What is Criteo Marketing Solutions?

Trusted by over 21,000+ marketers and thousands of direct media owners, Criteo Marketing Solutions enables marketers to acquire more customers and increase repeat purchases from existing customers using the world's largest open shopper data set and machine learning technology​.

Our insights are built on shopping activity from 685M Daily Active Users and $900B worth of transactions across 4B products. Our state-of-the-art AI has been fine-tuned over nearly 20 years of research and testing to deliver hyper-relevant ads built for maximum engagement. With this commerce-focused data and AI, we have won more than 90% of head-to-head incrementality tests globally​.

A team of more than 1,200 commerce experts in 25 countries support global clients and their local needs​.

What you can do with Criteo Marketing Solutions:

- Acquire more high value customers and reach consumers in-market for your products using Criteo’s unique commerce dataset and commerce audiences.

- Drive more repeat purchases from your existing customers by onboarding and activating your customer data via Criteo’s direct connections to leading CDPs and CRMs.

- Maximize audience reach across the buyer’s journey with always-on campaigns

- Optimize marketing spend and deliver relevant messaging in the right moments with Criteo’s predictive bidding, dynamic creative optimization, and product recommendation technology

- Ensure consistent branding and messaging across channels using a single platform to reach valuable audiences across display, video, mobile, CTV, and cookie-less environments.

- Optimize your campaigns with a complete view of the consumer journey from a single reporting dashboard and the ability to action on your data within the same platform

- Meet privacy expectations and grow customer trust via our First Party Media Network, built with a privacy by design foundation which allows marketers and media owners to connect, enrich, and activate their first-party data in a privacy safe and compliant manner.