Versatile, Effective and Efficient
Updated November 11, 2015

Versatile, Effective and Efficient

Peter Lindeman | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Workbooks CRM

Overall Satisfaction with Workbooks

Workbooks is being used as our primary sales tool. For both pipeline and sales management, as well as keeping track of renewals. Workbooks helps us keep track of sales and supports us in developing the business. Provides overview of our portfolio of services and helps support our channel partners.
  • Workbooks is intuitive, and provides the right type of functionality that fit SMB type organisations in handling their sales and business development processes. Workbooks provides the capability to deal with End-to-End processes, from Lead to Order to Cash. So including sending out invoices. Also allows to integrate with accounting packages, either through existing integrations or through available API.
  • Workbooks is easy to use and configure and yet powerful and flexible. Most functionality is available 'out of the box' and more is available through configuring the system yourselves or by being supported by Workbooks, who are very knowledgable and provide friendly and high quality support in delivering to your requirement.
  • Workbooks is priced right and cost effective. Allows to mix-and-match users with different requirements and corresponding licenses. Thus stays fit for purpose to the various types of users in your organisation, ensuring you are not overcharged.
  • Really like the scheduled reporting, so we can have automated reports in email telling us new leads in today not followed up yet when on the move. Also useful for weekly management summaries automatically prompting you to review exceptions.
  • The flexibility and wealth of functions does require good thinking and preparation before implementing Workbooks. At times it is rather complex to choose the right approach to the type of functionality to implement, as a multitude of options is available and could end up not choosing the right setup. This could cause some iterations in getting it right. Advanced insights may redirect your approach, but then the service is very flexible to modify to your need. Still it's easy to start off quickly and learn by doing.
  • Importing functionality is somewhat limited in feedback of where the import goes wrong. While the function works great when you have it right, and this protects from loading in wrong data, you are not getting much feedback where you go wrong in trying to import legacy data.
  • Limited planning and Calendar function, and limited synchronisation / integration with e.g. google calendar.
  • Need for language packs. Whilst Google Chrome provides an automated translate function when using Workbooks, and the ability to change the names of (almost) all your fields, as well as handle the data in Workbooks in your own language, it would be great to be able to have language packages in working with Workbooks fully in your native language.
  • ROI is great. Workbooks is very cost effective for the level of functionality it provides. Also makes you think about your business objectives and how to best serve these when automating.
  • Lead conversion and handling the sales process in an end-to-end fashion, from prospect-to-cash, has provided a significant positive impact.
  • Organisation and Employee efficiency is improved, and allows for a very agile approach to business.
Have worked with the likes of SugarCRM, Salesforce, Siebel, and some of their predecessors. Most of them are too much, too complex and too expensive. Have seen most of these implemenations fail. Buying these typically require much consultancy and much bespoke implementation time and issues. So buying too much, and using too little of what comes with the service. And still not getting it right.
Workbooks gives the right basis, intuitive and flexible, without compromising the ability to grow with and within your organisation. All very cost effective, intuitive, and efficiënt.
Workbooks provides multi-currency, multi-tier functionality. Which supports the channel in being able to differentiate towards various partners and to leverage the functionality for the various communities and countries, using the same system/setup.
If you are very heavy on project management then Workbooks is somewhat limited, but then again its a CRM and not a project planning tool.
There is no limit to scale, although Workbooks aims and is most geared towards SMB.
Lots of functionality is available and can be added upon or modified using scripts and integrations.
It is recommended to do a good requirements gathering and use a phased implementation approach such that you stay on track. The Workbooks team is very happy to support with this.

Workbooks Reliability

Workbooks CRM never let me down.