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What is Tricentis Tosca?

Tricentis Tosca provides an approach to test automation – one that is AI-powered, codeless, and end-to-end so it can test everything in a complex IT landscape, and ensure business processes work flawlessly – no matter where changes...

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Tosca Review

8 out of 10
October 12, 2022
Have used it for multiple projects spanning different companies from different areas such as life science, publishing, and media.
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Great test tool

7 out of 10
October 05, 2022
I create the test cases for regression tests for databases, web portals, and desktops with Tricentis Tosca and execute them daily.
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How to Create & Run your First Test with the Tosca Guided Tour
Tricentis Tosca Enterprise End-to-End Automation
How to speed up end to end testing for Salesforce and SAP using Tosca
Top 3 Functional and Automation Testing Tools (TestComplete, Sauce Labs, Tricentis Tosca)
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Product Details

What is Tricentis Tosca?

Tricentis Tosca provides an approach to test automation – one that is AI-powered, codeless, and end-to-end so it can test everything in a complex IT landscape, and ensure business processes work flawlessly – no matter where changes occurs.

Its 160+ technology support means users can test everything at the UI, API and data layer, including virtually any enterprise, custom, homegrown and mobile application.

With its model-based approach, Tosca enables business, QA and IT teams to create and maintain reusable test assets at speed and scale, while, according to the vendor, boosting test automation rates to 90% from release to release. They further state that with Tosca, users can test 12x faster, catch 16x more defects and cut overall testing costs by 40%.

Tosca also features risk optimization, service virtualization, test data management, and smart test case design, making it a comprehensive continuous testing tool.

Tricentis Tosca Screenshots

Screenshot of No-code, model-based test automation separates the technical information of an application into reusable, no-code modules that you can quickly and easily update as applications change, which auto-update your test cases.Screenshot of Test case design for risk optimization - is a flexible testing model that enables fast, easy test case creation and maintenance & reduces risk in your app releases.Screenshot of Requirements coverage for risk optimization - enables you to prioritize requirements by business risk/ impact, understand what you need to test, and gain instant business insight on defects so you can make smarter & faster release decisions.Screenshot of Vision AI - AI powered test automation using next-generation patented neural network technology to deliver resilient UI automation. Includes self-healing AI capabilities.Screenshot of Service virtualization enables you to build realistic, simulated services in minutes so you can remove bottlenecks and run your end-to-end tests a lot faster in the software development lifecycleScreenshot of Test data management: get reliable, high-quality test data when you need it and keep track of your data as it gets consumed across end-to-end business processesScreenshot of API Scan enables you to create codeless API tests in minutes– without having to wait for the full application to be builtScreenshot of Automation Recording Assistannt (ARA) enables business users to easily record and capture their workflows during normal SAP routines and contribute to test automationScreenshot of Mobile testing - Create codeless automated testing for any mobile application. Test native, hybrid, and web applications on iOS and Android devices — including mobile cross-browser testingScreenshot of Distributed execution enables you to test faster and at scale by running multiple tests in parallel across distributed infrastructures and virtual machines.Screenshot of Get started with Tricentis Tosca by learning how to create and run your first automated TestCase in just five minutes. This video takes you on a step-by-step journey on how to navigate the Guided Tour  in just 10 essential steps.Screenshot of Update service enables you to update single technologies of Tosca removing the need to update entire Tosca versions - enabling you to keep up with innovation faster.Screenshot of Experience codeless, end-to-end testing with Tricentis Tosca.

Tricentis Tosca Videos

Learn how to create and run an automated TestCase with Tricentis Tosca in 5 minutes. This video provides a step-by-step journey on how to navigate the Guided Tour in 10 essential steps.
Experience end-to-end testing with Tricentis Tosca.
Tricentis' product expert will demonstrate how to create end-to-end test automation using Tosca and the Automation Recording Assistant (ARA) for a business scenario that touches several different technologies and enterprise apps from Salesforce and SAP, to REST API, web, and data files.
In this video, the TrustRadius team will be talking about the top 3 functional and automation testing tools: TestComplete, Sauce Labs, and Tricentis Tosca.

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Tricentis Tosca Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish, German

Frequently Asked Questions

Worksoft Connective Automation Platform, Selenium, and Micro Focus UFT One are common alternatives for Tricentis Tosca.

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 8.6.

The most common users of Tricentis Tosca are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Tricentis Tosca is used in order to automate new features based on their requirements and run Regression and Smoke Tests on various states while developing and deploying. The system under test is an angular-based Web framework that is hosted in a WPF .net Application. The main focus is on GUI but also the DB feature is used.
  • Scanning SuT
  • Libraries with Business Parameter (I love them)
  • Default Modules (Aid Pack)
  • Unattended execution
  • Custom dll. for Tbox on Netdrives would be awesome
  • Handling with Chromedriver is a bit annoying
HTML is really easy, with the exception of tables - I still feel uncomfortable with those. WPF-Engine, on the other hand, is a real nightmare. Windows-specific Controls/Popups (Explorer, e.g., Save things) is also a pitty to steer, but at least can be done by using Vision AI as last resort alternative.
Many features and setups/options need to be known in order to manage TC execution properly under all circumstances. Cool features like Modul or Lib merge are awesome, but still, users don't even know they exist. If I had to start now with Tricentis Tosca, I assume it would quite overwhelm me. Luckily I have known it since Version 7.3.
October 12, 2022

Tosca Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Have used it for multiple projects spanning different companies from different areas such as life science, publishing, and media.
  • CRM application automation - Salesforce, SAP.
  • Email validation.
  • Dynamic data handling.
  • Multi lingual testing
  • Attributes identification automatically
  • Cross environment testing
Good scriptless tool to automate in less time. Flexible enough to manage dynamic application functionality.
It's easy to use known application functionality however custom components of crm application automation is difficult.
October 05, 2022

Great test tool

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I create the test cases for regression tests for databases, web portals, and desktops with Tricentis Tosca and execute them daily.
  • Continuous test automation
  • Graphical user interface and drag and drop function
  • Modular technologies
  • Vision AI for WPF
  • More possibilities for self-programming
  • More documentation and examples
- For WPF testing, each scan gives different results.
- Control as verification is not stable. It stopped working after a few weeks.
- It's easy to get started with no programming experience.
- It is very practical for daily regression testing.
Nikhil Puniyani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Tosca to automate, Salesforce application also used it for Automating ServiceMax and SAP Application. It was very exiting and good learning exeperience while automating application using Tosca. It is very easy to understand and develop modules in Tosca.
  • Desktop Automation
  • Mobile Automation
  • Web Automation
  • Service Virtualization
  • Robotic process Automation
  • API Automation
  • We User want to do customization on the predefined module, he need basic understanding of programing language, and without formal training of customization it is difficult to create custom modules.
  • Reporting can be improved
As it is a paid tool , it is better use when we are automating complex application and include wide range of testing.
It is very user friendly tool, the person who doesnt know any programming language and coding can easily adapt to it.
Vinayak Bandewar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently, my project uses Tricentis Tosca to test Web Applications based on Salesforce custom implementation. We use Tricentis Tosca to perform various testing types, including UI/API testing. We are also planning to use it for Mobile automation and to perform DevOps integration. At the organization level, Tricentis Tosca is used across multiple projects, customers and technologies. This includes Salesforce, SAP, Workday, Web, Desktop, and Mobile applications across different domains like Payments, Banking, Life sciences, etc.
  • Codeless - Easy to learn, Users can be trained quickly.
  • Modular approach - Reusable test step blocks can be created and used across multiple test cases.
  • Multiuser repository - Seamless collaboration between multiple team members in real-time.
  • Supports high number of technologies.
  • Mobile Automation solution
  • Reporting feature
  • Test Data Management features can be simplified
  • Integration with Test management tools
Tricentis Tosca is well suited for packaged applications like SAP, Salesforce, Workday, etc. It also works well with API testing and Web UI testing. Tosca is highly suited for Projects which require a high level of collaboration between team members across different locations. It's less suited for mobile automation, Reporting, and test scenarios with high input data.
As Tricentis Tosca supports a large number of technologies and applications it's easier to start and progress on automation. There is hardly any need for custom code creation. The modular approach makes it easier to create test cases and maintain them further.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We purchased Tricentis Tosca to move from manual testing to automated testing. In the first year, we automated over 3000 test cases and reduced regression testing from over 10 days down to 4 and it is continuing to reduce. We installed an "automate first" approach which means there are no automation specialists in the team and there is no backlog of tests to be automated. All QA Analysts are trained on Tosca and can automate test cases in-sprint. As we move to a new microservices environment all the applications are automated from the start resulting in increased velocity across all teams.
  • Automates across Web, API, Desktop and Databases
  • Offers rapid scaling of tests based on test data
  • Provides excellent training for new starters
  • Better reporting on test progress
  • Autoscaling of distributed execution
Tricentis Tosca is well suited to the automation of test cases across all environments - web, API, desktop, DB. Tosca is well suited to organizing and running large-scale testing environments. Tricentis Tosca is not appropriate for small once-off automation efforts
Tricentis Tosca provides excellent training and a new starter will be trained and ready to automate within one month. Tricentis Tosca can test all technologies and the module approach works well in each.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Tricentis Tosca was used as an initiative to modernize our quality assurance department. We wanted to simplify test automation and roll out something more simple for users. It was used on a high-visibility project with web and java and we were able to rapidly automate the required performant test suite.
  • Rapid automation
  • Ease of use
  • Good to get test requirement
  • Exploratory testing
  • Integration
  • Meta data tracking
  • Advanced automation
  • out of the box automation
A scenario where Tricentis Tosca is performant. Web automation, throw-away scripts, exploratory testing. Excellent for testing a scenario with different parameters, limit testing. Excellent to duplicate and change tests rapidly. Excellent to quickly analyze an already automated test. Good for reporting. Great tutorials/certifications to get users up to speed! A scenario where Tricentis Tosca is less performant. Integration can be costly. Test management is harder to do than in ALM for example. It's harder to track certain things due to the lack of metadata on certain artifacts.
Tricentis Tosca will be great to automate rapidly. It is well structured and you will be able to automate faster. The only blocker is when you are not able to automate something with Tricentis Tosca, maybe 2% of the time. You then have less flexibility to code a workaround like you could in other tools. There is an alternative way of doing automation when you don't recognize an object such as finding the object in relation to another object on the page. The way you can recognize objects is advanced and is one of my favorite features of the tool. The tutorials make the usability of the tool easy. Without a tutorial, it would be hard to get into it.
Tricentis team was very supportive. Support is expensive but they helped us at many level. Setting up timeline, implementation, precise questions on automation challenges. We had an account manager and technical people we could as to talk to. Support was generally timely and helping. They often proposed to come on site to help us which would cost more but could be helpful.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Application migration to modern web user interfaces, API testing for microservices, on-prem to cloud migration of multiple enterprise tools.
  • Fast learning curve
  • No code implementations for SMEs
  • Distributed executions on agent machines
  • DEX execution stability
  • User management for shared repos
  • API testing UI experience and process to create new test cases
It is best suited when testing end-to-end scenarios, having execution lists and parameters for different environments.
It is not appropriate when testing lots of services, and you require to debug to troubleshoot some errors returned.
Your team will not require the most technical engineers to use the tool, it is easy to use, and there are very good training materials available on the Tricentis website to start creating test cases in less than a week. The tool user interface is really nice and provides options to customize it for your needs.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Tricentis Tosca is our recommended test automation tool for clients testing Enterprise Solutions including Salesforce, Oracle, and Workday. Their scriptless solution is easy to teach and implement, and their support is outstanding.
  • Test data creation and management
  • Script maintenance
  • Technology stack coverage
  • Pricing options for smaller customers
  • The certification exams for the Architect role are ambiguous.
  • Integrations with other tools could be better. Should not require an API developer to implement.
Tricentis Tosca is best suited for companies that need to test multiple systems including enterprise, legacy, Web/UI, and API. It's an excellent one-stop shop solution.
It can be a challenge for new users who have never used an automation tool. For example, it is hard to understand the layout of the screen and where to find how to update the data. The interface can be overwhelming at first.
Ashwin Mor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Tosca is being used by our department for Regression testing. We have N number of test scenarios that we need to automate. And Tosca helps is automating these scenarios easily. We can easily reuse most of the test cases that we have built which helps in the reusability part helping us to save a lot of time.
  • Dynamic handling of objects is easy
  • Reusability of test cases
  • No scripting involved
  • Multiple features in one tool
  • Vendor support
  • Multiple technology support
  • Test case design section is very complicated
  • A little expensive
  • The UI takes time to understand
A lot of good features Tosca has and has helped our department in multiple ways. When it comes to end-to-end, that doesn't mean in one particular business but across multiple technologies too. It's very easy as it's scriptless and anyone can easily learn. We have automated more than 2000 scenarios so far and I can say once all the test cases were built it's easy to just execute them now. If any modifications are required we do those and then executive. Reusability has made it more easier. Also with the integration with other test management and defect tracking tools it gives us more scalability.
Once you get used to the tool it's very easy to automate and also maintain the test cases. Only one recommendation or a drawback that I see here with Tosca is their Test case design (red section) approach. It's complicated.
The vendor support that is provided in terms of Mail, chat, forums, online support is so easy and I haven't seen this with any other tool vendor so far.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Tricentis Tosca was the chosen solution to modernize our test automation suite. It was used on certain projects while we kept using a legacy automation app for other projects. It has mainly been used for the web, but also for other desktop apps, some customs, some in-house. Overall it helped speed the automation process.
  • Speed of delivery
  • Rapid automation
  • Onboarding new users
  • Meta data management is hard to follow
  • Hard to govern users
  • Integration with other tools can be challenging and costly
Tricentis Tosca is a good candidate for organizations where QA are not yet doing automation. For more functional people, it is a great asset as it is quite codeless. Tricentis Tosca might not be a good candidate if you already have a mature team of automation QA that are well experienced in their tool and already delivering rapidly. The team may find that while this codeless software improves delivery speed, they might find it lacks the flexibility and rigors a coding test automation framework might provide.
It's fairly easy to use. Tricentis Tosca provides a great tutorial to jump start your skills. It's codeless, so it will be appreciated by people with no automation skills. It's a bit harder to use when coding is necessary. It's not as flexible sometimes because of this. Overall, it's one of the easiest test automation frameworks to use.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Overall experience with Tricentis Tosca is very good, we use this tool for automated testing four our LMS annual upgrades and it is very helpful and reliable. They have really good customer support services. It is the best suite for coddles test automation if you're willing to pay a price.
  • Web based
  • Mobile based
  • Web services
  • Coding is not available
  • Product functionality and performance
  • Improvement in the desktop applications
This product helps both web and desktop applications and very easy to handle. Need some more improvement in the desktop applications. Tricentis Tosca is coming [up] with very good options of giving automation solutions but the base is still not constant. Web automation, Load testing which is integrated but not working.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Tricentis Tosca is used by many of the teams in my organization as the test automation tool. Because it has very wide variety of options such as API automation, UI automation , load testing etc.. it's one of the major testing tools that's being used in my organization for all test automation needs.
  • It's one stop shop for all your test automation needs like - api layer, ui layer, load testing, mobile automation.
  • It has excellent support for CI/CD and Devops environment which makes it very modern but much needed solution
  • It can run in cross browser and cross devices with same test script and again saves a lot of time.
  • Excellent results and dashboards gives nice view into results.
  • Image comparison and visual validation is such an important thing today and Tricentis should do more to support these activities.
  • It's a paid tool meaning you have to shell out money to use it.Although it more than does justice for the price.
  • Support to integrate test results with test management tools like HP ALM,Jira-Xray would be nice.
If you have an application that needs to be tested at - API layer, UI layer across devices and browsers and run in DevOps environment, it's a best bet. Additionally you can automate windows applications too. It kind of acts as a nice add on to Selenium, HP UFT and even SoapUI. That's really great.It can improve on visual validation part.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I work in the Software Quality assurance team in my organization which is a medium sized IT services provider. We are in process of forming a team which is proficient in using Tosca as a test automation tool for Desktop and Mobile applications. My interaction with the tool has been for the same reasons.
  • Tosca provides a one-stop solution for your test-automation needs. One can use it to automate testing of desktop (web/stand-alone) applications, Mobile(Native as well as Web) applications etc.
  • It is a great tool since it not only helps in test automation but also in maintaining a suite for Manual testing.
  • It does have a steep learning curve, A tool is often perceived capable of doing only what its user is able to achieve in accomplishing while using it. For this reason, its very necessary if for the team at Tricentis to continue doing the great work they are doing to train early adopters of this fantastic tool.
It is a brilliant tool if the application under test needs to be tested on multiple configurations (Mobile/ Desktop/Web/Native).
Since the tool allows to maintain the manual test-suite within itself I believe it would help considerably to ensure that there are no gaps between the Manual and automated test coverage and the manual as well as the automation teams can work closely.
Raghuram Rangamani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TOSCA has been decided as the tool of choice for our (client) organization. Before implementing TOSCA we were not very sure on the automation test process. After implementing it we were able to reduce the cycle time for regression tests.
  • Model Based Test Automation: Creation of reusable modules. Having reusable data classes is a real plus when working with huge volumes of data. Requirement coverage in TOSCA gives a clear picture on the test coverage based on frequency and damage class. This feature is very helpful in determining priority test cases during time crunch.
  • TOSCA's inbuilt combining matrix is very helpful to determine which attribute needs to be tested more. The concepts of having straight thru and negative tests along with boundary is a great plus.
  • Template based tests cover maximum scenarios with minimal effort. Ability to pause a test execution in the middle is a great utility especially when there are some un wanted popups.
  • I don't see any cons for TOSCA. One thing that I would like to suggest for Tricentis is that the pricing for TOSCA is a bit on the higher side. I do agree that the features are great but if they can compromise just a little on the price then this tool would be the market leader for decades.
I have been using Tricentis tosca for automating the web as well as mainframe applications. Web application automation was a cake walk. When there are no user-friendly tools available for mainframe automation, TOSCA was able to automate mainframe applications with a little bit of effort.
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