Lee Amon profile photo
Lee AmonOwner | Retail | 1-10 employees
7 of 10  |  3/18/2014

Miva Merchant is a complete, powerful, and fully featured eCommerce platform. Using Miva, we built a unique online store and managed over 1000 products. Customers could place orders along with gifting and shipping instructions. They could create accounts, and track the orders.

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Martin Masin profile photo
Martin MasinSEO Manager | Internet | 1-10 employees
10 of 10  |  9/25/2014

Some of the business problems that Shopify addresses is that it is low in cost, it is a hosted solution (meaning no company servers or storage needed as your store is hosted on a Shopify server), you do not have to know how to code a website to use Shopify as it has many themes and templates to...

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Katie Partridge profile photo
Katie PartridgePrincipal/Project Director | Internet | 1-10 employees
10 of 10  |  6/3/2015

Nexternal has been a major player in the eCommerce industry for well over a decade. Their longevity is owed to their rock-solid platform and stellar support staff.

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Sharon Reaves profile photo
Sharon ReavesOwner/Founder/Design Guru | Design | 1-10 employees
10 of 10  |  1/20/2016

I design websites using existing CMS such as Wix, Weebly, WordPress and Squarespace. I primarily work with creative professionals and small businesses who are looking for an affordable solution that is responsive and easy for them to maintain once the design elements are in place. Squarespace is an...

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Robert Allen profile photo
Robert AllenWordPress Developer | Design | 1-10 employees
8 of 10  |  3/14/2016

Weebly is great if a client needs a simple site very quickly and doesn't want any hassle. I have previously prototyped a client website in just 20 minutes using Weebly, which won us the contract. … For future extensibility, advanced functionality, or complex site builds, I do not use Weebly.

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Doug Bailey profile photo
Doug BaileyPartner | Consumer Goods | 1-10 employees
10 of 10  |  3/8/2016

I have tried Volusion, 3dcart, Zencart. I have found Bigcommerce to offer equal or better features, less bugs, and an all-around better daily experience

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Jane Peng profile photo
Jane PengSenior Java Developer | Machinery | 10,001+ employees
9 of 10  |  5/19/2016

Oracle ATG would well suited for a company to set up and run an eCommerce web site quickly, the versioning content system would help a marketing department as well. ATG is less suited for a non-eCommerce web site.

James McQuillin profile photo
James McQuillinOwner | Consumer Services | 1-10 employees
8 of 10  |  5/24/2016

I own a small business that is currently a one-man operation. I travel to my clients' homes and sit with them to help them better learn technology (most commonly computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.). In starting this business, I knew I needed an online presence and I wanted to make my own website...

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Taylor Amon profile photo
Taylor AmonAcquisition Marketing Specialist | Retail | 51-200 employees
9 of 10  |  5/10/2016

If you manage over 25,000 child skus across dozens of different marketplaces and digital marketing networks, ChannelAdvisor can greatly simplify the process. In my case, it's just not scalable to manually optimize that many products and websites. We need a platform like ChannelAdvisor to provide...

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Tara Needham profile photo
Tara NeedhamOwner, Independent Contractor | Health, Wellness and Fitness | 1-10 employees
5 of 10  |  5/8/2015

Infusionsoft has a proficient CRM, but its email broadcast service leaves a lot to be desired.

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Jon East profile photo
Jon EastTechnical Director | Marketing and Advertising | 201-500 employees
10 of 10  |  4/8/2014

Kentico requires a .NET environment and experienced .NET developers. Beyond that take the time to understand how best to setup the project and make it work for your existing business users and content contributors to ease the process of change.

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Jasmeet S Babra profile photo
Jasmeet S BabraMarketing Data Analyst | Information Technology and Services | 11-50 employees
10 of 10  |  6/1/2016

For a small/medium online business, WooCommerce is the perfect solution to your payment and online order gateway. We tried and tested almost every aspect and use case of WooCommerce and it couldn't be better. Features like in-built reviews, HQ images, shipping cost calculator, coupons, discounts...

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Anup Kumar profile photo
Anup KumarDirector - Customer Experience & Results, Co Founder | Retail | 11-50 employees
10 of 10  |  8/19/2016

nopCommerce is an extensible e-commerce platform. We are using it as a front end e-commerce store and we have extended it to use it as a POS in our brick and mortar stores. It is being used across the whole organization. The nopCommerce front end is extended to integrate with Openbravo an open...

Stanislav Novak profile photo
Stanislav NovakSoftware Developer | Internet | 11-50 employees
7 of 10  |  4/29/2015

DR doesn't work well with PayPal subscriptions, renewal rate is very low. So, if company is using a subscription model it should have another payment system as a backup

Mark Madans profile photo
Mark MadansOwner | Consumer Services | 1-10 employees
8 of 10  |  12/17/2015

3dcart is well suited to getting a site up and running quickly with shopping cart capabilities. The merchant account set up was easy and there are inventory and shipping capabilities, as well. It is a very powerful tool for a small business without full time IT support on staff. While I did not...

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Authenticated ReviewerEmployee in Sales | Marketing and Advertising | 11-50 employees
5 of 10  |  5/18/2015

Apptha Marketplace is used by sales department within the organization. It sorts and categorizes data effectively, especially the photo input of business cards.

Jeff French profile photo
Jeff FrenchWeb Director | Internet | 11-50 employees
9 of 10  |  7/17/2015

The key question to a client would be to ask if they want to be able to do their own web site site maintenance without the need of software. The added benefit of the CMS is that it also comes with the CRM, e-Mail campaign capabilities, reporting and much more.

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Danny Chan profile photo
Danny ChanMarketing Manager | 11-50 employees
8 of 10  |  8/29/2013

The tracking system is really useful to determine how many times a lead has been touched, this allows us to track ROI and pinpoint exactly where and when we captured a lead, and what actions it took to nurture them to a Sales Qualified Lead and finally to a Closed/Won Customer.

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Griffin Thall profile photo
Griffin ThallCEO / Co-Founder | Retail | 11-50 employees
10 of 10  |  5/2/2016

Shopify Plus is being used by the majority of our team to power our e-commerce store. Our entire team knows how to log in to our website backend, make proper changes, look up orders, and get customer info.

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