monday: project mgmt made easy
February 07, 2019

monday: project mgmt made easy

Joseph Madere | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with monday

Monday is being used as a project management tool across the diverse training library that we have. We use it to plan, organize, and track trianing updates and timelines. We have every topic mapped out in monday and use it to assign work and follow up on updates. We have about 40+ subject matter experts we reach out to on specific training topics and we organize all their feedback and thoughts in monday. It has been a life saving tool that surpasses the limits of other similar tools like Trello and Moodle.
  • Organizational capability within the interface
  • Robust options within the user interface
  • Usability, easy to learn, and understand. I planned an entire project the first time I opened the site
  • The paid version offers a nice bonus of content and tools and features that we found value in
  • Some of the CSS and coding is a little buggy. When I go to type in a user @ name for tagging it sometimes auto fills into a previously typed note from another area or time that I used the person in the tag.
  • Typing into the fields is sometimes randomly backspaced and requires you to retype.
  • It has helped us organize and cultivate a culture of follow up and diligence among our many projects. We are able to see who's worked on what, what stage they're in, and how they got there through the comments and tagging system keeps us all on the same page.
  • Monday provides a virtual conference/room meeting feel all from the website interface. It has replaced Excel as a tool for follow-up and updates requests by providing us a nice interface capable of tracking and monitoring updates as we complete projects.
We selected monday for the user interface. The idea we had in mind for how we wanted to set up updates and workflows just aligned perfectly well with that monday offered. we had to create accounts for everyone but once the setup/homework was complete the workflows fell into place just how we imagined them and monday even provided tools and options we hadn't considered. Trello was our runner up but you had to go too many layers deep into the boards to see high level who as working on what. We came to the conclusion Trello was more conversational while monday let us be hands-on and involved.
The colors and tagging capabilities to assign projects and workflow is perfect for managing a multitude of projects with many people involved. You essentially set up your own steps along the way and create checkpoints for people to log and check into. They can leave notes, provide feedback, set statuses of steps such as DONE/IN PROGRESS/NOT READY/WAITING FOR REVIEW/, etc. Being able to see how the workflow has progressed makes it super easy to manage the project from a high level. At any time you can alter the workflow by adding or subtracting steps as well. The email tie in is nice to for people who don't LIVE in the system. Feature Ratings

Task Management
Resource Management
Workflow Automation
Team Collaboration
Support for Agile Methodology
Document Management
Email integration
Change request and Case Management

Using monday

5 - Designers and project managers. They organize projects within the parameters given and set gateways and follow up points per steps in the process. Each one is customized based on the projects needs and very flexible. different tasks are assigned to different people.
2 - We manage the project amongst ourselves. It's very simple and easy to use there's really no need for constant "ongoing" support with the system. It's self and explanatory and operates by itself most of the time. We've yet to run into any technical problems but if we do I'm sure the tech support team via monday can help us.
  • Project management. Time sensitive follow up.
  • Accountability and registration.
  • Workflow and team cohesion
  • We can assign different task to different people and give them step by step instructions and or follow up on tasks
  • For all future project management projects
  • Organization of data and follow up
  • Scheduled updates and accountability
  • Coaching and progession training
It solves all our needs the exact way we imagined it. coming across monday gave us the feeling that we designed the program ourselves to work for the use cases we had in mind.

Evaluating monday and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
The price for what it does was very worth the value. It is a robust tool that provides more features than most more expensive competitors. it can be as simple or as complex as you make it.
I would not change the evaluation and selection process. we vetted and evaluated many alternatives before deciding upon Monday.

monday Implementation

We signed up for the accounts. Created the accounts. Ran the trial version and tested it live while we were running multiple projects and found that it was fitting our needs perfectly. When the trial ended and we were asked to purchase the full version, we did. We have found other ways to use it and it's a breeze.
Change management was minimal - This was purchased as a follow-up and organizational tool for the many projects we have going on within one umbrella of our training department. We have over 30+ topics that each are assigned to a subject matter expert for updating and following up of content. This tool allows us to do that effortlessly.
  • We did not encounter any issues during implementation. The setup was straight forward and easy. We didn't even have a consultant or guide help us. I don't think this question pertains to the software.

monday Support

No - We do not have a need for paid support. The system/website/cloud base whatever you want to call it doesn't really have many issues it could run into. At least not that we're aware. So far we are smooth sailing and haven't encountered any bugs or work slowdowns as a result of functionality.
We have not had any issues yet to raise or question or seek out help from monday support. We purchased the software once we realized it fit our needs and we liked the layout and user interface. we have yet to encounter bugs or problems. we are using the system in a basic way and not maxing it out which may be a reason we haven't had errors.

Using monday

If you have a basic understanding of the terms and exist in a project management field it will be very intuitive and easy for you to pick it up and begin setting up workflows and tasks. Someone who doesn't have familiarity with how to plan a project may be confused on how it is intended to be setup.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Assigning task and creating steps
  • Setting up the account and assigning responsibility to each one
  • None. If you have a basic understanding of the terms and exist in a project management field it will be very intuitive and easy for you to pick it up and begin setting up workflows and tasks.