Twitter Ads is a search engine marketing tool built around features such as objective-based campaigns, promoted trends, and in-depth analytics.Twitter Ads for B2B and B2C advertisingTwitter Ads is used by the media and reporting sectors of our company. We use it to advertise B2B and B2C ads for our clients, using against traffic objectives to drive traffic to our client's product sites. We implement Twitter Ads on behalf of the clients, and manage the performance and budgets within the tool. We also coordinate directly with a Twitter rep to set up IOs to use Twitter Ads.,Easy data export. I work with data to report on performance, and having a convenient exporting system is really important to me. Clean Design Nice Visuals,It would be nice if it was easier to set up funding sources (IOs) for Twitter Ads. Having to reach out to a Twitter rep to set this up every time is cumbersome, and with several of our clients, run dates for each funding source often change. Having additional advanced filter and search features (similar to Facebook Ads Manager) would be helpful. Filtering down to only certain campaigns, targets and ads would be helpful. Being able to preview the Twitter Ad within the Ad experience, without having a separate pop up window would be nice. Again, this would be similar to Facebook Ads Manager.,4,Twitter Ads was able to drive large site traffic levels at low cost. Twitter is able to drive impressions at extremely low CPMs compared to other social channels,Facebook for Business, Google Analytics and Google Data Studio,BothTwitter Ads Aren't Enough Bang for Your BuckTwitter Ads was used across the whole organization to drive traffic to the website.,Ease of ad creation Simplicity of audience targeting,Not very detailed analytics Limited ad placement options,6,Negative ROI, I didn't feel like the investment in Twitter ads paid off Increased brand exposure,Facebook for Business and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions,BothGood platform but not the first I would leverageWe leverage Twitter Ads to reach a B2B audience in order to build brand awareness and drive top of funnel traffic to our website. We also leverage custom audiences and remarketing throughout the funnel.,High level of audience engagement when targeted appropriately. Good blend of targeting tactics. Intuitive interface for building and launching campaigns.,Need more in-depth targeting options. Would be great to allow better targeting around demo and firmographics. More transparency around cost and factors influencing CPC.,7,Measuring the campaigns on an even or algorithmic weighting suggests that Twitter Ads do make a contribution to overall campaign success.,B2BGood but still a long way to goWe use Twitter Ads as and when requested by our clients. The form of Twitter Ads we use are promoted tweets. With Twitter we can run different tests, one is a promoted account where you can target everyone, and the other are promoted tweets. Twitter Stats are good as you see Impressions, click rate, clicks and spend for promoted tweets, and this data doesn’t lag and is available immediately. We found promoted tweets do better than promoted accounts. However, while promoted tweets did get click-through, this does depend on the content and how the tweet is written.,Ease of use Analytics Targeting,Cost is expensive Limitation in Ad options Not many options,3,Cost too much Not value for money Support methods have been requested by clients,Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Facebook for Business,BothTwitter Ads - perfect for targeting young people and businesses.We leverage Twitter Ads specifically to target young people and young businesses. While young people spend more time on the internet and effectively on social media, startup businesses tend to use social media to reach out to prospective customers, since they do not typically have large marketing resources like established brands. Twitter Ads enable us reach this demographic of users at a significant fraction of the cost than if we choose to reach them via traditional advertisement medium like mainstream television.,Twitter Ads, just like every form of internet ads, enable us to target users based on their geographical location. This has been very vital for occasions when we are trying to raise awareness about new products specifically tailored for customers and clients from a particular location. Twitter Ads is significantly more cost effective than traditional adverts we run on mainstream TV stations and newspapers, especially since most of our campaigns majorly target the younger generation. Of this group, we are aware that the younger generation in South Africa spend more time on the internet than they ever do sitting behind their TV set or even reading newspapers. Twitter Ads makes it possible to engage live with Twitter users as they view our ad campaigns. This allows us to clarify information , respond to questions and even qualify leads while our campaign is running. This obviously is not possible with traditional mediums of advertisement.,The level of customer support we get using Twitter Ads is poor at best. There is no email address where we can send inquiries or query any decisions regarding our ad campaigns. Rather we are only allowed to open a complaint form from which we sometimes don't get any response at all and on the few occasions when we do, we only ever get one line or canned responses. The mobile ad version of Twitter ads leaves very little possibility for users. I am unable to edit my campaign creatives , or re-target our ad campaigns via the mobile platform. Every serious task to be done with Twitter Ads has to be done from behind my PC. This is the era of the mobile-first approach and I wonder why Twitter doesn't seem to get this logic, at least in regards their ad management. Geographical targeting, while very efficient on Twitter, can be much better. Within the South-African Twitter space, we have only had options to target major cities. However we want to be able to target towns and districts too.,8,Twitter ads have allowed us be as cost effective as possible with our marketing budget. With Twitter Ads reports , we have been able to analyze metrics of every ad campaign, allowing us to discover possible ways to improve on them. This obviously is not a possibility with traditional advert channels. We have generated more leads with Twitter Ads than we have on Instagram and Facebook Ads, which are the two other social media platforms where we regularly run advertising campaigns.,BothHigh Risk, High RewardWe run advertising on a variety of social platforms depending on needs and best fit. Twitter is a real-time networking platform that allows you to be in front of a live audience at any time. Twitter ads are great to plan around major news or entertainment events when people are gathering together to talk about the same things and can really build awareness for your brand.,The user-interface is designed well and easy to use. Targeting and retargeting in a very granular way. Good reporting on campaigns.,Ads are expensive in relation to other social platforms. It's easy to waste money if you don't have a very focused objective. The Twitter audience is sometimes suspect. Are you really advertising to people or just bots?,5,Expensive for local businesses for the value it provides. Gives another ad channel for you to reach customers you might not already attract. Very easy to waste money.,,BothThoughts about Twitter AdsI purchase Twitter Ads on behalf of my client. It is used by the whole organization for the multiple clients we service. It allows us to broaden our paid social media reach and target users that we can't necessarily find anywhere else. They allow allow us think outside the box with the many advertising opportunities available.,Easily target hashtags and keywords Great for event targeting Many ad units we can tap into,They don't allow you to share audiences if your client has multiple accounts Tweet set up is not as intuitive Their creative specs are tough to read,7,It allows innovative ways to target and expand reach We can test beta ad units,Slack,BothEffective for building brand awareness - but targeting needs some workWe use Twitter Ads within our business unit in order to increase visibility for the content we are sharing on Twitter, with the goal of ultimately increasing conversions. We've run multiple types of campaigns, including promoted tweets and follower growth, as well as the flat-fee promotion which includes both types.,Ease of use. It's very simple to add new creative to an existing campaign, or to quickly promote a tweet. Reporting. I appreciate the dashboard that shows how many organic and paid impressions tweets have received, as well as the resulting engagements. Low-lift advertising. The new auto-promote option makes it so I don't have to choose which tweets I want to promote.,Targeting options. I find that I'm able to get much more granular with my targeting on other social networks (like Facebook and LinkedIn) in comparison to Twitter. I find the interest targeting to be of limited use, and it can be a pain to find enough relevant individual accounts for targeting a campaign in that way. I'd like the ability to promote someone else's tweet that directly tags/mentions our account - I don't believe this feature is currently available to all. Cost. Twitter has been more expensive for us than Facebook, with an overall less engaged audience.,7,We've been able to reach some segments of our audience that we might not have otherwise through increased Twitter impressions. We've identified some segments of the audience that are less interested in our offerings based on the engagement metrics provided by Twitter. We've converted traffic at a satisfactory rate to make the investment in Twitter Ads worth our time - we just need to monitor things closely.,AdWords, Facebook for Business and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions,B2CHealthcare and Twitter AdsTwitter Ads is one of many digital marketing platforms used at my organization. It is used as part of a larger marketing campaign. It is rarely used alone.,Twitter Ads does really well for brand awareness. With a decent budget, you can amplify your organization's message. In recent times (thanks to the current administration) Twitter has seen a resurgence. Users engage more on Twitter than ever before. Certain affinity groups are more prolific on Twitter .e.g Black Twitter. We have had success using Twitter Ads to market medical conditions common in women of color.,Some campaign objectives don't give you access to users' timelines. I find that disappointing. Targeting is hard to use. The only way to find out which audience is better suited is to to manually split test them.,6,We have had success with a handful of campaigns...mostly those geared to affinity groups. I am hoping new features i.e. Promote Mode, App and Video Campaign options will give us more opportunities to engage with our patients.,Facebook for Business and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions,B2CA strong, powerful -and possibly costly- way of building sales leads directly from your competitors' communities.Twitter Ads is a strong competitor in the social media advertising sphere. While in my opinion, it ranks 3rd after Facebook (price-wise) and Instagram (Niche-marketing), I am still a big fan of Twitter ads mainly due to the fact that the conversion rate is higher than other social media platforms.To make it simple, a customer/sales lead who comes to your website through Twitter is more likely to buy products (and normally their basket has a higher average value) than those who come from Facebook and Instagram.The ads creation page is easy to use and creating your first ad can be as fast as a few clicks.The analytics side is also quite comprehensive.,One of the main benefits of using Twitter ads is the ability to target your competitors' followers. This enabled us to target our client's competitors whenever we ran ads on the platform and helped us not only gain a new customer but also move them away from our client's competitors. High conversion rate compared to other platforms A conversation starter and easy sales lead generation Lots of CRMs now can plug into your Twitter mentions feed to create sales lead and customer care cases.,Expensive compared to other platforms Lacks proper geolocation, gender, and interests targeting (compared to Facebook). All of which can be replaced by proper accounts targeting, however, that part requires heavy research,8,Through Twitter Ads, we managed to convert an average of 14 new customers per month to one of our clients directly from their competitor by simply targeting the followers of that competitor's Twitter followers. We managed to increase interest in a newly released product for one of our clients by 400% using Twitter Ads. the customer required an awareness campaign on the new product, and their showroom people reported the huge spike in enquiries around it during the Twitter Ads period.,Facebook for Business,BothHelpful for Small Businesses!It is being used by my department in the organization as the marketing team is the consolidation of these efforts for the entire organization. It addresses the problems of expanding our reach and of trying to increase brand identity especially on Twitter.,Clear to use. Not much instruction of reference to documentation was needed in order to set it up. It is easy to navigate especially after making ads and letting them run. The UI is very easy to use and therefore makes it a simple tool for the user. Reporting is good too. We can clearly see how many clicks we are having on our ads and see where to improve.,They could have more detailed analytics capabilities so things could be analyzed more in depth and more comparatively. They could have more unique options for ad types. As in: display ads would be nice to have as well as customization options. Having the ability to use my own UTM tags for ads would be great too. Maybe this option is there now, but we recently stopped using the product, and hadn't used that option at the time.,8,One Positive Impact has been that having ads running has increased the number of followers we have on Twitter. Another positive impact is that due to having more followers, we now have more visits to our site. A mixed impact would be that positively, since we have Adwords implemented as well, we can track back the source of our website traffic to being from a social source like Twitter. The negative of it is that Twitter ads does not have the tracking capability and we still need Google Adwords to do so.,BothTwitter : A place to advertise your brandBasically, we use Twitter Ads for attracting relevant customers according to our campaigns and Ads. Like It can be a beauty product for which we try to connect with women and girls. It is simpler to use rather than Facebook. Since Twitter has the second largest number of users so it is a great place to run your Ads and campaigns. It also helps in gathering more followers. It helps directly connecting with the users and customers with messages or tweets etc.,Directly connecting with customers and users. Simple intuitive UI to use Twitter Ads which attracts me to it more than Facebook Ads A large number of genuine and professional users than Facebook or any other platforms.,Costly, Less payment methods. Customer Care Support is very less, takes time to solve problems.,7,Conversion of customers more. Fast and intuitive UI , Can easily be handled with new users to create Ads.,Facebook for Business,BothCost Effective Way to Reach and Grow Follower BaseWe use Twitter Ads mainly for clients who need to grow Twitter influence, number followers and general reach.,It's a cost effective way to reach a targeted demographic Twitter ads usually work well with specific campaigns and driving website clicks It's a good way to stay on top of followers minds as well as growing following,Improving reach works relatively well but even more ways to target demographic would be welcomed,9,Twitter Ads help clients grow following and stay relevant with their fans It's a fairly cost effective way to keep Twitter a relevant platform for clients,Facebook for Business, Hootsuite Pro and LinkedIn Publishing Platform,Both,2,1Twitter ad. It is effective but expensive.We use Twitter Ads majorly to target young working-class professionals who are amongst our major business customer targets. Twitter from our past marketing campaigns has gotten us the highest working-class professional customers amongst every marketing campaign running across major social media platforms here; Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.,FAST RUNTIME; Twitter Ads has got the fastest campaign run time amongst the social media ads platforms we have used in time past. On Twitter Ads, we are sometimes able to get our ads live and pacing in less than ten minutes. In contrast with a platform like Linkedin, where it takes hours for our ad campaigns to begin pacing or generating impressions. INTUITIVENESS; The Twitter Ads user environment has got great aesthetic, which is pleasing to the eye and a user interface which is intuitive to the average internet user. Learning how to navigate around this program effectively cost me just a few days. LIVE INFORMATION EXCHANGE; This stands out for Twitter Ads. Whenever we run ads on this platform, Twitter users who pick an interest in the message being conveyed on the ads are able to make live comments on the ad, and we are able to respond to their comments. Nothing beats this for me.,PRICEY; When compared with other social media ads platforms like Instagram and Facebook. I must say that Twitter Ads is very expensive, albeit the fact it has been the most effective of all of the social media platforms for our campaigns. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE; This is an area Twitter has got to improve on. For any time we send a message via the contact form to Twitter to clarify issues, we only ever get a one-line response and which, in most cases, doesn't even address our complaint. This is customer service at its worse, considering it is a paid service. PROBLEMS WITH PAYMENT METHODS; We have situations in the past when Twitter Ads suddenly rejects our payment method(card), even though it had been used on countless occasions before. And to make matters worse, there is never a medium to get an appropriate clarification on the reason for this action.,8,Twitter Ads has made it possible for my Bank to have an increasing customer base of young working-class professionals. Twitter Ads has enabled us to grow our popularity amongst young professionals between the ages of 25 - 45. Even for those who do not click on our ads and do not have any relationship with us. They are getting to know our bank and service offerings.,Facebook for Business,B2CTwitter Ads is Great for Local AdsTwitter Ads is a great way to be recognized locally for an inexpensive total sum. It is currently utilized in my organization across several different business units - the primary use for it is of course in the marketing department, which utilizes the platform to get reach within a defined neighborhood and generate leads.,Campaign templates make it very easy to use Several ways to define an audience, based on different parameters Ability to retarget audiences,Spam accounts could make up a large portion of the impressions received Intertwining with content, there is the ability for people to miss your message Negative connotation of social media in the "Fake News" era,6,Increased leads from people exposed to ads Increased brand recognition in areas of a city where we utilize Twitter ads Additional touchpoints for existing clients/client interaction,Facebook for Business,BothConnecting and Targeting Good Audiences, but Doesn't Always Feel WorthwhileTwitter has been a outlet we've used to promote some of our upcoming events and events that we will be attending. We've recognized Twitter as a very good real-time platform when people are preparing to go to events or when they are already attending them. Thus, we decided to use Twitter Ads to reach out to these groups of people who are going to events to see if we can bring awareness to a campaign we are running, or, reach out to people who may be interested in an event we are running.,Ability to target followers of individuals lets you target some very niche industries that other ad platforms don't allow. Ad campaigns are easy to set up and are straightforward. Overall, it'd definitely the easiest out platform when compared to Linkedin and Facebook. Great to be able to adjust date ranges and drill down into specific campaigns/ad sets. This enables campaigns to be judged more accurately.,Can tend to feel like you get very little return on investment. For example, if you want to make sure you're not getting a bunch of bot-like accounts following you during a campaign you will end up spending a lot of money. Would like some more resources on best practices for performance and how to optimize and monitor.,7,Helped us expand our awareness and increased signups on an event campaign we were running. Although, we struggled to target the audience and see a clear set of metrics across the board. Used to promote some of our unique content offerings which had easier audiences to target. This ultimately helped guide people to some more MOFU level content.,Facebook ads,B2BPerfect for user targeting.We use Twitter Ads. to target our competitors' customers on Twitter. We use it as a means to raise awareness about our latest Banking products and solutions.,Twitter Ads. makes it easy to communicate with Twitter users viewing our sponsored ad. or tweet as users are allowed to make comments on every Twitter ad. This allows us to segment these users for future communications. Engagement: Viewers of our ads. on Twitter can click on our product link, visit our website and sometimes even share the ad. link or promoted tweet with their friends: thereby increasing the potential number of people to see the ad. Ease of set up: The Twitter user interface is very intuitive and self-explanatory too. Making it very easy to start ad. campaigns; probably the social media platform with the most easy to setup ad. campaigns.,Payment methods: Twitter payment methods are limited to just Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. It doesn't accept local Cards. Ads. campaign Analytics: Twitter only provides screenshot analytics of our Twitter Ads. campaigns. I would love the analytical data to be much more concise and detailed, which it isn't at the moment. Exporting ad. data: It is very difficult to export ad. data via Twitter.,8,Engagement: Twitter ad. makes it easier for us to better engage with our users much more efficiently and faster. They even get to talk about us very easily too; simply by sharing our tweet. Targeting: Twitter ad. has allowed us to convert more of our competitiors' clients and customers into ours, simply by targeting them with special offers courtesy of Twitter ads. Survey: Twitter ad. allows us to create random surveys. We get our survey results in less than 24 hour after creation. Faster than organic surveys created by our research and development team.,BothTwitter ads.....mehTwitter ads were being used specifically by the social media department, which was a team of 2 individuals. We used it to deploy Twitter ads across North America for both our B2B and B2C verticals. We used Twitter ads because it seemed like the most efficient tool for our need, which was putting ads on Twitter.,Twitter ads allow you to preview your advertisements before they go live,It's extremely hard to edit ads once they're created It's extremely expensive The reporting is often inaccurate Targeting based on keywords is difficult and typically wrong, and many users don't publicly identify information that would help with targeting,5,Twitter ads increased the number of eyeballs that saw our ads To this day we haven't seen direct ROI from a Twitter ad,Hootsuite,BothThe Advertising World of Twitter AdsTwitter is one of the largest social media networks and growing day by day. This platform is more attractive for businesses. And thus Twitter Ads comes to the rescue. It offers of all the major features of ads such as pay-per-click, display ads etc. Display your ads as categorize manner with an automatic targeting feature present at work at all times. People related to the category who show interest in the topic will be targeted to show the ad's. good interactive level with the audience.,Pay per click, which is a great feature to use. Twitter user engagements and awareness. The topic related audience only. Streaming live videos. Website clicks and gets traffic.,Limitation of characters to only 140. While the targeting of Twitter is relevant most of the time, it is not always right and there are some ads that are completely unrelated to the search terms entered. Not as many users as Facebook.,8,Getting a lot of traffic is all a small business wants initially which Twitter has provided with this. Unlike Facebook Twitter has pay-per-click feature which also gives some revenue. No budget problem.,Facebook for Business,BothTwitter Ads - A platform for connecting business to client.Twitter Ads is used to create campaigns and interact with customers directly and to know their views and requirements. It enables us to reach professionals who are major business targets since it has a very large number of potential users. As we create a campaign, only those who are interested in the campaigns are the users we need to reach. There's no need to interact with everyone on the platform.,Easy to use and very fast to create a campaign. Only potential clients are being interacted. Ask any question about their views and ideas, promote your campaigns and brands.,Payment method is very poor Less support care executives.,8,The number of users is high which are potential clients. Removes unwanted users. The number of conversion of clients is higher than any other social media.,Facebook for Business and WordStream,BothGreat Platform for Twitter AdvertisingTwitter ads can be a great tool for engaging and finding followers. We have used it in the past as a way of bolstering our follower numbers with real people, not bots. It was a great way to add some exposure and did, in fact, give us some great results at a reasonable price point.,Easy setup - Twitter Ads makes it really easy to get campaigns started and work towards specific goals. Solid analytics - based on your campaign goals, it is easy to see how you are tracking and how you are performing over time. A/B Testing - Easy to set up and test different ads, which can be really helpful before deploying larger campaigns.,Audience Reach - It would be great to be able to be even more targeted in who you want to target for engagement campaigns, would make them more attractive to a buyer. Integrations - Would be amazing to be able to tie results directly into Salesforce campaigns, for example. Testing periods - Would be nice to have an enhanced ability to test ads across campaigns at once.,6,Increase in followers - The campaigns we ran were focused on gaining new followers, which is the result we saw. Increase in market awareness - being on Twitter has helped other industry professionals find us and creates some level of credibility with our targets. Increase in recruitment - As a growing company, Twitter has proven to be a great platform for potential candidates to learn about who we are/what we do and see what job openings we have available.,AdWords,B2BGreat tool for generating more leadsTwitter Ads is used to grow our social media following on Twitter and promote our latest content on there too, giving us the opportunity to generate more leads and bringing more visitors to our website. It is currently used by the marketing department on a regular basis, every time a new report or piece of content is out. We are able to grow our business on Twitter through this and in turn, gain a good following.,Twitter Ads brings you a lot more followers by allowing you to reach out to people all over the world, except for a handful of countries who don't have Twitter. It's very good in terms of directly targeting a specific audience of a country. It's also relatively cheap, dependent on how much you want to bid for each click or impression and because it's suited to you, you can set an entire budget and let it run out by itself, without having to worry about manually stopping it. The results are a good way of learning who has clicked on your tweets and finding out a bit more about your audience, helping you improve your ads for next time.,Twitter Ads for some strange reason doesn't keep the results of a campaign, instead deleting all results almost as soon as they are done. This doesn't really help us as we have to manually log the success of a campaign in order to compare it to others. There is some limitation in targeting as it should give us the option to drill down the audience a bit more by allowing us to target by specific industries (that aren't just in the pre-defined lists),7,Twitter Ads helps us bring visitors to our website, who can hopefully give us information so they can be perceived as an interest to our business. This helps build our leads and eventually helps us see if it can bring a good ROI. Unfortunately, ads are subjective so there may be a campaign that doesn't do well at all but you spent the same amount of money as you did in another campaign. This doesn't help ROI at all because it doesn't tell you what failed, just that it did.,B2BTweet Reach Booster with Twitter AdsExtending reach on Twitter and use Twitter's targeting abilities is how we are using the platform. Marketing department is exclusively using it. Help us get our messages out there beyond what it would be organically.,Retargeting Targeting abilities by company and role type is helpful Extends our Twitter reach across our multiple persona audiences,Character restrictions are still problematic with ad creation Have experienced some billing problems in the past Pricier than Facebook, can be comparable to what you'd spend with LinkedIn,7,We've seen a decent growth % in qualified leads coming from Twitter ads.,Facebook for Business and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions,B2BTargeting Users with a Vested Interest in Your Product Through Twitter AdsThe Foundation currently uses Twitter for Nonprofits in three ways: 1) promote the Foundation's Twitter account to increase followers; 2) promoted tweets that highlight Foundation events and services, and raise awareness of the Foundation and lymphoma; and 3) to promote specific awareness and fundraising campaigns. Although every seven minutes someone in the United States id diagnosed with lymphoma, the most common blood cancer, many have never heard of this disease. Using Twitter Ads helps the Foundation to raise public awareness of lymphoma and Foundation outside of larger campaign initiatives.,Twitter Ads allows you to target by keyword or other user accounts. This ensures that your ads are being seen by Twitter users with a vested interest in your topic, issue or product. Furthermore, you are able to target by location, age and gender. As a Twitter for Nonprofits client, we have access to our own account manager who is available to answer any questions we may have, and provide assistance and suggestions on current running ads or future campaigns. The Twitter Ads analytics feature is very helpful when determining ROI. The ability to frequently check an ads performance helps us to determine if any tweaks are needed to further drive business goals and/or save money.,Although I really like Twitter's Lead Generation card for Ads, it is costly and can only be seen through Twitter's desktop or mobile platform--meaning users using a 3rd party platform or app like TweetDeck or Hootsuite will not see it.,10,Better customer service: More members of the lymphoma community are awareness of the Foundation and its services (namely its Helpline) through promoting with Twitter Ads. This has led to an increase in calls and emails to the Foundation's Helpline office. Increased awareness: Using Twitter Ads for the Foundation's major awareness initiatives and promoting tweets with unique hashtags has increased the Foundation's digital footprint on Twitter. In addition, the Foundation received a verified check mark from Twitter because of impact in the lymphoma space.,Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions,BothShort and Simple Twitter ReviewCurrently we offer Twitter Ads up to our clients to advertise on Twitter. If we believe Twitter would be a valuable place to find our clients target audience and reach their goals then we recommend it. If the client is on board with our recommendations we then manage and optimize the campaign for them. It helps certain clients dependent on which goals they are trying to accomplish.,Reach the right audience at the right time. Reach people on mobile and on the move. Find niche audiences you can't find elsewhere. Understand customer sentiment from how engaged people are with ads.,Impression level tracking. View through conversion tracking. Desktop - weaker than mobile.,10,Better customer service. More brand awareness. Hard to justify if client doesn't have mobile landing pages.,Facebook,BothUnspecified
Twitter Ads
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Twitter Ads
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