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What is Zenoss?

The Zenoss Cloud from Zenoss in Austin, Texas is an infrastructure monitoring and cloud operation analytics platform.

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Zenoss has proven to be a valuable tool for monitoring MSP cloud resources and data centers, as highlighted by users and reviewers. With …
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8 out of 10
November 29, 2022
With Zenoss services dynamics we are able to monitor physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures from a single platform. Also the ability …
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What is Zenoss?

The Zenoss Cloud from Zenoss in Austin, Texas is an infrastructure monitoring and cloud operation analytics platform.

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What is ConnectWise Automate?

ConnectWise Automate, formerly LabTech, is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform. It provides powerful automation to discover and manage devices, monitor for problems, and scripts repetitive action.

What is ManageEngine OpManager?

ManageEngine's OpManager is network performance monitoring software.

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Product Details

What is Zenoss?

Zenoss Cloud is a SaaS-based solution that provides deep infrastructure monitoring for your hybrid IT environment, at any scale. It collects all types of machine data, and builds real-time IT service models that train machine learning algorithms to predict and eliminate outages in hybrid IT environments. The main benefit, according to the vendor, is to dramatically reduce downtime and IT spend.

The vendor says key benefits and capabilities include:
  • Eliminate Blind Spots
    Gain total coverage and holistic, real-time visibility into the health of on-premises, cloud and serverless environments by relying on a single source of truth.

  • Predict Impacts
    Isolate problems and service risks, understand key trends and anomalies, and forecast capacity issues before business is impacted.

  • Resolve Issues Faster
    Accelerate resolution by streamlining investigation and collaboration across teams, quickly identifying root cause, and automating remediation.

  • Operate at Scale
    Confidently scale and adapt to unique and evolving needs while focusing on delivering business value through IT services rather than administering the tools that support them

Zenoss Video

Zenoss delivers deep infrastructure management at any scale. We provide an intelligent IT operations management (ITOM) platform built for taming the most complex modern IT environments and quickly identifying root cause when issues occur. It builds the most granular and intel...
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Zenoss Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

The Zenoss Cloud from Zenoss in Austin, Texas is an infrastructure monitoring and cloud operation analytics platform.

ScienceLogic SL1 and LogicMonitor are common alternatives for Zenoss.

The most common users of Zenoss are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Zenoss has proven to be a valuable tool for monitoring MSP cloud resources and data centers, as highlighted by users and reviewers. With its comprehensive view of the system, users have been able to effectively monitor storage, troubleshoot issues, and predict outages, resulting in improved system reliability. Compared to other solutions like Nimsoft hub, Zenoss stands out for its superior monitoring capabilities and the ability to accelerate Mean Time to Repair - MTTR and identify Root Cause Analysis - RCA through event, utilization, and performance monitors. Additionally, the software's flexibility in utilizing different modelers and datasources has allowed users to adapt to their clients' needs on a larger scale. Users also appreciate its ability to monitor complex infrastructures, providing real-time event-based system support for customer devices. Zenoss's strength lies in its unified monitoring solution and event management tool that caters to various functions within businesses, facilitating team communication and enabling administrators to evaluate the root cause of problems. Furthermore, it excels in hierarchically categorizing alerts, aiding in efficient monitoring. Overall, Zenoss has gained recognition as an excellent AIOps platform for data analysis and automation across all business activities. From proactive monitoring to end-to-end event automation, the software has proven its worth in multiple customer environments.

Users highly recommend Zenoss as a powerful and reliable network and systems monitoring tool. They suggest considering all needs before choosing a monitoring tool and taking advantage of third-party applications and plugins to enhance the overall experience with Zenoss. Users also suggest ensuring that Zenoss integrates well with the required elements, as multi-tenancy may be a concern. Additionally, users strongly recommend having at least one full-time employee dedicated to managing a sizable Zenoss deployment. Overall, users believe that Zenoss is a one-stop shop for monitoring and alerting.


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John Anderson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Zenoss for monitoring our server infrastructure, with specific configurations of monitoring and alerts for our team. There are a number of times where the company's "standard" monitoring solution isn't configurable to the level we would like, and so we implemented our own solution using Zenoss for our specific set of requirements.
  • Monitoring of infrastructure.
  • Easily configurable.
  • Expandable to reach all of our various network segments.
  • Compact, with small resource footprint.
  • Improved visualizations of monitoring data.
  • Better integration with other platforms for observability and visualization outside of Zenoss.
  • Better application performance monitoring.
Overall I would say that we have been very happy with Zenoss. It has been a great server monitoring tool. There are certain aspects that we would like to expand into, such as Capacity Planning, Network Performance Monitoring, and log analysis. We have coupled Zenoss logs with Splunk for external log management, but would like to start using some of the built-in analysis tools.
  • Ease of deployment
  • Expandability
  • Integration with other tools
  • Our ROI was excellent, but the company has also implemented other tools that compete with Zenoss.
  • Zenoss has a long history of excellence in monitoring and alerting
  • Overall observability is easier to manage due to our comfort with the tool set
We selected Zenoss because we had been using it for years before these other solutions were considered nearly robust enough to potentially be a viable alternative to Zenoss. Our familiarity with the interface and the tool set made it an easy choice for us to continue to upgrade and use the product.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Zenoss is a Unified monitoring solution along with Event Management tool Used in multiple customer we support.
This address our proactive monitoring and end to end event automation use cases like generating events for CI's and converting then in to meaningful alerts, enrich them for actionable tickets create in ITSM system.
  • Monitoring Windows, Unix/Linux, Infra apps, storage, virtualization, converge infra etc..
  • Integrate with other monitoring tools and receive events for aggregation and correlation
  • Integration with ITSM( SNOW) for auto ticket creation
  • More event correlation uses cases for events received from other monitoring tools
Zenoss is one of the most economical low cost monitoring/AIOPS tools available in the market.
This goes excellent when complete infra is monitoring by itself however if its receiving the events from other monitoring tool then the Event management uses cases will be limited.

  • Unified monitoring for all the datacenter and cloud technologies
  • Event Management functionality
  • Zcloud Smart views
  • Zenoss is one of the strategic monitoring tool for our org
  • Since its most economical it is easy to push it to our customers
Zenoss not just monitor the Hybrid Cloud, it also perform the Event Management and that gives edge on others
Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (npm), ScienceLogic SL1
Rehan Kanuga | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Zenoss is an excellent AIOps platform for data analysis across all business activities. The technology is utilised in various functions within our business, making work easier and faster. It improves team communication, allowing administrators to notice and evaluate the root cause of problems.
  • Integration with top most apps in market
  • Speed up the system
  • Speedy up the workflow
  • Missing multiple device sync
  • A learning curve for beginner
Zenoss is a terrific option for data management, and it is a powerful AI-driven solution that makes teamwork simpler and faster. It facilitates work so that our team can complete a task properly and without interruption.
  • It automates tasks flawlessly
  • Simple system with not much to look after
  • Provides integration with best apps in market
  • It's affordable for every organization
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Saves time and money
November 29, 2022


Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
With Zenoss services dynamics we are able to monitor physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures from a single platform. Also the ability of it to hierarchically categorize alerts and show the highest level which is most likely where Zenoss is very helpful and advanced. we have been using real-time monitoring of our hybrid IT environment.
  • The flexibility to monitor almost anything.
  • The graphical interface available for servers and database planning helps to make it easier.
  • Easy to integrate other solutions under zenoss.
  • Hard to troubleshot and fix the issue.
  • More development for monitoring storage systems.
  • Load balancing on Zenoss instance.
Out of box classes which is I like the most. You don't need to discover the devices for any individual parameters. Utilizing different modelers and data sources, we've been able to adapt to our client on a large scale. Real-time event based system and support for customer devices. System uptime and reliability monitoring and prediction are problems we are trying to solve.
  • Network communication in the organization is allowed.
  • Auto discovery of devices.
  • Easy to integrate with other solutions.
  • Real-time monitoring in Hybrid environment.
  • Native extensible using standard software development languages.
  • user friendly interface.
Steve Garnjobst | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
I work for a reseller/systems integrator that provides Zenoss to Enterprise clients. We're a multi-platform integrator with a strong focus on private/hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure. Zenoss is a perfect fit for infrastructure monitoring across heterogeneous platforms and the full range of IT infrastructure -- providing that elusive "single pane of glass" for many Op-Center users.
  • Multi-platform support across a wide range of hardware and software infrastructure. Truly a vendor-agnostic platform.
  • Vendor-specific feature/configuration support, via ZenPacks, providing much better end-to-end visibility as compared to most legacy monitoring platforms -- especially for devices such as firewalls, middleware gateways, and load balancers.
  • Modern, cloud-native software architecture, as compared to legacy monitoring platforms. As a result, Zenoss Cloud should prove to be more scalable and easier to upgrade than legacy platforms such as SolarWinds, IBM, BMC, etc.
  • Support for streaming data is on the roadmap must currently be addressed via a third-party app.
  • For some customers, a hybrid on-prem/cloud model may be a better fit than a pure cloud model. The onsite collectors offer some, but not all, of this functionality.
  • Tighter integration with third-party (AppDynamics, etc) and/or built-in app performance tools.
Perfect for multi-vendor infrastructure monitoring. Excellent end-to-end troubleshooting, due to real-time dependency mapping.
The new Cloud platform is perfect for widely distributed companies, and those looking to minimize administration requirements for the monitoring platform. The prem-based Zenoss platform would be a better fit for organizations not willing to use a cloud-based monitoring application. Zenoss isn't currently a true app performance monitoring platform, so it would need to be used in conjunction with something like AppDynamics.
  • We're a reseller/Integrator, so this question has a somewhat different meaning to our business. For us, Zenoss Cloud allows us to provide a single Cloud-based monitoring platform that can address virtually all our clients' use cases, dramatically simplifying our training and staffing requirements. Instead of training Engineers on several platforms, including the installation of physical hardware/software, we can focus on a single platform.
  • The faster time-to-deployment and always-on cloud platform is a great fit for DevOps environments and newer software-defined data center platforms. The ability of Zenoss to support these environments solves what has been a major blind spot, slowing adoption of platforms that have been difficult to effectively manage with legacy monitoring platforms.
  • For clients, the ability to consolidate from multiple prem-based tools to a single cloud-based platform is huge. Eliminating multiple licenses and ongoing hardware & administration costs can show a 1-2 year ROI.
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