Monday is a project management tool. Monday includes productivity features such as customizable workflows, time tracking, automated notifications, dependencies, integrations, and timeline views. The tool is highly customizable and adaptable to various workflows and team sizes. for small to medium-sized projectsThe entire team is using to manage internal projects from engineering to design.,Ease of use - Very easy to use for non-technical people. Ease of management - Easy to manage and configure. Flexibility - It includes features to easily switch between different management paradigms such as scrum, kanban, XP.,UI: The UI is not easy to get used to, there are sidebars, inboxes, groups, projects that all feel the same, they almost have no difference either in functionality nor in appearance. Loose workflows - Most workflows are too loose. Anyone can create, delete, change or move tasks, groups, and boards. This almost depends on how you have configured the app but it is also guiding you to do it that way, there is no convention on how to set projects up.,7,No relevant impact that I know of.,6,5,JIRA Software, Asana, Airtable, Redmine, Trello and TeamGantt,TeamGantt, Glip, Microsoft TeamsDoes exactly what it is set out to do!The technical team here at LendEDU handles all web development aspects of the company. Some of those aspects are taking requests from the other departments within the organization. Those same requests are then turned into pulses within the two-week sprint (SCRUM) setup within We assign the developers and have a pulse owner. We utilize both the priority and status tab integrated with automation notifications to allow the owners to approve the pulse as completed and then move all code to production.,Notifications: When a pulse is set to a certain status, the owner is notified via email and within the app. This is a great feature to have the owner approve quickly and get non-users engaged in the process. Status: Figure where the pulse is at in its stages of the development life cycle. This makes it easy to know where the entire project stands and helps with predictability.,CPU usage: if I have the app open too long, it sucks the usage away from other programs that I am using.,10,Improved inter-department collaboration. Improved inter-department views on what other departments are actually doing. Helps upper management understand how the KPI's are being reached and allows them to predict IF/WHEN.,Teamwork Projects,PhpStorm, Slack, GitHub,Column Creating/Sorting/Using Labeling and Setting pulses with such labels Archiving!,Restoring from Archive,Yes,10I used to dread Mondays before Monday.comWe are a largely remote team, but we shared the same office when we began using After the leadership made the choice to switch to a full-time home office, there was some worry about how we would coordinate work and report back. We have been using for a short while before the switch, but not to its full potential, since we were able to walk over or just ask a question across the room (or message Slack). With the more asynchronous nature of working remote, even in the same time zone, we started to use the updates more, add more and more tasks, refine statuses, and grow the documentation of workflows. Using has streamlined processes while making them easy to follow and track. And in turn, this has helped us develop better project management skills.,Very visual, so you see what's up at a glance -- you can hide less important info (or pull them up) very simply. It's as logical and simple as a spreadsheet. The extra features make it easier to use, not more complicated. It became an extension of my brain. I no longer have to grind my gears trying to recall what is due when, or click through -- the surface makes everything easier to remember, with subtle color coding and smooth UI. My team is awesome, but Monday helps me appreciate my own efforts without external feedback. I know what I do, and I get better and better about estimating the time and effort needed to complete things, even if they have multiple variables.,I spent 5 minutes thinking about this. No clear answer yet. I love it. They are constantly developing new features, and it's a pleasant surprise when they think of something I will find useful.,10,From my perspective, the cost of the software was saved hundredfold in my working hours alone, and reduced both administrative time and errors.,Trello and Asana,Google Drive, Slack, Taboola, Facebook for Business, Facebook Pages Manager, Upwork, 1Password, WordPress,5,,Time and resource management for individuals and large projects. Connecting the remote team's efforts -- streamlining follow ups and reporting. Automating and tracking recurring tasks.,We fit in a few boxes comfortably -- was designed for us, it feels like. Everything we need has a solution, no MacGyvering needed.,We are always adding new boards as new projects pop up, always coming up with better and better ideas. As the company grows, we can always follow with even more intricate structures. We have plenty of room to grow.,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product Third-party Reviews,It was so simple to use, and has been ever since. I hardly think we would pick anything else if that were more complicated. Seeing that is a good fit for us was really really easy. Picking the right subscription was a bit trickier, but since we couldn't get the same value elsewhere, it wasn't a difficult choice.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,No issue was significant enough for me to remember.,10,Yes,When I was receiving confirmation emails about freelancers accepting my invitation, it was a really bothersome thing for me. They carried on professionally and helped me get the info I needed while they fixed the bug, and even thanked me for alerting them about it. I was very annoyed at first, but they turned the mood around.,10,Automated reminders of deadlines, and updating a deadline when a status changes. Importing data from other task managers or spreadsheets. Adding new tasks -- everything in a new row adds as a new task.,None.,Yes, -- Making Mondays Not So BadIn my profession, we use as a project management tool within our marketing department to collaborate and communicate among peers. The ease of use makes it really efficient to mange projects and delegate new marketing requests. The tagging and comments that we are able to do allow our team to communicate quickly and keep everyone that needs to be involved in the loop.,Tagging and comments allow us to communicate efficiently and keep everyone in the loop that needs to be! Calendar views allow me to easily see what I have coming up. The inbox and notifications keep me alert and allow me to manage the work being done.,I wish there was a chat.,9,We use more, and email less, which is a win in our book! More tasks are getting done and getting completed in a timely manner. Tasks are being recorded more and not forgotten about.,10,10,Asana,Adobe Acrobat DC, Epicor ERP, Adobe Photoshopmonday: project mgmt made easyMonday is being used as a project management tool across the diverse training library that we have. We use it to plan, organize, and track trianing updates and timelines. We have every topic mapped out in monday and use it to assign work and follow up on updates. We have about 40+ subject matter experts we reach out to on specific training topics and we organize all their feedback and thoughts in monday. It has been a life saving tool that surpasses the limits of other similar tools like Trello and Moodle.,Organizational capability within the interface Robust options within the user interface Usability, easy to learn, and understand. I planned an entire project the first time I opened the site The paid version offers a nice bonus of content and tools and features that we found value in,Some of the CSS and coding is a little buggy. When I go to type in a user @ name for tagging it sometimes auto fills into a previously typed note from another area or time that I used the person in the tag. Typing into the fields is sometimes randomly backspaced and requires you to retype.,10,It has helped us organize and cultivate a culture of follow up and diligence among our many projects. We are able to see who's worked on what, what stage they're in, and how they got there through the comments and tagging system keeps us all on the same page. Monday provides a virtual conference/room meeting feel all from the website interface. It has replaced Excel as a tool for follow-up and updates requests by providing us a nice interface capable of tracking and monitoring updates as we complete projects.,Asana, Trello, Google Drive and Basecamp,Workday Business Process Framework, Brackets, Concur Expense, Concur Travel and Expense, Articulate Storyline,5,2,Project management. Time sensitive follow up. Accountability and registration. Workflow and team cohesion,We can assign different task to different people and give them step by step instructions and or follow up on tasks,For all future project management projects Organization of data and follow up Scheduled updates and accountability Coaching and progession training,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,I would not change the evaluation and selection process. we vetted and evaluated many alternatives before deciding upon Monday.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,We did not encounter any issues during implementation. The setup was straight forward and easy. We didn't even have a consultant or guide help us. I don't think this question pertains to the software.,10,No,5,No,We have not had any issues yet to raise or question or seek out help from monday support. We purchased the software once we realized it fit our needs and we liked the layout and user interface. we have yet to encounter bugs or problems. we are using the system in a basic way and not maxing it out which may be a reason we haven't had errors.,Assigning task and creating steps Setting up the account and assigning responsibility to each one,None. If you have a basic understanding of the terms and exist in a project management field it will be very intuitive and easy for you to pick it up and begin setting up workflows and tasks.,10Easy for keeping a finger on the pulse of your projectsdapulse is very useful for quickly creating status reviews and maintaining a flow of conversation within the status changes. It is not exaclty a project management software but more a status tracking software. It's a collaboration tool for maintaining central status control. It's the right tool to use within the PMO or management groups, not for the whole company.,Control status for multiple projects within big teams. Work and information flow is very organized.,Price is high, and the trial period is frustrating, there could be a free version. Not able to divide between internal and external contributors.,8,Only for communications purposes. The savings could be calculated with time.,,Status tracking via labels Filtering projects on any label,Yes, but I don't use it,9
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125 Ratings
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Score 8.5 out of 101

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Score 7 out of 10
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The UI makes the app feel like it is a less capable system, most controls and interfaces seem unprofessional.
Several features make no impact on my workflow, namely the inbox. Some of the UI elements take more screen real estate than they need. The sidebar for example: I'm on a project with 5 boards and I really don't think an entire sidebar is needed to display those, I usually collapse the sidebar because it gets in my way.
The task detail view is also a bit odd to me. The only relevant information on it is the task title, but if you want to know the status, ID, author, or anything else about a task you will have to go back to the board view because the detailed view won't have those fields available.
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Score 10 out of 10
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If you have a basic understanding of the terms and exist in a project management field it will be very intuitive and easy for you to pick it up and begin setting up workflows and tasks. Someone who doesn't have familiarity with how to plan a project may be confused on how it is intended to be setup.
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Task Management (63)
Resource Management (54)
Gantt Charts (33)
Scheduling (57)
Workflow Automation (47)
Team Collaboration (63)
Support for Agile Methodology (45)
Support for Waterfall Methodology (1)
Document Management (57)
Email integration (50)
Mobile Access (54)
Timesheet Tracking (32)
Change request and Case Management (39)
Quotes/estimates (28)
Project & financial reporting (1)


Monday is an award-winning project management tool that aims to help teams work more efficiently to execute projects that deliver results on time. According to the vendor, its ease of use and flexibility means faster setup for teams and the ability to manage various workflows.

Monday includes productivity features such as customizable workflows, time tracking, automated notifications, dependencies, integrations, and timeline views to help teams achieve the result they want for every project milestone. The tool is highly customizable and works for any workflow and any team size.

With Monday, companies you can plan, execute and track work in one visual, collaborative space. Features

Project Management Features
Has featureTask Management
Has featureResource Management
Has featureGantt Charts
Has featureScheduling
Has featureWorkflow Automation
Has featureTeam Collaboration
Has featureSupport for Agile Methodology
Does not have featureSupport for Waterfall Methodology
Has featureDocument Management
Has featureEmail integration
Has featureMobile Access
Has featureTimesheet Tracking
Has featureChange request and Case Management
Does not have featureBudget and Expense Management
Professional Services Automation Features
Has featureQuotes/estimates
Does not have featureInvoicing
Does not have featureProject & financial reporting
Does not have featureIntegration with accounting software
Additional Features
Has featureSearch Everything
Has featureVisual Timeline
Has featureCustomize Columns To Fit Your Workflow Screenshots Integrations

Google Drive, Slack, Zapier, Dropbox, Asana, Trello, Google Calendar, Jira Competitors


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Basic$5per user
Standard$8per user
Pro$12per user
Enterprise$24per user

Yearly plan: Save 18% Two yearly plan: 32% Monthly plan also available Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)
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