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30 Ratings
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AspenOne SCM

Good for large organizations but can be used across various industries from manufacturing to even medical. Also very Citrix publishing friendly to allow multiple users located anywhere to use AspenOne Supply Chain Management across the organization while consolidating their data in a centralized secure place. This ability to consolidate and centralize applications and data within the same facility makes migration, high availability in DR scenario easier to configure as well.
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  • Provides a wealth of data and information interpreted across management and supply chain team located at various offices and plants globally
  • Implementation was with relative ease with small dedicated team. Implementation time was also quick from launch to go-live in three business quarters.
  • Excellent technical support from AspenOne and their tier support is knowledgeable on the product.
  • Good bug fixes and quick support along with predictable update release schedule.
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  • While AspenOne Supply Chain Management generate a wealth of data and information, the ability to organize and create reports can be time consuming as well as steep learning curve.
  • While incremental updates are predictable, AspenOne major version updates can be difficult to implement with wide user impact causing more downtime than we prefer.
  • Report merge and legacy version conversion tools can be made easier to use with more GUI (graphical user interface) options and less command base as well as status progress graphic and confirmation of completion would be very helpful.
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Alternatives Considered

AspenOne Supply Chain Management was a cheaper alternative to SAP HANA and while as not feature-ful and not as easy to integrate with SAP data, the interface was easy enough to configure without the need for HANA. It was also easier and quicker to deploy and implement which alleviated our business pain point. It's like an old saying the best software is the one you can use, now! Our management and supply chain team members have been happy with the product and very few complaints arise from the production usage or performance.
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Return on Investment

  • We needed AspenOne Supply Chain Management quickly back in 2013 since our biggest pain point was tracking movement of products and ability for multiple departments and locations to access the information to complete their responsibilities within the organization. Was able to successfully implement in three quarters for go-live.
  • Since our initiation implementation our two major version upgrades did not go as smooth as we would like causing downtime of user access and the system does not have flexibility to run previous version while upgrading to new version. Upgrade path needs to improve to minimize downtime.
  • The business reported quick ROI of better than expected results and the software paid for itself in under three years which beats projection.
  • Centralized implementation makes disaster recovery (DR) configuration easier to manage.
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AspenOne SCM

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