Powerful cloud BPM and Workflow Suite, made agile & friendly.

Flokzu is a no-code / low-code SaaS to define and automate business processes and workflows between people, involving electronic forms. It enhances the collaboration between people who perform different tasks in an organization or team. You have in just one place every form, document or file, search through them, manage pending tasks, define alerts, and integrate with other systems, eliminating the need of complex spreadsheets and endless emails.

Flokzu was a spin-off of a company with +18 years of experience in the corporate Business Process Management (BPM) world and several global awards. We felt the market needed a powerful solution on the cloud, yet simple and affordable. We wanted to democratize the technology behind process automation.

We created a powerful enough tool to run complex business processes but also easy to use and show results in hours. Join +10.000 subscribed organizations from +140 countries!