Daptiv - An Excellent Collaboration Tool for Project Management and Beyond...
January 07, 2014

Daptiv - An Excellent Collaboration Tool for Project Management and Beyond...

Diana Ruggiano | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Daptiv is an extremely versatile tool and can be used for an array of solutions from timesheets to document repositories and more complex to track projects from inception through deployment and warranty.
  • Daptiv is a very straightforward tool allowing users to jump right in with little to no training.
  • It addition to its use a a respository, Daptiv is also capable of sending email notifications to various resources or distribution lists notifying them that a document has been added and they have been granted access. In the same breath, documents may be attached to projects making it a one stop shop for anyone utilizing the tool collaboratively.
  • One piece of functionality I would like to see improved is attaching multiple documents at the same time. During my role governing the Change Review Board, I would use Daptiv to submit change requests and when approved through email exchange, I would attach multiple approval emails to the change request. This was a tedious and manual effort as there were as many as eight emails to attach all one by one.
  • It would be excellent if Daptiv could be used to generate burndowns for project planning purposes.
  • Daptiv provided the ability for multiple teams to collaborate effectively increasing the overall productivity of the organization and project tracking.
  • Daptiv was effectively used to understand resource allocation and appropriately and efficiently assign resources to various tasks. It was both simple for the person assigning the resource and the actual resources themselves to understand how many hours would be allocated and to what projects.
I had the privilege of using Daptiv during my tenure in the Ebay Enterprise PMO. Using the tool benefited me as an individual but also provided extraordinary benefits to the organization in which I worked and also at an enterprise level. While my current place of employment does not utilize Daptiv, I have suggested we look into it for various aspects of the work we do for product launches within our Release Management Organization. It is my hope that a long term solution may allow Daptiv into this workplace as well as its benefits are great and vast.
I would recommend Daptiv for anyone who is look for a collaborative tool that is easy to use and provides excellent results for project management and resource allocation. The tool offers many various capabilities and is not isolated for use with one or two workgroups. Its versatility allows many workgroups across many different organizations to use it. In my previous role, I used Daptiv in both a Project Management and Account Services Information Technology role. In my current workplace, I would like to leverage Daptiv for Product Launch and tracking as well as change request visibility in the Release Management Organization of a pharmaceutical company. Both roles and companies are vastly different however Daptiv would serve a great purpose in both situations although my needs are different.