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AWS QuickSight Review

8 out of 10
January 02, 2020
It is being used as a dashboard to visualize telemetry data from IoT assets as well as threshold crossing for some of the business rules …
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Lakhan Suri | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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We used Quicksight as part of the reporting tool with other Amazon services like redshift as DWH. It was used in the Analytics team to provide BI solutions to different clients in different industries like insurance, Healthcare, Digital Marketing, etc.
  • It's a completely cloud based solution.
  • No need to work on maintenance.
  • Create beautiful meaning dashboards from structured data.
  • Provide Flexibility with on premises data sources.
  • Connection reliability.
  • Extension in features like other competitors.
Amazon Quicksight is a truly cloud-based solution so it works perfectly fine and saves a lot of expense in terms of hardware and maintenance. We can maintain it by ourselves by giving commands on UI. If you have connectivity issues then it can cause headaches because it's a cloud platform and it's a bit costly as compared to other services
They provide proper support when needed. They are always ready to provide the box solution and make things easier for users.
January 02, 2020

AWS QuickSight Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is being used as a dashboard to visualize telemetry data from IoT assets as well as threshold crossing for some of the business rules and ML model.
  • Easily to set up for data sources, already supports quite a few of AWS and non-AWS data sources
  • Cost friendly since users are charged only for basis of usage
  • Still limited options for different type of graphs/charts. If possible with extension or API to customize the visualization would be better
  • Mainly supports the rendering for large screen device/PC/laptop, not auto layout properly in small mobile device
I'm likely to recommend it because it would become so native if other cloud services are based on AWS infrastructure, like our current setup. It is very seamlessly integrated with other services to feed in data for the visualization. In addition, supporting a reasonably large number of users concurrently is not an issue and should be able to scale horizontally as needed.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
QuickSight is being used as a niche BI tool for several reporting dashboards that we have built. It is currently being used primarily by the central IT organization and we continue to monitor this cloud-based BI tool for it to mature. In the past 3 years, the number of connectors and visualizations has increased and improved and is slowly becoming a better product.
  • Lightweight and serverless BI tool that can be used for niche dashboards.
  • Its integration into other AWS Services is one of its most appealing features.
  • The low monthly cost is another benefit.
  • It is still immature as a cloud-based BI tool.
  • Its functionality is about 40-50% of its competitor's products.
  • Application is still a little buggy and non-intuitive at times.
Amazon QuickSight is good when you want to interrogate data quickly and the data is in the AWS eco-system. QuickSight is not a great option if you want pixel-perfect visualizations with a lot of functionality. Overall, it's a solid solution but needs to mature a lot if it wants to become an enterprise solution.
Megan Sullivan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Amazon QuickSight is used as the sole reporting program for our Call Center, Marketing and Sales teams. It provides performance data for our organization (including Daily/Monthly Sales metrics, Marketing metrics, Call Center stats, etc.). Amazon QuickSight allows for daily real-time monitoring which allows our team to make any necessary adjustments if we see that our numbers are not where we want them to be. Each department has different reports built specifically for them. For example in Marketing I designed reports using the various available data sets that help me effectively lead our Marketing team.
  • Amazon QuickSight is a really easy program to learn how to use.
  • Amazon QuickSight allows our team to customize the data using the various data sets, which makes the available reports incredibly powerful to our organization.
  • Our organization has the ability continually adjust our reports and build new reports as business needs change.
  • Even though our organization has different reports built for different departments, each department can still access and understand reports from across the company.
  • One of the primary challenges I've had with Amazon QuickSight so far is that some of the reports I want to build use data from different data sets. Instead of being able to put all of the information I want to see into one report.
  • Some of our Amazon QuickSight reports only update every 24 hours. It would be great to see that data in real-time.
  • I would remove the various time zones from Amazon QuickSight and only use the time zone we are in.
Amazon QuickSight is well suited in any organization that is making business decisions based on performance data whether it be Marketing, Sales, Call Center, etc. It is a great tool especially for mature organizations that have a lot of data to work with. Amazon QuickSight may be not as well suited for newer organizations that are just beginning to drive data/performance metrics. The data available becomes more and more valuable to more that you have.

Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a company which checks the quality of health care provided by a payer. We have top payers as our clients. Right now we are using QuickSight on an experimental basis and only a few of our clients are using it. It has a few pros and cons like for a few basic reports clients don't need to come to us they can generate it by themselves. However, it is not so easy that the average business user does not need developer assistance. In short, we can say it is good but only for the very basic requirements.
  • Good for creating basic reporting by the business user.
  • Integration with other data storage services of AWS
  • You can start getting your business insights immediately no need think of license or setting up infrastructure.
  • You need to pay as you use so its economical.
  • Spice space can be shared across all users in the account. SPICE is QuickSight storage where data is stored in an optimized way for fast reporting.
  • You can not use it as a primary reporting tool as many of the features are missing.
  • For complex reports for business, users need to get help from an IT person.
  • Business users time will waste in developing reports, it should have a version where we can promote the report from one environment to other.
  • Sharing report with the user who is not added in IAM is complex.
The service is still in an evolving phase and at this position this can not be the only tool for reporting. Business users can directly generate reports with this tool but those are very basic reports so you need to get assistance from an IT person.