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LinkedIn Publishing Platform

The platform is a great tool for someone trying to find a job. I have personally used the platform to help me get my current position and will use it again once I am back in the job market. There are some people out there who claim the platform is useless. In my opinion, if you see the LinkedIn platform as useless then you don't really understand how helpful it can be in the digital age of 2017.
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LinkedIn Publishing Platform

  • It allows a direct line of communication to professionals that follow your business online.
  • Gives a company a dedicated space for their company to display whom they are, and what they do.
  • Contributes to keeping your company relevant by posting content.
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LinkedIn Publishing Platform

  • I was never a fan of the way people connect on the platform. For example, if I want to connect with someone I have to at least know them or their email address. There are situations whereas I want to connect with people whom I do not know.
  • The platform is slowly turning into Facebook. More and more I see people posting things that do not belong. Linkedin is supposed to be a professional platform, I wish they would be more clear about that. People can and do post whatever they want, however some kind of reminder to people who use the platform would be nice.
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Alternatives Considered

LinkedIn Publishing Platform

The problem with Facebook for Business is that it is on Facebook. Facebook is a great way for a company to brand themselves. However a companies content is surround by other content that is often not professional. For example, if someone follows my company on Facebook and scrolls down their timeline and sees my post, it is intertwined in their feed with their Facebook friends. This could lead to your content being mixed in with others. With Linkedin, it is solely supposed to be used for professionals. People are not supposed to (even though some do) post things that may be deemed offensive. That is not the case with Facebook.
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Return on Investment

LinkedIn Publishing Platform

  • My current company does not track ROI on the Linkedin platform.
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LinkedIn Publishing Platform


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