Great product and Eloqua community is incredible!
Updated March 07, 2015

Great product and Eloqua community is incredible!

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  • Eloqua
  • RLC, Cloud Connectors, Lead Scoring, Program Builder, Campaign Canvas, Integrations with Kapost, Vidyard, ReadyTalk, Linkedin, and Facebook, Eloqua Engage, Eloqua Discover, Eloqua Profiler

Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Eloqua

  • The ability to easily manage campaigns is great. The have increased the intuitiveness of campaign building and have an error bubble reports when something is missing. This is especially useful for new users.
  • We can also easily get sophisticated with campaigns too. With a simple drag and drop we can connect third party vendors, such as webinar vendors, we can pass contacts into data cleansing programs, and incorporate social media.
  • Their lead scoring is very easy to utilize due to its slick UI. You can also set several scoring models. However, we have found some bugs with the UI. It is also kind of hard to manipulate the interactions score because Eloqua can generalize it a bit too much. (Similar, but not as bad as the RLC tool)
  • Database management and reporting.
  • In order to pull reports specific to what you want outside of their canned reports you need to have an extra reporting license and training for it. The contact fields are also limited, so if you need to have hundreds of data fields recorded per contact you need to use "DataCards" and have some JavaScript experience.
  • and Aprimo are MUCH, MUCH better in this arena.
  • We can definitely handle more campaigns with fewer people, minimizing human capital. The sales tools directly impact the standardization of the sales process and gives an advantage to our sales team by exposing them to prospect's digital behavior (especially the email notifications). This eliminates cold calling all together. Also, due to the ease of setting up a variety of nurture streams, we don't have to focus on nurturing once our campaigns are underway, until we update the streams. Little time is spent in-house on training because of Eloqua University and the increased intuitiveness of the tool (especially if you have past MAT experience.
Marketo, Aprimo, Eloqua
The one piece of Eloqua that has not been and probably never will be matched is the INCREDIBLE marketing community they have created. Their user conferences, user groups, TopLiners, and member functions are second to NONE. As I stated before, with the help of the Eloqua Community, I AM ABLE TO ACHIEVE ANYTHING!

Using Oracle Eloqua

12 - Marketing operations, data management, marketing campaign managers, customer marketing manager, channel partner managers, product managers, communications director, webmaster, graphic designer
3 - We have one person who's job is to make sure it is running smoothly, a Sr. Operations Manager. To go along with that, one person reports to him who perfects the behind the scenes and I also step in when needed to fix issues.
  • True lead nurturing, managing events, integrating standard sales follow up processes, lead scoring, sales tools (digital behavior monitoring and email tools), email and landing page building, integration, seamless and streamlined 3rd party vendor integration
Although it is not perfect, I feel it is the best. Even if Marketo has some better SFDC features, there you cannot set price on the Eloqua community! There is NO problem that cannot be solved by reaching out to the Eloqua community on TopLiners. You also get very fast responses from TopLiners.

Integrating Oracle Eloqua

  • SFDC, Vidyard, Kapost, ReadyTalk, Demandbase
All of our integrations were seamless and done VERY quickly.
  • n/a, if we need to integrate something new, the new vendor has always been able to connect to Eloqua API's without any major issues.
n/a, if we need to integrate something new, the new vendor has always been able to connect to Eloqua API's without any major issues.

Evaluating Oracle Eloqua and Competitors

I ended up switching from Aprimo to Eloqua10 because of a job switch, but my current company switched from Marketo to E10.

Oracle Eloqua Implementation

When I arrived it was already implemented, but it was done well and completely.
  • Don't know
It was implemented just before my arrival.

Oracle Eloqua Training

  • Online training
  • Self-taught
Excellent from a basics point of view. Weak on expert training.
The best approach to learning Eloqua is to get your Product Masters (which is basically a learn the fundamentals course). Then on the advanced pieces, it is best to have someone who knows the product very well train you.

Oracle Eloqua Support

Basic support is wonderful. Experts are not always experts.
Yes - Having top level support is great for special projects; however, not all their experts are experts. Avoid Chris Chan!!!!!!!

Using Oracle Eloqua

It has a very user friendly UI. Sometimes to a fault, but is very easy to use and look at all day long.

Oracle Eloqua Reliability

Almost no noticeable downtime, but there small UI bugs all over.

Relationship with Oracle

n/a, it was before my arrival.