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Social Media Advertising Software

Best Social Media Advertising Software

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Social Media Advertising Software Overview

What is Social Media Advertising Software?

Social media advertising software allows users to place ads on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or other social media platforms. Some social ad campaigns are designed to promote brand awareness, while others are direct response/click-through ads that aim to generate leads or revenue.

Products in this category include features for:

  • Creating or uploading ad content
  • Buying and serving the ads on at least one social media platform
  • Reporting on performance metrics
  • Managing campaigns to optimize based on performance and changing goals.

First-party tools like LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Facebook for Business, and Twitter Ads manage social ad campaigns on a specific platform. These tend to be popular at SMBs and in the mid-market.

Third-party suites are usually geared towards coordinating the social presence of enterprise brands more broadly (like Sprinklr) or managing ad spend across channels beyond social (like Kenshoo Infinity Suite, Adroll, Marin, and Wordstream).

Social Media Advertising Products

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Facebook for Business

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427 Ratings

Facebook for Business is a search engine marketing solution built to drive sales and increase brand awareness via custom ad creation, ad targeting, and robust analytics.

61 Ratings

Marin Software is a very popular cloud-based cross-channel marketing advertising campaign management platform which integrates many tools and functions, and it is the name of the company in San Francisco that issues the software. Marin touts cross-display (including mobile-optimized) advertisemen...

Top Rated
85 Ratings

AdRoll is the global leader in retargeting with over 20,000 active advertisers worldwide. To reach beyond existing audiences, we’ve introduced AdRoll Prospecting to help attract new customers. Our innovative and easy-to-use marketing platform enables businesses of all sizes to create personalized...

Wordstream, the eponymous offering from the company in Boston, MA, provides a free tool for analyzing performance "grading" an Adwords campaign, beyond which, Wordstream Advisor provides (for a fee, though a free trial is available) recommendations to optimize a paid advertising campaign on Googl...

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AreaOne headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts offers mobile and social advertising technology.

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NetElixir provides search engine marketing and social media advertising software. Founded in 2004 by Udayan Bose, the NetElixir vision is to touch millions of businesses around the world and aid them in benefitting from search marketing.

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Bannerwise provides a platform for creating, managing and optimizing HTML banners.

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The Next Ad is a leading Facebook Marketing Partner and Google Premier Partner specialised in digital advertising. We have innovated Ad Tech to empower companies to increase campaign performance and efficiency. Serving leading e-commerce businesses, we know exactly what to do to get you the best ...

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Cohley provides a SaaS based content management platform. Founded in 2016, Cohley is based in New York, New York.