenshot of Group MessagingScreenshot of Inline Translation

Beekeeper Video

Beekeeper is transforming the way frontline businesses work. Our frontline operating system helps companies ditch paper and manual processes to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance. Empower employees with direct access to the people, processes, and systems t...
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Beekeeper Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Beekeeper has garnered praise from users for its ease of implementation and immediate usability, requiring minimal training. This has led to improved efficiency and productivity, as users have been able to engage in real-time communication and collaboration seamlessly. The software's mobile access feature has also increased flexibility and connectivity, allowing users to stay connected on the go. With its data storage and synchronization capabilities, Beekeeper has enhanced organization and task completion for users across different locations and departments. Moreover, the platform has facilitated communication with employees working on the front lines, resulting in increased engagement. It has also been utilized for remote sharing of shift timings and enabling work from home. Overall, Beekeeper creates a collaborative environment for sharing information and resources, enhancing internal communication and collaboration particularly during the pandemic.

Improved Communication and Collaboration: Users find Beekeeper to be an invaluable tool that significantly improves communication and collaboration between team members, allowing them to stay connected and work together more effectively. Some users feel that Beekeeper has revolutionized internal communication within their organizations, providing valuable capabilities for disseminating information, sharing opinions, organizing workstations, and more.

Exceptional Usability: The usability of Beekeeper is exceptional, making it easy for the team to quickly adopt the platform without the need for extensive training. Many reviewers appreciate how user-friendly and intuitive Beekeeper's interface is, with virtually no differences between the app and web interface. This consistency provides a pleasant user experience across platforms.

Integration with Other Business Tools: Beekeeper's integrations with other business tools, such as work management systems, have been a huge benefit according to many users. These integrations enable the team to work more efficiently by reducing response times and improving productivity. Users appreciate how seamlessly Beekeeper integrates with existing workflows, streamlining processes and eliminating the need for switching between multiple platforms.

Slow search function: Some users have found the search feature to be sluggish and have expressed a desire for it to be improved. They feel that the current speed of the search function is not up to par with their expectations.

Lack of additional features: Many users feel that Beekeeper could benefit from additional features, such as calling/video calling, a more robust search function/library of content, and better integration with other platforms. These enhancements would provide users with a more comprehensive and seamless experience.

Limited chat functionality: Users have mentioned several limitations in the chat function. They are unable to tag another user directly or reply to a specific message in a group chat. Additionally, they express frustration over the inability to share posts from streams within a chat. These limitations hinder effective communication and collaboration within teams using Beekeeper.

Users highly recommend Beekeeper for its ability to connect work teams and eradicate communication gaps, finding it to be a unique and convenient resource for work teams to stay in sync and collaborate efficiently. They also recommend Beekeeper for small or medium businesses to manage their work remotely and effectively, emphasizing the importance of making it user-friendly for employees of all levels. Users appreciate that Beekeeper provides everything needed to consolidate communication and internal collaboration in any organization, recommending it without hesitation.


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November 29, 2021

Beekeeper A must Keeper

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Beekeeper is mainly used to collaborate among all the team members and storing and sharing data and files so as to maintain good decorum in the organisation which consequently helps in having good work culture and work environment. It has some easy to integrate tools and features which makes whole process hassle free.
  • Storing all the data and contacts and providing fast and hassle free communication effortlessly.
  • Searching for any data in a project is really simple.
  • Helps in collaborating with others within the organisation which helps in a clean organised working.
  • It takes a few seconds to a minute to get load with all the tables and database.
  • Its UI could be a bit better and it has room for improvement.
  • Sometimes it lags that could be resolved as well.
Beekeeper is one of those gems which can not get replaced by any other application that easily as it comes in everyday use. Being an SDE I can say that it get used a lot in creating, updating or deleting any data also sharing files is really fast among users. It is suitable if you have a vivid project and need to store huge database and contacts and interaction is daily requirement . It takes sometime to get load but that does not make it any less suitable.
  • Its ability to store database and provides interactive environment for all the users.
  • Various features to pile up data and store it conveniently and also sharing is very fast.
  • Simple and clean design which is easy to use.
  • Since we need to deploy project and beekeeper makes it easy to store database it has positive impact on ROI.
  • Beekeeper makes whole task very easy and hassle free making it easier to developers to work and get the tasks done thus having a positive impact on ROI.
  • It does not have any negative impact.
Beekeeper provides convenient interface for teams to interact and develop tools together, no doubt Slack is also very good and hassle free to use but as far we noticed Beekeeper is performing quite well for large data and analytics is also very fast and it requires much less efforts to handle.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The company has implemented an excellent workflow since the installation. After using it, we have seen a lot of changes. Now we can share projects internally simply and quickly and view activities more conveniently. Keep in sync by having an environment where information and resources can be exchanged rapidly and efficiently.
  • Beekeeper is ultimately the most viable option for managing tasks and getting a solid result from projects.
  • It has very extraordinary support; I can solve configuration issues.
  • It gives us significant advantages in communication and collaboration within the organization.
  • It is extraordinary to complement a system of coordination and systematization of priorities in any environment.
  • The most dangerous thing for me is the price; I think you can get similar quality programs at a reasonable price.
  • The user interface is not bad, but it could be more intuitive and organized.
I highly recommend Beekeeper; it has given an incredible strength in each of the task management processes; you can get a great benefit to develop multiple activities in a given time. It is an excellent and convenient resource that allows teams to synchronize, improve information flow, and collaborate effectively.
  • It has all the powerful functions needed to disseminate information, share opinions, and optimize its tasks.
  • I love being able to count on Beekeeper; it has all the communication capabilities so practical and easy to integrate with other tools.
  • The ROI is swift and complete.
Beekeeper has been able to bring us considerable advantages in terms of communication and collaboration within our organization. It is a fantastic tool that allows us to communicate with colleagues.
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