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Document Management Systems Overview

What are Document Management Systems?

Document Management Systems (DMS) provide enterprises with the capability to digitally capture and convert documents and files. Features of document management software may also extend to document storage, search and retrieval, and sharing. DMS reduces enterprise dependence upon space-consuming document printing hardware, printed paper, and file drawers.

Document management systems share featural overlap with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms. However, document capture and manipulation is central to document management. This includes imaging, file type conversion, versioning, and metadata management, with document editing and access controls. An alternate approach to document management is to include templated document generation as a feature. This way paper document generation and sharing is not needed to begin with. These DMS often provide contract lifecycle management, and electronic signature as well.

Features of Document Management Systems

Document management systems provide the following feature set:

  • Imaging, mobile image capture

  • Versioning, automated

  • Metadata management

  • File type conversion

  • Document sharing & collaboration

  • Automated backup, archiving (i.e. integration)

  • Document publishing, public sharing

  • Policy-driven access and controls

  • Graphic-based object editing, manipulation

  • .pdf editing, fields

  • Customizable search, content location

  • Templates, electronic document builder

  • Integrated eSignature

Document Management Systems Comparison

To more easily compare Document Management Systems consider evaluating different options based on these factors:

On-Premise vs Cloud: Users tend to think about the pros and cons of an on-premise versus cloud-based document management system in terms of maintenance and access control. On-premise systems allow for more control on your end, whereas one of the advantages of cloud-based offerings is that most of the maintenance is the responsibility of your provider. Cloud-based systems also come in handy when users aren’t able to come into the office, but this does require an internet connection, unlike on-premise systems that can run offline. Ultimately, cloud-based systems have all the pros of on-premise systems, plus they’re more portable and accessible, unlike their on-premise counterparts.

Ease-of-Use: Given that document management systems by nature are meant to facilitate a traditionally by-hand-and-paper process, usability is one of its most important factors. With document management systems, you will certainly want to try out a demo before making a purchasing decision. Look for document management software that has a good search function for easily locating files within your system, and thus tagging them.

Security: Security is paramount with document management systems. This begins with the system allowing administrators to set up access controls and permissions. However, as with any system that handles business information, verify that the software you are considering clearly outlines the measures they take to keep your documents secure. This includes not only features specific to the particular software itself, but those that are implemented so that the software complies with both local and international security standards and regulations.

Pricing Information

More feature complete document management systems are generally offered on a cloud-based, software-as-a-service model and are available by subscription. 30-day free trials of document management systems are common. The most common pricing variable is the number of licensed users. Plans may also be priced according to the volume of contracts processed and managed. Some vendors offer perpetual licensing for simple document management products (e.g. .pdf editors, converters, etc). Also, ECM vendors may supply all the features required for document management as modules for their platforms.

Document Management Products

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Concord is a way to create, collaborate on, sign, and store agreements; designed to be the only tool needed for contracts, so users can spend less time juggling between applications, editors, and e-signature tools.The vendor states over 500,000+ companies use Concord with their contracts.…

Adobe Experience Manager Forms (formerly LiveCycle)

Adobe Experience Manager Forms (formerly LiveCycle) is designed to make it easy to create and publish forms for any device. With its machine learning and AI-fueled feature, Automated Forms Conversion, users can modernize forms at speed.

iManage Work

iManage Work is a document management solution formerly known as HP Worksite. iManage was divested from Hewlett-Packard in 2015 and is now an independent company, headquartered in Chicago.


eFileCabinet aims to help businesses reduce their dependency on paper and enable them to manage all files and paperwork electronically. The vendor says they help their customers set up document management systems that are fully compliant with all FINRA, HIPAA, SEC and NASD regulations.…


PaperTrail is a document management software offering from Egis Software. It includes features such as storage and retrieval find any document instantly and routing and workflow streamline processes with automated routing and a rule-based workflow.


JungleDocs takes properties and parts of an existing document and puts them into a new one. The vendor’s value proposition is that this prevents possible mistakes and saves up to 90% of the user’s time that would be used on inputting and copy-pasting operations. Key features include:…

Vasion (formerly MaxxVault), by PrinterLogic

Vasion (formerly MaxxVault) is a document management solution now from PrinterLogic (acquired November 2019) designed to enable organizations to digitize content and automate workflows to drive compliance, scalability, and accountability. The SaaS platform aims to give users a seamless…

Docuware Cloud

Docuware Cloud is a document management software offering from DocuWare. It includes features such as scalability and cloud document management.


Nuclino aims to allow teams to organize and share knowledge easily. Create real-time collaborative documents and connect them instantly like a wiki. Use the tree, board, and graph view to explore and organize your knowledge visually. It's great for meeting notes, product requirements,…

12d Synergy

12d Synergy is document management and project collaboration software for architectural, engineering and construction offices. 12d Synergy manages the thousands of emails, documents, tasks and gigabytes of geospatial & CAD data surrounding built environment projects. The vendor…

Worldox GX4

Worldox GX4 is a document management software offering from World Software Corporation. It includes features such as document and email management solution and managing, sharing, and accessing digital content across media.


GlobalSearch is a document management software offering from Square 9. It includes features such as anywhere access to your documents and full feature editing.


DocLink is an integrated document management system from Altec headquartered in Laguna Hills, California.

SmartSearch Document Management

SmartSearch is a content management system that is offered as both a departmental and enterprise class document management solution that is designed to allow organizations to easily scale to their document management software needs.The vendor says that the flexible nature of SmartSearch…


SalesHandy is a web based sales enablement solution used to share files, track emails, centralize document management and engage with leads. The software is best suited for small and medium sized businesses but also targets enterprise units. It helps sales teams reduce the sales…

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY, headquartered in Moscow offers FineReader, a PDF editor that allows users to convert, edit, share, and collaborate on PDFs. FineReader also converts scanned documents into searchable PDF files.


Foxit PDF SDK offers high performance pdf libraries to help developers build pdf technology.According to the vendor, key features include:Render PDFs: High performance PDF libraries to render PDF pages, page objects, annotations, and forms the way they were intended to be viewed:…


SOHODOX is a document management system for small businesses from Indian company ITAZ Technologies.

FileHold Document Management software

FileHold is a document management software. It is feature rich, enterprise-grade and affordable. The standard offering includes versioning, file search, tagging, and tracking. A fully documented web services API is included at no charge. With the API, users can search the FileHold…

Workshare Compare

Workshare’s platform is designed to empower professionals to compare, protect and share their high stakes documents on any device. According to the vendor, content owners can accurately track and compare amendments made by all contributors. This product aims to help businesses have…

Agiloft Contract Lifecycle Management

Agiloft’s Contract Lifecycle Management solution is contract management software for managing the complete contract lifecycle, streamlining the approval process, and integrating contract information into all relevant business processes.

Thomson Reuters HighQ

HighQ Collaborate, now from Thomson Reuters (acquired 2019) is a cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform, featuring secure file sharing but also means for sharing documents with users outside the enterprise, as well as a user-interface optimized for mobile devices and intuitive…


ActiveDocs is a document management software offering from ActiveDocs.


ContractRoom is a negotiation process and contract management platform. According to the vendor, it removes the endless back-and-forth and annoying redlines - instead providing perfect drafts, frictionless negotiation and super simple compliance. ContractRoom also leverages all the…

Dokmee ECM

An ECM solution for streamlining the digital transformation process in a manner that the vendor states is efficient, cost effective, and user-friendly. Dokmee is presented as a secure, easy to use enterprise content management system designed for a variety of purpose including document…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is document management software?

Document Management Systems (DMS) enable capabilities for digitally storing, sharing, and converting files, reducing dependence upon hardware and physical document generation. Typically they will include methods for imaging, file type conversion, versioning, and metadata management. They may also be referred to as an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

How do you manage version control on documents?

Version control enables simultaneous work within a single document. Users may edit files then choose how to share those changes. Thus, temporary or partial edits are not damaging to a document's overall integrity. Leveraging version control allows access to files independently from particular hardware, so work can all be integrated into the version history regardless of the source or user involved. In most cases, edits to files can be combined.

If users make conflicting edits to the same line in a file, the version control system requests human assistance for a final decision. A clear advantage of version control is accessing a view to the historical development of documents, which effectively is insurance against computer crashes or data loss. Mistakes can be rolled back, bug reports can be reproduced, and audits of alterations can be executed.

Can Sharepoint be used as a document management system?

The short answer is yes: many organizations use MS Sharepoint for document management given its collaborative nature. once it is successfully implemented as a DMS, it makes sharing, searching, and version control easy.

How does one become a document management specialist?

This type of specialist is employed for supervision of workflows related to documents and records. Some of their responsibilities may include creating new policies and procedures that deal with document storage, sharing, and destruction. They may evaluate existing management procedures in order to assess how effective they are, then update accordingly, or perhaps even starting from scratch on new systems.

These professionals need to be knowledgeable about laws regarding document management to ensure an organization is in compliance. They act as support for problems as they arise in DMS implementation, and may be involved in troubleshooting user issues. As such, software and computing literacy is desirable. It is important for specialists to have a strong organizational ability, analytical thinking skills, sharp writing and reading comprehension, a knack for problem-solving, and a solid foundation for interpersonal communication. Some of these professionals may also take on management roles, in which case administrative abilities would benefit.