Atlassian Stash - Emergence of User Friendly Version Control
November 11, 2016

Atlassian Stash - Emergence of User Friendly Version Control

Advait Deshpande | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Stash

Stash is used primarily for version control of different modules of codes within various teams at Fidelity Investments. Ours is a cross functional team geographically located in different time zones. The development team works on a piece on code, pushes the code onto the Stash server, which is then pulled by the testing team for review. Upon final approval, the release engineering team pulls the code from server and moves across various environments. Continuous availability of correct version of code is big business problem that gets solved because of the usage of Stash.
  • Projects & Permissions - Stash keeps you and your developers productive by providing a way to structure your repositories and manage permissions via a simple, yet powerful user interface. Stash is very easy to use, manage & administer.
  • Essentially Stash gives two versions of interfaces to work with.
  • Stash Repository hosted on a server.
  • Atlassian SourceTree.
  • Atlassian Sourcetree is a tool to work with a code in stash. The two 'web' and 'desktop' versions make working with code user friendly, intuitive and comprehensive.
  • Connectivity to JIRA - Stash keeps track of all issues associated with commits. Users can use Stash to quickly see all issues associated with a commit, or use the Source tab on JIRA issues for an aggregate view of all the code changes that are related to a specific JIRA issue. With this information available, your development team saves time when tracking particular bug fixes or improvements.
  • I feel Stash should allow direct download of the entire folder containing various files of code. It is cumbersome to go inside a folder to download an sql file and then come back to the folder to download another.
  • With respect to security password syncing between Stash & Sourcetree, there should be a mechanism of automatic syncing of passwords. In urgency if I need to download a piece of code and pull doesn't work simply because the authentication fails.
  • Sometimes Stash gives problems while pulling files with long file names. I feel this can be addressed and there should not be any such restriction.
  • Stash has certainly improved the productivity of the team. We no longer have to use Shared Drive on network which is prone to hacks and errors to manage our code.
  • During the process of releases, the release engineering team can pull the latest and approved code from Stash and need not be dependent upon the availability of the developers during their non availability. It improves productivity and fastens the ETA for requests.
  • We have stayed on course for project deadlines since introduction of Stash and helps us achieve the goals of timely completion of projects.
Version control is a must these days with the amount and complexity of code continuously increasing at workplace. A scenario where an approver has to approve a piece of code, an analyst needs to compare two different commits and an end user simply wants to download and replicate an entire repository of code, Stash is very useful for it's intuitive interfaces, clean description of error messages and segregation of staging and non staging areas for files. I don't see a scenario where you cant make use of Stash in a software team setup.